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Brandi Glanville Responds to Gerard Butler’s Comments! Plus – The Ladies of ‘The View’ Give Their Opinion!

Brandi may have left RHOBH but that doesn’t mean she is done making headlines!

Recently Gerard Butler was on WWHL and commented on their very brief romance, which wasn’t exactly complimentary of Ms. Glanville. Gerard seemed almost embarrassed of their hookup even admitting that he didn’t know her last name. To see his response on WWHL you can view his appearance on Bravo by clicking here. 

Gerard summed their hookup as:  “Anyway, we hung out, we had fun, and then I never saw her again. Suddenly, I was walking down the street with a director and these guys from TMZ go, ‘Hey, what about you and Brandi Glanville?’ And I’m like, ‘Who’s Brandi Glanville?’ because I didn’t even know her last name … She got pretty upset.” Hm….sleeping with a guy then having him publicly say he doesn’t know her will make any girl upset in my opinion! 

Obviously Brandi isn’t the type to sit back and stay quiet and posted her response, using the #Timesup Hashtag which ended up creating controversy. In her response, Brandi states:

“I would like to make something crystal f—ing clear to you, your behavior the other night, publicly acting as if you were embarrassed to have ever met me or had relations with me as if I were some horrid decrepit troll is not only disgusting but unacceptable. #Timesup on this kind of behavior. Just a little advice for you moving forward Scorpio to Scorpio: Respect the women you invite into your bed and into your life. Whether you know their last name or not! Whether they are famous or not! Just be a proper human being. With the Me Too movement I have found my voice again and I refuse to stay quiet. I may not have been sexually harassed but I have been humiliated, embarrassed, financially tortured and emotionally abused by men in power, in my work life and by men like you in my personal life.”

The reason their brief romance was made public was because Brandi was asked who her most famous hookup was. To that, Brandi states it was a mistake to reveal his name:

“At that time you were kind of a big thing so I said your name. I then was asked on a scale from 1-10 what would I rate you as a lover. I very kindly said an 11. I was completely caught off guard obviously not expecting any of these questions and the moment after I answered them I regretted it. So the rating of an 11 I gave you as a lover was a knee jerk reaction peace offering for having blurted out your name. I could have actually just told the truth.” 

Brandi even ended up bringing her marriage into it, saying she never asked for the famous life, and fame sought her out:

“The truth is that because of my inability to put up with other people’s bullsh–, not think before I speak and fight back hardcore during a very ugly, very public, very devastating and heart crippling divorce, I was catapulted into the whirlwind of reality [TV]. If been given the choice I’d rather be f—ing happily married to a ‘faithful’ Eddie Cibrain quietly-ish raising our 2 beautiful boys with no cameras other than the ones he worked in front of.” 

Brandi ended her lengthy post with: “For the record I am now embarrassed to have ever known you. I think you suck and my dad wants to kick your ass.” 

I think it’s fair that if Gerard has the right to give his opinion of things then it’s only fair that Brandi get the same chance. I do think she made a point that if men are okay with inviting a woman to their bed they should have the decency to respect them in public.

Apparently the women of The View didn’t take kindly with B using the #TimesUp hashtag as the topic was recently brought up on their show. Whoopi ended up slamming Brandi by saying saying:

“I think she wanted some attention and he wouldn’t give it to her.”

Yikes! Joy Behar seemed to have her back saying, “When the woman has said she slept with you and then to act like you don’t know who she is, that’s kind of obnoxious. He should have said, ‘Very nice person,’ something like that. Just make it up, get through the show, OK?”

You can view the debate on The View in the video below:

I understand Gerard not being thrilled with a weekend hookup being made public; however I think Brandi made a valid point of him being obnoxious with his response. IF a girl is good enough for a guy to take to bed he had better speak well about her in the public eye.

What are your thoughts on this ‘he said/she said’ discussion? Thoughts on Brandi using the #TimesUp Hashtag?

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  • While I agree with Joy on what Gerard Butler SHOULD have probably said, I think Brandi could ALSO HAVE SAID something like, “No comment,” or “I plead the 5th” when asked the most famous person she slept with. ESPECIALLY since it was more of a hook-up than any sort of a dating situation. That could have saved her the full scope of embarrassment on this. Since she chose to reveal his name, I find it only fair that he then have the right to talk about it also when asked. I am a BIG supporter of the #timesup and #metoo movements, having been a victim myself and am almost always one to side with the victim. However, I have to say that I don’t find what he said to fall under harrassment. He didn’t know who she was when a paparazzi asked him about her. He was asked a question, he answered, just like when she was asked a question, she answered. It’s not like he publicly claimed HER PUSSY SMELLED LIKE DEAD FISH. YOU GUYS, SHE IS CLAIMING #timesup and #metoo AFTER SAYING ON TV SHE HEARD JOANNA KRUPA’S PUSSY SMELLED LIKE DEAD FISH. I mean, really Brandi. Fuck right off with this. That’s about the farthest thing from “women supporting women.”

