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Have Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel Officially Rekindled Their Friendship?

Take a walk down memory lane!

Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel have known each other for years. In the earlier seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City, they were the best of friends. Then somewhere along the line, they became frenemies. It didn’t seem likely that the dynamic duo would ever make up. Although; many of us fans were holding out hope that it would happen. Now it seems that it truly is coming around full circle.

Jill posted a heartfelt caption on the photo collage she posted on Instagram. What was the collage of? Photos of Bethenny with Jill, and all of her relatives. She even thanked Bethenny for the memories in it!

The ladies had recently reunited after Jill’s husband, Bobby Zarin, lost his battle to cancer almost two weeks ago. The tragedy brought them close together again. Bethenny shared on Twitter following the funeral, “Today is a sad day with a silver lining. I laughed. I cried. I saw old faces & watched a family come together surrounding a loss.” She also tweeted, “I have a dream’ that Bobby’s death makes us realize what is important & treat each day as our last.” It seems as though they have genuinely rekindled their friendship!

It makes me so happy to see that these two have made amends. I’m glad they are rekindling their friendship. Death alters your life and truly puts everything into perspective. Maybe Jill will come back on RHONY permanently now, or at least make appearances with Bethenny. It would be nice to watch these two back in action!

Are you glad that Jill and Bethenny are rekindling their friendship? Do you want to see Jill back on RHONY?

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        • Good morning to you, too – samael!!!! I, too was a big fan of Brandi when she first started on RHBH. I thought she was a breath of fresh air, funny & sweet. Like many other ardent fans, I wrote to Bravo’s blog and asked to keep her as a full time hw. The change that occurred in her behavior was what eventually wore my ‘affection’ for away. I still don’t hate her, though. I really think that fame went to her head and she lost her way. A minor thing is that she underwent multiple, unnecessary “renovations” on her originally pretty face. What a shame. She lost her wholesomeness and her mind!!!

          • I liked that she turned her exploded life via two whores – into a book and income! I didn’t realize how obsessed she is with people who dump she goes bonkers.

            She is he own worst enemy – this is the one that would bite of her own nose to spite her face.

    • Oh wow ?. That was just a shot in the dark guess on my part because she was working it overtime ! I’m no Brandi fan and now she has a good excuse to flood us with tweets
      Michers will be ecstatic though ?

      Thanks for the link ?

      • Good morning Rain! you’re welcome

        IKR! She is a different person when on an actual reality show – I used to be her fan, when she first appeared,
        #RHBH – but each screw up – wore me out – pretty sure I gave her about 3 chances.

        I was wondering why she was humping that dumb story all week – yup she will saturate social media with
        the dumbest things now.

        I know I will watch

        • Omg she was working it so hard , even more than her usual, so I figured something may be going on ?
          It’s clear that she and Omarosa will be the main attraction .i wouldn’t want to cross omarosa ???

  • For the love of God, please do not bring this shrill, fame obsessed harpy back. Bravo needs to implement a “No Return Policy” on their HW’s. Once they’ve come and gone, they need to stay gone. If Jill were to come back this would also put more emphasis on FrankelJaw, which in NEVER a good thing.

    • hahaha I don’t mind Jill as much as most viewers do. However, I completely agree with your opinion. Once they’re gone, stay gone.
      As to your point that BFrankelstein would be highlighted MORE, that’s true. However, it would be disingenuous to make these 2 re-merge as gal pals. It would be seen for what it is: PITY for a groveling Jill. What kind of “fun” upbeat story would that be???

      • If’s funny because I didn’t mind her while she was on the show and was shocked when they axed her. But after she was gone, I came to realize how annoying she was and then I heard about her taping Andy, unbeknowst to him. I thought it was such a dirty, underhanded and calculated move. From then on out, hated her.

        • Oh, yes. I forgot about that. I thought Andy was pissed off at JillZ because she kept spilling secrets about RHONY and other shows. She also acted as if she was Ms. Bravo. Ex. While on WWHL, a viewer called in and asked Andy a question about Patty (of the Millionaire Matchmaker show). Jill jumped in and said that SHE could speak for Patty!!!! Andy gave Jill a glare & interrupted her. Overall, Jill thought she was “too big to fail”. That being said, BFrankelstein has become similar and more bossy.

            • Happy, happy Sunday to you, too ~ Sweet Rain!! Unfortunately, today is cloudy and cold. Tomorrow, rain/snow are due to hit us. However, it’s not expected to be a big deal. How are things with you??

