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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Is RHONJ Having Problems Recruiting NJ Housewives? Is the Show on the Chopping Block?

Source: Bravo

Hey Jersey fans! Are you looking for the inside scoop? Well AllAboutTRH has you covered!

Recently we posted about Jersey in need of a new housewife now that Siggy Flicker has decided to leave the show. On Friday, we reported that Melissa Gorga was asking Chrissy Teigen to join the show (for original story click here) but we can report that casting is a little more complicated than that.

Our NJ source exclusively told us that Bravo is having difficulties finding affluent ladies in the Garden State that are willing to join the show. Why you ask? We’re told that the local ladies are hesitant to join RHONJ for fear of how they will be portrayed and for not wanting to be associated with the franchise. We’re told that producers are scouting affluent areas but are not finding much interest. Our source notes that it’s a shame, as there are local women who would be ideal; however many of the the well to do women of Jersey don’t want to be associated with the dark themes of the show.

In addition, Radar Online has reported that Bravo execs are threatening to cancel the show unless the ladies can get the franchise back to being a fun, enjoyable show. According to Radar, “Network execs told the ladies that they had to get the show ‘out of the gutter’ or else it was going to be canceled.”

Their source adds that “The women were told to find a way to make the show better and to help find a new lady to join the show that wouldn’t be so divisive. Bravo wants fun and this season was not fun.”

While we can’t confirm Radar’s report; after talking to our NJ source and the difficulties of finding new ladies, I’m wondering if the smoke is going to equal fire.

From a fans perspective I have to agree that Jersey has gotten dark. I think if Bravo wants to keep Jersey going they need to work on their casting and find a way to get some fun, affluent women on the show. I have watched Jersey from the beginning so I’m hoping they can turn this train around; however only time will tell.

Have you enjoyed the most recent seasons of RHONJ? Would you be hesitant to join the cast?

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  • Andy being drug into the drama by being sued by Jackie Melissa’s store and the alligations I didn’t see a damn thing wrong with what they filmed at store the truth is Jackie cleaned her out not even a roll of tape left. I am sure Melissa should sue her because not every single item in store was Jackie’s.
    KimD and Jackie probably had a plan before Envy to take Melissa down.Ugly jealous women are like that.JMO.
    I like Melissa and since she and Joe came on they helped this show wether people like it or not.
    This show would never survive without Teresa .
    Teresa and Melissa have been working on Snookie to try and get her on the show but Snookie has turned her life around and her family is important.
    Snookie and Jwooow are doing a show now. with the rest of the Jersey shore crew.:love her or hate her Snookie is funny as hell. that girl has a heart.
    All HW shows have gotten dark and this season was short I blame Soggy for her uncalled for haterd of Marg. what a brat !!
    Sog gotta give it to her for being boss enough for halting the whole show.

  • Anyone else notice that the story about Danielle Staub’s new haircut was pulled from the site tonight? I posted this in another thread hoping to get a response.

    Anyone able to explain this, either a poster here or one of the site’s writers.

    • I got nothing . I didn’t even get to read that yet but my guess would most likely be to nastiness and instead of comments , deleted whole thing

  • To answer your questions Lydia

    I’m entertained by all the housewives franchises. So the most recent of any of them , are ok for me. There’s always something to snark on, there’s always a housewive ( or 2 ) that work my nerves . But it’s not all that serious??

    Yeah, No …I’d never join a cast.

  • I think they should bring back Reno and TerESA, they were fun and interesting. I like the concept of Caroline and Kathy with their families but their jealousy and hatred destroyed it.

  • I don’t mind fun but I want drama too. Season 8 was great and the cast was perfect. There are plenty of people who are willing to be on, I know Alisa Maria seems to be. The show was already renewed so season 9 is happening

    • I disagree I like her better than many,many,many other people they cast. Show she is finally coming into her own she needed this show so she could be her own person ,being the obedient Italian wife at home would suck and bring any woman down. This show just might have saved her marriage. Plus she is 1 of the prettiest housewives and that makes many jealous. Without her Teresa wouldn’t have anyone to make nasty little digs at.

