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Are Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita Returning to RHONJ?!

Could two OG Jersey Housewives be returning to Real Housewives of New Jersey for season 9?

It turns out maybe.

Sources tell Us Weekly that RHONJ producers have reached out to former RHONJ stars Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita about returning to the series.

In fact, Caroline played coy when asked if producers have reached out telling Us Weekly,“It’s not a no, and it’s certainly not a yes. It’s a who knows.”

However, Caroline says she would have to think long and hard about returning to RHONJ.

“But for me, it would be a major, major decision that I would have to really think very long and very hard on. It’s not something that I would embrace wholeheartedly and say “let’s do this!” It’s something that I would consider very very heavily and for a long time,” Caroline revealed. “On my end, it would have to be a very well thought out decision because it has so many layers to it at this point in my life. So many layers to it. I had so much fun doing Manzo’d. It was just an awesome, awesome opportunity.” 

If Caroline did return, she would have a lot of catching up to do since she claims she hasn’t watched the show since leaving in 2013.

Why? “because once I left, I left,” Caroline explained; adding that she does keep in touch with some of the ladies.

 “I speak to Jacqueline,” Caroline explained. “I’m friends with Dolores [Catania]. We’ve been friends for 30 plus years, so her and I are ride or die. We don’t speak every day, but if she called me right now and said she needed me, I’d go running and vice versa. Her family is very very close with the Manzo family, but beyond that, no, I see Kathy [Wakile] every once in a while, and it’s always good to see her, and I think she’s a wonderful person. Melissa [Gorga] I don’t have any issues with, but she hasn’t lived by me. She lives about a half hour away from me. And Teresa [Giudice] is Teresa, that’s no secret there.”

No word on if Jacqueline Laurita would be open to returning to RHONJ or not.
I know I’ll be in the minority here, but I’m all for Caroline, and maybe even Jacqueline, returning because RHONJ could be way better than it is. Only time will tell what’s in store for the RHONJ cast.
AllAboutTRH told you back in December that RHONJ producers would consider bringing back former Housewives as a last resort but our sources said they weren’t there yet. Stay glued to AllAboutTRH for more on this developing rumor!

Do you believe RHONJ producers have reached out to Jacqueline and Caroline? Do you think Caroline wants to return to RHONJ? Would Caroline be a good fit for season 9? Sound off below!

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  • Please God , Say it isn’t so! I just started really enjoying the show again without Winey Jacqueline & phony Caroline!

  • I feel Bravo might be ready for a whole new show for some of these ladies like Caroline, Jaq – Vicky from OC.
    They need to consider doing a REAL GRANNIES of… for these Women who have daughters that could replace them on the show.
    I’m surprised they haven’t tried it out in OC yet by having Brianna take Vickie’s spot. All 3 of these women have daughters who could possibly be on the show. TV shows that focus on a life stage like High School or families – eventually there’s a next step & several of TRH’s are now Grannies & not Real Housewives.
    Some years TRH’s can get dark & abusive & it’s hard to watch & I need a break. Idk if I want to watch another year of it in NJ this year was so bad.
    I don’t want Caroline or Jaq back because I’m not surprised at any of their shady dealings. It’s expected & is irritating because it feels that’s their sole role.
    With Siggy – I didn’t see that coming. It was shocking to see all of her shenanigans! She went so low that she burned herself out with me quickly.
    I hope Bravo realizes it can work in their favor to try new people. They can’t keep bringing back women who don’t surprise us anymore from them having a nasty history we come to expect.
    I have a feeling next year Dul & Danielle – possibly Margaret can pull their weight in the drama Dept. We haven’t seen the full Crazy in Dul yet because Siggy stole the spot light & before that she was Jaqs sidekick but that drama has to has to be deep in her somewhere!
    There’s no way Dul is so close to Siggy & Jaq but isn’t bat S**t crazy too. Birds of a feather & all that.
    I hope they give her a chance to Bloom — she already hates Danielle so much the match has been struck!
    If they bring Caroline, Jaq or someone she can hide behind it won’t happen so I hope they really put some thought into it & make smart choices!

