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Lisa Rinna Opens Up About Her Recent Run-In With Brandi Glanville!

Lisa Rinna and Brandi Glanville weren’t exactly BFF’s during their time together on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So, it was funny to see Andy Cohen forget the drama shared between Lisa and Brandi during a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.

However, Rinna quickly reminded Andy of their past,“Oh, no, she didn’t like me. She did not like me — at all. Are you kidding?!”

And while Brandi is no longer on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills she still occasionally runs into her ex-co-stars. And it turns out that was just the cast recently when Rinna found herself face to face with her former foe.

Lisa hinted about their run-in telling Andy “We had a [blank] conversation.”

Curious to know what else when down between Rinna and Brandi during their recent run-in? Watch the clip below for all the details!

Are you surprised Andy forget about Rinna and Brandi’s feud? Are you surprised Brandi and Lisa’s run-in was civil? Do you miss Brandi on RHOBH?

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  • Mmmkkay. Not really truth Lippy . BG liked you plenty until you joined in on the bash brigade toots. In fact, you went on her Podcast prior to you , joining hate group ! Let’s put it all out there shall we ?! Everything was fine with you and BG until you had to prove ” loyalty ” to Pump and Kyle.

      • Haha!!! Yes – that season of the poker party from Hell … Brandi and Lips were all good and prior to all of that Lippy was on her podcast 🙂 then when ish got real and things were going on with Kim , Lippy flipped flopped. I used to ask here often what happened as those were fine . Meh. It doesn’t matter now I guess

        • I wonder if back then Rinna knew Brandi was on her way out and switched teams ? Rinna is very ‘strategic’ that way .

          • Probz . She’s known Kyle forever and was on good terms with Pump so I’m sure whispers were put in her ears

        • Lipsa was a coward at that finale. All her bravado vanquished and she refused to speak up. Oh, the pressure of being a shit stirrer was too much for “Our Lady Of Deformed Lips”.

    • Right you are, michers!!! Forgetful GRinna left out the time that she & Blabbi met for lunch and they both wore the same leopard print dresses!!! They were totally in sync and talked about their shared concern about KimiKaze’s addiction problems. By the end of the season, memory loss set in again for poor Lipsy Dipshitz when she couldn’t talk about that conversation when questioned by Kimster.

  • Was this question planted ? Of all the people to ask about , the caller happens to ask about someone LR just saw not long ago ? ? . Brandi talked to HH and placed a meat order ?

    • September, I really liked Brandi at the beginning. And I really liked Erika too, at the beginning. Now both just annoy me.

  • All I kept thinking about is who is this poor soul who invited BOTH Brandi and Rinna to their Christmas party ??

  • I have asked if this site can run the CBB when it starts Feb 7th – knowing many on our site will comment. And adding
    it wouldn’t have to interfere with actual RH stories…as in OFF topic.

    • I hope this site does too. I don’t watch that show, but will for this cast. It should be really good with Brandi up against Omarosa. Andy mentioned it last night with Kandi on WWHL, can’t remember what question the caller had, but Andy co-signed that Brandi would give Omarosa a run for her money. ha

    • Thanks, I agree Sammy. This site blogs on Vanderpump Rules and that show isn’t about housewives.

      CBB is only on for one month. So blogs on it would be appreciated, IMO.