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AllAboutTRH Exclusive – We Talk to Yolanda Hadid About Lyme, ‘Making a Model’ & New Beginnings!

Things are a bit quieter for Yolanda Hadid these days. Far away from the famous Beverly Hill zip code, Yolanda is now enjoying a peaceful life on the east coast; much different than the lifestyle that we have seen on RHOBH. We’ve got to know Yo as the glamorous ‘Dutch Martha Stewart’; however after a debilitating battle with Lyme followed by a divorce, Yolanda took some time off to focus on herself. Recently stepping back into the spotlight with Lifetime’s ‘Making a Model’Yolanda is opening up on surviving Lyme, her new show and finding love again.

Bravo fans and Instagram followers have watched Yolanda’s seven year struggle with Lyme, however when I spoke with her, the first thing I noticed was how great she sounded: “I’m feeling amazing – I’m on fire! It’s took me 7 years to get to this place. I pinch myself every morning and acknowledge that I’m having another good day. I’m up, I’m working and am coming back to life.” Coming back to life is right. For many years Yolanda detailed her frustrating journey with Lyme which ended up becoming a book titled ‘Believe Me.’ The book outlined the difficulty she had getting diagnosed, only to find that there was no cure for her disease:

“I didn’t write the book to get rewarded. I wrote the book as I felt that is was my obligation to the people that are living in the invisible illness community. Not just with Lyme but with any auto-immune disease or invisible illness. I felt that I really understood the higher purpose of my journey and that all of the hate and judgement wasn’t about me. I wanted to open up a space for the millions of people around the world that were going through the same thing I was and were getting judged every day. I knew that God had a plan for me and I was determined to turn my mess into a message.”

Image Source: Instagram

In her book, Yolanda outlines the roller coaster ride of Lyme treatments and ultimately using her journey to find what was most important to her in life:

“I found my strength in my children and in my spirituality. I started praying more and understanding what it really was that I needed. You really have to look inside and find what inspires you and gives you hope.”

After stepping away from RHOBH Yolanda ended up turning down various projects and offers in order to focus on herself. As her health started to improve, the stars seemed to align as she got a call to take part in ‘Making a Model’, a project that she felt she could really contribute to:

“Something intuitively just said ‘yes’. I went to the Lifetime office and it just felt right. I’ve been modeling since I was 16 or 17 and it has been my journey and my children’s journey. I wasn’t interested in just doing another modeling show, but I really felt I could bring something to the table as it also focused on the mother/daughter aspect of it.”

Image Source: Instagram

Yolanda states that it was this mother/daughter relationship that really intrigued her as it went a bit deeper than the average reality show:

“Your mother is always your biggest fan and will love you unconditionally. At the same time it’s important for mothers to learn to step back and allow the next generation to shine in a way that is authentic to them.”

“I also felt it was important to show the love for a dream and learning about what it takes to be in this business: the judgement, the challenges and insecurities. It focuses a lot on the mother/daughter relationship and how to be supportive without controlling the child.”

When speaking about the challenges and judgement that come with the modeling world, it’s hard not to take a look at our current climate and the women’s movement. Being an industry focused on one’s outward appearance, I couldn’t resist asking Yolanda on her thoughts on the ‘Times Up’ movement and how she feels it will impact the modeling industry:

“A lot of the industry is based on beauty and it’s a very important time for women to step into their power and establish boundaries. No woman should be put into an uncomfortable position to get somewhere.”

It seems as if Yolanda is a woman who practices what she preaches as she truly has stepped into her own power. Trusting her instincts, Yolanda knew when it was time to leave California to move back out east and focus on what motivates her most: “This opportunity came and I knew it was the right time to move. I was ready to get out of LA. I didn’t feel inspired or motivated to live that lifestyle and I wanted to find a space that was authentic to me.”

Image Source: Instagram

Moving back out east has allowed Yolanda to return to her Dutch roots as she focuses on her farm, family and animals. Her current lifestyle is far cry from what we’ve seen in the over the top world of Beverly Hills; however with endings come new beginnings. In addition to moving out east, Yolanda has other changes in her life, including falling in love. Despite the public’s interest, Yolanda has decided to keep her new romance away from the spotlight for the time being:

“I’m going to keep my relationship very private at this time. It’s a beautiful time for me and it’s great to feel in love again. I took a few years to heal and understand my journey. I’m grateful I took that time to really heal myself and have a clear understand of what I’m looking for.”

From what we have seen with Yolanda I have no doubt she will continue on her journey with an open heart, focusing on what inspires her.

