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Andy Cohen Weighs In On The Anti-Semitic Feud Between Siggy Flicker And Margaret Josephs

This Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion was one for the books!

Andy Cohen even got in on the drama!

Other than ‘cake-gate,’ the biggest drama of the season was between Siggy Flicker and Margaret Josephs. It all started when the ladies were having dinner, and Margaret mentioned Hitler. She was trying to make an analogy, but it backfired and Siggy flipped out. Siggy was deeply hurt and offended by the conversation. She called Margaret “anti-Semitic” over it. Margaret exploded and claimed that she is not. In fact, she said her ex-husband and the children she raised – are all Jewish. Obviously this feud was discussed at the reunion. Andy Cohen weighed in on this debate – as he is also Jewish.

Siggy explained to the group, “I am the daughter of a Holocaust survivor.” Therefore; she doesn’t think Hitler’s name should ever be mentioned unless you are talking about the Holocaust or history. Margaret tried to explain her side of the story, and reminded Siggy that she married a Jew herself. Would an anti-Semitic person marry a Jewish man? Siggy replied, “You are not Jewish, you didn’t convert, you’re not Jewish.” Then Margaret said, “You wanted to hate me and that was it.” Throughout the argument, Siggy screamed “shame on you” repeatedly at Margaret.

Did Andy think that was an anti-Semitic statement? He said, “I didn’t. She did, I didn’t.” He even spoke to his parents about it. Andy said, “Siggy, I got to tell you something. I am so on the other side of this, and I’m not taking away from your feelings. But as a Jew, and I discussed it as you asked me to when we spoke about this yesterday. I called my parents, they were not offended.” Siggy replied back, “Forget it, forget it. You don’t bring him up in casual conversation. End of story.”

I don’t think that Margaret is anti-Semitic, I think she was just trying to make a comparison. But it went very wrong. I understood why it hurt Siggy’s feelings, because she is Jewish and her father is a survivor of the Holocaust. I’m glad Margaret apologized and saw that it hurt Siggy’s feelings. I don’t think Siggy has to explain how she feels to anyone. Nor does she have to apologize for taking offense to this statement. For the future, I think these ladies better not reference anything of that nature.

See the blowup for yourself in this explosive clip!

Are you surprised that Andy and his parents are not offended? Do you blame Siggy for being taken aback by Margaret’s statement? Do you blame Margaret for being upset that she was called this horrific word?

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  • I really wanted to like Siggy. I tried but her viciousness finally turned me off, as well as her disrespectful behavior to her castmate’s parents. She refused to meet Marg, who is a doll, and said she didn’t give an effin sh** about what Andy or his parents thought about Margaret’s remark. Let’s face it, Siggy would have found something, anything to use as a weapon. Margaret is just plain ordinary normal with no antagonistic leanings, just a dark sense of humor, I love her calm reactions to Sig’s abrasive remarks. So glad Sig is gone, her opinion of herself exceeds anyone else’s and no one will ever be capable of making her happy, it is never enough.

  • I’m not sure if I’m recalling this correctly. At the beginning of the season, didn’t Siggy refuse to go to a get together at Margarets because she thought Margaret would use it as an opportunity to ambush and embarrass her in front of the other guests? She then had a get together and did exactly that to Melissa? People like Siggy often accuse others of doing things that they themselves would do/have done to others.

  • Siggy is entitled to her feelings as is anyone of any race or ethnicity. What a person is absolutely not entitled to is to call another person Anti Semetic, a racist, a bigot or other horrible labels when there is zero evidence to back it that up that reasonable, logical people see. Siggy with full purpose trying to label Margaret was one hundred times times worse then any mistake Margaret made in which she apologized, and I don’t see any scenario in a million years saying Siggy is entitled to that position. Simply put, shame on Siggy and those defending her actions.

  • As a Jew, I find nothing wrong with what Margaret said. It’s not like she was praising Hitler. The analogy was that you look at how people treat others, not just yourself. Easy to understand.

    • She just wanted something she could keep recycling to hate Mags. Her behavior was atrocious the very minute Mags showed she wasn’t here for the BS in Florida. Sigalit ASSumed that introducing Mags to the cast , that automatically gave her an upper hand to control another . She’s friggan nuts. Now she had a chance to not only keep beating dead horse but bring her Father into it along with a Jewish following to have a go at Mags ( and her crazy social media stans). She played a dirty card .

  • Who would accept Siggy as a life mentor now? There is a woman who had everything and threw it away because she cannot manage her own emotions. It could have been tolerable but for her insistence on exposing the deepest secrets to hurt the most. Yet, she glides over her minion Dullores’ now disbarred husband or her own children who detest her. There’s a psychopath on every show.

  • This Mr. Andy Cohen was by far the BEST thing you’ve ever said at any Reunion in the history of Reunions! This killed Sig to not have everyone kiss her beloved ass. It was refreshing to see him put her right in her place more than once throughout the Reunion. You could see it was eating her alive and we all know she wanted to scream and stomp her feet and throw yet again another unjustified tantrum but she couldn’t because it was my HERO Andy! So happy it’s over and we don’t have to deal with this childish behavior next Season. I really have high hopes for the next group of Ladies just no Manzo or Laurita or Kim D. and it will be all good.

  • I think if anyone has issues here it’s Siggy. Siggy is offended that a woman who did not convert, was raising Jewish children. I’ve seen this kind of racism before and it can get pretty ugly.