    And I have slept with guys whose last name I didn’t know and who didn’t know my last name. It’s really not that much of a pearl-clutching moment that he admits he didn’t realize who she was. Sorry you’re not famous enough for Gerard Butler to know you, but that is pretty much the extent of this.

  • yes, Brandi humped this dumbass story on twiter until it became “online news”….

    Ass Andy and whoever this douche is and TMZ dude…ass wpes for continually bringing it up and laughing at Brandi – nationwide!

  • She shouldn’t be using the #Metoo or #Timesup, they aren’t for women that have one night stands with jerks. She chose to have consensual sex with a celebrity, probably hoping to gain another 15 mins from it, that didn’t even know her last name. That’s on her.

  • Wtf . Didn’t he already do this a few years back ? Why does he get to keep trying to embarrass her? Eff him. He obviously wanted her at one point .

      • She’s damned if she does damned if doesn’t so may as well big let freely him talk shit, again. He’s an asshole

      • The Italians have a Proverb, He that deceives me Once, it’s his Fault; but Twice it is my fault.

              • LOLOL – Andy brought it up with Blabbi during her first season on RHBH: “Brandi, who have you slept with that is famous?” BG: “Oh, there is ONE guy… um…. OK – It was Gerard Butler. I hope he doesn’t get mad that I said his name… hahahahaha”.

                • I remember that. This is all on Skanksville. She has repeatedly spoke of her drunken romp with him but he hasn’t said a word. For one, he doesn’t care, doesn’t know who she is outside a bedroom, didn’t know her last name….why is this his fault? Own up to your own skanky behavior and quit trying to make everything everyone else’s fault.

                  • You’ve nailed it!!! Blabbi proudly bragged about her ‘conquests’ or the fact that she was easy for any guy she deemed “HOT”; depending on how she phrased those ‘dates’. If she kept her sexcapades private, she wouldn’t have to defend herself or get upset by receiving poor reviews from her occasional “partners”.

        • All I’m saying is she should’ve beat him at his own game and played it smarter instead of responding the way she did . Why let him or anyone know that she’s offended ? I’m not taking his side or saying he gets a pass at all

          • i know you’re not lol. i’m talking in general, as usual, gerald gets a pass and bg is slammed.

          • I’ll say it. Gerard Butler doesn’t owe that LYING loon anything. They had a one night stand that didn’t develop into anything more. Big deal.

            • Happy Friday Medusa ?????????. There really are no winners here ? nobody ever wins discussing their one nighters ! They’re supposed to mean nothing so why talk about nothing ? ?

              • Happy Friday to you. It’s still SUNNY here.. Yeahhhhh…
                Blabbi thinks she’s a winner 😉 ~ You’re entirely right that a one night stand amounts to nothing. No commitment, no further thought about them. I don’t think either person should be taken to task over it. However, this particular ONS was brought up by Andy Cohen. He asked Blabbi about it years ago. He returned to it recently. It really HIS fault that the bruhaha occurred.

                • Yay !! Enjoy the sunshine ? that’s good for the soul ??
                  Oh yes , Andy has a big stick and he loooovvvves to stir ??

        • Gerard didn’t bring it up. Andy did. Why should Gerard be a “gentleman” when Blabbi isn’t a “lady”? They had a one night stand years ago. Blabbi originally discussed it during her first season on RHBH. He was asked about her then and his response was the same: that he didn’t even know her last name. Glanville was informed of his reaction then and shrugged it off THEN. Therefore, none of this ‘story’ is news. Her sudden indignation is because Blabbi forgot she already addressed it years ago.

          • what i said was i don’t blame bg for responding to gerald’s statement or i’m missing something here? but i do hold andy accountable that it is a friday.

            • We’ll just disagree with BG’s latest response to Gerard Butler’s statement. His remarks are consistent with what he said years ago. Her newest reaction differs greatly from her original one. She’s changed her tune to get pity points by jumping on the “MeToo” train, which doesn’t apply to her situation.