You can watch Making a Model on Lifetime, Thursdays at 10/9c

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  • As a person who has been actively fighting lyme for 7 years, I will tell you that it truly is one of the most debilitating diseases. You lose your words, your ability to form a sentence, get lost when going on a walk around your block, joint and muscle pain…I could go on and on. One of the hardest things to deal with is a lot of what I’m reading here. People with lyme don’t really ‘look’ ill, so many people think you’re faking it. Many of you are saying that Yolanda has so many illnesses and can’t keep her story straight. Let me explain… Lyme disease and the co-infections that come with it like Babesia, Mycoplasma, and Bartonella (main ones but there’s more), wipe out your immune system. So then the many other things that healthy people normally fight off on their own come racing in. Things like Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), parasites, strep, staph, herpes, syphilis, etc, come out to play in a compromised environment. So it may seen like we have a zillion ailments because we do. Almost EVERYONE has EBV (herpes 5), parasites etc, etc, etc, but a healthy immune system keeps it all pushed back. It’s one thing after another when your immune system is in the crapper from lyme. I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, then with the autoimmune disease called Hashimotos Thyroiditis which is killed my thyroid gland, depression, adrenal fatigue and so on….IT WAS ALL BECAUSE OF LYME. Autopsies have shown that the majority of people with dementia have lyme spirochetes in their brain.

    So….why I get annoyed with Yolanda’s pics of IV’s, her simply not wearing make-up on the days she wanted to appear sick then posting a beautiful pic the next day, and the fact that she is lucky enough to go get the treatment that the FDA won’t let us have here, I do believe her when she says she has lyme disease. She brought awareness to a disease that received no attention yet causes suicide numbers to increase as the US and FDA won’t recognize it for the epidemic it is. We, in the lyme world, all have to go under-ground for our treatment because the doctors and researchers that try to help lose their licenses because it’s not FDA approved. We use herbs, IV’s, bio-magnetic feedback, wave frequencies, we use experimental equipment that we can’t travel with on a plane because it’s not a product that security has been made aware of, so we have to travel without what keeps us going. We are for the most part treating ourselves with the help a very FEW doctors who’s names we protect for fear of them being shut down.

    So, judge all you want. Call bullshit on us all. But most importantly, PRAY that you or a loved-one never gets a bite from a flea, tic, fly or misquito infected with lyme and/or it’s co-infection buddies and join our forces. Good health everyone… 🙂

    • excuse you

      if you can hear me from your high horse

      1) I don’t need any of your information – I have “documented ” proof this POS is a lying sac.
      2) in the past years – many of people that post here have generously shared their experience
      with LD and CLD

      on another note – having a disease that controls your body – and having the disease that is mid diagnosed is painful and frustrating. I am honestly sorry that you are experiencing this. no one deserves this.

    • I’m extremely sorry that you are going through what you’re going through. I can not even begin to imagine what it must be like and I wish you healing and well being ??
      I have always supported Yolanda so I’m not someone who doubted her but I have to say a lot of things didn’t make sense and that’s what people are reacting to . I don’t think most viewers categorically call bs on the disease nor it’s patients so I hope that’s not what you’re feeling and I’m sure that’s not what most viewers intend . I am so happy that you came and shared your story with us because it’s so important for someone like yourself to educate us about what it’s really like .
      Luckily though , co-infections with Babesia and Bartoneella are rare and I hope you are not of the few unlucky ones . Mycoplasma is a tricky one and I can see that happening quite easily …Also I’m sure this was a typo on your part , but EBV is Herpes 4 not 5 and vastly more people have HSV1 and 2 than any other herpes virus , followed by varicella zoster . I have not heard of any syphilis cases acquired other than sexually or maybe I didn’t understand what you meant

      Take care of yourself and please come back and tell us how you are doing . Hugs and kisses ????

  • Gawd, I can’t stand this sanctimonious, cold, narcissistic, hypochondriac, lying woman: YoPhony!!! Aside from pulling off the best fake medical hoax, continually LYING about the state of her crumbled marriage to her “KINK”, YoDULL is a boring, aloof moron.

      • That’s right. Think of the magic trick YoLIAR pulled regarding the Non-Gigis. When they were first on the show, Yo bragged how smart, strong & great they were. During her subsequent seasons, her fake illness became questioned by frustrated viewers. Yokel suddenly remembered that they, too, suffered from the exact Lyme Disease she had. They even got it at the exact same time, location & via the same horse fly (which is erroneous since it is usually transmitted through Deer ticks). The 2 Non-Gigis’ Lyme Disease caused them to drink while intoxicated, skip school and party hearty all night long; which made them tired the next day. Oh, the horror!!! But, wait – there’s more!!! The 2 compliant, young soldiers were able to be sick and become top models for their Momager!!!! Oh, FFS!!!! Only the most gullible, blindly loyal fans could swallow that pap. Everything about Yokel’s constantly shifting story was unbelievable!! As Judge Judy always says: “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true!!!!