  • At this point, it’s not even about the very spot on analogy- it’s about Siggy’s complete inability to see anything other than HER point of view, HER feelings, HER wishes and HER ego. She is sliding down the very slippery slope of mental instability and no one around her seems to want to make her understand that or attempt to get her some help.
    There is no shame in suffering mental issues and there should be no shame in admitting it and getting help. Her family and friends should be doing something about this instead of blowing smoke up her ass and telling her she’s fine.

  • So Andy tells us that Siggy called him the day before the reunion, to ask him to ask his parents. So he does, and she doesn’t want to hear his answer? Did all of the women get to call him the day before to ask him to do things, or ask certain questions, or just the narcissist Siggy?

  • Even though I don’t watch RHNJ, as someone of the Hebrew Persuasion, I became curious what created this fracas. This clip is very telling. Basically, “Siggy” can feel her feelings and express them. But, she doesn’t care what anyone else feels. Wow!! It’s probably best she’s leaving the show.

    • I don’t watch either but just from the headlines of the different blogs this year I knew Soggy Fucker was a big bone of contention this season. I ended up watching some of the reunion and she really is off her rocker. And I’m not speaking in the general HW sense of being insane. I really think this woman is clinical. There is something seriously wrong with her. Her inability to understand general feelings of others was that of a 4 year. Not being flippant, that’s what she reminded me of. How she couldn’t grasp what was being said was mind boggling.

      • At least one cast member who is deranged seems to be an acceptable feature. Those individuals permeate all the franchises. Siggy did sound like a child in her “La-La-La-La, I’m not listening to you” type response to the group.

  • I am glad Andy said he was not offended nor were his parents. Is there anyone who understands zig zag’s point of view? I cringed when she yelled at Andy that she didn’t care. #Unhinged.

    • I grew up in a neighborhood that was predominately Jewish. The only Temple in town was two blocks from my house. At least when I was a child, there was a lot of disdain for people in a Jewish household who were not Jewish. I think Siggy’s issue is really that Marge is not Jewish and she was raising Jewish kids. Some of the more conservative Jews felt this is an issue, and Siggy refers to herself as a “Super Jew”. When Margaret said that she married as Jewish man and raised the kids Jewish, Siggy spewed, “You did not convert!”. Right there is very telling. It seem to me to be a type of racism on Siggy’s part because non-Jews are not good enough to raise Jewish children. It was very much the same way in the Catholic community I was a part of. The pressure was pretty heavy on my mother to convert, especially before having children. She and her sister were not Catholic but both married Catholic men. My mother converted, Aunt Bubbles did not. Some people thought poorly of Aunt Bubbles for her decision, even though the children were raised Catholic. (Yes, I had an Aunt Bubbles.)

  • Siggy gets to feel the way she feels, but Margaret apologized and Siggy should have dropped it. I honestly can’t even believe how nuts Siggy is. Most of my life I’ve lived in areas with large Jewish populations. I’ve never met one Jew who is offended if you mention the name Hitler. Heck, even the kids in school learn about the Holocaust repeatedly and discuss Hitler, use similar analogies in school papers, etc. It’s not offensive.

    Margaret’s analogy was spot on. Siggy has serious issues. Continuing to shout, “Shame on you!” For what? Margaret apologized for upsetting Siggy. It wasn’t even a BS LVP-type apology.

    I really think someone in Siggy’s life needs to get her help.

    • Maybe her family ignored the signs when she was younger, I wonder what she was up to at school that they thought she needed Ritalin? She claimed that she was bullied at school, but have to wonder if she was going after the girls and they just fought back?

    • I grew up in a very unique situation. Our neighborhood was predominately Jewish but we also had Otto and Helga Bumgartner who defected and fled to America. Otto had been a member of Hitler’s Youth as a child and had wonderful insights. My father’s parent had fled Poland when my grandmother was pregnant with my Dad due to the persecution of the Polish people and the Catholics, which is our religion. Each had very unique perspectives on the situation and it made for some pretty lively disucssions in the back yards throughout the Summers. However, no one ever diminished anyone else’s point of view and no one was offended by the use of the word Hitler.

    • Mags always apologized and wanted to start over multiple times . Sig wanted to : rip out her pigtails, destroy her, embarrass her , hurt her. I’m so glad she’s an expert and leads the way for women empowering one another ! Said no one . (But Dolores)

  • I’m Jewish and I found the analogy to be right on point. I could see Siggy taking offense to Margaret comparing her friend (Kim D, yuck) to Hitler, but to claim that simply mentioning Hitler is unacceptable is ridiculous. Words are not the enemy. The way they are used is, and this was not an offensive way (unless you are Kim D, yuck).

  • Good for AC sticking to his opinion and not allowing Sig to bully him or shame him into jumping on to her crazy train. For all Sigs “anti-bullying” BS, she’s the biggest bully of all. Maybe her book on bullying should be a “how to”; she’s got that down pat.

  • Katie I agree with you to a point.-

    Everyone has a right to their own emotions – it is how the person chooses to deal with the emotion. she demonized Mags – after- heartfelt apology is given. Siggy decided to put all of Mags court case/bankruptcy/adultery on social media 24/7…and this is AFTER the heartfelt and sincere apology from Mags.

    So – as Andy said to Siggy “this is a reunion – we analyze”

    Siggy made bitch move after bitch move AFTER Mag’s apologized! Siggy’s stitched together noggin almost fell off- after hearing everyone state that Mags is not anti-semetic – Siggy spent all season trying to flip the cast against Mags. I have zero respect for Siggy.