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From Mugshot to Millions: NeNe Leakes Pokes Fun At Her Past Arrest; Encourages Others Not To Be Ashamed of Their Past

NeNe Leakes isn’t letting her past define her present or her future! Clink, clink haters!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to Instagram and poked fun at her past arrest; opening up about going from mugshot to millions and proving that she indeed has no shame.

From MUGSHOTS to MILLIONS,” NeNe wrote on Instagram while smiling in a t-shirt with her mugshot on it. Further getting her point across with the following hashtags “#growingpains  #25yearsago #nowgetyolife #embraceyou #speakyourtruth #testimonytuesday #ownit #noshamezone.”

Then NeNe got serious for a moment and made it clear that no one should be ashamed of their past.

“Growing up without my mother or father I experienced many growing pains, but without them, I could not be who I am or have accomplished the things that I have today. Your past does NOT determine your future. From Trial to Triumph I hope that I can inspire anybody to embrace and not be ashamed of what your past has made you become today! Thank you all so much for the love I received  #transparency #lifelessons #collegedays #youngandstupid,” NeNe wrote.

However, the biggest kick of it all is that NeNe will be selling T-shirts with her infamous mugshot on them! Only NeNe!

I love that NeNe could give two shits about her past -everyone has them, and everyone has made mistakes.

Thoughts on NeNe’s post? Should NeNe be ashamed of her past? Can you believe NeNe is selling shirts with her mugshot on them? Is NeNe an inspiration that you can go from mugshot to millions? Sound off below!

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  • Shame is what keeps you from committing crimes again. So yes be shameful of what you did. Don’t boast about it.

  • Wasn’t she and Greg defrauding some of their tenants/customers when he was running his business before becoming Nene’s attendant? That’s something definitely not to be proud of

  • Not digging NeNe at all this season, but I like this idea. Way to take the power back when something negative is put out there, designed to embarass and shame you. Plus, acknowledgment + a bit of self-deprecating humor can work wonders. Take notes, Kathy Griffin! ?

  • How does she explain Bryson’s many arrests? Who will wear a shirt with Nene’s picture on it? How is she not ashamed of her past when in the early days of RHOA, she tried relentlessly to paint Kim Z. has a stripper, while hiding the fact that she was the stripper? She was and is always ready to tear others down in the guise of keeping it real, yet cannot face truths about herself. Nene is so FOS that no amount of colonics can help her.

    • Hi my gorgeous!!!!!!! What she NEEDS to be concerned with is how TOTALLY different her mugshot is from her mug today! She claims to have had minimal surgery, but it’s obvious….those photos past and present aren’t even close. She can change her looks but one thing hasn’t changed…..she’s still an a–hole of criminal proportion. She hasn’t grown despite what she said. If Sheree hadn’t outed her, she’d still have kept those things undercover, not that we need to know. Just go away Linnethia. You aren’t relevant anymore, thankfully.


      • Qp ?????? how are you my southern gent ?? I hope you’re having a blast , I miss you tremendously xoxxo

        Oh NeRex is a beast ! She could’ve done so many things with the blessings and opportunities she’s been given but alas , she chooses to eat at the trough and play in the mud . It’s bigly sad ! She and Kim are Top5 WORST HW ever

        Love you ??????

  • What was NoNo arrested for: prostitution? She seems to take pride in having an unsavory past. Wearing her mug shot really highlights the renovations she’s made on her mug. Next, she’ll put her jail pix on coffee mugs: “Mugs on Mugs”