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Are Lauren Manzo and Vito Scalia Divorcing?!?!

Lauren Manzo and Vito Scalia haven’t posted any photos together in over a year sparking major speculation about the state of their marriage.

However, it turns out that Lauren and Vito’s marriage is doing just fine.

“Absolutely not true,” Vito said of split rumors.

In fact, Vito insisted that his marriage to Lauren is doing great, telling Page Six, “We are perfect!!!!!!”

Vito claims that people just don’t get that he and Lauren like to keep their relationship private and not flaunt it all over social media.

“We just don’t put our relationship on social media and people can’t seem to understand that,” Vito explained.

This isn’t the first time fans have questioned Lauren and Vito’s relationship as Lauren spent most of her pregnancy complaining about being “alone” all the time.

Despite all the rumors and drama surrounding Lauren and Vito’s marriage, they seem to be doing just fine.

Calling any marriage “perfect” is stretch if you ask me but I think Lauren and Vito are just private when it comes to their relationship and social media. Lauren only just started posting pictures of her daughter so it kind of makes sense. I think Lauren and Vito will be just fine.

Is it odd that Lauren and Vito haven’t posted a photo together in over a year? Do you think Lauren and Vito’s marriage is “perfect?”

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  • “Despite all the rumors and drama surrounding Lauren and Vito’s marriage, they seem to be doing just fine.” So why is this an article ?

  • Poor Caro just hates that RHONJ is on, and she has no show at all, so she has to fabricate stories for the press to get some publicity. Ain’t no-one asking about the Manzo’s anymore. LOL!

  • Don’t nobody give a damn about their marriage…I’m sure it’s just as “perfect” as her parents so let that sink in. Nonetheless perhaps they should’ve kept the same privacy of their relationship on social media as they did on the Reality Show they exploited it on for ratings.

    • Their relationship and subsequent marriage on the show wasn’t volatile, though. They didn’t break up, get back together, have huge fights, etc. It seemed to be pretty solid and not at the forefront of the drama. Or do you mean ‘exploit’ in the sense that their relationship was filmed at all?

  • A shameless, bullshit clickbait headline. Is that what this site has come to? Keep this up and you won’t have to ask me not to visit because it will be another place not worth the time.

    • ?. Omg.., If you aren’t complaining about the spelling and grammar errors of the writers on this Blog, You are complaining about the stories/ articles. I seriously wonder why you even comment on this site.
      Rox has asked you this herself.

      • Pay attention, puh-leeze! I am not the only one complaining about these things. Maybe you’re okay with mediocrity but I strive for personal best – from myself and others. If you call yourself a writer, you should know the basics. If expecting grammar-school level grammar from a ‘writer’ is too high a bar for you, that’s your problem, not mine.

        Click-bait headlines are a bullshit ploy to draw a reader in because the content of the article is shit. They speak to a lack of imagination or talent. The grammatical mistakes that show up here on the regular are inexcusable past the fourth grade. That’s just a fact.

    • For me HelenWheels68

      this is the sites “gossip” part of the site content – so of course it needs to be provocative.

      • A “provocative” headline should at least reflect the content of the story not misrepresent it. This was clearly the case here. In fact, the headline actually contradicted the story.

        Clickbait. Pure and simple. Maybe it just bothers me more than most. It’s lazy not just misleading and I can’t decide which bothers me more. But, that’s me.

        • I guess I don’t see it that way..

          the headline is right from the Page six story, this site just took bits and parts from the story from page six..that to me is gossip. And based on the headline alone – I thought the story would be nuts. For me I just don’t see a hard and fast rule about content it’s more about hype or some stupidity.

          • I don’t come here expecting Maggie Haberman but I also don’t expect lazy recycling of garbage. Again, maybe my expectations on content exceed the capabilities of these ‘writers’ but there’s still no excuse for the semi-literate grammatical content.

    • Clearly this story is made up by Lauren et al. What gives it away is the notion that they have “fans” LOL #GirlBye

  • Considering they’re not on TV any more, who would give a shit?
    Same goes for their “perfect” marriage.

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                      but her comments that were deleted may not return.

                    • Thank you, sammy.
                      Once I was banned, I deleted my account as I don’t post anywhere else. So there’s that.

                    • Khipp!

                      for reals…so luvs can work with IT if she wants to get her IP fair that its listed as banned..pure bull shit!
                      but – totally diggin “Bitch please!”

                      cute avitar! holy shit! welcome back!

