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Teresa Giudice Says She “Could Give Two Shits” If Jacqueline or Caroline Return To RHONJ!

Teresa Giudice has made her opinions about Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita crystal clear.

So, it’s not surprising to hear that Teresa has a lot to say about rumors that Caroline and Jacqueline could be coming back to the Real Housewives of New Jersey to shake things up for season 9.

“Maybe if they both come back it’s because they need the money,” Teresa told E! News. “But, I mean, whatever, bring it on. I could give two s—ts if they come back. Do I want to reconcile being friends with them again? No. They’re both evil people, and I really don’t want anything to do with evil people. I don’t, but if I have to give them a piece of my mind I will.”

In fact, Teresa said that the Manzo’s only cozied up to her own family for a storyline and because Caroline is a“money hungry bitch;” pointing out that Caroline doesn’t even talk to Melissa, Joe, Kathy, or Richie anymore.

Watch the clip below to see what else Teresa had to say about Caroline. A hint the words “nasty” and “bitch” were used.

In the clip, Teresa also points about that Jacqueline is now hanging out with Joe’s best friend a lot; claiming that Jacqueline always wants to be “in the mix” and know “whats going on” with Teresa and the cast.

As for Siggy Flicker’s departure from RHONJ Teresa confesses that she’s not surprised.

“It’s not for everyone. You’ve got to have thick skin in this business,” Teresa admits.

I love how feisty and honest Teresa is being. At this point, I’m ready for Caroline, Jacqueline, and maybe a newbie to join the cast for season 9 because the drama would be EPIC.

P.S. Have you check out our RHONJ exclusive from yesterday? 

Thoughts on Teresa’s interview? Do you think Teresa cares if Jacqueline and Caroline return to RHONJ? Is Caroline “money hungry?” Are you surprised that Jacqueline is so desperate to know what’s going on with Teresa and the RHONJ cast? Will producers bring Caroline and Jacqueline back?

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  • If Jacq comes back I hope her financial lawsuit plays out just like Tre’s did and I hope Tre throws it in her face just like Jacq did to her. I thought Caroline was to good for this show, when she left she made it sound like she would NEVER come back. Whatever, bring them back so we can watch the fight.

  • No Caroline, No Jac – nobody wants you desperate fools back. And yes they both need money and don’t let the liars say they don’t. The local NJ paper here posts both the citizens and businesses who have not paid state taxes and Jac owed $350,000 in unpaid taxes last year and you know it’s over 400 now and add that to the $1 million dollar court judgment three weeks ago against them, another $300,000 unpaid to lawyers – this is why Teresa can say Jac wants to come back for money. Caroline I am trying to remember if it was the Brownstone or her and Al, but I want to say the Brownstone— but it was for a huge tax bill maybe close to 4 or $500,000 in back taxes owed and again that was a year ago and that could be much more now if they did not increase their revenue and remember they lost the show income AFTER this ran in the press. Also, both those restaurants Chis and Albee were doing PR for, that is long gone. So the Brownstone has to support many families – Al and Caroline, Chris, Albie, Tommy Manzo, and you know they help Lauren because newlyweds usually don’t afford $750,000 first homes, call me crazy.

  • This is rich coming from the RestituionWhore,” they’ll come back because of the money”. Bitch, what exactly are you doing on the show?? You are a felon who can’t get a real job, you are there for the money too. Even more so because of your inability to be employable and once your testicle of a husband is released from “Camp Cupcake”, you’re really going to need the paycheck, hopefully this mess of a show will be long gone by then. Step off your soap box and take a good hard long look at yourself in the mirror. I know it’s difficult looking at your ugly monkey ass face but try it, you need some serious insight.

      • Her show is slacking in the ratings pretty badly, from what I hear, and something needs to be done if it is going to be saved. Bravo is just trying to squeeze whatever revenue they can out of her because they have so much invested in her. It is rich that everything she says about Caro and Cracker Jaq, are exactly the things that are said about her. The only difference I see is that Teresa is really not very bright and she may not be able actually look at herself honestly and work on her issues.

        • the other two blobs are living in glass houses and you know karma can be pretty bitchy. They both tried to preach from a moral high ground when they weren’t and still aren’t in a position to do so. Teresa has done her time AND paid her bills down plus restitution that was ordered. Strong woman doing just fine.

          • I only assume the ratings are due to Tre because of the assumption that this is the Teresa Show. If it is, indeed, the Teresa Show, then it is up to her to maintain the ratings. If she can bring in viewers, she can drive them away.

          • Yup Mich, T is the show. The rest of the cast rely on her for their paycheck/job/employment. Bravo pulled NJ and waited for T’s return. In the mean time Bravo gave T her own show, where she didn’t even have to appear = away in prison.

        • Ratings on Bravo are always, always lower Housewives shows for Wednesday and Thursday night programming no matter what show runs. Sunday receives the most viewers, followed by Monday then Tuesday and Wednesday. Getting a 1.2 or 1.3 rating on Wednesday is equal to a 1.8 on Sunday, still not as high as Atlanta’s audience but there would be a higher viewership. If NJ was on Monday like OC it would be closer to 1.5-1.8 pretty even to when it ran the last 2-3 seasons when Jac was on when she keeps crowing how the ratings were so great when she was on. Wednesday nights are a much tougher night to bring the audience. Same exact thing happened to RHNY – they moved it from their normal for years Monday or Tuesday slot to Wednesday for a season and their ratings went from the normal range for years consistently 1.7-2.0 staight to a 1.2 -1.4 and that was the season they brought Bethenny back. Everyone was yelling how the ratings had dropped at NY would be off the schedule. But again it was more about changing the night of the programming and Bravo knows this.

