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Meghan King Edmonds Confirms She’s Not Returning To RHOC; Plus Vicki Gunvalson Reacts!

Meghan King Edmonds is bidding farewell to the OC!

On Tuesday, Meghan revealed that she will not be returning to the Real Housewives of Orange County for season 13 and instead will be focusing on her growing family. Currently, Meghan and her husband Jimmy Edmonds are expecting twin boys due in June.

In a lengthy blog post, Meghan explained her decision to leave RHOC while reminiscing about her time as a Housewife.

In fact, Meghan insisted that it’s a “bittersweet” to be hanging up her “OC Housewife hat.”

Read Meghan’s full post below!

Today is a bittersweet day for me.  After three seasons of the rollercoaster that is The Real Housewives of Orange County, I’ve decided to hang up my OC Housewife hat.

I arrived at this multi-faceted decision after much thought, and then I thought some more.  As you might suspect filming this show takes a massive emotional toll: I’m literally filming my real life in real time and engaged in situations and circumstances which can be contentious.  Then, when the show airs, we relive some of the most trying moments in our lives and then endure the public’s reaction; we never come out as winners to every viewer.  But what you might not suspect is the physical toll: filming is grueling!  After my first season I knew what to expect for round two, but even still, filming during IVF and then the beginning of pregnancy during my second season was difficult.  I was hormonal and tired all the time.  But my third season takes the cake: I had a newborn and had to hire a full-time live-in nanny (my cousin) so as to allow me the flexibility to meet my obligations of continuous days and long hours of filming, traveling, etc. When I was home I was a full time hands-on mom (you didn’t get to see this) doing all the regular mom stuff including waking up at all hours to breast-feed my baby – all while my husband worked his crazy baseball schedule around the US while I was learning how to be a first time mom.  Again, I was hormonal and EXHAUSTED.  My mind was often foggy as I filmed but I put on a great face and did it because I loved being a Housewife and was so grateful for my opportunity.  It was only after the season was filmed that I felt I was finally out of the newborn fog and I could look back on the past few months of season 12 with clarity.  I had no idea how exhausted I actually was until I wasn’t exhausted anymore!  Season 12 was a real challenge for me.

As I was filming the season 12 reunion I knew in my heart I was done: this wasn’t my place anymore.  (The funny thing is that going into the reunion I was so committed to coming back for season 13; just one more season before the twins were born.)  I was only 5 weeks pregnant when I filmed the reunion and I was already exhausted.  I knew that I was going to have a long pregnancy growing the twins and it would be next to impossible to film.  I could do it, but did I really want to?  Twin pregnancies must be treated more delicately than a singleton pregnancy and are high-risk by default, so I also wanted to have a peaceful pregnancy with positive influences.  Consistent positive influences are harder to find on RHOC!

I’m sad to leave RHOC, I’m sad to leave Orange County.  I wasn’t ready to make this decision for another year but I felt it was time now.  In October when I told Jimmy I was finished he urged me to take a couple weeks to think on it before I called Andy Cohen.  So I did.  And then over Thanksgiving Andy and I met up in our shared hometown of St Louis and I told him about our impending twins as well as my intent to leave the show.  He was completely understanding.  In fact, all of production has been nothing but understanding and supportive of me and my decisions every step of the way.  I have only praise for everyone behind the scenes from the tip-top of the totem pole down to the production assistants doing coffee runs for the crew.  These people were my family for three years: cleaning up Girly’s Girl’s potty as she got too excited, punching in the code to my front door because I was in the shower, walking around in my robe with wet hair while getting ready to film.  One of my fondest memories was after I had done my embryo transfer with what would become Aspen I was laying in bed falling asleep.  I’d dozed off and woken up to a camera staring in my face with a camera operator behind it.  I remember smiling and feeling comfortable knowing I wasn’t alone.  This illustrates the extent to which the staff and crew became an almost constant part of our daily lives, almost like they were part of the family.

And lastly but not least importantly, I wanted to spend more time with my husband during baseball season and more time with my two young step kids who live full-time in St Louis.  So Jimmy and I have decided to dig our roots into the mid-west as we begin to build our dream home for our rapidly expanding family.  We also continue to focus on K Hall Studio (based in St Louis) and my line, The King Collection.

Finally, I know this is what I must do.  I must focus on my family and my pregnancy.   I will miss the rush of the first all-cast event of the season, the anticipation of receiving each week’s episode, the thrill of wrapping the reunion.  I have made soul sisters in Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge and that can’t be lost.  They have touched my heart and I would do anything for them and I know they feel the same way about me – what a gift to have found that on RHOC! But I guess it’s time for me to become an actual real housewife of sorts.  Oh, the irony!

