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Teddi Mellencamp Calls Dorit Kemsley Delusional and the Queen of Unaccountability

Teddi Mellencamp and Dorit Kemsley’s budding friendship is quickly turning sour.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars friendship recently took a turn for the worst when Dorit was ridiculously late for a lunch date with Teddi; leaving the RHOBH newbie sipping on prosecco alone for 36 minutes.

Needless to say, Teddi wasn’t thrilled by Dorit’s rudeness and lack of respect.

Teddi opened up about her frustration with Dorit in her most recent Bravo blog; calling Dorit out for being delusional and the Queen of Unaccountability.

Find out what Teddi had to say below!

Teddi’s Truths: Dorit and I were supposed to meet for drinks at 4 PM. I arrive promptly and, thankfully, with a brand new pedicure since you’re subjected to a closeup of my feet. I text Dorit two minutes in to let her know I’ve arrived. After sitting around by myself sipping my prosecco for 36 minutes (thank you, on-screen timestamps), I text Dorit to make sure she’s okay. At 4:48 PM, Dorit finally calls. Apparently, she was kept on a call and couldn’t get off the phone, and I’m assuming it’s because somebody wouldn’t stop talking. Like you hear me say, it’s quite simple to send a text while you’re on the phone. Even so, we also hear that with traffic, she probably wouldn’t get to me for another 15-20 minutes (which in LA-speak basically means I just left my house, and I’m leaving it in the hands of Waze), and I wasn’t into wasting any more time. So as I left, she apologized and said she understood. The end.

Dorit’s Delusions: In Dorit’s version, she and I were supposed to meet somewhere between 4:30 PM and Christmas. Dorit was so busy she couldn’t respond to my text I sent her asking if she was okay because I’m a monster—a disgusting beast of a person who texts somebody when they’re supposed to be somewhere and don’t show up and you haven’t heard from them. Then, in Dorit’s version, she called me as she was 10 minutes (oh, really?) away and I said in a huff, “I’m not waiting any longer!” And now she’s put off by me because I’m an exaggerator and making her the bad guy. Queen of unaccountability.

Let me say this: I am all for Dorit having a successful business and would never be upset about somebody missing dumb drinks for something so important. And this wouldn’t have been a big deal had she not gone to Kyle, to begin with, and started some false narrative. But here we are, spending so much time talking about time, it’s making me thirsty. But not thirsty enough to go have drinks alone for an hour again.

Parched until next week,

XX Teddi

Thoughts on Teddi’s blog? Was Dorit’s lateness super rude or out of her control? Is Dorit delusional? Is Teddi and Dorit’s friendship circling the drain?

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  • She is delusional…… she is bad enough on her own, but when she shows up with that “Thing” of a husband it makes it ten times worse.

  • Grow up Teddi. It was just a business meeting. Dorit called you and let you know she was on her way. Stop being childish and reaching for bad manners. Blah blah blah.

  • I think Teddi has a phenomenal body but she needs help with dressing a little bit . Actually they’ve all had a lot of misses this year

    • Agreed, but I like how she admits she has no idea how to dress. I find Teddi a real breath of fresh air in the smog of these LalaLand ladies.

      • Yes yes yes ?? she’s a breath of fresh air for sure . I don’t remember her admitting she has no idea how to dress but I’m glad she said that because self awareness is a rare commodity with these women ?.. is her son not the cutest thing ever ?? ??????

        • OMG her kids are adorable and she seems to actually spend time with them LOL! Yeah, I think it was the first episode she said something like, “I have no idea how to dress and if I could I’d live in workout clothes.” And then in the blog for the Vegas episode she said something like “I didn’t get the fancy Gucci pajamas memo” about gambling with Erika and Dorit which I thought was really funny. She had me at “Dorit thought we were meeting sometime between 4:30 and Christmas” LOL!!