          • Again, don’t want to blathering on with no facts. I would get sick of that. Atlanta is the undisputed champ. If you track their ratings they are the number one or two rated cable show each week with over two million viewers. Now when it comes to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on Bravo – VPR was the 8th highest watched cable show on Monday, RHBH the 7th on Tuesday, and RHNJ was also the 7th watched cable program on Wednesday. However if you look at numbers every time VRP viewers and its ratings are 1.7, (1,700,000 viewers) RHBH was 1.5 and RHNJ was 1.25. Move Jersey to Monday’s and their “ratings pop right back to the 1.7 and 1.8 range. They are exactly matching their counterparts in popularity, they are just running on a night with less viewers. Top Chef is hugely popular for Bravo and Million Dollar Listing but on their biggest nights – Restaurant Wars and The Finale Josh Wedding, the most viewers Bravo Wednesday programming could bring in was 800,000 for Top Chef and 1 million even for Million Dollar Listing. So next Time All About The Real Housewives and its readers see Jac bragging about her ratings, please debate her into reality.

          • I don’t buy that for a second. There’s been a lot of explaining about how Bravo calculates it’s ratings and everyone and their sister’s dog have some sort of recording device. Bravo uses that info, as well as how many are watching the show when it is reaired. The ratings are falling because fewer people are interested in the show. A lot of viewers wanted to see a reformed Teresa and would have supported and rooted for that. Instead they got a Teresa who takes no accountability for anything and the ratings started tanking.

      • Right Stacy, it is the Teresa show. Some posters, who don’t even watch the show, might not realize that. They like to opine just because they can. Eh.

        • i hold andy and bravo accountable. for some reason they believe and they know that teresa is the moneymaker of rhnj. so everyone take a backseat LOL.

    • I think her point that’s missed here is that , if you watched all their pouting , lying , accusing , ugly and hypocrisy – they made it seem as if they are so above her when clearly not so for them to say opposite now or ” think” of coming back to this, was I think why TG said that . Not about what some think she’s conveying ! They were so ” happy” ” blessed” free of toxicity but would welcome back that money again ( they have legal issues , tax liens and such too )

  • My opinion. If (being the operative word) The Face Shave and The Bloated Booze Bag come back…

    I don’t think T cares, as she stated. I think T would like the idea of being able to finally roll on Red and Boozer. And so would Danielle, who will probably be full time next season. T even said at the reunion (I paraphrase) that she, T, was looking forward (on this last season) to Danielle getting a piece of Jack-Ass. Teresa, so was I. But Jack-Ass didn’t return < read didn't return as Bravo didn't want her.

    Booze Bag was and is in everyone's business per her soldiers, er I mean contacts. Yeah I'm looking at you DullorAss, good friend of Mamma Meatball. Bunch of losers that probably do need the coin.

    • I’m sure she ain’t whistling Dixie about it. Who needs that headache again?
      Time to put the boxing gloves back on, Teresa. Trouble’s a brewin’.

    • all true Khipp!

      tickles me still when you post “Booze bag” of my all time fav’s.

      Yeah, Teresa earned the right to go up on these thirsty bitches! uggh…bets on how many new pics pop up on Jack Ass’ s instagram, with her and dull fused together! gag

      Knowing Teresa though, she won’t – until they show their asses again, and that will be within the firs 5 minute of taping! This will be Teresa’s new phrase..if they return an even if they don’t return

  • I love it when Tre tells it like it is! The Caro bit really doesn’t make sense. She had her opportunity with the Manzo show and it was cancelled, why? They didn’t have enough viewers, fan support. So producers wouldn’t put an unpopular person back on the show. And to take it one step further, Caro didn’t let Jac on as a cast regular on the Manzos, so Caro knew Jac was toxic too.

    • For some reason Andy is infatuated with Caro and the clowns. He might bring her back. He brought back Danielle and I never thought I’d see that happen.

      • True, he used to love her, but wonder if it has faded. With Danielle, there was a bit of online stir when it became known she and Tre went to yoga together. It seemed like there was something new to explore.

  • I have to say when the rumors of Jac/Caro possible return popped up, I thought nothing of it. I chalked it up to the same old same old. After Tre’s interview, I give the “rumors” more credence. I think the possibility of their return is definitely on the table, otherwise why react so strongly to people you say you’ve cut out? Tres interview was fine, maybe a bit salty for E, but everybody wants her to open up and she did, so good for her.

  • Teresa has a right to point out the obvious, two famewhores that need to make $ off of Teresa – yet again!

    I like what Mich posted (I paraphrase)

    Bravo doesn’t need to immediately fill in an empty slot, just let them tape. there have been 5 cast instead of 6 in some cases and it works (sorry mich – your post was perfect -I mangled it ??)

  • The hag marco clan was invited to bitter Lauren’s wedding as well as Kat. Why? No idea. Do they still talk? No idea.

  • Have none of the housewives learn that them mentioning former housewives are there down fall. (Example season 7 rhoa reunion, they mentioned Shereé and she was back on the next season.) i get Teresa isn’t a fan of Caroline and Jacqueline, but with her mentioning them she is opening the door for them to comeback. I hope they do come back at the same time, Teresa came off very insecure when asked about them.