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Kyle Richards Says She Wouldn’t Want To Do RHOBH Without LVP Plus Calls Out Lisa Rinna For Taking Jabs At LVP On Instagram!

The friendships on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are ever changing but one bond that has remained intact throughout the years is that of Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump.

And while Kyle and Lisa may be the ultimate Beverly Hills BFF’s but that doesn’t mean their friendship won’t hit a few “bumps” in the road during season 8.

Kyle recently opened up to The Daily Dish Podcast that she and LVP “hit some bumps this season. No doubt. It’s inevitable. It’s really hard to maintain friendships on a show like this in reality television. We’ve gone through a lot and have been tested over and over again, but we really do care about each other, and we know that we are better together than apart.”

However, Kyle quickly makes it crystal clear that there’s no one else she’d rather do RHOBH with.

“I wouldn’t want to do the show without her. We have fun together, and in order to do a show like this you have to be able to keep on having fun.” Kyle explained, “We still have fun and laugh, but we piss each other off. This time that happened. I said it. She didn’t like it, so that created some issues and we had to work through it, and we’re OK, but that hasn’t aired yet. So I always think to myself, ‘Oh god, now when this airs, it’s going to be another argument again. I can feel it.’”

Speaking of things she doesn’t like, Kyle also dished about Lisa Rinna’s recent antics on Instagram.

“She does things that I really just don’t understand. It does make it harder and harder. Each time it happens, it makes it just a little bit more difficult,” Kyle confesses.“Recently she’s been doing some weird things on her Instagram story, that I’m just kind of like ‘What are you doing? I just don’t understand that.’ I just find myself shaking my head.”

“It’s going to end up coming up because everyone has been talking about it. She’s been kind of taking jabs at Lisa Vanderpump, and I’m thinking ‘Where did this come from? I don’t understand. I don’t know where this is coming from and we’re not even shooting right now. I don’t get it.”

I love my girl Kyle but come on Rinna’s Instagram stories about the first few seasons of RHOBH are HILARIOUS! Who cares if Rinna is poking fun at LVP? She pokes fun at everything from the early seasons and isn’t singling LVP out. But LVP pokes fun at Rinna all the time so why can’t Rinna do the same. Clearly, that’s the banter of Rinna and LVP’s relationship – poking fun at each other and pretending they aren’t digs. I love both LVP and Rinna, so I think everyone needs to lighten up and have some fun! But this will all surface at the reunion mark my words.

Are you surprised Kyle and LVP’s friendship hits a few bumps in the road during season 8? What do you think about Rinna’s Instagram stories about the first few seasons of RHOBH? Is Rinna taking jabs at LVP? Are Rinna’s jabs all in good fun? Sound off below!

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  • I have to share something that is Funny as hell Dorit Kemsley on Instagram shared a pic of her with her 2 kids she is in a swimsuit and Someone had mentioned Dorit has 6 toes .So I had to look that up Enlarge that pic and OMG she has 6 toes. I wonder if she really has 6 toes or if she did photo shop and it was a major fail. Thing that make ya wonder.
    The reason I find this so funny is Dorit really thinks she is something and having to have the perfect hair and perfect stle a wanna be Ericka and Dorit isn’t perfect she has a flaw.

  • Lisa V. is the only reason I watch “RHOBH”! I love the banter between Lisa V. & Kyle; love her sense of humor & applaud her determination, dedication, desire, passion along with her energy level as she has no limits. Lisa V ‘lives life’ in lieu of just ‘living in it’ while making her dreams & goals come to life’. Being the brilliant, successful & savvy business woman that she is she continues to utilize the show as a platform including bringing front & center meaningful, notable causes together with her on going support & direct involvement ! I look forward to the show each week for as for me, Lisa V. & all she represents ‘is’ ‘RHOBH ! 🙂

  • Kyle…. boring and spineless. I’ll take Rinna over her any day. She’s so much more fun!

    AND, if LVP can dish it out, she should be able to take it.

  • I don’t believe Kyle, she’s lying through her teeth but that’s what she does, lie, a lot. She would be beyond thrilled if LVP were to leave the show. Kyle’s the one to originally recommend women for the show. She more than considers RHOBH her baby. She was “pea green with envy” when LVP became the breakout star and was given another show, Vanderpump Rules.

    If LVP was gone, Kyle would consider herself the newly appointed Queen. If LVP were to ever leave, RHOBH would be over as we know it. LVP is the only HW who truly embodies what a HW should be and is……rich, fabulous, gorgeous, offbeat/eccentric, great marriage, multiple businesses, an incredible menagerie, stunning property and home and the piece de resistance, her closet. It’s what dreams are made of!