        • Yoliar is a joke at this point . But you know what I never I understood, how did Mohamed simply accept that all his children have Lymes and not question or get involved at some point ? It doesn’t make sense that he didn’t think this was unusual . And apparently nobody other than Yokel and her kids got lymes , eveybody around them was miraculously spared ? smh

  • This show is only for Yolanda’s benefit to be on top again and its disgusting. She is using these poor parents and girl’s dreams without even providing any type of guaranteed prize of any contractual value or monetary value. The fine print of the contest says Yolanda may “choose” to manage the winner and they have a “chance” at a modeling contract — there is zero guarantee prize. How can a woman who is a multi-millionaire offer these teen models so little for her own model show. Gosh, even throw some of Gigi hand me downs at them. This lady is such a fraud I do not understand those who fall for her act.

  • No more talk about the ‘journey’ enough already . I will not watch her new show but if I did it would be for the eye candy of Gigi and Bella ??

      • Same here. What an empty word “journey” has become. It used to mean a travel direction. Now, it is an extra appendage to something sad: “healing journey”, “health journey”, or in YoPhony’s case, “churney”.

          • If you remember the comedian, George Carlin – he said it best. “Our language has become soft. People use too many words to obscure what they really mean to say.” A few examples he cited were: “false teeth are now called dental appliance”; “The airlines wants us to ‘Pre-board’. What is that? Is it to board before we board?”; “Toilet paper became bathroom tissues”. You can see this bit on You Tube under: “Soft Language”.

            • That’s very true … I am irked by some expressions that have become clicks , like ‘ I don’t know who I am ‘ , ‘ I’m focusing on myself ‘ or ‘I’m living in the moment ‘ .. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, make it stop

    • They are gorgoeus girls !! Their family name may have gotten them the job but they achieved that success because they’re good . Same for Kendall! Can I adopt Kendall and Camilla Cabello ? ???

  • I will forever believe that her issues were peri-menopause, leaky breast implants, and side effects from traipsing around the world for multiple unproven treatments with no one managing her overall care. I have no interest in a modeling show. I wish her well, but I won’t be watching.

    • I think all of that coupled with various treatments and experimenting made her situation worse . People handle illnesses and trauma differently and I think she panicked leading to all of that crazy cycle we witnessed . I’m glad she seems to be better and is back in the muc of life 🙂

  • Pellet Butt:

    11 countries
    106 + physicians/specialists
    over $1M spent on drugs/appointments

    diagnosed you with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    you lie 24/7 and I would never attempt to believe one syllable you uttered..cuz you also wanted us
    to believe that all these medical physicians – not one of them eyeballed the two foot long parasite in your tummy


    whatever Pellet Butt does – I hope she succeeds 100% no one deserves to fail, just don’t ever ask me to believe
    this lying sac of ….whatever is left

    • It was all just too much for me, ya know sam?
      So many “ stories”, always changing, all the pictures all over her social media. ?.

    • Agreed. I felt like Lyme was always a convenient scapegoat for her and I’m not sad that she isn’t on RHOBH anymore but I do think she has a fabulous family and all of her kids are absolutely killing it in the modeling industry so good for them.

      • I agree Pookiebear986

        her kids are da bomb! geez, I wonder if Vogue will offer them shares – they own the front page of Vogue!

    • She is a con artist trying to push her sexually transmitted Lyme to try and con the CDC out of a grant. CDC gave the grant to the zika virus and proof, yo was cured. Trying to con the tax payers. She is the worst of the worst

      • my friend!

        we have so much data on this “psst..wanna buy a watch” thief! She is the worst of the worst!

  • I saw one episode of her new show and it’s okay. I hope it does well. Yo has a lot to offer. However, I don’t like that she changed her last name to Hadid. Very transparent.

  • I’m so very happy for Yolanda . I’ve struggled to understand her but I’ve never hated her .. I’m in the minority again here ???????
    My advice would be to STOP talking about her illness . She’s beaten that to a pulp and it’s time to let it go and move on..

      • Sandy ???? I was just over there looking for you . Victoria last night was my favorite episode EVER !!!!! The whole thing with the French Court was super fab and I enjoyed it so much . I think I’ll watch it again tonight

        I know how you feel about Yo and I get it ?

        • Yes, I loved Victoria! The prince is more and more charming too!
          Thanks for understanding. ; I honestly think it was me who said she had Munchausen’s in the beginning…and then Rinna ran with it! I did say it before I read it anywhere else! I think she may have had Munchausen’s by Proxy too when she wanted us to feel sorry for her when her kids had Lyme (supposedly) too!
          On laptop..just finished filing taxes.

          • I do remember when you first said it Sandy . You totally called it !! Oh the discussions about Yolanda were endless and sometimes intense ?

            The Prince is incredible! And the 2 closeted gay lovers got to skinny dip? I tried researching those 2 to see if that actually happened but came up empty . But what a juicy twist !
            I was surprised how disgusted Albert was with Victoria wearing makeup !

