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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita Claims She’s Revealed All Her Financial Issues On RHONJ; Says She Can’t Control What Bravo Doesn’t Show!

Jacqueline and Chris Laurita have had their fair share of legal and financial troubles over the past few years, yet you wouldn’t know it from watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Unlike Teresa and Joe Giudice, the dirty details of Jacqueline and Chris’ financial and legal issues have never been delved into on RHONJ.

Yes, the RHONJ couple has been vocal about their money woes; claiming they stem from their son’s costly autism treatments.

However, Jacqueline and Chris have always left out some significant truths about their financial troubles including lawsuits and embezzlement claims.

I’m not going to rehash all the dirty details of Chris and Jacqueline’s issues, but you can read all about them on AllAboutTRH.com

Now that Jacqueline may be returning to RHONJ for season 9 one of our dedicated AllAboutTRH readers recently called out Jacqueline for never being open and honest about her own money and legal troubles on RHONJ.

In typical Jacqueline fashion, she direct messaged our reader then quickly blocked him.

In the message, Jacqueline claims she HAS revealed all of her lawsuits and unpaid bills on RHONJ but can’t help that the show didn’t air it.

“Honey, I talked about that season 7. It’s not like what you’re reading in sensationalized blogs. I talked about EVERYTHING! Can’t help what doesn’t air sweetheart,” Jacqueline wrote.

I for one don’t buy that Jacqueline talked about EVERYTHING during season 7 because why wouldn’t producers use that.

Do you believe Jacqueline and Chris have revealed EVERYTHING about their financial and legal problems? Are blogs sensationalizing Jacqueline and Chris’ issues? Do you think Jacqueline should return for season 9? Sound off below!

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  • Jacqueline’s smug, patronizing, rude treatment of people is so telling. Deflect or accuse. Now she’s unemployed, how’d that work for you Jac?

  • I hate to say it she did and Teresa said something that Jac retorted by saying mine isn’t like your s and Teresa stormed outta her house .her blaming costs of Son’s condition is BS. The money issues were there Behind on taxes has that ever been straightened out paid or are they still trying to sell/ Nothing about their situation has been in the media as far as I know.

  • Do I believe Jac revealed all? NO. Early on it was stated there was a gag order on the Laurita cases, so how could she or anyone reveal the real story? Yeah these HWs like to think we’re stupid and believe all they say even when they flipping their stories over and over. Yeah I’m giving this the side eye, eye roll and whatever else I can think of.

  • FYI – I was surprised it was not reported here, but the last few days in December 2018, the Bankrupcy judge for the Signature A Chris Laurita fraud bankruptcy ruling finally was announced in the courts —- Chris lost! He has to pay immediately more than a 1 million dollars to the courts because the Lauritas fraudulently spent company funds as personal money. The money payment was due imminent. This was not split between the brothers – they had different judgements, as this was just for Chris and Jac. Also, Chris and Jac are also being sued for close to $300,000 in unpaid legal fees for this same case. Their home also is still supposedly in foreclosure. Considering Bravo covered none of these issues last year and not even the court case, juicy stuff, I do not buy for a single second Bravo just chose not ignore these news items. There obviously were legal contracts at play. I believe Jac was not asked back because she has so many areas Bravo was legally bound not to cover about her scandalous life and enough was enough.

    • If you want to get technical, the Laurita’s bankruptcy is way worse than anything that Joe and Teresa ever did.
      There are a lot of legal issues here but basically in a nutshell, J&T were accused of BK fraud because their petition was missing certain items and then when it was reviewed, it was determined that some of their mortgage loans were obtained under fraudulent circumstances. That led to the whole criminal case but at no time were they ever accused or convicted of scamming individuals. It was purely a matter of how they obtained the mortgages on real property which they did pay for years before filing bankruptcy
      The Laurita’s case is entirely different because almost all of it hinges on actual criminal activity. Basically in a nutshell, the creditors of Signature Apparel forced them into involuntary bankruptcy because there was suspicion of fraudulent liquidating of the assets. The judge in this case has found all accusations to be true and determined that the Laurita’s along with the others involved voluntary and knowing depleted and otherwise appropriated funds meant for the business and it’s creditors to their own personal accounts. This is a true criminal charge and not the old “wire and mail fraud” charges used for years to convict mobsters when they couldn’t get them on criminal charges. So far in this case, it appears that the court is willing to allow all parties to plead out and pay fines with no jail time but that could change at any time if criminal charges of theft are pursued. It should also be noted that they can be charged with the same wire and mail fraud charges as J&T at any time because one would assume that any “redistribution” of company funds to personal accounts took place through bank accounts and that makes it wire fraud.
      Jac’s hands are no cleaner than Teresa’s. In fact, they are much dirtier. She can’t claim she didn’t know what Chris was doing but then turn around and say it’s not possible for Teresa to not have known what Joe was doing.