  • I bet any amount of money they’re going to bring those two sh*tballs back just to drum up drama. Now we’re going to be subjected to Caroline’s weird a** kids (who all love the camera) and Jacqueline’s nonsense. Ughhhhhhhhh

  • Only reason Caroline would come back is if Bravo offered her a 7 figure boat load of money, her words. She works for her unemployed Sons so they can have the SPOT-LIGHT and that’s the only reason Caroline would ever come back.

  • Bring them Back!!!! LMAO. Teresa would shit her pants. Everything Caroline said came true. Prison, book, divorce. Bahahaha.

  • NO!!! Only if they expose Manzo’s dirt- affair, lies, tax evasion etc. And the lousy Laurita’s theft both from their company and a charity. Oh and seeing fat Chuckie junior miserable Lauren. The only way this can happen is if Chuckie allows Albie boy and Chrittofer to go down on Andy they will be in.

    By the way Dolores sucks – period.

  • Oh ok so now that Siggy couldn’t finish the job these buzz kills will team up with Dull to harass Teresa ? Nah . That will be the end if the NJ franchise .

  • Of course Caroline is going to say yes especially after her show got cancelled. She will bring wacko Jacko with her as a packaged deal. Dolores has to have someone to hang out with on this show so it would only make sense that Bravo bring back Andy’s favorite and Dolores’s real life bff ?

  • This 100% NEEDS TO HAPPEN!! Speaking as someone who can’t stand either one of them I will say we are invested in them and their relationships with the other ladies and there returns would make it interesting if added alongside Teresa, Melissa, Danielle, Dolores and Margaret all Full Time. They could both come back Full Time or maybe one Full and the other Part but I think the season would be EPIC!!! Bravo needs to make this happen.

    • Lol. I dont much like either but it would add drama. This show needs SOMETHING to save it. Bed Hills at least shows money and that is something nobody on RHONJ really has.

  • LOL! Jac tells the truth. But will she tell the truth in a courtroom?! Or just keep avoiding it. hmmm….

  • First the planted story about bitter Lauren getting a divorce and now this. Poor Caro misses tv land. But no-one misses her.

    • Hi sam
      She’s talking about Christy Teigin . A popular model, a host for lip sink challenge with LL Cool J. She’s married to John legend .
      Anyway Melissa was pretty much bustin chops, in that video. Yea I’m sure she’s a fan of Christy. But yea. No , her coming on Jersey. Lol..

      • thanks Holy!

        oh..I remember how I recognize that name..I think Mich was saying this person would be a good fit for RHBH

        “bustin chops”…so cool ?

        • Hi Bitch ??. I’m sorry that just makes me laugh ??. I just love your new name!!

          Anyway. Lord I don’t know why I always call her Christy , when it’s Chrissy. It’s weird. I’m pretty sure I f’ed up her last name too. But yea whatever..

          Anyway. She has made me laugh at times with her , I don’t give a shit tweets about being a mom, and messing up, those make me laugh.
          I don’t care for her political know it all, holier than tho bullshit . Also I’m pretty sure she’s / it was friends wit meatball Manzo. So yea. No not a fan of hers either.

    • Funny thing about this : Chrissy was very tight with the Hamzos and Greggy Bennett when they were on show . Even acted like a big Ahole on WWHL in support of Big Red and Lauren . Why is Meme going hard for her ? Ew. No thanks .

  • NJ has turned a hard corner away from Caroline & Jaq with the popular addition of Margaret. Viewers like how she brought life to the show, seeing someone funny, with a full life, running a business, husband, ex-husband etc. Her stories stood on their own. Women should be cast that don’t pull away from or ride the coat tails of Teresa. Adding new business women from the area would interest me most.

