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Does Lauri Peterson’s Son Blame Bravo for Legal Troubles? Plus – Claims That He is Innocent!

Things have been pretty grim for former RHOC Lauri Peterson and her son Josh for some time.

After a long and tragic battle with drugs and the law, Lauri Peterson’s son Josh Waring has ended up in jail, charged with attempted murder after allegedly opening fire and leading police on a car chase back in 2016. We’ve seen it all on reality television; however this is beyond horrific and now Josh sits in jail charged with three counts of attempted murder and other felony and misdemeanor charges.

Josh has pleaded ‘not guilty’ however if found guilty he could end up with several life sentences. Understandably, Lauri has been keeping a low profile as this is no doubt a devastating time for her family. Despite Lauri keeping to herself, her son Josh is now speaking out from jail to none other than Radar Online.

Josh has maintained his innocence and even goes so far to suggest that he has not been treated fairly thanks to his mom being a Bravo housewife. According to Radar, Waring claims that he has:

“been prevented any inkling of getting any kind of fair trial” mostly due to his criminal history. Waring adds that he is, “fearful because the deck is stacked against me already.”

“I’m trying my best to prove I didn’t do this, but this justice system is scary.”

Josh admits he is an addict, even get caught with substances while behind bars! Records show that Waring was caught with “pruno”, described as “an alcoholic drink made from fermented fruit, ketchup, sugar, bread and other ingredients.”

“They don’t care if they wrongly convict me, I’m a drug addict and not a productive member of society. I don’t think they care if I go upstate for the rest of my life.”

Despite ongoing drug and legal issues, Waring states that his parents have always been there for him adding:

“My mom has been at all the court hearings every day and my dad is involved, they have been supportive. It’s been hard knowing the circumstances, it’s been difficult at times, but I push on and keep the fight up.”

As for being the son of a Bravo star? Well Josh thinks that it has negatively impacted his legal issues stating:

“The show kind of put a target on my back. But I chose to go out and do drugs so it’s my fault. I am innocent and I have tried to prove that from the gate.”

I feel every reality star that gets in legal trouble somehow blames the network, saying they are being ‘made an example’ so I’m not sure how I feel about that statement.

This story is beyond tragic and our thoughts are with Lauri as she goes through this difficult time.

Thoughts on Josh speaking out from behind bars?

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  • Passing the BUCKET!!!!! This child has been a mess since he was 8 years old. He was also pushed aside when Lauri married George. She paid more attention to his kids then she did her own, she wanted the money and the notoriety, she just kept telling people Josh was acting out because Lauri was getting married to a man that was not his father. I call him a child because addiction stops these kids from growing and maturing so when he started drugs is when he lost his ability to become a productive member of society.
    Stop blaming everyone else Josh, no on else is responsible for what has happened in your life. Your the one who started using how about admit your issues and go to a live in rehab. If not he is in the pokey for life.

  • This punk- now an adult punk has had every opportunity money could buy to get his act to together. BUT NOOOO. He goes on to be a continuos criminal and what’s worse HAS a kid and then tries to murder someone! But yes it’s BRAVO’s fault. STFU asshat

  • He says “going upstate”. Where’s the outrage that he didn’t say “jail”. LOL! blah blah blah….

  • Lauri adopted her own grandchild. She is supportive beyond showing up for hearings. And this douche says no-one cares if he goes upstate for the rest of his life. What would he be doing if he is found not guilty. Back in jail. Better off in jail.

  • I can’t imagine dealing with something like this as a parent. It has to be heartbreaking. That said, Lauri was more than willing to put her son by the wayside and play Playboy bunny for the camera’s. I knew then Josh was headed for a rough life of drugs and crime, while his own mother seemed to kind of ignore him and his problems and thought filming a show would be good for her, but what about her very troubled son? Josh’s problems are his but his mother imo checked out once the cameras turned on.

  • This guy was put into juvenile hall for assaulting a teacher in middle school either when the cameras had already started filming or shortly thereafter, I can’t recall which. The entire time they filmed he was in trouble for drugs. He was barely on the show because he was in jail most the time, and that was only on the first season or two which was 2006 and 2007. So trying to blame fame, reality TV, Bravo, or any other thing besides himself is LUDICROUS. I feel sorry for the family, but can’t find any sympathy for him whatsoever.

  • Oy! There are just no words! Spoiled brat, delusional entitled ! Those are a few that come to mind! Kids that try to blame their parents for their bad behavior make me crazy!! Bravo did not make him a druggie he was already in a shit ton of trouble before the show started! His sisters were no prize either! They need toTake accountability for the stupid shit they do! Grow up Josh you and you alone made your bed! You had a choice to do something good being on the show like allot of people do! You chose another path… keep going down it or make the change your choice! No one can do it for ya! Stop playing the victim.

  • “It’s Bravo’s fault”? What a stretch. Don’t addicts lie and blame others for their problems? Josh was shown very little when Lauri was a regular cast member. When she made her return, his name was NEVER mentioned. Therefore, he has only himself to thank for his current legal problems.

        • It’s clear that Josh never got cleaned up (addiction-wise). Also, he’s no longer a “kid”, is he? I actually feel sorry for his mother, Lauri, more than him. He’s a lost cause because he refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. There is no mother who (loves & emotionally supports her troubled child) isn’t deeply touched by such failure.

          • It’s devastating and sad for any mother to see her offspring go through this . It’s time for some tough love now I think , he desperately needs to wake up , take responsibility so he can actually do better

            • I agree about it being sad for any mother… However, it’s way past “tough love” time. Lauri already did that. Josh has already committed serious crimes. He still hides behind his Mommy by blaming her affiliation with Bravo, which occurred years ago!!! He really is a lost cause.

                • I agree. I feel once you reach adulthood, it’s time to stand up as one. That includes getting over any mistakes your parents may have made. That is, unless the parents are the Turpins or other monsters.

                  • I agree wholeheartedly! Once you’re an adult , even if the parents were the absolute worst, you should take charge of your own life and destiny

  • He’s innocent in what way? I’m confused. The pruno wasn’t his? Um, ok but you did lead a car chase and do illegal drugs soooooo? I’m lost.