      • Wish I knew hot to upload a screen shot here. You are correct, their house is still in foreclosure. Not to mention all the property taxes they haven’t paid. And thank you for breaking down the technical side of their legal activity for those of us who aren’t so knowledgable! Much appreciated.

        • For starters, they obviously have better attorneys than J&T did. Not defending J&T at all but their bankruptcy legal counsel was woefully out of their league and handled so many aspects of the case incorrectly that it really does border on malpractice. Not saying that they would not have faced serious consequences but from a completely legal perspective their case should never have gotten to where it did. Ultimately it falls on legal counsel because he should have known better but it’s difficult however to know exactly how much of that was due to inept counsel and how much was due to J&T not being the best clients. By the time they got criminal counsel (who was much better at his job) the real damage had already been done and even the best counsel would not have been able to stop most of it.
          As for Chris and Jac, since their case hinges on business activities, it’s a whole different arena. The family diverted funds that should have been available to pay the creditors before the bankruptcy (thus making the bankruptcy unnecessary) but how much is criminal is up for negotiation. That’s basically what they are all trying to hammer out now but it is certainly possible that Chris at least could do some time in the end. At this point, there is no legal advantage to putting them in jail so they can all just wait it out and see how it plays out but make no mistake, it is certainly an option.

    • Thanks for the tea Jshappy & Laurie! It is surprising how much less they have to pay out of the original claim, wasn’t it $11 million? Someone on here mentioned how odd it was their home was in foreclosure for so long, but the bank hadn’t taken it yet, with a hint of mobster ties. Have you heard anything about this?

      • the foreclosure length is not that unusual, especially since actually foreclosing is the last thing the bank wants. In this case, with the business bankruptcy and all the other dealings, it’s likely that they are all trying to work together to come to some agreeable settlement- it’s also likely that due to the tax liens and other issues, there is no equity and the bank would rather have any payment then nothing. Typical foreclosure time is 12-18 months (in some areas it can be much shorter) but as I said, if they are attempting to cooperate, the bank will hold off on any actual foreclosure for as long as possible.
        As for the $11mm, are you talking about J&T? or the Laurita’s- J&T’s original filing was in the $11mm area but that number is seriously over-inflated and misleading. Many of the business property debts were listed twice- once as the regular mortgage and once as a personal debt against them because Joe signed as a personal guarantor. Once the bank takes the buildings back in bankruptcy/foreclosure, the debtor is only liable for the difference (if any) between the mortgage amount and the amount the bank was able to resell the property for. This reduced J&T’s debt down to between $2-3mm including their own personal mortgage.
        As for the Laurita’s, the amounts that Chris is being ordered to pay are not actually his debt amounts, it’s the amounts that the Court and the creditors of Signature Apparel can reasonably “prove” that Chris “misappropriated” from the business to his personal accounts. Any fines paid will go into a general pool to pay the creditors but they will still only get pennies on the dollar- it may not seem fair to the creditors but that’s the way bankruptcy works and it’s a risk that anyone who lends money in any capacity agrees to accept.

        • Since neither of them have gainful employment, how do they expect these deadbeats to pay up? There’s nothing to garnish.

        • Laurie – thank you so much for explaining this in greater detail. I had no idea that J&T’s debts were listed twice, as the regular mortgage and as personal debt. Some articles have certainly made the amount more than $2-3 million. I’m not sure where I got the $11 million from now and I thought it was for Chris & Jac. As B says below, I wonder how much the debtors will be paid. Wonder if Chris’ popcorn business has done, and if black water is still going.

          • You’re quite welcome. I’m a real geek who loves dissecting my work and bankruptcy petitions!!! Most would it boring reading but I find it fascinating!!. LOL
            As for their other businesses or incomes, it’s hard to know. Because the underlying initial petition is a business one, C&J have not been required to submit their personal incomes or other business interests to the Court yet. It’s all been about funds that should have been available to Signature Apparel. Basically, the creditors are stating that SA was making money and that money should have been available to pay their suppliers and other business interests but instead the principals (Chris, Jac and his brothers) used those funds to make their extravagant lifestyles possible, leaving the business with no liquid funds or capital to pay the suppliers who had extended them credit and/or goods in good faith. It really comes down to a form of embezzlement and grand larceny except that they embezzled from their own company.
            Again, there are many legal layers to all this but this is kind of the “highlights”.

