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Ashlee Holmes Slams Teresa Giudice: ‘She’s Hateful’

Ashlee Holmes is snapping back in an intense Twitter rant proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s daughter began her Twitter tirade:“I have never met bigger hypocrite in my life than Teresa Giudice. She’s an idiot who let ‘fame’ (for being trash) go to her head. When I see her STILL doing interviews going on hate RANTS about my family… I’m not surprised. She’s hateful and vindictive.”

Not surprisingly Ashlee didn’t stop there. When fans began asking the makeup artist what she was talking about she continued her rants and rambles.

“She’s just a miserable person. And misery loves company. If going to jail and having your mother pass away doesn’t shift your moral compass even a little bit………. you know there’s a deeper problem. I honestly just feel sorry for her at this point. Enough is enough.”

When a fan said, they felt Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga was “far more genuine” Ashlee took a swipe at her too saying, “False. Melissa is worse.”

This drama all started after Teresa called Ashlee’s mom Jacqueline Laurita and aunt Caroline Manzo “evil” among other things in a recent interview.

All I can say is I’m not surprised by the rant at all, but I think Ashlee crossed the line bringing up Teresa’s mother’s death.

Thoughts on Ashlee’s Twitter tirade? Is Teresa hateful, vindictive, and miserable? Did Ashlee cross the line in her tweets? Sound off below!

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  • Ashley would never use the words “moral compass.” You need to know what morals are, and a compass.

  • LOL! Tre is hateful? Isn’t Oshley hateful towards her parents, step-dad, work, looking for work, looking for an apartment, earning her own keep, getting on her flight, keeping her hands to herself. Add your own! I’m sure there is more! LOL!

  • I totally agree with Ashley. Teresa is a hypocrite and a criminal. She is in no position to call anyone else evil. It’s ludicrous! People have very short memories. Teresa is the one who never takes responsibility for her own actions. She is still putting all the blame on Joe for her legal issues. She wants her fans to think she is this amazingly smart business woman but when it comes to signing all those bankruptcy and loan papers she says she had no idea what she was signing. That’s total BS! Anyone with half a brain would have questioned what she was signing. She can’t have it both ways. She should never have been given her spot on the show back. I know I’m going to get slammed for daring to speak the truth about Teresa but It’s the way I see it. Teresa’s friends with the most evil woman in housewife history and she’s calling the Jaqueline and Carolyne evil? She should have just kept her mouth shut and kept her feelings to her self.

    • #micdrop. I totally agree with you! Never takes accountability or responsibility for anything. She STILL blames Caroline for her and Joe going to prison, so laughable. Prison did not change her. She is still the same lying, moronic, hypocritical, fame and money hungry wannabe.

  • Maybe Ashley needs to worry about her baby and shut up. Her mom used to be a stripper though, so what can one expect from a stripper, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She has no room to talk about moral compasses, hands are not for hitting. And does she work? It’s easier to live in mommy’s mansion and let mommy take care of the brat child.
    So if she can speak of the death of Teresa’s mom, should her kid brother or her out of wedlock child be ok to talk about? No, but maybe they need a taste of their own medicine.


  • Asslee, Asslee, Aslee- you stupid, stupid, pathetic creature. Instead of getting involved in the drunk that is your mother issues, maybe you should figure out how to get and keep a job, how to get and keep a man and how to take care of that child you have? For sure your little rant just told all of us that Bravo doesn’t want your loser mother back. Stupid little girl.

  • Hate rants are you and your family’s ” thing” and sit down clown . Go play with your baby .
    Wasted youth . Last thing I’d do ,is give this misfit the publicity she craves .

  • WTF is Potato Head talking about now? What a dolt. Go get married to your baby daddy, move out of Booze Bags basement, and get a job, ya crazy bitch.

    Of course Asslee Homely crossed the line. Shouldn’t have EVER mentioned T’s moms death. Ass was never taught to respect anyone, including herself. Good job Jac-a-loon, raising that slack ass.