  • Whoopi annoys the sh*t outta me, I know she used to do the Valley Girl thing as part of her stand up 3000 years ago but it’s stale, stop it.

    As for Skanksville, the bitch needs to stop drinking and drugging, it might make her life a little more manageable. Being coherent would help her make more appropriate life choices and she needs to stop blaming everyone else for what SHE has done with her life. Not what others are doing, but what she is doing. She has talked about sleeping with Butler many times over and why would he remember her? They were both drunk, he didn’t know her last name, you’re not that important Skanksville. You have children for FFS, try acting like someone who has them. I can’t even begin to imagine the embarrassment and shame those 2 experience on a daily basis.

  • The reason why TMZ asked GB about sleeping with BG, is because BG was on WWHL and had to tell Andy she had sex with GB.

    • This was like two or three years ago . Why is it being revisited, just to didn her when he took part I this slso? Such bs

  • I can’t with this woman. What was he supposed to do? Just like you gave knee jerk reaction, so did he. Was he supposed to lie? He didn’t know your last name…so when confronted abruptly with cameras in his face and questioned about his hookup with you….where you even said you never saw him again, he was supposed to lie and act like he knew who the hell you are? Get over yourself Brandi.
    And the gall of her to intertwine this incident with the Me Too movement, that is the real disgusting part of this story. I’m insulted by women who do this.

    • I agree. Injecting this into me too or times up is disgusting. I wish B had given the “movement” and women with genuine issues the consideration she’s demanding from this man who she says she only hooked up with for a weekend. I get she’s offended by his attitude, but let’s be honest one night stands rarely get acknowledged outside “locker rooms” by either men or women.

      • Your posts never disappoint ???
        If you’re going to be a heaux, you can’t have your pride wounded about it . Just have your fun and move on and who cares who remembers whom . This opinion is gender neutral by the way

        Have a lovley day xoxox

      • Exactly, they are one night stands for a reason!
        I wish Brandi would take the time to et some counseling for her divorce issues rather than never taking responsibilty for her own actions since this all happened.

  • I still maintain Brandi is going to be on Celebrity BB ! She’s working the gossip blogs HARD ??
    As for her and Gerard, meh who cares .

    • I thought Blabbi was already on that show, in London or Australia – and got kicked off early on. Can she go on it again?

      • Yes she was on the UK version but they have a US version stating in few weeks and I’m sure they are bound to be some repeats

            • Blabbi keeps chasing the reality tv dream of quick & easy money, by whoring herself out to any show that will have her. Why doesn’t she put her efforts into something more substantial. She could open her own “massage parlor” & give happy endings all day long. LOL – I’m joking. Seriously, she could try to use her notoriety to her advantage, instead of being the punch like of limericks.

              • You mean you’re not impressed by her ‘podcast’ ???. Plus she has to be happy in order to provide happy endings and we know she’s not a happy person ??

                • LOLOLOL – “no happy endings”… She really makes her own misery with her ever moving mouth spewing moronic remarks. Her “no filter” needs to be corked. I’ve never seen / heard her podcast; or by anyone else who has one.

                  • Eveybody and their dog has a podcast now ?? and no I haven’t heard or seen it either ? How can she or Stassi have enough coherent thoughts and vocabulary for a whole hour ? ?

                    • I agree: what kind of listener wants to sit there & listen to either idiot yammer??? I’m curious how they make money with Podcasts?

                    • That’s a good question !!! Maybe some of our younger fellow bloggers can enlighten us .. I’m guessing sponsorships and probably promoting her books etc but not entirely sure

                    • Yes, you are correct. You only make money from a podcast if you have sponsors (basically the ads when you announce who is sponsoring the podcast and the products they sell) who pay big money (just like how web sites only make money if they have sponsors and advertisers) or you just use the podcast to promote and market your own products and business. Each podcast lists their sponsors on their web podcast page – last time I looked Brandi has two sponsors for products I have never heard of in my life, so the point is those small time sponsors are paying peanuts. So Brandi is basically doing the podcast for free just to keep her name in the public in hopes of still getting publicity and landing another reality show or guest spots because that is her employment. How much wine can she still be selling with zero marketing budget?

                    • Especially Skanksville! Her voice is the voice of nightmares. It’s this odd high pitch that surely sends animals and small children running for shelter. I remember her last reunion and it was out of control, the shrieking, oy vey!!