            • Thank you once again, I love hearing the details you can fill in! How do you know they haven’t had to submit their personal incomes etc to the court? This has dragged on several years (when was this initially filed?) and I thought J&C petitioned to seal all courr documents? Laurie, I would love it if you were a guest writer here for the lawsuits that come up with the franchises. On a side note, I just read the GPS testimony, all 164 pages because I love the details too (congressional testimony/Steele dossier.) Highly recommend it to everyone!

              • Thanks. I’m sure there are also those who don’t enjoy my lengthy breakdowns because I try to stick to just the legal facts and if they don’t make the subject either the villain of the century or a saint, they are not always happy.
                As far as breaking it all down, I’m not an attorney- I’m a bankruptcy analyst for a large fortune 500 company but I do understand some other areas of law too.

  • Jaq would only say her "bankruptcy" was different then Teresa's BK because hers was a corporate and civil case.Yet, the judge admonished Chris like any personal BK judge would by finding Chris severely liable for draining his company of funds for personal and frivolous use! I do recall the Lauritas were bashed hard on social media! Hypocrite was a popular word used to describe them!
    If all the inside info is correct and Siggy was fired for going rogue by losing her chit then Jaq will do the same thing too…..AGAIN! Jaq is a coward who has been pretty predictable since season 3. She flips out and goes psycho then she runs away to the nearest wifi device to destroy her target on social media. IF Jaq has a guaranteed backup bully then Jaq will go psycho once more on her target at the reunion! That's what she does to avoid having her personal and humiliating dirty laundry aired! In the meantime, Jaq's disgusting daughter will "defend" her psychotic mom on social media, too! Please, Bravo, no more emotionally fragile cowards!!!

    • Exactly. She is a huge coward. The thing Jac does not understand is her case can turn criminal anyday. What needs to happen is that it would need to be reported with law enforcement.

    • Like I said earlier theft is theft bussines or personal bankruptcy. So was Wacko Jaquline saying to Teresa that because her bankruptcy was a bussines one then it was ok to take money from their companies which is thef? That’s basically what Wacko Jaquline was saying!
      Jaquline’s us such a hypocrit so is that envious of not being a housewife Chris. The last season these two dumb asses were on Chris it seemed like he did more talking heads than Wacko Jaquline! Chris turned into another Richi but without the Chicklet teeth.


    • Exactly. The self-righteous attitude is disgusting. Because most know she has a past that not so great.

  • Nope don’t believe that at all especially because she always deflected then hurled more insults at Teresa . She’s a liar face lllll liiii liiaaaahhhhh. Another one blaming Bravo …. Hopefully that’s last time she slaps Bravo in the face and isn’t allowed back , ever. #deckambush , magazine gate, teamed up with T’s familia. Sit down Bozo

  • A bit OT – I forgot what issues Siggy and Jac had last season. Read what she said about Siggy when they weren’t getting along at the tea site. Jac said she only wanted on the show to promote her book, sounds true. She said Siggy told her she didn’t really care about her friendship with Tre (why she was cast, to help them) and something about how she hid a lot from her when they had an initial dinner, and that Jaq brought her in the show and turned on her (exactly what she accused Margaret of!) I think Jac experienced what we saw.

      • Exactly! No wonder they talked on the phone every single day for an hour. Its just funny how it bothered Jac when she was fighting with her, but not when she was gossiping/using each other.

  • Hey Jac, you speak the truth. So why not tell all your fans what was filmed and what exactly was said. So we can be informed and up to date. **crickets** **blocked** LOL!

    • Remember when Teresa was in Wack job Jaquline’s house she told Teresa her bankruptcy wasn’t a criminal one! Excuse me wack job Jaquline but theft is theft! Businesses or personal bankruptcy it doesn’t matter theft is theft!

      I hope Danielle mops the floor with Jaquline’s Mr. Ed’s face!
      Whatever gave Andy or production the idea that viewers want to watch this hate filled lush! Or her remedial daughter! No thank you I won’t be watching!

      I bet Andy is testing the waters by putting this story out and meatball face Caroline’s too and the reactionhasnt been too favorable!

  • Just wow. Jacaholic had the perfect chance to say that she did talk about it during filming but wasn’t shown and leave it at that. Instead she cops an attitude. It’s like talking to zig zag! No wonder they are friends!