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Lisa Vanderpump Reveals How Old Her Posh Pom Pup Giggy Actually Is

Nothing comes between Lisa Vanderpump and her posh Pomeranian, Giggy! As Lisa once said, I worship the ground he never walks on.” Since the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Giggy has been by Lisa’s side and is always dressed in top-notch designer duds.

One thing fans have always wondered about Giggy is – how old is he? According to Bravo’s The Daily Dish,’ Lisa recently revealed that Giggy is 8 years old.

“He’s been with me since the inception [of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise],” Lisa explained. 

Watch Lisa, the Queen of Beverly Hills, gush about Giggy in this clip!

I love Lisa and her puppy Giggy. He is like another cast member on the show! Everyone knows that little puppies are accessories in Beverly Hills. I think it’s wonderful that Lisa is involved in so many animal charities. You can tell a lot about a person, by the way, they treat people and pets.

What do you think of Lisa and Giggy? Which ‘Real Housewives’ pet is your favorite?

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  • I’m surprised LVP hasn’t held Giggy out of shooting to demand a paycheck for him. #butforeal

  • I love LVP for her love and advocacy for animals. Giggy is one of my favorites. I love to see his outfits and what a wonderful life he has. When I die I want to come back as one of LVP’s dogs. Oh what a privileged and lazy life that would be. I always see them carrying him around on camera but I’m sure he get’s around the palace on his own. I want to go to the dog shop next time I’m in Cali.

  • I do know that Giggy’s clothes are over $100. the reason I know is she orders them online. I buy my baby Charity Belle’s dresses and have seen the dog outfits no I do not pay over 40. for a dress but I bet my 4 fur babies have more dresses and out fits then some kids.

  • Awwww, cute little Giggy. The best HW’s member ever. I thought he was much older but whatever. He’s part of the show and a true legend. What was Adrienne’s dog named? The one she bought just to be in competition with LVP in the war of dogs? Jackpot or something dumb like that? I wonder if he’s even still around or once Adrienne realized he wasn’t going to be a star like Giggy she lost interest and gave him/her away.

  • Giggy is another cast member. What I like best about him is his name: Giggy, short for Gigolo. LOL
    For S2, Lisa shrewdly got Giggy a ‘contract’ from Uncle Blahvo. That means, Giggy is paid for his appearances on the show.
    It’s probably fair to say, that no other house hag’s pet has that deal. Lisa really is a clever lady!!!! Hahahaha

      • Good Monday Morning, Rain!!! One thing I never understood: since Giggy is carried all the time, how does he go to the bathroom?

        • Excellent question! He must be on a schedule and they know when to let him tinkle etc .. he’s got a good life ?

                  • Ohhhh, it’s Mr Mr!! Another one I want, LOL!

                    All is well, working and getting in my daily gossip. How’s your day so far? Thoughts on MDLLA? I really don’t remember much about it other than Flagg’s heart is going to be broken, big time and the green purse, of course!!

                    • I’m at working catching up but some meetings I have to attend in person! But it’s all good ???

                      MDLLA was not memorable like you said and I’m glad it’s ending next week . I hate when they end the season with a fight and it seems there will be a few . There are just too many agents this season and it wasn’t great . And yes Flagg’s marriage probably won’t last , Bobby is really odd and there’s something off about him . Flagg is very intense and sarcastic and he needs someone with a different personality than Bobby’s …. someone mellow and more grounded who doesn’t create scenes
                      Muah ?

                    • ITA that there’s something not right about Flagg’s marriage. He dumped his long time partner Colton after meeting that dim Twink. Then Flagg wanted to marry him 5 minutes later. Other than being 2 attractive guys, they don’t seem compatible. Flagg is arrogant & self centered. That leaves no room for anyone else. Bobby seems like a nice, dumb young poor kid, who like being considered arm candy in the long run.

