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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Are These the Frontrunners For Season 13 of RHOC?

The news surrounding season 13 of the Real Housewives of Orange County has been drier than Palm Springs in the summer.

To be honest the only big news to come out about season 13 so far is Meghan King Edmonds’ exit which I think everyone saw coming from a mile away.

However, the Twitter account Real Housewives 101 has been posting some VERY interesting scoop on season 13 of RHOC.

Real Housewives 101 posted several photos of two ladies who could possibly be getting oranges for season 13. Check out their Instagram here!

The two ladies in question are named Tatiana and Gina and are very connected to the current OC cast.

AllAboutTRH.com was intrigued. So we took the scoop to one of our favorite OC Housewives, Tamra Judge, who spilled a little tea.

Tamra confirmed that these two ladies are in the running to join the RHOC cast for season 13.

However, Tamra made it clear that NOTHING has been confirmed.

“They’ve tried out,” Tamra revealed.

Adding, “But no decisions have been made yet.”

I know it’s not much but at least it gives confirmation that we are on the right trail for season 13.

Do you think these ladies look like a good fit for RHOC? Are you excited for season 13 of RHOC? Do you think these ladies could replace Lydia and Peggy? Will Bravo give Lydia and Peggy another shot during season 13? Sound off below!

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  • The blond looks like a plastic barbie. Good grief, do these women NOT see how incredible ugly they are after all their plastic surgery?? That white dress shows off her tummy bulge.

  • Gina is begging to fit in with these other elite OC women…. She lives in an okay house, in an okay part of OC…nothing elite about her. I don’t watch RHOC to watch just a regular mom who is neither wealthy, pretty or fabulous!

  • They look like jersey shore with those sequins and makeup- So much for Cali girls being that casual chill look

  • Would be nice if Bravo did something brave and unique. Like bring on new HW’s who are NOT friends of another one and whom none of the other have ever met.

  • I doubt I will watch this season. Vicki is just gross and at least last season Shannon pretty much avoided her, which seemed real so I kept watching. Don’t know why Bravo wasn’t willing to try 1 season without Vicki. The fans sure asked for it.

    • True, but if either of them can manage to make life uncomfortable for PIgface Gunvalson, it’s a win win for me!

      • That’s a big “but”… because the cancer scammer gets away with murder every time. Since Meghan outed her, no other newbie has taken VG to task. She slips through the hangman’s noose every season.

        • I know, I just keep hoping against hope there will be someone who can put Pigface in her place and keep her there!

          • Oh, I’m with you in that wish. If somebody new joined the show and gave Shrieki a shellacking, the show would be saved from the landfill; & ratings would go through the roof!!!!

  • Yeah, were never going to know if somebody “fits” until the season airs, so bring on the new, lol. Let’s be honest, compared to Peg, the boring, and Lydia “I’ll pray for you while I’m judging you” how bad can anyone new really be? Bring on the new and hopefully that will challenge the “oldies” to up their game.

  • Oh kill me now? that pic with both of them in that short dress and skirt !! I guess that’s the ‘uniform’ for some of these ladies , the dangerous thrill that your cooch may be exposed at any moment .

  • Since you’re asking me to base my opinion off their looks, since you revealed no other information about the two women….sure they look like your avearge OC women. So yes, they look like a fit.

  • Bravo needs to stop raiding the Bravo trash heap.

    Glad they are considering other humans…Peggy only tweeted once about filming – since then..crickets.

  • Kate Casey, who lives in Newport and does a great podcast, said she’d heard the new frontrunners were Jackie Melby and Leyla Milani. I checked them both out on Instagram. They appear to hang out with Gretchen some times. And they just look like vapid cupie dolls who spend all their time shopping and getting hair and make up done.

    • Oh HELL NO!! Gretchen is not a non starter ! Thanks for the tea swizzle ! Do you happen to know if Peggy and Lydiot are coming back or not? I sure hope not
      Good morning btw ?

      • I think Peggy and Lydia are both definitely out. I hope that’s true. But really, the show was ruined when they kept Vicki on after cancergate. I’m not sure if it can be resuscitated.

        • Yes yes yes ! Vicki caused many people to boycott and THEN they add Lydiot and Petty .. ?. I was confused by Petty’s remark that she’s filming , I hope that’s not true
          So until Vicki he skidmark is gone this show will never be watchable

        • I read Peggy made a post drinking champs to season 13OC soI went to look for the post couldn’t find it. or was it instagram well I looked at both and it is crickets no mention of OC 13

      • rumor is Gretchen will be back to get on Tamrats nerves and I could see her being brought back she and Icky are friends now and have been for a long time.