              • Oh no !! Well at least you got a little break ???? As long as it’s not a big deal , that’s good !
                I’m well thank you enjoying a lazy weekend. The weather is gorgoeus and want out yesterday and may go out again today and eat outside somewhere
                Tried to go see ‘3 billboards’ and it was sold out !!! I don’t remember a movie being sold out in forever ? well at least not these kinds of movies
                Oh I watched MDLLA and made a little comment to Fiddles on the ‘Kyle wouldn’t want to do RHOBH without LVP’ … I told her on Friday I’ll let you know maybe we can start a MDLLA mini chain there , so jump in !!
                Kisses ?

                • I want to see 3 Billboards because I like Frances McDormand. I saw MDLLA. It’s kind of sad to know that Tracy’s marriage crumbled. It seemed to be heading in that direction during the eps. Her husband may have been pretty, he wasn’t nice.

                    • Hehehehehe…. Yep, pretty much. Due to her inclusion of the roster, I can’t watch BB. I really find her intolerable on any level.

                    • Yes me too ! I was on the fence due to the time commitment this how requires, 2 episodes a week but NO WAY am I supporting any show with this imbecile ???

  • I’m not as certain the rift is completely over. This is all one-sided from Jill’s wishful thinking point of view. I mean, who makes a collage of a former faux friend & publicly displays it, while in the throes of intense sadness??? It’s weird. Currently, she is clouded in grief. Any minor greeting from the SkinnyBitch could be misconstrued by Jill as a reconciliation. Wishing something doesn’t make it come to fruition. IF Queen B submits a similar sentiment, that would be evidence that she’s taken Jill off her “S” list and a tentative friendship may be forged…

    • Seems like yet another desperate ploy on Jill’s part to……get in the good graces of FrankelJaw and once again petition the powers that be on Bravo to bring her back. I wish she would take a couple of minutes and back away from all media, her husband just passed. I get that we all grieve differently but at Jill’s core, she has one mission in mind, get back on TV, at any cost. Makes me dislike her more than I already do.

      • LOLOL – Yeah, sure. ^^^^ Jill is as subtle as a sledge hammer!!!! Hahahaha
        After a loss of a loved one, it’s best to not make any important, life altering changes. In Jill’s case, her only goal in life was to return to RHONY. Unfortunately, which ever side of herself she shows would be a tough sell. She’ll be either miserable or silly: a) Intense grief for “Bawby” would be uncomfortable for viewers, especially those who hate her. OR b) Laughing it up to “carry on” would be unacceptable based on logic. I’m not thrilled to see the funeral scene at all. Been there, done that 🙁

        • So true about not making any important decisions. I know it was one of the things I wanted to stay away from, wait until I was thinking more clearly. I see Jill doing B, laughing, carrying on, trying to give the people a good “show”.

          • Yep, I can definitely see Jill behaving as if she’s a Oscar Winning actress who believes she is the reason that “the show must go on”.
            Just like any other Blahvo HausFrau, she is not a trained thespian. Pretending to soldier on & kiss the BitchyGirl’s skinny ass is going to be asinine and strange, considering she just became a widow.

  • Bobby’s death is tragic, but I’m somewhat disgusted that it appears to me that Jill is using it to get back on the show. She wants desperately to be back on the show. Why else do a photo collage of her and Bethenny on social media? How weird is that?

    I thought I read somewhere that Jill was spending more time in FL. Maybe it’s time for RH of Boca starring Jill and Siggy. See who can drive the other mad first.

    • She may be doing exactly that. However, any distraction from grief mode is welcome for those who are stuck in it. It would help Jill; albeit not necessarily the show.

    • His death was not tragic. It’s terrible that he passed. But it was not unforeseen. Jill knew it was coming from the doctors. It was unfortunate but not tragic. There was nothing that could be done.

      I am sad that she allowed filming at the funeral or at least outside, but in a weird way it could be seen and will be an homage to him. I hope and do believe Bobby gave Jill his blessings with whatever she does bc he knew it killed her that she was let go from the show.

  • Thank you for asking Katie

    These two have alot of ugly in their history
    These two have ego’s larger than the universe
    These two have backstabbed each other – at the drop of a vowel

    I was taught, don’t make life decisions while drunk or at major events. I think that emotion and famewhore is riding this specific

    I think it is gutter trash behavior for Ass Andy and Bravo

    – to even have the balls to ask for permission to film at the funeral
    – to not bother attending the funeral

    I think Jill was vulnerable and accepting condolences from everyone and got caught up and just automatically gave permission. Jill still has time to say “I’ve thought it over and I would prefer that the funeral not be part of a reality show”…

    I think famewhore will not come to that conclusion…and I think both famewhores will do anything for a camera.

    • Samael,

      Let’s be fair. Funerals of celebrities are always televised. How else to make it inclusive for the fans who can’t be there but who feel they want to be part of the goodbye. You can be sure Bobby’s funeral wasn’t televised at Jill’s behest but rather with her permission although we know she loved him getting that significant a send-off.

      James Gandolfini’s funeral was a production event.