While it seems like Meghan chose to walk away from RHOC on her own accord, her exit comes on the heels of rumors that she was on the chopping block for season 13 along with Lydia McLaughlin and Peggy Sulahian.

However, at the time the rumors surfaced Meghan seemed less than fazed about them telling AllAboutTRH, “You never know I guess but if I am fired I wouldn’t miss the darkness and cloudy energy that comes with engaging with people whom you don’t hold in high regard or even respect for that matter.”

Meanwhile, it’s not surprising that Vicki Gunvalson was the first OC Housewife to speak out about Meghan’s departure telling Radar Online, “fine with me. We were never really friends anyway. She was tough to film with.”

Mere months ago, Vicki made it clear she wanted Meghan off “her show,” and it looks like the OG of the OC got exactly what she wanted.

Check out some photos of Meghan’s time on RHOC below!

I’m sad to see Meghan go. I thought it was nice having a younger housewife in the mix who is someone younger housewife fans can relate to. Personally, if Bravo wants to keep the Housewives franchises going, they need to start interjecting younger Housewives, 30+ in age, into the mix so that younger fans can relate. There are so many successful, wealthy younger women with careers in social media, blogging, and YouTube, out there that would be amazing for shows like RHOC. I mean how much longer will Vicki and co be relatable especially to the younger and younger generations.

Are you surprised Meghan is leaving RHOC? Do you think Meghan was fired or chose to leave RHOC? Do you think Vicki played a role in Meghan’s exit from RHOC? Will you miss Meghan?

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  • Remember in her first season when Meghan sat around saying being a stepmother was the same as being a mother and Vicki came unglued? I wonder how Meghan will feel after Jim leaves her for a younger model and his new wife is step mom to HER children?? LOL!!

  • If you want to see 20 year olds watch Vanderpump Rules, Relationshep, and Summer House. Keep them off of Real Housewives please. I don’t want to see whining Millennials eating Tide Pods, complaining about having to actually work a job, take non-stop selfies of themselves, etc.

  • Vickieleaks is a dried up old prune, I have always wondered what the OG’s in the OC’s and I know ” OLD GOATS””. I am so glad Meghan is getting the family she wants and look to seeing pictures of the babies when they come. Meghan you will be missed…

  • OMD! Meghan is awesome! she could care less about ego and snarked it up with the cast. Her best quality, her honesty and her quest
    for proof of lies existing.

    Gonna really miss her!


  • Meghan was never terrible. There’s no way that Andy would have allowed her to be let go with how close he is with Jim Edwards. I fully believe she left all on her own accord. She is completely right in her decision IMO, and to me, it shows a lot for her character that she’s putting her family before the show. That’s more than we can say for most of these women.

    I smiled when I read they’re having twins. All the best of luck to them and their family she wanted so much.

    And in closing, fuck you, Vicki. No one cares.

  • I’ll miss Detective Neck for one reason, she was always willing to call out the POS cancer scammer. For that alone, Megsy rocked! Sure she was boring and sometimes she took the self pity too far and whined about being a new mother but I could overlook all of it based on her readiness to be real about the grifter.

      • Troof!! Megsy was the youngest cast member but I always felt like she was the most mature cast member.

        • Peggy and Lydia coming back and Meghan leaving means the show will be stuck in the for one more season . Peggy and Lydia ? Really? smh

    • I sincerely suspect her exit has something to do with Jim and hhis infidelity potentially coming out. For that reason I’d leave. Lol. I suspect that being the course of dialogue for the next season and for that she is leaving.
      Smart move meghan.

  • Good luck to her and her family! I’ll miss her “Nancy-Drew-ness” and will always be happy for her taking down the VG and the crook. Lol

  • I actually really liked Meghan. I appreciated her willingness to go toe-to-hoof with Vicki and not be sort of pushed around by anyone else but I can agree that she wasn’t the most exciting as far as her lifestyle.

  • I was meh about Meh… The pluses: she was relentless in outing Brokes & Shrieki’s cancer scam. She pissed off the Old Goat, Vickileaks. She remained calm under duress & screeches from Vickileaks. She was strong throughout being Vicktimized by Vickster. The minus: She was rather boring. Her marriage wasn’t enviable because her husband remained disinterested in her.

    • This is a good step for her . The show is so toxic now and with the return of all the other heifers , she made the right move

      • ITA!!! I’m annoyed that Vickileaks got the last word. Shrieki is the cause of the downward spiral to RHOC. Therefore, she should STFU!!!

        • It’s very disappointing to me that the new season will have not only shrieki and Kelly but also Petty and Lydiot ! It’s too much

          • I find Kelly to be rather enjoyable. Maybe it’s a biased, as I’m a Kelly. Our names translate to warrior. Kelly…is a Kelly. We are super sensitive and compassionate to others..back us into a corner with bullshit, we will in no uncertain shut ya down!