            • ????? oh what a cute doctor Cat ?????!! I am ready for MDLLA to be over ! Heck, the rate it’s going, I’m ready for RHOBH to be over ? Bravo has lost its touch and don’t know if they will get their mojo back .
              Wasn’t that article about Vicki and her bF stomach churning ? Seeing her or reading anything about her is sickening ?

              Hope all is well in your world ? ??

                • It seems we are all abandoning RHOC ???. And now petty and Lydiot coming back ? NO NO NO . Not enough Xanax in my house for this ?
                  I’ll be watching MDLLA shortly ! Let’s see if we can get a chain going with Medusa tomorow ???

                  • I don’t think Lydia and Petty are coming back.

                    Sounds good, enjoy your evening and of course give Paisley tons of kisses?????

                    • Happy Sunday kitten ??? so where to being with MDLLA !! Very disappointed in Madison and his behavior at the party ! It’s inexcusable that he would go after Jason who’s simply there as Tracy’s husband. WTF Madison!! That was really rude and uncalled for and then to be butt hurt because Jason didn’t remember his name ??? I used to love Madison but he’s pulling a total Dorit this season and I’m over it

                      Why did Flagg feel the need to say he banged Madison’s bf? It’s so childish and unnecessary! Plus does that mean he banged him when that child was even younger? Ewwwww . I wouldn’t brag about that .
                      Beautiful wedding but it won’t last . Something is wrong with Bobby and I’ll leave it at that

                      I’ll remember more things I’m sure ???

                    • There you are, sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Happy Sunday to you too Fluffy!!

                      I liked the episode, it went by so fast and I didn’t want it to end, knowing this was it for another year. The house they held the dinner at was spectacular. Not my personal taste but WOW on every level!!! I would have loved to have attended the dinner, just for the food alone. I bet it was spectacular. Madison is a punk. It’s the way I’ve always seen him, being a whiner and that stupid laugh of his is annoying as hell. I wanted to punch him in the face for acting like such a child, a spoiled child who didn’t get their way. I wish they’d drop him. Who asks why they aren’t invited to a wedding? Pissy little asshole!

                      The wedding was nice and I thought their vows were very nice as well. Of course I cried, I always cry at weddings, regardless if I’m there or not. It’s sad, right, watching Bobby and Josh and the probability of them lasting doesn’t seem to be in their future. Hard to watch the beginning of their life together knowing it probably won’t last. It gave me the sads. As much as I don’t like Flagg, I don’t wish that kind of unhappiness on anyone.

                      Big kisses and hugs??????

                    • I know. I’m actually very sad, depressed and upset about it. BB is my one true TV love and this really phucks it up for me. 🙁

                    • I’m sorry kitten ! It’s hard to ignore those 2 heifers . I think Medusa and I are sitting it out , unless something major happens ?????
                      Happy Monday ????????????? We will have the Winter Olympics and all those hot athletes

    • FiddleDeeDee ~ Stellar post, and ITA with you on all points!!!!
      Just because Kryle says she always has LVP’s back, doesn’t make it true. She has stabbed her “BFF” in the back so many times, she could pass for Jack the Ripper. Since S1: KyleECoyote has mimicked LisaV’s accent (badly), her wardrobe (poorly), her menagerie of pets (hoping they’ll be cuter than Giggy), her spin off (with the new BIG Kathy Shit show), her closet (the anemic FayKe Rancid knock off). If Kryle could skin LisaV and wear her, she would. Yet, all that being said, each & every season has seen Kryle using LVP as her personal whipping post via talking head insults and by joining whichever cast mate is pissed off, too.

  • Why is it ok that Kyle was throwing jabs behind her BFF’s back , talking heads and with other friends but Lippy can’t ? Eff that . Besides Pump gives as good as she gets and doesn’t need a mouthpiece all of the sudden . This is ridiculous .

  • i can’t believe i’d say this, but i like rinna for the sole reason that she does not pay lip service to pump and isn’t faze with pump’s constant jabs. so unlike the spineless and hemorrhoidal allegiance of vyle.

    • I may have to agree and I say that about anyone because let’s keep it real , LVPT , throws insults like its her job . Oh wait …I’m not feeling Kyle acting like a beast over this either . That little hypocrite wants to put loyalty into action now, years later and it’s juvenile looking so either everyone gets to say what they want and be mouthpieces like her and her BFF bitched about for seasons or no one does

      • I 100% agree. Kyle’s unwavering loyalty to LVP and lips permantley planted on LVPs ass have made her unlikeable. I admire Rinna for standing up to LVP, she may be the only one in years to do this and what kind of show would it be if it was just LVP and her army?!