  • Last – this 100% inaccurate analysis that ratings went down once Jac left the show shows how little Jac understands about Bravo programming, tv ratings and viewership patterns. I go into very specific detail of actual ratings figures and how viewership figures change based on what night a program airs. (It is under the post about Teresa’s response to Jac and Caroline returning). In a nutshell As you progress Sunday to Friday the number of people who watch television on Bravo overall decreases. So while Top Chef is a huge show for Bravo it gets a very small viewership of only 800,000 but that is really great for Thursday programming. RHNJ used to air on Sunday’s, Monday and Tuesday. Now it airs on Wednesday which always draws lower viewership, and the same exact drop happened for RHNY the year it switched to Wednesday even when Bethenny came back. In popularity RHNJ equals VPR and RHBH this week as the 7th most watched show on cable of that night, so if the nights were switched, boom their numbers would be higher. So my point, no Jac it’s not about you.

  • Ashley – “Hateful” – oh, poor thing. Teresa held her tongue and spoke kindly about you for years, when you never ever deserved it. She finally fights back for once where you and your mother have spent hours upon hour trashing her in every medium possible, even creating your own blog site. Please, honey, cry me a river somewhere else because I ain’t buying your wounded bird routine grifters. Go pay a tax bill. I’m tired carrying you.

  • I don’t understand how people think its okay/give a pass to Teresa to talk about about Jac and Caroline like that. I get it they she doesn’t like each other. But tersea hit below the belt too. Talking about family and finances. No in way am I condoning what Ashlee said about tersea’s Mom because that was low too. But I get where she’s coming from because that’s her mom. But I do believe
    children shouldn’t be speaking because this is grown people’s problems.

    • Believe it or not, K’man, AshLEY is an adult, as well as someone’s mother. She’s not a HW, so she should take that potato head of hers, get a job and stay OUT of matters that don’t pertain to her.

      Btw, Jac and Caroline made a career of talking about Teresa’s family and finances. For 3 seasons. Teresa said nothing. I say it’s about time she did!

    • K’man

      Caroline and Jack Ass spent all their time trying to break up relationships with Teresa’s family and it worked

      – nut knibbler stabbed sister in the back
      – jumbo forehead stabbed at Teresa 24/7
      – Katfish stabbed at Teresa
      – Rosie stabbed at Teresa – I will rip your head off – even though Teresa and her family
      were the only family that surrounded Rosie with love and inclusion when Rosie plopped
      out of the closet – Katfish and her mom turned their backs on Rosie
      – Jack Ass made it her job to constantly bring up Teresa’s family/legal issues
      on National TV – never brought up her own
      – Jack Ass lied spewed a lie – at a reunion – about Joe having sex with some woman in his office

      ALL of this – Caroline and Jack Ass are giving their approval — never stepped in ONCE to say
      “hey, come on”..nope everyone enjoyed jumping Teresa. There are more examples of this crew
      stabbing at Teresa

      so..for me, that is why Teresa has a right – who the hell has the right to give out passes? – to say what ever she feels
      like saying..she paid for her crime and did the time and knows she is stronger than ever.

      so..the cow and heifer best not get comfy stabbing Teresa…


      • She might have done the time but she didn’t learn a damn thing while in prison. She still does not take any accountability for her actions, never has and probably never will.

        On the supposed examples that you gave on how they tried to “break up relationships with Teresa’s Family”…..just a few questions, comments:

        (Rosie stabbed at Teresa – I will rip your head off – even though Teresa and her family
        were the only family that surrounded Rosie with love and inclusion when Rosie plopped)———-How do you know this? Because Teresa said it?

        (Jack Ass lied spewed a lie – at a reunion – about Joe having sex with some woman in his office.) ————Again, how do you know this is a lie? Especially after the phone call Joe took on camera when they were all at the vineyard? Or do you believe he was talking “to a coworker that couldn’t speak English”?

        Then lastly when you said, (ALL of this – Caroline and Jack Ass are giving their approval — never stepped in ONCE to say
        “hey, come on”..nope everyone enjoyed jumping Teresa. There are more examples of this crew
        stabbing at Teresa.) ———-Ever heard of the saying, if you think everyone else is an asshole, you’re probably the asshole? Perfect analogy for whatever season that was when they finally exposed Tre and her hatred and jealously for her younger and better looking sister in law.

    • TOTALLY AGREE! Teresa hasn’t changed one bit, Ashlee is right. Prison didn’t do a damn thing for her except give her a platform to write another dumb book. Tre has spent however many seasons on RHONJ not taking any accountability for what she does, in her mind she is never wrong. So over her.