        • Good morning Medusa!

          I’m trying to remember who Vile was blabbing to..so if shopping annoys Vile – these two will be perfect ???

          • Hello samael, It’s hard to tell who Vickileaks is speaking to. Our clues are a large hoop earring and a pony tail. That is VG’s #1 question to all newbies. Look at that photo! Shrieki’s skin is covered in mountainous acne. And she was hired to front for a skin care line!!!! Ughhhhh

              • I don’t think so. First off, Lizzie didn’t wear her hair like that. She also didn’t wear large hoop earrings. And finally, Shrieki asked that question of Lizzie when they first met, in the limo, on the way to dinner. She wouldn’t have asked it again.

                  • I think the mystery person is Lydia. Shrieki asked her that question the moment they met, before they went to Tamra’s party held in CUT Fitness.

                    • Seems this question is part of Vicki’s hazing questionnaire. Because I remember she grilled Meghan about giving up her job to be a wife

                    • Yes, it is. She posed this question to Alexis Bellino upon first meeting. Vickileaks feels that her SL of “I WERRRRK” gives her the right to denigrate all the lovely newbies who join the show. Upon further consideration, VG ought to stop saying that. Her side line businesses have ALL flopped, bigly. Vicki’s Vodka -she cheated the partner, Wines by Wives folded, Vicki’s Diamonds – nobody bought it, V perfume – stunk; EBoutique – was a pyramid scheme; & Vicki’s autobiography – never made it to a best seller… Add to those failures, her more recent schemes included: clubDetox cancer juice, a waist cincher -was a waste of money; overpriced rubber mats; a nail polish line, a skin care line went nowhere.

                    • Medusa wow !! You are an encyclopedia ! I had forgotten or not known about all these ‘ventures ‘ … a waist cincher ?? ?? . But a skin care line with her alligator skin is the worst idea ?

                    • Hahahaha…. Clearly, I have too much time on my hands. During cancer-gate, I went to her facebook to see what she was pushing. Most of her side ventures are pure folly and laughable to be attributed to HER, Madame Hideous. What strikes me as so bizarre; she actually has fans who believe in her. They want to buy in to her crapola.

                    • Argh! Those ‘fans’ are quite something and on certain sites they really come out to defend her in full force . It used to bother me but like trunpkin voters , you have to just move on and not be too worked up about them and put positive energy into something else

                    • VG’s ardent fans could be paid bots or sycophant staffers. I find them basically harmless. By contrast, Trumpanzees voted for CorrupTrump, which harms us all 🙁

                • Lizzie Rozveck is it ?? The one from few seasons ago who had the swimwear line and fought with Tamra. She’s now a Vicki toadie

                  • thanks!

                    I remember that one! she also hate tweeted Shannon for almost 6 months 2 seasons ago! Lizzie was standing up for drunk Kelly (on twitter)

                    • At this point who hasn’t hate tweeted poor shannon ? All these evil witches . I do remember when she inserted herself to defend Kelly and lambast shannon , even though I don’t remember her being so vocal when Vicki and Brooks lied and scammed or when Kelly calls shannon a C .. . So I don’t take her selective morality and hypocritical stances too seriously . She’s one of the clowns , together with Gretchen , who are always in Vicki’s SM celebrating something or other. Sad thing is I remember kinda liking her on her one season she was on

                      Last I read she was divorcing her husband

            • Hey Medusa

              my guess is lynne – from season one – I remember in season one that was the complaint…”you’re always working” ..boy I bet they regret those words.

              • I’m not sure. Lynn wasn’t there in S1. Vickileaks didn’t look like that in S1. Also, Lynn didn’t wear her hair in a ponytail unless she was at the gym. Shrieki didn’t go within 200 paces to such an establishment.

                • hmmm…maybe lauri..the mom of that kid being charged with attempted murder
                  uggh..this crew RHOC sux logs..not one of them affiliate with a charity…Tams did once — can’t
                  remember if it was about physical abuse

                  • Lauri is blonde and wears / wore her hair down all the time. Looking at Vickileaks in this photo, is around the time she went for plastic surgery during the hiatus between seasons 6 & 7 or 7 & 8. She hadn’t fully healed & she looked like crap.

                    • hahahaha…. That would be a possibility if Shrieki had her original face & hair of S1 through S3. Judging solely on VG’s “style”, this photo is of a later season.

      • Mystery solved!!!! I just did a brief search of RHOC S8 ep “It’s My Party and I’ll Scream if I want to” – There was Lydia wearing hoop earrings & in a pony tail. Shrieki was dressed exactly as she is above. The newbie VG was interrogating was LYDIA!!!!