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Let’s Discuss: Which City Could Be the Next To Get A Real Housewives Franchise?!

Bravo pretty much has the Real Housewives franchises covered from the East and West Coasts and beyond but there’s always room for more.

Every so often there’s speculation about when and where a new franchise may pop up. Lately, speculation has surrounded cities like Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Chicago, and Santa Barbara.

However, Andy Cohen recently revealed which city he’d want for the next show.

“Nashville,” Andy told E! News. “It’s a great city, and it has its own identity. There’s a lot of super rich people, and country superstars and music. It’s a great town.”

Oddly enough, back in 2014 one of our own AllAboutTRH writers chose Nashville as the city they’d love to see a Housewives franchise in. Check out the post here.

Don’t hold your breath for a new franchise though, as Andy made it crystal clear on Twitter that there are no plans, at this time, for a new Real Housewives franchise set in Nashville.

Real Housewives of Nashville sounds like a good idea to me, so maybe Andy should run with the idea! I also think that Real Housewives of Chicago sounds great too! And I’m still waiting for Real Housewives of Philadelphia/Main Line!

Which city would you like to see get a Real Housewives franchise? Would you watch Real Housewives of Nashville? Sound off below!

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  • To be honest I am more into the WAGS wives and girlfriends of sportstars those shows are really good.on E! there doesn’t seem to be the following as the Bravo RHW’s which is a shame.
    Madison WI we know how to drink and not be total slobs.

  • It doesn’t matter what city/area is chosen for a “NEW” house hag franchise. The result is always the same: Same characters. Same story lines. Same wardrobe. Same background music. Same bad editing. Same old, Same old.

  • Ass Andy has to clean up and find a better solution for RH franchise before extending tenticles to other cities.

    • LOL – Yes, he has to do “Spring Cleaning” by tossing out the garbage. The top of the heap to be removed is Shrieki Gonefullofshit.

      • Good afternoon Medusa

        your “top of the heap” reminded me to check something I had a glimpse of ..then forgot about…speaking of Ass Andy and
        him ignoring #RHOC viewers…look what Peggy just tweeted!

        Jan 13

        So on our third margarita #killerseason13


            • Move over… I’m joining your boycott. Petty is the worst addition. Plus keeping the stupid sow Shrieki on seals the deal of making the show Must Miss TV.

              • Agreed?? unless watching this show comes with a box of Zantac , I can’t hack it ! The trifecta of shrieki , kelly and Petty is not my idea of tv enjoyment . I may even drop VP Rules if it doesn’t improve soon

              • Oh poo!!!! The tea is reporting that on that same pic that Petty posted , she’s implying that Lydia is coming back too !! HELL NO ????. The article is there if you want to read it . Again it’s implied not explicitly spelled out

              • I was already unhappy with Vicki coming back and I am not a Shannon fan . I can stomach a little Kelly but no way another season of Puggy and her English as a second language fake antics ?

        • WTF and i don’t usually sware Lyin’LeakyShreaks needs someone.oh yeah she now has Tamrat and Shannon good God that show has run it’s course of all of them.

      • Yes cut the head off the snake she would be the first to go in my world. When I got a message from Bravo OC cast member leaving I was hoping it was Lyin’LeakyShreaks but it was Meg boooo let down already knew she was no new news to me bout OC.

  • I’d like to see one in Chicago and one in San Francisco or Las Vegas!! No Nashville, no New Orleans please!!!

  • Nashville would be too similar to Southern Charm in tone . It’s time for a midwestern state ??. There are rich people everywhere so Bravo shouldn’t underestimate the Midwest

    • As much as I’d like to see Chicago, I feel like it would be such a misrepresentation of our city. I’m sure all the locals feel that way about the HWs in their cities. I’m not really sure where you’d find the wealth combined with the element of ratchetness needed for these shows. Both certainly exist, but I think you’d end up with more like a bunch of Heather Dubrows (who I really like), and not sure the producers would go for that. Not enough nasty drama and fake fighting.

      • You make excellent points swizzle ! The other thing is that the shows have become so volatile and atrocious that no decent women want to be involved with them anymore . I’ve always thought Minneapolis would be a good city ! It’s diverse and I think (?) there is wealth there . SF wouldn’t work because the truely wealthy people are not showy , only the younger techie types are flashy and they’re not really that interesting. It would be like watching an episode of Silicon Valley

  • I seem to recall there was a reality show set in Nashville already….hmmm. As for Philly – let’s hope the Eagles go all the way! I am rooting for them!