    • I think it went dark when Tre flipped a table and was applauded for it. She went on to push Andy and the physical violence in the show is completely unnecessary. Instead of trying to help Tre learn to process situations more clearly, they continued to put her in situations were confrontation was inevitable. Rewarding felons for their bad behavior is what took NJ to a dark place, imho.


  • Here’s an idea. Get rid of the felonious, pedophile supporting ape. Also get rid of her fellow felon Danielle, and future felon and broke down pot the puss Barge.

    • Her stans don’t want to comment about this, because she’s such a good mother!!! All good moms allow their children to listen to vile music, and moreover let them be photographed with pedophiles. And Treape even called the guy sweet! WTF?

      • Right??? Complete silence. LMAO. But remember; TreApe is “old school”. LMAO. She’s old and she obviously didn’t pay attention in school. This was probably even on a week night. I wonder if she told him she wanted to make out?

    • I really was shocked by this one. We all know Tre is not very bright, but to take Melania to a concert like this is really beyond stupid.

  • Radar has a way with words….this is a “sources said”. btw…this season is proof that #RHNJ is actually #TGNJ!

    Lets remember – while Teresa was in prison – Ass Andy already locked down (pun intended) the Giudice family for a spin off
    and that show – Teresa never had to show up! AND the ratings matched/higher than some RH full cast franchises.

    BITCH PLEASE ! (thanks luvs!)

    #RHNJ headed to the crapper when jumbo forehead stabbed Teresa 24/7, and the rest of her cousins tried to slither outta the
    gutter, pure fail on trying to take Teresa down!

    We “witnessed” the BITCH PLEASE theory…..

    – KimD jumped at the chance to return
    – Danielle has been waiting 4 (?) years to return
    – Stinky granny pants still slithers around Andy – begging to return (KimG)
    – Fish eyes wimpers for attention..begging to return via tweets to or about Teresa (kathy)
    – Rosie – bitch offered to rip Teresa’s head off…but still manages to tweet about Teresa!
    – Jack Ass is patiently waiting for her contract to arrive so she can blame her legal woes on her autistic son
    – Victoria Gotti the thug that lied about having breast cancer – never turns down Bravo
    – Caroline is already ..saying “not no”!
    – We all know Marcrazy would jump
    – would be cool if dina returned

    Teresa’s actual friends due to #RHNJ – the twins and Reno – not interested in filming and visit her at her home etc. So bottom line is
    the name of the show should be #TGNJ – no one shows up to watch M! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f21302a9f2e6b5df6e3df00ff1f60a799ed199422ec9010c9b10c43e3689bced.gif

    • Thats where Bravo messed up. Teresa is the center of everything in NJ. The show cannot run without Teresa at this point, because all the people recruited are somehow related or have some relation to Teresa or her friends. This season for me was one of the best seasons… Margaret was an amazing cast member addition, but it will be hard to get someone else thats gonna be as fun and entertaining as her.

    • But the ratings are done now. I think people wanted to see a reformed, repentant Teresa when she got home and others lost interest because it took so long for the show to come back. When it turned out that Tre has learned nothing and is just shifting blame wherever possible, a lot of people quit the show, you can’t really blame them.

  • First of all , I never read or believe sources that come from Radar or usually any sources said . I doubt there is a shortage of famewhores lol but I’d be hesitant and wait until I knew ( if me ) that Jacaloon or any other crazies were not coming back . The other ladies have friends so I doubt there’s a shortage

  • I think they need to pump money into production. You can tell the budget is not the same as the other franchises. They need more fabulous parties and trips. Bringing back Caroline and Jacqueline just move the show backwards instead of forward. They just need one more fabulous housewife to join. If worse comes to worse bring Teresa Aprea back.

