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Which ‘Real Housewife’ Daughter Is Raking It In With Bravo Paychecks?

As a viewer, it’s sometimes hard to love the children of the housewives – and some of them sure don’t make it easy!

While some of the younger Bravo children are adorable to watch, some of the young adults come with entitled attitudes and as a viewer, it’s cringe-worthy and sometimes infuriating to watch.

If you are not a fan of the older Biermann girls you may want to stop reading, as Page Six is reporting that Brielle Biermann is scoring big with Don’t Be Tardy. According to the publication, at the age of 20 Brielle made $10K an episode for Season 6 of Don’t be Tardy which came out to $120,000.00 for the entire season. In case you don’t watch Don’t be Tardy let me tell you that Brielle’s main contribution is hanging out at home in designer duds.

As the saying goes, ‘don’t hate the player’ however I have to say it’s a bit difficult to justify a 20-year-old making that much for doing so little. While she is earning big for her family show, she apparently is not seeing a dime for RHOA even though her social media posts have instigated drama for the cast.

According to the report, Brielle is (finally) ready to spread her wings as she has plans to move out of the Biermann’s Georgia home. If I were 20 and lived at home with that many siblings I would be ready to get out as well. On the other hand, if I was getting that kind of money for staying at home I may be extending my stay….

Do you think Brielle deserves $10K per episode of Don’t Be Tardy?

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  • I guess the writer of this blog isn’t part of the “metoo” movement…shouldn’t we be praising women who are getting paid at no matter what age? Good for Brielle for fighting for higher income!!

  • Kim said Brielle also makes a lot of money posting on instagram and other social medial sites. With the way Kim lies, it’s tough to know the truth about anything with them.

  • If people are going to watch the show, then, yes, of course she should get whatever she can wring out of the millions the network makes off televising their dysfunction.

  • I have absolutely nothing positive to say about this young woman and her mom…..I find them disgusting. Way to teach your daughter to strive for things when you can just peddle items on snapchat and Instagram. I saw her post about her car……how she saved her money to buy a $120,000. Gmafb. I would bet my children she didn’t completely pay for that…..

  • Well she is “working” so she deserves a pay cheque. What this story confirms, is that another “child of RH” Ryan Vieth – Tam’s son is also getting paid!