Let's Discuss: Meghan King Edmonds Real Housewives of Orange County - RHOC

Jim Edmonds Reacts To His Wife’s Departure From RHOC!

Jim Edmonds always looked miserable and pissed off on the Real Housewives of Orange County. In fact, the former baseball star made it clear he hated the drama on the show and “bickering just to bicker.”

So, what does Jim think about his wife, Meghan King Edmonds, exit from RHOC? He’s jumping for joy, right?

Well, it turns out Jim supports Meghan’s decision 100% and says he’s “proud” of his wife.

“I am so PROUD of my wife,” he gushed in a post on Instagram. “This beautiful woman is charging through life on her own terms.”

However, in the full post, Jim made it clear that he won’t miss the OC, and that he’s not sorry about it one bit.

“Let’s try this again. I am so PROUD of my wife. This beautiful woman is charging through life on her own terms. Please go read her blog at meghankedmonds.com and see what news she has for you all today. Sorry for the first false post. I jumped the gun. #stl#nomoreoc #sorrynotsorry,” Jim wrote.

Meghan announced her exit from the Real Housewives of Orange County on January 23 in a lengthy blog post.

I always love how honest Jim is – he just doesn’t give two shits about reality TV fame. I will miss Meghan but I think she did what’s right for her and her family.

Thoughts on Jim’s post? Do you think Jim is thrilled Meghan will no longer be on RHOC? Will you miss Meghan and Jim on RHOC?

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  • When I finally have reached the breaking point of being done waiting for ICKY to be fired MEEghan gets cut if people stop watching like me hope they do not think it is cause MEEEghan quit just tried of waiting for Liar be to be fired … why can’t Bravo bring back a different OG and fire LiarIcky ..wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy !

  • Good for Jim – why should he give two shits for having to spend time with

    – cancer scammer
    – unsure breast cancer person

    OMD! I am going to miss Meghan! giraffe neck and all – her honesty and transparency – I appreciated everything she
    went through..boom..she would tell us what is a lie and what is the truth.

    uggh…such a cool person..leaves and could care less about being a famewhore..I miss her already!

  • It’s odd that Jim wasn’t interested at all to join RHOC. After all, HE was the big draw of that pair. Meh, on her own, wouldn’t have made the cut. Andy really wanted Jim, his Cardinals idol. Therefore, if Jim wasn’t totally on board to be on the show, they wouldn’t have joined. Most likely, Jim didn’t fully understand what was expected as a cast member. Now, he knows.

  • I liked her and thought she was a good add in to the crazy mix! She didn’t have to go mental to address anyone or anything and was very straightforward ! Wish her the best with her growing family 🙂

    • I really liked her too. She and Shannon were the two most straight forward women on the show and I will miss that.

  • I’m sure its nice for Jim, Meghan and their family to no longer have to deal with filming and constant scrutiny of their relationship/parenting but at the same time I’m sure all ex-housewives miss the paycheck as well as platform for whatever their business may be. I will actually miss giraffe neck and her cute baby but I never particularly cared for Jim.

  • Lara you are wrong. Sorry! but Andy wrote in his book how Jim does care about fame cause he lobbied Andy to get his wife on the show.

    • Oh did he? I haven’t read Andy’s book yet. Why did Jim lobby for her, was it because they were launching the candle line, thinking this show was a good way to reach women, or he just likes fame?

    • And see , I thought Andy chased him down due to obsessing over him and that baseball team which he is a huge fan of ! Oh well .

            • What I think happens is that they come up with some fictitious account of how a housewife is introduced into the show (someone’s friend or whatever ) then as time goes by they all forget the lie and the truth comes out ? remember when you caught the discrepancy about how well and long Pumpy and LR knew each other ? Our Sherlock Medusa on the case ?????

              • Hehehehe… Yes, that’s right. Here’s another discredited introduction corroborated by the Blabster’s own mouth.
                Originally, Brandi was introduced to RHBH as “Adrienne’s friend”. That “connection” was loosely kept in so far as the big secret that Brandi revealed about surrogacy. However, in her first book, Brandi stated that there was no friendship. She had stood next to Adrienne at a random event. Somebody mentioned Brandi’s “story” (of being a jilted wife) to a Bravo producer. Voila!!! A fake friendship was forged to bring Brandi on to the show. LOLOL

                • HAHAAHA remember when Kelly was Meghan’s friend ? Or when Kathryn was LR friend ? ? I don’t understand why incoming wives have to be anyone’s friend and not just be a new ‘coworker’ . So allegedly Dorit met Teddi how ? It was so stupid I forgot already

                  • I have the answer to your query. Andy claimed that the best way to introduce a newbie; is to have a connection to an existing cast member. He felt that was the reason that Carlton & Joyce failed in S5: they both came on cold, with no previous “friendships”. The Teddi – Dorrr-eeett connection was marred within 5 minutes when Dorit disrespected Teddi due to “Late-Gate”. Such bad acting is being exhibited.

                  • Kelly and MEEghan were friends ,Heather was friends with and brought MEEghan on remember so what is the truth how MEEghan got on ?

        • OMG- he acts like a child sometimes lol!!! He nearly jumped out of his seat for that , and Teresa on NJ, her brother …

    • MEEEEghan wanted the fame very badly. Jim’s other wife was supposed to be on OC MEEEEghan took that from her why the rumors of Meeghan being a mistress…
      And I believe Kelly would of brought the facts with her …Andy is he from the same town Jim played for ? I do not care enough to know .I just know when I saw MEEEghan on other reality shows I couldn’t stand her better than everybody attitude . The shop and show she worked for filmed in Saint Louis ..Maybe Andy wants a RHWSaint Louis I am guessing at all this so if I am wrong I am wrong.