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Erika Girardi Says “There Is Tension In The Air” At Teddi Mellencamp’s Spa Day

Spa days are something The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are well acquainted with!

Erika Girardi AKA pop star Erika Jayne, is known for having a fabulous glam squad. Her hair and makeup is always on point. Plus, her outfits are always fierce. Erika enjoys being pampered, as we all do. However; her spa day that Teddi Mellencamp hosted wasn’t relaxing.

In fact, Erika said that, “there is tension in the air” at the upcoming spa day on RHOBH.

The beauty wrote in her Bravo blog, “It’s so nice of Teddi to host a spa day at her home for all the ladies. We haven’t been in one room together in a while, so I’m hoping that I can just relax and enjoy. But with this group, you know how it goes. There’s tension in the air so… I’m just going to take my cocktail and go in the other room.”

She followed it up, “Stay tuned, my pretties.” Oh, we definitely will!

Personally, I love Erika Girardi/Erika Jayne. I think she is the realest of the bunch, and the least dramatic of the bunch. Although she has a glam squad, I don’t see her as high maintenance. I think she’s very humble and passive – in a good way. She’s the type who is happy wherever you put her. She would not complain about petty issues that are not even issues. Whereas; people with a lot less money than her would throw a tantrum over it. I’m glad the ladies are all having a spa day. I love watching the Beverly Hills wives so much!

What do you think of all the tension in the air? Are you a fan of Erika Girardi? Who is your favorite Beverly Hills housewife? Would you want to go to Teddi’s spa day?

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  • Erika is a sigma female, LVP being alpha, and Richards is a complete beta.
    If you understand the personality types, you can we why Erika remains above the fray.
    Sigma female here…. Introverted alpha…lone wolf. Do not get too close to anyone and can form alliances if necessary. I understand why she says be cold.
    Erika, I have learned you have to be ice. You just have to at times.
    Signed are rare as we are forms through hardship.
    Rinna and dorit are gamma.
    Teddi strikes me as omega.

  • There will always be tension in the air over there in BH- meow .
    I like Erika – she’s pretty chill .

  • Eric has a fabulous clam squad
    In what alternate universe is this reality, because what I see is a middle aged woman who looks like a foolish clown, with too much hair, too much make up and ridiculous costumes that are beyond embarrassing. They should all be put down in the name of fashion, starting with Mikey. Why do we have to watch him, he’s annoying as hell and has nothing to do with the HW’s (he’s another fameho) and is looking for his 15 minutes, and don’t get me started on her TH looks. Absolutely atrocious!!!

    • ?????I help you anyways and you’re getting an upvote !
      I agree that Mikey looks like a boring expired twink . But more importantly, her style this year is AWEFUL!! I don’t want to see fu**ing leprechaun track suits !!! Geez

        • Yes Kyle has so far been a miss this year . I usually love the gorgoeus flows dresses and wears but I’m not a fan this year

          • which style? LOL. kyle is predictable. she’s only known for her splits and mumus. this year she wanted to change it up a little bit and, lo and behold, started wearing pajamas in the streets of beverly hills

            • Another fail this year is Dorit . Last year she looked stunning and before the season she looked stellar too ! Then last week she shows up in a friggin track pant , not to mention the Vegas pajama ? yes it was Givenchy but it WAS A TRACK PANT

              • like i said in the other thread, i think dorit is taking her “Britamorphosis” to the next level. first the accent, now the bobcut wig, which is a knockoff of victoria beckam. what works for victoria will not necessarily work for fauxrit. .especially since she will never have a david beckam. what she has is a “david bacon”

          • I did, peripherally as I was doing other things. Not impressed with anything, especially the agonizing Kesha bit. I know she’s been through it and it was a moment but she’s a lousy singer. This is a Grammy performance……????????

            • Oooooh Alanis! I remember when ‘Uninvited’ came out !! Beautiful song and performance. Wonder where she is now ?

              I hate to say it but I would probably enjoyed Kesha more had Bebe, Cindi Lauper, Camilla etc , had a chance to sing. I support the spirit of the song but didn’t care for the song itself and whatever getup she was in .

              But I loved Patti Lupone , always love me some Rihanna with that wicked choreography . I’m going to make a lot of enemies but I f**king hate U2!! ?. Sting
              ‘Englishman in NY’ is 20 years old why is she singing that when Lorde was denied a spot ?

              Mostly boring but there were some highlights for me ???

    • FiddleDeeDee ~ Exactly!!! PussyGalore has become the epitome of “Fashion Don’ts”. While shopping for 3 million dollar cars, EJayJay wore a boxy Vegas tourist t-shirt over baggy racing striped pajama pants and canary yellow spike heels. Her hair was styled like the Bride of Frankenstein. Her personality is so passive, she’s practically comatose. She swans around at the cast gatherings and slurps a cocktail. I see no style or substance to this overrated, middle aged, talent-less, lip syncing poseur.

      • I abhor those boxy t-shirts aka meemaw walking the mall t-shirts. She has an incredible figure, why hide it with all of that nonsense. I’m not saying flaunt it but learn your body and dress accordingly. It’s not that difficult and for heaven’s sake, lose the damn clam squad. Their punking her on a daily basis!!

        • “meemaw” – LOLOL I love that term!!! Erotika either dresses like a sleazy online peep show heaux or a schlumpy Hausfrau. The 2 images don’t converge into the same person.

          • LOL, right? Her different personalities are worlds apart, how about merging them a bit and maybe come up with something that is believable!

            • In my Traumra screaming voice to Alexis Bellino: “Nobody cares about your diamonds and stuff. Just be a REAL PERSON!!!!!!”

                • I didn’t necessarily like their method of delivery. But, I did approve of the message. Alexis & Jim, the Chin were a pair of fake phonies. When Peggy Tanous was on, Alexis treated her terribly. Therefore, her subsequent demise was a fitting outcome. Aside from being materialistic, I didn’t like the dynamic between Jimbore & Alexass. He dominated her. She was submissive for him. It was a slave-master tone. Their relationship set married couples back to the 1950’s.

    • Ericka is wearing what is the newest in Fashion blame the designers LOLOL they are the 1’s making the fail. I really think her and Mikey have a real friendship them spending so much time together. I do not think she is worst dressed .Middle aged but she sure as hell does not look it I do not care for the Talking Heads of many HW’s many of them are fails..

  • I am a shameless Erika fan ?????????. The showgirl, the heaux , the iceberg… 2 years from now when people hop on the Erika train , I’ll say took you long enough
    ..I’ll go to church now ??