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Margaret Josephs Claims Siggy Flicker Was ‘Desperate to Discredit’ Her; Plus Reacts To S9 Casting Rumors!

Margaret Josephs jumped right into the drama on the Real Housewives of New Jersey and immediately rubbed co-star Siggy Flicker the wrong way.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that Margaret and Siggy will NEVER be friends as the RHONJ co-stars have a long list of unresolved issues.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Margaret opens up her and Siggy’s feud and also dishes on season 9 casting rumors.

When asked if she has talked to Siggy since wrapping the reunion, Margret replies,“Umm, who?” making it clear she hasn’t.

While Siggy made her fair share of attacks, Margaret says Siggy’s accusations at the RHONJ reunion pissed her off since Siggy has NEVER been a businesswoman.

“I think she was desperate to discredit me, but she’s never ran a business or had a career, so she knows nothing of the real world and business,” Margaret confessed. “She’s never ran a business, had a business. She’s not a licensed professional, nor has she ever had a business, so I could never expect her to understand anything regarding business. I have nothing to hide.”  

Another hot button issue between the RHONJ co-stars was when Siggy called Margaret anti-Semitic after Margaret referenced Hitler during an argument.

While Siggy still couldn’t move past her anger at Margaret for using Hitler’s name, Margaret was happy to know that reunion host Andy Cohen took her side in the argument.

Andy revealed that he nor his parents were insulted by Margaret using Hitler’s name nor did they think it meant she was anti-Semitic.

“I love that Andy took my side considering he normally doesn’t get in the middle of any housewives drama. He stays impartial,” Margaret explained. “I felt great that he came to my defense. I felt validated. He did what he thought was right.” 

However, Siggy wasn’t the only co-star Margaret didn’t get along with. The RHONJ newbie also had issues with Siggy’s BFF Dolores Catania.

“I was very upset the way she treated Danielle [Staub],” Margaret said about Dolores. “I was devastated, I would never treat anyone that way. I haven’t spoken to Dolores, but I’m hoping we can seek and work out our differences now that Siggy — the unmentionable — is out of the picture.”

As for season 9 casting rumors and the possibility that former RHONJ stars Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita could return, Margaret says she wouldn’t mind getting to know them but hopes Bravo brings on someone new instead.

“I don’t know them,” Margaret said about Caroline and Jacqueline. “I’m sure they are lovely, but I hope we get someone new and spunky. New is always fun.” 

To wrap Margaret says she has no regrets about season 8.“I don’t have any regrets. I usually regret what I haven’t done, not what I’ve done.  I think it’s quite clear who came out on top … and it certainly wasn’t the cake.”

Thoughts on Margaret’s interview? Do you think Margaret will have issues with Dolores moving forward? Did Dolores treat Danielle terribly? Should Bravo bring back Caroline and Jacqueline or hire someone new? Are you surprised Andy took Margaret’s side? Sound off below!

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  • Marg took a few jabs at Sog and her fragile ego couldn’t take it ,even when comments were not meant to offend..
    what has she done to the people in her life that have rejected her ?
    Will they show Sog fall down the stairs ? Cause she didn’t want to go to Marg’s birthday ?
    Sog is even more so pissed and wanting to destroy Marg because she made the mistake of saying Sog is Not a licensed professional,Did Marg say it while filming ? And was that edited ?
    Sog’s dad writes books .One day Sog gets idea to write book ? I have not read them personally so I have no clue what she wrote.
    That would explain a lot more why Sog would be trying to destroy Marg !!

  • Siggy should never be coaching or providing advice to people on empowerment. She has no idea how to manage her own emotions, spite and anger, let alone assist anyone with their own life goals. I was seriously disappointed in her ability to see her own madness. Team Margaret!


  • I think Siggy and Kenya (RHOA) are two peas in a pod. If they don’t like what they are hearing, they simply talk over whoever has the guts to go against them. They can’t actually apologize for anything, but talk in circles so someone might think it’s an apology. They believe they are the smartest person in the room at all times. They think they are the only ones with a valid opinion. They are incapable of introspection.
    This all seems to be the type of person that Bravo seeks out. Part of this description would fit almost all of them.

  • LOVE this woman! I’m shocked at Siggy’s behavior on the show, and even more shocked that she tries to defend it. She talked over anyone who didn’t agree with her, like a child. So glad that Margaret sees right through her, and has the guts to go toe to toe. It will be interesting to see what happens with Dolores next season, as Margaret doesn’t seem to hold the grudge against Dolo the way Dolo does towards Marg. Maybe when Siggy’s gone, they will bond.

        • Awesome!

          what I don’t understand is – siggy wails all over the universe that “I brought her in” but Mags
          said Bravo approached her approx 4 years ago ( testing my memory) …why is Siggy so eager
          to claim a body?

          • I’m just returning to watching the shows-this is my first season experiencing Siggy and Dolores-but she seemed to want to form a “siggy-posse” that included Margaret. Sort of like she wanted to form a group of ride or die bitches to protect herself in a group spat lol. Never in her wildest dreams did she think Margaret would be IN and she would be OUT I’m sure.
            I don’t get her whole act. She pretends to be this big strong bitch but she’s so friggin sensitive, she has to talk over other people so she won’t hear their valid criticism. She was out and out mean and judgemental to Margaret, and never really apologized. I’m dying to see what happens with Dolores next season.

            • Hey cammierari

              that’s an interesting take on her Plan A – that failed to the highest. I remember the first time I did see Mags, it was at a book signing for Siggy – in a hair place (?). Siggy sure failed with the fame thing.

              Well, remember, at the reunion, she did say she was a mean girl. Have you noticed that Dull has been taking shots at Teresa – in her talking head and under her breathe?

              there is a person here ( I’ve forgotten her name …sorry bud) she is the one who posted that (I paraphrase) Dull is actually pulling Siggy strings and never discouraged siggy’s meanness.

          • well she claims to be a relationship expert only she isn’t a expert .without the education she is no expert we are suppose to take her word for it?
            Yes Mard was asked to join years before she ever met Sog.

    • I totally enjoy Margaret. Trying to find peace with Dolores will be impossible if Jaq and Caroline return. Dolores’ loyalty to Sicky made her look like and sound like a fool. She’s been friends with Jaq and Caroline for over 20 yrs. and her loyalty to them is even stronger, which is why she gave Danielle such a hard time. Speaking of Danielle, she deserves to be a Housewife, she earned the upgrade this season.

  • Another well thought out, gracious interview. She made her points and kept it moving. Good job Mags! I agree with Mags here, bring in newbies keep out the rehash. If for no other reason than bringing in the Caro/Jac would create “Teams” and I think it would end up pushing Mags out. I like Mags and would prefer to see her storyline working to overcome her financial/biz probs not refereeing old fights.

  • #GoMargaret

    Mags continues to be honest – if Andy had let Mags speak about the lawsuit – he would have found out that the specific person/business have already sued a variety of people regarding the same issue. If you don’t bother to patent, that’s on you.

    Glad Mags pointed out that Soggy is NOT nor has ever been a business woman. All year, Soggy has been blaming
    producer/editing for her disgusting behavior..yet she never brought it up ONCE at the reunion.

    Never change due to someone else’s hate for you.

    Lea pointed this out – awesome point Lea

    Caroline left RHNJ so why crawl back
    Caroline’s spin off failed – so how is this going to help #TJNJ

    Leave the cast as is.