                    • FDD, you’re right. Blabbi’s voice is a shrill, squealing whine, as irritating as chalk on a blackboard. It makes my teeth ache.

                  • There’s guy with a new podcast, don’t know his name but he interviewed Skanksville to kick off his new venture. RT wrote a blog about it and everyone was roundly criticizing her and he was on the board saying “I had no idea people hated Blandi so much”. I kind of felt sorry for him, he was very nice to everyone and thanked them for their feedback. He learned a lesson quickly, lol!

              • Hahahaha, OMG!! That’s exactly what she should do with her time, give happy endings and I’m NOT joking. What else is she qualified to do? She’s clearly not involved with her kids and their future, it’s all about her and how she can get herself in the media. It’s gross, disgusting and she needs to go away, forever!

                • LOL – I’m glad you like my idea. I wonder if Blabbi ever bothered to buy a house for her boys, instead of uprooting them every year after the owners sell their rentals out from under BG.

                    • I realize that homes in L.A. area are pricey. However, in her best years on RHBH, she must have made enough money to afford at least a nice modest house. That would ground her & her boys, rather than moving every year.

            • The feeds are even more of a commitment but BB fans are loyal and true fans. It’s what summer is all about, Big Brother!! LOL

          • This is the first time the US has done a “celebrity” version of BB. The UK does it all the time and it is a dumping ground for reality stars.

    • No, she’s on the family rehab/therapy show, with her dad. It’s why she is going balls to the walls with her stupidity in the media.

    • I used to like Gerard. I believe our friend Sue from Scotland told me some time ago that he was not a nice person as per the Scottish..
      I never liked Brandi. Actually I kind of felt sorry for her when the Richards sisters hid her crutches that first time she was on the show. Then when she revealed her true colors, I could not stand her, really.
      So it sounds like she was just another girl for him, and she got to be with a handsome actor.
      Whatever. 😉 *I cannot figure out how to add emoticons to my laptop..

      • Sandy ???? he looks and acts like a douche ! I think they both had a good time and they both should’ve kept quiet about it

      • What’s sad Sandy is that when Gerard was a young star he made this AMAZING movie called ‘Dear Frankie ‘ that is one of my favorite movies probably ever ! I recommend you watch it if you haven’t already

            • OMG!
              I did see that movie a while back! I did not realize it was him until you just told me.
              I had the captions on the whole time. That Glasgow accent was hard to u derstand!
              It was really good. I thought it sounded familiar, but I blanked out on the name until Imlooked it up! Senior moment!
              Yes, that was really good!

  • Clearly, Blabbi making such a big deal about Butler’s statement because she wants attention & pity points. She knew about her insignificance to him at that time. On WWHL, (year ago) Andy brought it up and she shrugged it off as if it was no big deal.

  • Brandi has been humping this story all week long..stooge doesn’t even care that she disrespects the #TimesUp history. Survivors and victims of Sexual Assault don’t need to be used by this uneducated bare assed drunk.

      • Good morning Medusa

        You are so right. the worst (sp) part of this – she is always wailing about her hurt feelings and prides herself on her inability to bother processing the emotional/warrior history of #Timesup is disgusting.

        some of her followers (apparently this had to be pointed out to her) said she victimized the victims all over again, by
        trivializing #Timesup.

        Too disgusting.

        • Hello samael ~ Does Brandi still have many fans left? They must really overlook her idiocy to stay with her.

          I think Blabbi’s self victimization & and constant desire for attention has reached it’s #Timesup, too.
          Ironically, if she didn’t want “fame”, she didn’t have to join RHBH and put herself “out there” by whining about Mr. Ed & Leann. She could have lived a quiet life that she now claims she wishes she had.

          • yes Medusa she has fans still. she now has a bleauty blog and I think she still has her wine – she still can’t find a publisher who even wants to return her calls.

            • samael – LOL – That’s funny. Blabbi’s idea of “beauty” is filling her face with fillers. I think her original face was much prettier than her current mask. She was moderately successful with her previous books. What could her next one be as the main focus: “Whining While Tweeting”?

              • yup..she is sniffing for a job that’s for sure – yet no one wants her. I also read that CBB is trying to “block” reality people – which suxx..cuz on CBB in the uk – she is great.

  • Her dad wants to kick his ass? Yes, I’m sure Brandi has never embarassed her father. He’s very proud she’s having one night stands with guys that don’t know her name. Her poor dad

    • That remark by Blabbi was extremely childish. She forgot that her Dad couldn’t stomach the sight of her not too long ago.