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Real Housewives of New York Take Fake Mug Shot Photos After Luann de Lesseps’ Arrest!

A little too soon?

Sonja Morgan posted a photo on Instagram of her and the Real Housewives of New York cast having fun with fake mugshots only weeks after their co-star Luann de Lesseps was arrested.

The photo shows Sonja, Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill, Dorinda Medley, Tinsley Mortimer and Ramona Singer holding name plaques while standing in front of height markers.

#RHONY outlaws

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Bethenny joked about the photos on her own Instagram, telling fans “RHONY in the big house.”

RHONY in the big house

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However, don’t worry the photos weren’t a dig at Luann.

The photos were taken at Conbody which a is a gym that employs ex-cons to teach classes.

While the photos may seem suspicious, it looks like the RHONY cast were attempting to do good and not evil. We will see if Luann feels that way when she gets out of rehab.

Thoughts on the fake mugshot photos? Is it a little too soon for the cast to be joking about mugshots? Do you think Luann will be pissed about her co-star’s fake mugshot photos?

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  • Hopefully this will get a response.

    O.T.: The story about Danielle Staub’s new haircut was pulled from the site tonight. I posted this in another thread hoping to get a reason for the action.

    Could one of the site’s writers please explain.

  • This is quite the ‘coincidence ‘ considering NeRex just decided to sell her mugshot on shirts and sell them . So who thought of it first ? ?

  • I don’t think Luann is an alcoholic that needed rehab. I think she has probably been a bit off and emotional after her sad short-lived marriage. My guess is, she got hammered, then that was when all the reality set in because of where she was, and she lost her shit. We all have our moments during tough times. Its been at least a month since she went, so that’s enough time. I think she probably needs to work on her emotional state and get over the embarrassment of her failed marriage. And i would go to a gym with ex-cons. They are the owners or running it, they just work there, which is awesome that someone thought of that idea to help them when they get out. Most end up repeat offenders because they can’t find jobs, which is hard to find when you have a felony. I am sure they have lockers for your stuff just like any other gym, and i would bet you they could work your butt into shape. Very cool idea!

  • I think it’s funny as can be. Yep I would feel safe going. there are prolly more cops and parole officers there than the local coffee shop! It’s just like good will who do ya think is taking in sorting and working the register there! Everyone needs and job and they have to start somewhere when they get out.

  • Wait a minute, I just read on TT that Lu is out of rehab and back on the set. Pretty fast rehab stint and it tells me she’s not taking it seriously.

  • IDK, this seems tacky, maybe it’s just me? I know Lu tries to see the best in everything but maybe they could have waited until she’s out of rehab, her legal troubles are taken care of and the next season has been shot and is in the can, just a thought.

            • I forgot about the SkinnyBitch & Fred Shit Show that’s on the horizon. That is one program I won’t watch… That horn voiced diva has already caused acoustic pain & chewed up RHONY scenery with her mishegas. Andy better watch out. She’ll be taking over his job.

              • The show will probably be about how she is smarter and knows so much more about real estate than even he does ? Her ego is so ginormous she needs to host ‘The Apprentice ‘ LOL

                • You’ve got her dead-to-rights. It’s ironic that you cite “The Apprentice”. That was how BFrankelstein got her first big break on reality tv. She was a contestant on the one season wonder: “Martha Stewart Apprentice” in 2005(?). She made it to the final and ultimately lost in the final task based on a basic characteristic. Martha determined that BF was NOT a team player (which was what she was looking for in a newbie to her organization). That rejection crushed Barfenny’s ego (she was as brazenly full of herself as now). And she never forgave Martha Stewart for the dismissal. Not that Martha gave a damn. She didn’t. Martha’s life carried on without BitchyGirl involved. Hahahaha

  • Beth really needs to just stop , seriously stop . She’s the worst photographed and selfie taker EVER. Horrible . Very off putting

      • right?

        Lu just tweeted her thanks to us and grateful to be home!
        did you read that Meghan confirmed she will not return?

          • Sorry to interject Medusa but I thought it was not too long after we got all the stories here ( arrest , mugshot , charges .., her ” I’m sorry”) then boom – rehab . Was about a hot minute ago lol

            • I appreciate your input. I don’t really remember the timing of things. Plus, was the news source accurate as to when Lu went in? You’re right that It feels like 5 minutes ago…

            • Thanks. If that’s accurate, then it seems too short a time. I thought rehab / SpaHab takes months to complete, not weeks.

              • you’re welcome,

                as much as I like Lu, that is too short for me. How was she able to appreciate clarity/responsibility and accountability? my “uh oh’ on alert. I’m hoping this short stint, doesn’t mean she will relapse into
                a vat of whatever, cuz the RH cast (on any franchise) will tug/chew/kick you when you’re down, when the
                scent of vulnerability is in the air.

                every Bravo franchise “reaches for the drink” and I am hoping Lu doesn’t drink to oblivion again. I am also
                hoping that she didn’t leave early, due to taping #RHNY is happening now…geez I dislike being negative
                about Lu, but, this doesn’t “feel” realistic.

                • Well stated. You’re being realistic. Luann should be, too. We’ll see if this short stint helped her..

                  • Thank you Medusa.

                    I’ll stay in her corner and know that this crew will..once again use her for their storyline. #GoLu

  • Who would want to join a gym that is run by ex-cons? Nobody would feel secure in bringing their necessities / valuables (i.e. wallets, watches, phones, etc) in the facility.

    • I get that ex-cons need a chance to get back on their feet but no way would I willingly join a gym run by ex-cons, not on your life. I would be looking over my shoulder all the time.

      • Absolutely!!! I wouldn’t feel safe parking my car where ever the place is.
        The concept is bizarre. Convicts teaching women how to body build: “Let us train you how to survive a prison yard fight”…

            • Medusa…off topic. As there no where else to post. SOUTHERN CHARM….oh my. Girl. JD. Oh my. I never laugh at another’s misfortune but his I was laughing hard at. JD always appeared to have to much “sweat and zest” ……The only way you get that behind in rent payments and aren’t around for your child’s birth is if you have a drug problem. His failed business and divorce (never understood him and his wife. She’s plain as a potato and as much personality as a turtle) and not being around for his child’s birth point to one thing.
              JD had the nerve to treat Craig like he was a fool. Look who’s the fool now.

              • that is 1 of my newer favorite shows ..there can be many reasons JD missed birth drugs but a mistress and being a drunk are more what I think. His wife filed for divorce or is seperated from him. He married her from gossip sites because she is wealthy.Rumors also are that JD had a gambling problem.
                I can understand people thinking she is plain she has adult acne and that is a self esteem killer but now and days wealthy people with skin issues there is no reason for it .there is a laser that will clear the face up 1 treatment and several more you’d never know a person had acne or scars.

  • It plays more like a diss to Lu than a dat for convicts. Of course, it’s Bitchenny’s brain child. Since when did she applaud convicts? According to the height chart, all the NYC hags are the same height. The name is apt since they are con artists. If each cast member posed in a courtroom as a litigant, BFrankelstein would be pissed off.

  • That is awesome! This is the kind of support Lu would appreciate! too funny. So Lu is NOT filming this season?
    Ramonacoaster looks good without makeup!