  • WTH ~~~ Kryle is so full of –it!!!! Any and ALL “bumps in the road” regarding her faux friendship with LisaV were caused by KyleECoyote. From S2: “Lisa is Bobby Fisher”, to S4 “Lisa made fun of Mauricio.” “She forced Brandi to put magazines in her suitcase.” to S6 “Lisa is sneaky.” & screamed in LVP’s face in Dubai, the duplicitous, lying runt, Man-Hands has some nerve to use that same lame SL & go after LVP again in S8. It must be even numbered seasons are “Let’s get LVP” time. Ridiculous 2-bit, 2-faced, whiny, back stabbing, wannabe Kryle can suck it. In all these years, why don’t the writers ever put Splits Bitchards on the bad end of the Story Arc??? Why does she escape being the main scapegoat? It’s doubtful that her fragile ego would survive as many personal assaults that LisaV has endured. However, it would be a welcome change to give Kryle the short straw.

    • Hey Medusa! My feeling that since Kyle was originally approached for the show, she has some immunity. She has sold other shows now so perhaps they want a smooth relationship for product, who knows. I think it is dreadful though that that shrunken toad sister Kim won’t speak to her now because she’s successful without her, let’s face it, Kim was torture and perhaps still is. I too find it odd that Kyle wears the cloak of invisibility when it comes to the whip coming down. They could shut the doors if LVP was gone.

      • Hiya Candace!!! KimiKaze is suddenly not speaking to KyleECoyote? In last week’s story about her, Kryle claimed that Kimsley was “very proud” of her. I think Kryle uses Kimsley for her SL. So far, this season, NOBODY has mentioned Kimster’s name. Not one cast mate. Yet, each week, Kryle inserts her sister’s name (& Kathy’s) for HER story line of the lame, fictional story of BIG Kathy, Momster Bitchards. Every season, it is Kryle who drags her addle pated sister Kim back into service, either figuratively or literally. As Kimsky screeched at GRinna at the S5 reunion: “Stop talking about me!”

        • Vyle pyle has used Kim every season…Kim is/was a hot mess..but her little sister knew that when she thought it would be good for Kim to be on the RHBH…pyle admitted that Kim had been doing well for sometime until season one of the show…then she said ( I think it was season 2 ) that she would not come back without Kim…pfft….Their mother was awful…? I wonder what her and Satan talk about at lunch…

          • I couldn’t agree with you more!!!! Of course KyleECoyote wanted her addict sister on the show, to use as her foil & story line. It was clear that Kimster joined for a pay check. However, she didn’t gel with any of the cast (except Adrienne, sort of). Kimsley didn’t want to participate in most of the group scenes because she was clearly uncomfortable within the reality tv format.

            BIG Kathy s*cks c*cks in Hell.

        • Cosign.. Kyle has always used Kim’s addiction to make herself look good. Kyle profits off family upsets. I don’t give a fack about your childhood, family issues, whatever…what else you bring? Except riding LVPs booty.

    • I do find the bobby fischer comment to be true. I think they have enough on one another to feign close friends. But I wait in suspense to watch these two fallout…suspense.

      • I don’t see it. I don’t see LisaV as conniving, manipulative, plotting & planning of anyone. She has seemed incredibly accomplished, appreciative of her good fortune & loving family. The public is fickle. Yet, each season they choose LVP as the Fan Fave. The rest of the heap (especially KyleECoyote) have shown jealousy toward the English Lady. LOL

  • Oh come on Kyle. Let’s be real the only reason LVP is your friend is because she thinks fans like it better when you are friends. vs. enemies. LVP could care less about you and your boring storylines every year. If the situation were reversed and Carlton or some other housewife was ripping Kyle a new one on Insta i can guarantee you LVP wouldn’t say a word to defend kyle and would actually be giggling and salivating at the instagram posts in between sips of rose.

  • Lara, I totally agree about what you said about Lisa R’s instagram. Andy even said it’s been hysterical . And she’s not just busting on Lisa V. Come On Kyle, and your gossiping ass( with your “ buddy Dorit “. You know that’s who she’s talking about saying everyone is talking about it ?. Stop looking for a headache ?

    I’m curious about the snag in Kyle and Lisa’s friendship this season.

    • ITA!
      Oh please! LVP says enough spiteful, snarky passive aggressive comments to fill a book. Kyle has her lips glued to LVPs ass and looks like an idiot always rushing to defend her.
      Maybe people wouldn’t take jabs at her if she acted like an adult and stopped with the constant eye rolls and her “darling” saying when she pisses people off. They can see through her and heaven forbid someone calls her out.

      • It is so cringy. The darling. LVP has always disturbed me. I remember when the women wolfpacked at LVPs and went in for the kill on timid Taylor. LVP stood back like a snake and watched. The way she stood, as if she were above it all.

        Ever since then LVP has been observed by me, as a snake.