  • Not these 2 old crows. Are producers stupid? Nobody likes these two Wicked Witches from the East. No thank you
    Plus it would be the let’s bash Teresa show all over again, we don’t want to see that! Just give Teresa her own show if anyone can bring in ratings its her and her family. But Meathead and Lush I know I wouldn’t these 2

  • The thing is, RHNJ is basically unique among all the HW’s franchises in that it has NEVER had as good a cast as its original season 1-2 cast. Basically everyone they’ve cast since has been a dud (Kathy/Twins/Amber/Dolores being the worst ones IMO). They need to bring back as much of the original cast as possible. They’re never going to get them all back (I don’t think Dina would ever return if Jaq/Caroline were there), but 3 or 4 is possible. All the franchises are bringing back original HW’s and I really hope RHNJ does too. It hasn’t had a great season since season 4. Oh and I don’t even like Jaq/Caro, just think they’re good TV.

  • I do not buy this story for one second. The Manzos have stayed close friends with a lot of the production team/filming team for housewives and the Manzo series and have made it very clear on their social media they stayed very close with them. The family talking to their friends who they did the series with and the people NOW in charge at Bravo who actually Cancelled the Manzo show and Kicked Jac off the Housewife Show last season are two VERY different things. The Manzo’s now have been off Bravo 17 months and I bet being out of the spotlight is not good for business. (How many fake professions can the Manzo sons have without a show.) Well, Jac, let’s just say I no longer see her popcorn selling in the aisle in the Jersey area Kings stores.

    I think Jac and Carline would jump back in a hot minute to be on the show, and I think Delores probably is pushing hard for that because she needs a gang back and will be out in the cold. I think it would be a big step back if Bravo went that direction. Maybe Bravo would fall for bringing Caroline back but I do not think the public or Bravo missed Jac. I think Siggy greatly hurt the NJ season because she was just insane, but the dynamic of Teresa, Melissa, Margaret and Danielle was fun and when Delores was away from Siggy she meshed well with them too and admitted having fun with them, I say Bravo give the current group a chance. Adding back in Caroline will destroy the entire dynamic of the show again. I think this is just the usual Caroline and Jac contacting the blogs game that happens at this time each and every year. The blog story that producers contacted Kathy and Rosie about coming back to join the show will be running on this site in 3, 2, 1…

    • I always said Caroline in Jealous because she thought she was going to be the break out star of the Jersey franchise, with her Bossy attitude & when it turned out to be Teresa , Caroline got pissed so she’s got to keep throwing her name out there so she’s remembered! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when her show failed!

  • I hope so! I’d much rather have Caroline and Jacqueline than Siggy. Let’s bring them back along with Danielle and have old school NJ again!

    • Seasons 1 & 2 can never be recaptured. It would be like a shitty remake of a classic movie.
      That time is over. Too much water under the bridge if you know what I mean.

  • Um, no thanks. They tried bringing back Jacqueline last year and it was so awkward to watch her and Teresa make up only for them to not be friends again. It didn’t work so try some new fresh casting again. Stop trying to make “fetch” happen with the has-beens.

      • I don’t know what show you were watching but Teresa doesn’t look like she’s afraid of Any body, let alone Loony Jacqueline!

        • lol When I say scared like Jac would do harm to her indirectly because she so vindictive and crazy.. Not scared to fight or confront her.

  • Why are they shoving these two vile sad excuse for human beings down out throat. They brought scary Jacklyn before and the views HATED her. What will change if they decide to come back? nothing. There is nothing interesting about them. I would rather watch a pain dry than these idiots. The current cast is fine. Just look for a replacement for Ziggy and call it a day.

  • For the love of god! I hope this happen, they can save the show because the current cast isn’t working at all. Jac and Caroline always made the show better.

    • No shade here, K’man. Please give me some valid reasons as to how Jac made the show better. I can’t think of one. You do realize her lazy, shitless daughter comes with her.

  • Yeah right – these 2 have absolutely nothing to offer. No one wants to see Carolyn enabling and controlling her adult children.
    Instead of finding friends for Dolores, just give her the axe. She is super boring and needs to go find clothes that will cover her boobs since they are always hanging out.