          • Beti4:30 and Christmas !! ????? That’s HYSTERICAL!! Oh I like her snark ! She also seems very decent to me , she’s not the type probably to accuse somebody of something ugly just to get attention

            Oh her kids are so adorable and she DOES spend time with them that’s why she couldn’t just wait forever for Dumdum to make an appearance ??

            • eh li’m still on the fence with teddi LOL. like @kirby said, she’s taking her accountability coach too seriously.

              • I’m still on the fence with Teddi as well @ lipping jaqq. And I also agree with@ Kirby’s take on her., no smiling, laughing, a little too serious, in my opinion . Lighten up. Ya know?
                I don’t hate her. I’m just meh, with her now.. we’ll see , though..

              • That will not go away for me ( the made up coach career title) but I really am starting to take a liking to her blogs so I may end up liking her .

  • I hate her, her dumb, dirty hair and her accent. Usually there is always someone I love to hate…..her I just HATE. I can not stand women who think themselves better.

    Oh, and that outfit with the extra large shirt and purple boots was horrendous.

    • Oh you reminded of those UGLY boots ! She looked like a hooker with bruised legs. At least Erika looks like an expensive hooker ?

      • They were horrendous. And the worst part is she probably paid thousands for them. Umm….the ones I got at TJ Maxx for $30 are nicer, lol.

        Did I mention I HATE her hair. Oh, and her accent is atrocious. And she is pretentious…..
        I HATE HER

        • ??? I’m not sure I understand how you REALLY feel about her ! ???? she’s atrocious and i tried to give her a second chance and she’s not worth it

        • Wendy Williams just had a segment today, Aldo has them. Yeah, wonder what ‘birkin bag’ Dorit, or PK, overpaid for them. Agree, her chopped bob looked really bad on her too.

    • Yes I am very open to a new or fad fashion. Once I saw dorita with a x large white business shirt and Long purple boots/heels, I tried to absorb the look on her. It was tacky! lol prostitution whore!

    • She’s the actual worst. And that’s saying a lot. This whole thing irritates me to no end. She should continue to be apologetic, not talk shit about Teddi for leaving after AN HOUR. Even if they WERE supposed to meet at 4:30 instead of 4pm, she was still going to be 40 minutes late for the 4:30!! We clearly heard her uber driver say “15-20 mins in traffic” not “10 mins” as she’s claiming. I thought Teddi was actually pretty cool about it. If that happened to me and then I found out that person was talking shit trying to make themselves not look like an asshole I would be COMPLETELY over her.

      I’m also completely unimpressed by this season’s “Hair Wars: Erika vs Dorit” Trying too hard is unbecoming. Dorit, try as hard at knowing what time it is as you do on your bangs, honey.

  • Yeah, lateness totally happens but all Dorit needed to do was let Teddi know…and when she was free from the phone or meeting or playing dressup as Erika, she should have just apologized and let it be done. Instead she has to make it a bigger deal than it ever was or would have been by telling Kyle she did nothing wrong. I think Dorit is either not that bright (remember all those cameras that film everything???) or purposely trying to cause drama by lying about what happened. She also lied to LVP about how emotional Kyle was talking about her mom…Kyle dabbed her eyes a bit but Dorit was going on about how Kyle was “sobbing” while opening up to her. Dorit’s a liarface.

  • I’d be very pissed off if it was me sitting there waiting on a new friend, for nearly an hour. Dorrr-eeeet did show a lack of respect for Teddi’s time. She also shaded the story to favor herself (i.e. “I was only SIX minutes late!!!). Dorrr-eeet needs a new watch that talks to her: “You are 20 minutes late!”

    • That’s a super perf post ??? dumdum is RUDE plus she probably assumes that everyone hasn’t 4 nannies taking care of their kids ! All Dumdum had to do was APOLOGIZE and take responsibility but she has to create her own alternate version of events

      • Good Afternoon, Rain!!!! Thanks for the compliment.
        “Dumdum” IS being RUDE for being inconsiderate. If I am 5 minutes late, I apologize. Most people do because it’s common courtesy. That said, THIS incident better not turn into “panty-gate” by being dragged out for the entire season as: “Late-Gate”.