  • How about bring back the twins and Rino? Maybe they could “help Joe” find a new location for restaurant and get back on his feet? They could quietly cast in the background and bring on a couple newbies mid-season while filming? Having Kim D this and last season wasn’t anything the cast had a say in, so the producers need to look at themselves with that because she goes very low. Secondly, the rash of lawsuits that cast members are in can’t help casting either. It seems like any person from a business owners past could create a lawsuit, or up the amount (like Margaret has one for randomly $9 million, when she really owes like $100K, or Melissa & Andy getting sued by her old co-owner of Envy).

      • I normally wouldn’t bother with someone like you but an outright lie needs to be addressed.

        As I’ve said on many occasions, I am from NJ and I remember seeing a local news station do a story about Joe Giudice doing repair work on senior citizens’ homes, (one, an elderly lady on her own) right after ‘Sandy’. He not only did the work gratis but payed for the needed materials out of his own pocket.

        From the article: “The judge gave Joe Guidice credit for helping people rebuild after Superstorm Sandy and other storms.” http://www.miamiherald.com/entertainment/celebrities/article2483391.html

        • You might want to throw your “support” behind the below businesses that he has stolen from. This doesn’t even include the banks! Loser

          Atkins Appraisal Corporation
          AJ Willner Auctions, LLC
          America’s Servicing Company (as servicing Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, PC)
          BEP, LTD
          Crestar Capital, L.L.C. f/k/a CCTS Capital
          Dominion Management Company
          Lagrotta Law
          Mizzone & Testa, P.A.
          Putnam Leasing Company LLC
          Williams, Caliri, Miller & Otley, P.C.
          Alliance Laundry Systems LLC (c/o Kohner, Mann & Kailas, S.C.)
          Americas Servicing Company
          Athenia Mason Supply
          Capital One, N.A.
          Celentano, Stadtmauer & Walentowicz, LLP
          Citi Cards
          Citicorp Credit Services, Inc.
          Crosstown Plumbing Supply
          Dan Ban Construction, LLC
          Dominion Financial Corporation
          Elliott Glass Co., Inc.
          Excelsior Lumber Company, Inc.
          Ford Motor Credit Company
          Hackensack University Medical Center
          Home Depot Credit Services
          Jersey Central Power & Light
          John A. Testa, Esq. and Mizzone & Testa, P.A
          John Fellgraff, A.I.A.
          Joseph Mastropole
          Matarazzo Engineering
          Michael P. DeMarco, Esq.
          Neiman Marcus
          New York City Department of Finance
          Nordstrom Bank
          Norman Barna
          North Hudson IVF
          North Shore Agency, Inc.
          Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
          PYOD LLC
          Passmore Cook Landscaping
          Phelan Hallinan and Schmieg, P.C.
          Putnam Leasing Company, LLC
          Ronnie R. Sanchez
          Ruby Persha and Stacy Persha
          State of New Jersey (Division of Taxation Bankruptcy Unit)
          United States Elevator, Inc.
          United Telecomp, LLC
          Victoria Wozniak and William Wozniak
          William C. Saracino, Esq. on behalf of Joseph Mastropole c/o Bavagnoli & Bavagnoli, LLC
          eCAST Settlement Corporation

            • Unlike some, I actually have a life that doesn’t include hanging here all day looking to engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed. So, not that it matters but I just got back from a nice dinner out and now, curled up with the Ipad I see your provocation.

              Let me start with the observation that you must be new around here or you would know I never respond to the obvious head cases. I make my point and move on.

              So, yes, this will be the last time I engage with you since you, (like the other bitter Betty’s), are obviously only here to poke and provoke. If you were to come back with a point worth discussing I might change my mind but at this moment you don’t appear to be worth the time or effort from this point on.

              Peace out.

              • Wasn’t here to provoke you. You are very staunch in your defence of Teresa and I was surprised when there was no response from you about the long list of debts she has. I think it is fun to see different viewpoints on these shows. Don’t take things so personal, it’s just a tv show. Glad you had a nice dinner.

                • I try to treat people in-kind. I’ll take your explanation at face value and let’s call it even.