            Lydiot….very accurate(j anet from Melbourne pegged the name for Lydia on there) is extremely annoying. “I’m a christian!” “Let’s have a party over my husband being neutered!” I’m sorry, just no. Faux real Christian? You certainly don’t act like one. She comes off more as a Wicca than a Christian. Only a feminist Wicca delights over a neutered male.

            • We were having a Wicca discussion the other day when Carlton got in trouble ! ? oh that ‘I’m a Christian ‘ is so unbelievable I doubt anybody buys that .
              I’m struggling with Kelly ! I feel maybe she means well but she lack self control and clearly has a problem controlling her drinking and what comes out of her mouth once she’s drunk ?

              Is that where Lydiot name came from ? Very clever ?

              • Not that I have an issue with Wicca. To each his own. I study astrology and tarot(grew up Jehovah’s witness) so I’m not bashing it. But..She is not very christian.

                Yes. Unlike her, with the help of ativan(am not a drinker. Bleh) I have self control!! Lmbo. Joke.

                I suspect http://blindgossip.com/?p=82301 is one of the reasons Megan may be leaving the show.

                • Omg !!!! What a link kitten ! I’ve never heard he was cheating before ?? But yes that’s a great reason not to come back ! I can only imagine hwi judgey Vicki the twat will be !!!

                  I admit ignorance and I know nothing about Wicca . I wish Carlton would’ve educated people instead of being offended that nobody knows anything about it ? and yes to each his own , I don’t care who does what on their house or temple

                  • See, I think it’s very intelligent not to come back for her. Viewers ourselves seen the lacking between them. Coupled with the cheating rumours, i think she should be a bit nervous to return. Meghan may be to delicate to handle the spot light in that way. At least the other ladies can. They can dish and take. Meghan can only dish. She seems incapable of handling any type of criticism.

                    • With the pressure and stress of another child , you’re right she won’t be able to handle that . I actually applaud her for not airing her dirty laundry and having her husband dragged on national tv. Maybe she’ll leave maybe she’ll stay but she doesn’t need millions of people weighing in

                    • Exactly. Kelly accused Meghan of being Jim’s mistress. I’m sorry, Kelly has no self control, I just don’t see her lying. I don’t. She’s a lot of nutty things mixed up. Just don’t see her fibbing. She was friends with King prior to being on the show. Jim can deny deny all he wants but there has to be truth, somewhere.

                    • I don’t think Kelly lies BUT she does parrot and repeat whatever Vicki whispers in her ears . She trusts Vicki implicitly and Vicki uses her to do her dirty work

                  • Oh yes, Kelly said something and I don’t see Kelly lying. Plus is keough knows something…her being close to vicki…Meghan lucky v icki didn’t go in on her.

          • I’m no longer on the fence. I’m jumping off and joining Rain in boycotting the clunker. I seriously cannot stand the over indulged, con woman, Shrieki Gonefullosh*t – not for one second.

            • I may have to nudge myself. between both of you on the boycott couch ? and since I don’t watch VP Rules , my Mondays will be Bravo free

            • Tamara and ickki can both go. Tamar is just as phony as Brooks cancer. Sorry. Cannot do Tamar. No matter how much she swears she’s against “satin” he has already kidnapped her soul.

              • I find Tamra less offensive than the cancer scammer, narcissistic bully, Vickileaks. Tamra didn’t LIE about cancer, sell fake cancer juice to her loyal fans, or refer to her bread & butter as HER show!!!! Not ever. VG is THE worst hw in the world, bar none.

    • And he is long been rumoured, by several gossip sites to cheat on her. I know there’s a connection to the New York housewives. I seem to find the one site rather reliable. I know. Reliable gossip. Oxymoron.
      I actually like Megan now for stepping down. I respect that. She may be more suited for BH than for orange county..

      • Meh to BH? I don’t think so for 2 reasons: Megan isn’t wealthy enough to be on BH. Nor does she live in CA anymore. LOL

            • Right on deuces! I moved my mom back from chesterfield… I’m very familiar with st Louis. Why I wouldn’t mind seeing her in a st Louis spinoff. I love the louis.

  • Good riddance to the most boring housewife of all-time. Can’t believe she lasted three seasons, they really were desperate for cast members in recent years.

    And hell no to ‘bloggers and Youtubers’. If I want to watch complete morons I’ll just watch MTV (or YouTube for that matter lol).

    • 100 ups for that. I suspect methane husband infidelity would be bring out. The only reason I see her leaving.

  • Meghan was a snooze fest and I won’t even notice she is gone. That being said….good luck to you and your growing family. Wish you nothing but the best!