            • I watched the end of something that came on just before Victoria started and they were talking about that interaction, but of course, they did not mention their true orientation. It will be an ongoing romance from afar, except for skinny dipping? That was fun to watch, really. 🙂 I think Victoria should have joined them! (Maybe in her dreams!)

              • I’m sure a lot of these hush hush platonic romances existed . Apparently all they needed to do was move to France ? interesting to know that the French have always been this ‘liberal ‘
                Oh good morning ??

                • They seemed always to be into more exposure of the body and topless beaches? I remember one episode of Outlander where a royal woman wore a dress with both breasts exposed a lot and the nipples adorned with jewelry and that was in France in the 1700s. It was historical too for the most part, since Outlander based a lot on what people were like during that time frame. The author spends years researching the history of the times portrayed in her novels.

                  This is a bit about that episode by a funny guy..and the pic is there.

                  • Sandy what a fun article ??? based on what we saw in Victoria , the French were quiete comfortable with an exposed nipple ? that’s what I always keep saying about all these young starlets and their constant nudity that they percievce as ground breaking , IT’S ALL BEEN DONE BEORE.

                    • Yes, it has been done before!!
                      All the French Islands in the Caribbean and elsewhere have topless beaches all over. The women are comfortable with that. I went to Martinique when my eldest child was 5, and we were unaware. Then the topless women walked by, and my son asked why they had their tops off. I just said that was what they did here, but that mommy was okay with wearing her top. He was better with it…though I wished I had known prior! It was very French. Live and learn!

                    • Sure Rain!! I would have if I had yours! Mine are not identical twins, but adopted siblings (They don’t look so related)! TMI! No tan lines on top would be nice! (I did go to a tanning salon before another Caribbean trip and did that then?)
                      I would consider it if I had ones worth showing…and no sons around!
                      Love you!!

                    • I don’t look like Teresa Giudice or anything, but I don’t like to sunbathe like I did at one time, beach body or not..and I am the latter now…because of the damage the sun causes.

                      It’s the olive oil I eat that helps with the tan, maybe? ?

                    • Well I have a Costco size thing of olive oil ??. I love the sun but have to be careful . Our beach here is very cold most year so you can take a walk but not really sit down all day or anything

                    • I buy the two bottle sets (connected with a hard plastic thing) of extra virgin olive oil at BJ’s Wholesale Club, andd I also belong to Costco! ??

                    • They no longer have the 2 connected ones here , just the one . I use a lot of olive oil so I loved the double pack

                    • We have both kinds here. I like the two bottles better since they are easier to use. Otherwise I poured some into the smaller bottle to use when I used to buy the larger ones.
                      Yes, olive oil is the topic! I love good olive oil at a decent price! ?

                    • The funny part was that this French man in a Speedo was really looking at me on that beach…and maybe because I did wear a top? I guess being different can be a good thing? Then again, he was not the thinnest guy! HA!
                      I loved that swimsuit. I was younger then…and it was a high cut bikini bottom…sexy. I did tan well too, though now I worry about the sun!

            • I guess I may have started a snowball effect?
              Yes, we had some very intense discussions. After all, I live in Lyme country. I just stepped in deer poop again today. There are piles all over the lawn…and I mean many. Deer are in my yard every single day, especially after dark. I see them all over the lawn. They love our grass…ours still has some green in winter if it does not snow. Deer carry the tick that spreads Lyme Disease to people and pets here, so we know what the symptoms are and the treatment.
              I would love to know where the tick was that bit her. You cannot get it from flies or anything else. I won’t keep writing about it. I don’t believe she ever had Lyme Disease. She just met up with doctors who told her what she wanted to hear and took lots of her money. The supposed doctor in Washington state was not a Lyme Specialist. They don’t even have Lyme Disease there…and he has no speciaty whatsoever and claims to even be a psychiatrist….among other specialties. I could go on and on!
              Well, I won’t! I am happy Yo is off the show. I won’t be watching her on anything else. I find her extremely irritating.
              Still love you Rain! 🙂

            • Thanks Kirby!
              I often wondered what she really was feeding those kids through their IVs, and I was shouting at my TV saying to them, “Don’t let Yo poison you!” “She has Munchausen by Proxy!” “She just wants everyone to feel sorry for her and pity her at your expense!”
              Well, I don’t want her blaming me. Probably Rinna did really start it….?

              • Again where was Mohammed when all this was being administered to his children? I was telling Medusa it’s weird this man didn’t question what was going on and ask to he involved with medical decision.

                LR started everything ?

                • I honestly think he though Yo was capable of handling the children and their health. He trusted her, ans he just never saw the big picture IMO. He wanted to stay out of the drama…at his kids’ expense.
                  Yes, she did!