                  Just so you know, I will never engage with someone like “Betty” no matter how hard they yip and yap like an annoying little pocket-rat. The only point they have is the one at the top of their tin-foil hat.

                  You have a good one.

          • What a compassionate spirit you have. I know you’ve heard the old one, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” In case its full meaning escapes you it means you can expect the same mercy and forgiveness you extended to others.

            • Just like do unto others as you would have them do unto you.. we can judge by their fruit. The Meaning as to which you speak/write has totally escaped you I hope you can get a handle on your self reightous attitude .

        • Wait a minute – Joe Guidice paid for something out of his own pocket – LOLOLOL. That was OUR money he was using. With all the scams and felonies he committed, there is no such thing as “his own” money.

            • So, because there were some bankers who were criminals, it’s ok for Joe and Tre to commit felonies? Great logic.

              • Your assertion that my comments indicting greater criminals meant exoneration for others shows that either your thinking is too narrow or your comprehension of complex issues is limited. Try to familiarize yourself with the concept of critical thinking.

                I try not to invest any personal emotional energy into my comments here and also “try” to keep it strictly as a voyeur’s-eye-view of the culture at-large.

      • You’re right! Helen can deny it all she wants, but he did indeed steal from the Sandy victims. It was all over the news. The family was from Keansburg N.J. I have family there, and we all saw the story on many news channels.

    • R U nuts the twins are the most annoying 2 HW’s in history whynot Bobby too LOL Hell make Bobby a main character a Housewife that is his dream.

      • I think Jim & Amber ruined things, they we’re ok on their own. Margaret could probably throw silly shade at them and vice versa. ?

  • I also jus want to say the producers are in direct conflict with Bravo’s philosophy: they want “fun and enjoyable” and Bravo is always promoting casting HW’s who can “bring it”. Pick a lane.

  • We heard this song and dance before – right before they cast the twin sisters. Someone will be game (stupid) enough to join for the right $$.

  • All of the RH franchises have gotten “darker.”

    They all have the same theme and maybe the name should be changed to reflect that. Something like, “Women of (Insert Name)) Behaving Badly.”

    • I agree. The RH casts have morphed from slightly affluent, everyday women to: “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves”.

    • How about Turdesa Poodice gets a doing off called ” I support known pedophile’s and I think they’re sweet!”

            • Hi Wacko-Jacko is that you? Or perhaps it’s Chicklet Teeth Ruchi LMAO! Chicklet Teeth and Wacko-Jacko are the only 2 people totally obsessed with Teresa and if you’re not either of these 2 thirsty morons well you sure are obsessed with Teresa!
              Doesn’t matter what you say about the only reason people tune in to watch RHONJ that being Teresa Guidice, people are going to continue to love her!
              So keep it up good job helping to keep Teresa’s name in the publics eye, thank you see the more you write all your hateful little stuff the more you’re keeping her name out there. So thank you smart one!

        • LoL, we all know the real freak is the criminal that you so revere. Let’s see….sex in a vineyard, talk about a cock ring, talk about her taking it up her hairy ass all on national TV. Now there is evidence (photos) of the felon and her daughter attending and taking photos with a known pedophile.
          Bless your ?!

  • I have to say after watching the last 6 episodes back to back, the editing/fakeness was so obvious. I do think the producers are desperate. Maybe it is time to end the show or recast it completely. I just don’t think this group of ladies will be able to attract others to film with. At this point they’re all just too trashy, making public scenes practically everywhere they go. No real person concerned with their image wants that.

    • Totally agree. Time to end the whole thing. Not even with the return of Danielle has the franchise improved. Sorry, but at this stage the only interesting person is Margaret & possibly Teresa. The rest are side pieces. Siggy went complete psycho, Delores – just not sure what her deal is & Melissa & Little Joe are just not that interesting anymore.

      • Danielle trashed it up even worse than it already was.But Soggy ruined it for me personally and Deloros being stuipd defending her

    • How is Tresea suppose to support her Dawters being a sindle mom in a mansion u r so heartless lol sorry had to say that

  • Personally I don’t think there is anything that can be done to fix this problem. Time to cut the cord….