                    • So well said Medusa, I agree with you .. it’s way too soon to MARRY someone after the Colton breakup, Flagg is in full rebound mode . I know he keeps saying he and Bobby have been friends for many years but that’s not the same as dating . Bobby has some issues and I still go back to that scene with the wedding planner when Flagg said both of Bobby’s parents died recently but he doesn’t know much about it because Bobby is private or didn’t want to burden him or some nonsense like that !!! Come on!! If you’re marrying the guy, the death of parents is a HUGE deal and not something to be handled ‘on the side ‘! Oh sigh

                      Then we of course we have Madison and his amber alert boyfriend ??

                      VP Rules tonight! They’re trying my last nerve

                    • Thanks, Rain.
                      Josh Flagg acts much more superior to Bobby than he did with Colton. It’s as if he thinks of Bobby as arm candy (although Josh is also good looking). Madison & his Toddler are another weird pairing.

                      I’ll be watching VRules, too. Thanks to their juvenile conduct, I, too am at the end of my tether. I really want MORE Lisa & Ken; and less of the children. Jax is pushing 40 and he thinks he’s a teenager!!!! How many times can we watch the hideous James (who looks like an unbaked cookie) go mental?

                    • VP Rules is now all about blackouts! They all get drunk , say or do something really atrocious and then spend the next few days cleaning it up . Then it’s wash, rinse and repeat all over again . YAWN!! Jax is 40 and the other ‘girls ‘ are not far behind ! They’re so old they already gave up on their sex lIves ??? the only sex happening on the show is when somebody cheats !! That’s so bigly sad !

                      James’s girlfriend is as naive and dumb as Brittany…. they should just give them both their own spin off show called ‘Dating for/with dummies ‘ ??

                    • It’s gross to see how immature the “kids” who are over 30 are!!! ~ Swill & Shrill ~ You’re right that their “relationships” are superficial & pathetic. The only “Man” of the boy group is Peter. LOL
                      Katie looks like Cecily Strong of SNL. The girls are all ninnies. The boys are horny slobs. LisaV is still the most interesting one of them. Crossed-Eyed James’ girlfriend is gorgeous. How did he ever attract HER???

                    • Oh yes she’s right by the window waiting for my son to return ????
                      I was telling Medusa , VP Rules is starting to piss me off so this better be a good episode xoxo

                    • Ha, that”s funny because I’m really not invested this year, I might not even watch and if I do, I’m definitely multi-tasking! LOL I can’t seem to get into it but apparently ratings are rising for VPR but falling for RHOBH. Kind of shocks me. I guess they are pulling in a younger audience. Go figure ¯_(?)_/¯

      • Yes, in S1 LVP stated her beloved dog’s full name is: Gigolo. It is a cute name for the little guy.

            • Alles ist gut, danke mein Freund! Wir hatten an diesem Wochenende etwas Schnee, wirklich den ersten Schneefall der Saison. Es wurde dringend benötigt.

              • Gut fuer Dich!!!!
                Our January Thaw continued with moderate temps in the 40’s!!! It reminds me of Paris in January… If only the rest of winter remained like this, it would be wonderful!!!!

                • That’s great news for you!! I thought maybe we were in for another non-winter here, we still might be if we don’t do a lot of catching up and quickly.

                  Paris is always perfect, no matter the weather, possibly with the exception of humidity and heat. I’m far more comfortable in colder climes.

                  • Snow should fall only on ski slopes & yards and stay off streets & driveways… hahahhaha..
                    I agree with you about Paris being perfect anytime, except sweltering summer heat. I nearly passed out from putrid smells near Sacre C’oeur in July a few years ago. I prefer colder climes, too. In N.E. we have a saying about the unbearable summers: “It’s not the HEAT, it’s the humidity.” That’s true.

                    • Hahahaha, that sounds pretty good although I’ll admit, I like snow, and don’t mind shoveling it, good exercise.
                      So true about the humidity. It get’s hot as balls here in the summer and I hate it but at least there isn’t the humidity factor, which makes a world of difference!