                    • Sammy, I don’t know if Luvs IP address was blocked. Her post are showing up as Please Bitch. So she’s here.

                      About the IP address (if blocked) Luvs needs to email Lara and she will straighten it out with IT.

                    • Luv’s actual posts are gone they say “comment deleted” ..Luvs said she deleted her account..sheesh..missed you bud..

                      luvs/Bitch Please let us know if we can help bu…Khipp just went through it!

                    • Sammy – because Luvs deleted her account that’s why her posts are gone. Happened to me when Fred went wonky and I had to delete Shipp. Everything gone. Had to start over. Couldn’t get my user name back. But Khipp is close enough.

                    • I tried so many, but disqus said they were already taken. This phrase was on my Sheldon avi (the one that was hijacked) .

                    • Of course it was hijacked . Uneffingreal ! You have really had a tough time last couple months here and it should have never have been that way . Some straight BS

                    • Luvs, I read all your posts under Bitch, Please! user name < I like it. I have some info for you.

                      I couldn't login/post all day. Each time I did the site said I was banned. So…I emailed Lara, and Roxanne. Reply – paraphrasing – I was caught up in the mess of banning the jerks – IT deleted my IP address, so I had to send my IP address to the site and they finally, just now, straightened it out.

                      All that said, don't go, at least not yet. Lets finish out Jersey. There will be so much to shit and giggle about. After that let the chips fall where they may, posting wise.

                      LOVE BITCH, PLEASE!!! You and the name.


                    • ?????
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                    • Dear Luvs and Khipp

                      Retreat from the site you guys helped build makes no sense. I remember you guys talking (holy/mich/you/Roxie) talking about how this site started


                      Awesome, and I remember you guys talking about all the bull shit you guys had to wade through with haters and not just haters of Giudice – pure haters that wanted to bash/mutilate..just because!

                      Well here this site is..running strong an we (I’ve only been here about since season 3 of RHNJ) we still battle haters and that is a blanket statement – the vicousness of the comments now involve death/cancer etc..and still get personal attacks on mainly RHNJ stories.

                      I too have to wade through a various threads of “personal” convos ..and of course I try to zoom by, but then, I don’t want to miss a comment about RH..some of the personal information that is shared is uncomfortable for me to read. Each day I weigh wether or not to address this, because, last thing I want is a “war” due to stating the obvious, that this is not a chat room but this is a RH site.

                      This previous paragraph cannot be taken as a personal slam to those that it addresses….at some point they must have felt that we exist as well and I am not asking to be included in their personal information – this is a RH site. I know we form familiarity with each other – but holy smokes – each time I see the # of comments, I wonder how much I have to page through to get to the RH convos.

                      I like that newbies like this site – the reason this site rocks is because the orignal people on this site, fought off haters and backed each other when personally jumped.

                      I know that we relate to some things that RH are going through – and we share how this affects us…awesome. But I do not need to know anybody’s sexual information.

                      That luvs an Khipp are contemplating leaving the site they protect is unacceptable. stay and lets have this site return to an RH site….not slam..just go back to being RH site.

                      I needed to state this an is not intended to hurt feelings


                    • Sammy, thank you, for the nice things you said about me, Luvs, and the others, who actually did help build this site for Roxanne. And glad to do it.

                      You should send your post to the front office. Seems “someone (s)” are complaining specifically about you and I as “harassing” them/posters. Yeah, no, what a crock of crap. If anyone has been harassed and targeted it’s been myself, you Sam, Luvs, and some others.

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                    • Done.

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                    • thanks bud!

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                    • Oh yeah Luvs. Since last Friday, thru the weekend we have been dragged. You and I couldn’t even post much yesterday. Yet someone (s) decided Sammy and I are “harassing” THEM. You weren’t mentioned that I know of. The mind reels.

                    • Khipp, I really think it’s one of the “alter egos” taking bullshit to a new level. Seriously, who could it be?

                    • Khipp and Bitch Please, I agree 100% that it is an ‘alter ego’ and I (also) have a sneaking suspicion of who it is!!!! JMO…………..

                    • Standing Ovation, Sam! Very well stated!!!!!
                      We’re great on this end! We actually got snow that has not melted yet!!! Usually it melts within a few hours….. LOL

                    • I really don’t know about that. Look how I created another account & got right back on. Hopefully the IP address really is banned. I think this looney tune has been here for years stirring shit.

                • I did state in my e-mail that if something couldn’t be done about Pokemon, I was seriously thinking of closing down my account and moving on. I guess they did it for me.