    Frankly, I find that all the franchises are dark and dreary…..I feel like those that are already on the shows try and, “bring the drama,” in order to stay relevant. It is time to tweak the housewives shows….

  • Maybe the main problem is Teresa, no one wants to be associated with her. And now with adding beverly merrill aka Danielle back on the show, that’s going to cause more people from not wanting to be on the show. I wish they would add Gia Casey (DJ envy’s wife). Producation was looking into her a few years ago but nothing came out of it.

    • I doubt that because no one gets work , attention, publicity ,or check without her . She put the show on the map. There’s a lot wrong with this show though !

      • Yes and your correct. It just seems that everyone has Skeletons in their closets and they do not want them to fall out. It could be with Teresa being watched closely by the fed. If someone else has problems the feds can start looking into them as well.

    • Hi there K’man

      Actually, the proof of Teresa being the “alpha”, is – when Teresa was in prison, Bravo could easily taped the season without her, but Ass Andy and Bravo, knew that not one of the cast could carry #RHNJ so they cancelled the season. And gave Teresa her spinoff where the mini series met or beat RH franchise full cast ratings.

      Carolne was given a spin off and that got cancelled, whereas Teresa’s was only 3 episodes – I think.

      Personally, I do think that the producers/writer’s and executive producer’s need replacing…new blood..

      • Yes that’s true, but this is how I see it. if bravo would’ve filmed a season without her they would’ve taken a big risk and we’re probably worried the show was going to fail. So they waited for her to come back to have this explosive big season (season 7). I just think people are afraid of looking as bad as her. In season 6 Amber’s husband (using it as an example, not taking his side please do not go in on me for this example) said he didn’t want to be around joe and Teresa because he was in the Mortgage industry and they were bad people. Basically saying I do not want to be afficated with people like that, aka criminals (clink clink). I could imagine people saying the same thing. As well maybe people are using her as an example were the feds are watching and they do not want to end up like her. That’s why I believe it’s tersea, it’s a good thing and a bad thing

        • That is an interesting way to see this…thanks K’man.

          I do understand there are people that don’t want to be affiliated with a person who spent time in prison, and that is valid if that person, doesn’t sign the contract on that person’s show. I find that some RH newbies do have “silent” issues that they don’t want on National TV, but there they are signing the contract. It also seems like the newbie’s issues become public, and they are against the law, but not charged. Even Bravo/Andy push for violence/hate/racist/cancer scam storyline’s. So perhaps if there is hesitation, (and I don’t believe there is any hesitation) the hesitation is perhaps directed to the people in charge that allow and encourage this behavior on National TV.

          I actually believe people praise Teresa – cuz this specific situation is “look what she’s doing with her second chance”…as I’ve heard many times, USA, likes a “second chance” story.

          • That’s all true also some people do not want to Be embarrassed by the their dirty laundry being out there and some don’t care. As well maybe other see as these housewives shows as low brow. Like you mentioned some of the newbies do have silent issues but they try to come off successful like there’s nothing wrong with them or even talk about it. (Ex Margaret). I do like you point of Teresa having a second chance but people will still see her and the show as tainted. As they show has lead to many unfortunate events.

            • I don’t see #RHNJ as having been tainted…cuz,I think that each franchise have people that have spent time or are spending time in prison


              I think RHOC is the only franchise that have not been in jail. This is why I believe the stink eye (if it exists at all) is pointed at Bravo and Ass Andy.

  • Jersey got dark when they brought on Melissa and Kathy. Jersey needs the producers from Atlanta. That show does the best and always delivers.. I mean come on who believes Delore’s ex husband lives with her? everyone I talk to says how fake the show is aside from teresa’s Issues.

  • If the fan base is dwindling, the sh*t show has run its course. Uncle Blahvo should pull the plug & release the NJ hags back to the wild or the Jersey Turnpike. RHOC should also be 86’d.