        • Oh it’s definitely Late-Gate !!! Will they make an issue of Dumdum yelling the C word ?? I don’t see Camille letting that go . But other than that I don’t see much going on so far this season . Is there more Kyle finger chewing ?

          Oh wait , Rinna marching in and declaring Ken has legal issue, same way one would read from a phone book . One of the most scripted scenes in a long time ?

          • You’re right that GRinna is very obviously scripted. She’s a terrible ‘actress’, along with boring Byle. This is how I see it going:
            *GRinna will keep pushing her dull daughters as super models. She’ll ride LVP hard for Ken’s crimes against humanity.
            *Dorrr-eet will keep whining that Teddi over exaggerated “6 minutes” AND Camille lacks a sense of humor. She’ll also ride LVP to keep in the good graces of GRinna & Erotika (who will gladly go after the “Sniper from the Side”.
            *Erotika will push her “memoir” (LOLOLOL) and traveling with her band of boy toys.
            *Kryle will complain about her mean sisters not wanting to hear of her great success as a producer of a tv show that has yet to have an air date. She’ll pile on LVP, fearing to be left off the team.
            *Camille’s role will remain ancillary. Her new man’s name is “David” – He’s another one to the pile.
            *Teddi is a wild card. She has a couple of SL she could use: her equestrian pursuits, her connection to her famous father, her family life, as well as her interaction with the rest of the women. Hopefully, she’ll be kind to LisaV.
            *LisaV will dodging & weaving from being the verbal punching bag from most of the hags – again.
            It looks to be a snoozer this season. That said, I am willing to put up with it, as long as KimiKaze is not involved at all.

            • What an AMAZING post ?????? i think we should move straight to the reuinion now ??

              I think it’s been a snoozefest so far for sure and so very predicable . But then again all the HW shows are now quite predictable. I haven’t seen the earlier seasons so Camille is new to me and I’m hoping she will entertain me a little . I have high hopes for Teddi but curious about the reasons behind her crying in the trailer and who’s the culprit.
              I feel this season has been disjointed. FIrst Erika and Rinna take a separate trip and then that dinner at Kyle’s would’ve been better with Rinna and Erika in attendance , just in terms of drama. Instead it was simply the Dorit show ?. I think the Berlin trip is the whole cast together .

              I don’t buy any HW books so I’m not really entertained by the Erika book SL . And as for Kyle , wasn’t her show already supposed to be on TV Land by now ? And where will those other 2 extra shows air ?

              Rinna’s scripted delivery was silly and there is NO WAY now that I buy that they’re not all part of this script . I think every year they script some stuff and very little is left for ‘real’ and organic interactions . I’m guessing they stopped giving Dumdum the good edit and now they show her for who she really is , RUDE !

              • Yes, let’s jump to the reunion NOW!!! That too, is scripted, though – I cite “Bunny-Gate” – I can’t stand that Andy keeps making a big deal out of that rejected present. He should shove it up his ass!!

                Kryle’s television show has jumped from TVLand, to SpikeTV to a lesser known network. It’s noticeable that Blahvo didn’t option it. LOLOL When Byle claimed that she has “2 extra shows” I thought she meant 2 extra episodes to her dumb Mommy Dearest show. Did she mean that she created 2 NEW concepts for tv shows???

                • My understanding is that yes it’s 2 whole new shows ! Are they all based on her life ?? That’s quite the lfie ??. Oh that friggin bunny

                  Did you check the tea today? Blabbi is running her mouth again

                  • That’s really strange. Kryle can’t run a bath, let alone 3 different television shows, simultaneously. Her “Mother” show still hasn’t aired. It’s difficult to fathom any network ordering 2 more shows from someone without any proven experience. Unless these shows are all going to be on her local “cable access” …. hahaha

                    No, I didn’t go to the “tea”.