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Kyle Richards Picks Which Real Housewives Husbands She Would “Marry, Date or Ditch.”

Kyle Richards has one of the most successful marriages in Real Housewives history, so it’s not surprising that she has very strong opinions when it comes to the men of the various Real Housewives franchises. I mean not every guy can be a Mauricio, even though we can hope!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently sat down with Us Weekly and revealed which Real Housewives husbands she would “Marry, date, or ditch.”

The Real Husbands of Beverly Hills

Obviously, Kyle would marry her hubby, Mauricio!

Ken Todd: “I would marry Ken! Ken makes me laugh.”

Paul Kemsley: “I would date Paul. Paul makes me laugh.”

Harry Hamlin: “I’d have to ditch Harry. I know Harry only superficially.”

David Foster: “I’ll date him. He can buy me a bauble or two to replace the ones I’ve lost, and then I’ll move on.”

Kelsey Grammar: “Ditch Kelsey.”

Paul Nassif: “I would marry Paul. I adore him. He’s so funny, and just has a great sense of humor. We laugh, we have fun. I was just texting with him yesterday, and he’s just great.”

The Real Husbands of Orange County

Eddie Judge: “I would marry Eddie.”

David Beador: “I would ditch Shannon’s [Beador] husband. I don’t like what happened with them, so I’m like, ‘Bye. Sorry.’”

Jim Edmonds: “I would date Jim.”

 The Real Husbands of New Jersey

Joe Gorga: “I would marry Joe Gorga.”

Chris Laurita: “I would date Chris.”

Joe Giudice: “I would have to ditch Joe. He’s put her [Teresa Giudice] through too much. I texted her when she was going through all that stuff with her, and I always relate to her because she has four daughters, and I can only imagine what that would feel like. My heart went out to her. I just feel like he’s put her through a lot.”

The Real Husbands of Atlanta

Kory Bierman: “I would marry Kroy because he’s like family people like us. It feels like he takes his family seriously like my husband and I do, and I like that.”

Gregg Leakes: “I would date Gregg.”

Peter Thomas: “I would ditch Peter Thomas.”

The Real Husbands of New York

Mario Singer: “Ditch.”

John Mahdessian: “Ditch.”

Tom D’Agostino: “Who is Tom?”

As for RHONY Kyle said, “I’m going to do ditch on all three of those. I don’t like any of them. None of those are marriage material or dating material, so I’m going to have to ditch all three. Sorry, I’m going to have to break the rules in this game. That’s a ditch, ditch, ditch.”

I love Kyle’s choices and 100% agree!

Thoughts on Kyle’s choices? Which husbands would you “marry, date, or ditch?”

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  • LOL – As if Kryle IS a catch!!!! She can make any claim she wants. It’s doubtful any of the “other” HW males would want her (except Brokes). I don’t find maRITZio that hot. His eyes droop and he sounds very nasal; as if he desperately needs Sudafed to clear his sinuses. There is nothing he says that is remotely clever or intellectual. Quite the opposite. He sounds under educated (& I know he attended college). She can keep her man. He’s a serial flirt.

    • He didn’t look so good on MDLLA a few weeks ago , a bit frumpy!

      How fabulous was Tracy with Fredrik? They had such chemistry and I’d watch whatever show they’re on! Seeing Fredrick really makes all the LA guys look sad and subpar ?

      • maRITZio has aged. His hair is gray. He has a paunch. His face looks tired & worn. None of that matters, as long as he keeps making good coin.

        I missed that part of MDLLA. I’ll have to catch the rerun. I like Fredrik. But, I am disappointed he teamed up with BFrankelstein. I’d rather watch Fredrik alone than with that self absorbed, omniscient harpy. Of course, the title of their show is: “Bethenny and Fredrik”. Since she’s a R.E. neophyte, that is unfair for her to get first billing.

        • Oh I didn’t even bother check out the Fredrik Bethenny show ? I can hardly stand her on one show , I’m not watching her shriek though another

          It was also sad to see Tracy’s marriage begin to crumble !

          • B & F’s show will start in early February. I won’t be watching. BFrankelstein is the reason I’m skipping it.

            The Blahvo curse persists.

          • What Kryle said about HH, “I would have to ditch him. I know Harry only superficially” doesn’t make any sense. She’s one of GRinna’s besties. HH & LR were pictured hanging out with K & M.

            • It’s hard to ascertain how Kyle really feels or what she means. It’s a different story every time ? but then again ‘PK makes her laugh’ so if we follow that flawd logic , then ANYTHING is possible in her world of alternative facts

              • LOL – It’s Kryle’s basic “flip flop” position regarding HH. As far as Pee-K is concerned, Kryle must have a warped sense of humor OR she’s trying to buddy up to Doorrrr-eeet, to drive a wedge between the Kemsleys & LisaV. Pee-K has not said anything remotely comical, except that HE is an “entrepreneur”…

              • Rain, guess what I read today on RHBH facebook page – Dorrr-eeet has asked maRITZio to sell her house. That explains the reason KyleECoyote suddenly has a love fest for Pee-K. LOL

                • I’m trying to make sense of all of this because Tamara and several other sites have reported that the hosue that Dorit and Pukey occupy is a rental so what exactly at they selling ? Unless this is a different house that where they film . The HW shows are all smoke and mirrors now ??
                  But that would definitely explain the love fest . It was petty when Kyle said in her talking head that LVP is jealous of the friendship between Kyle and Dorit ?? come on this is not high school !!

                  • Kryle IS petty. I don’t know if Kemsley’s house is rented, leased or owned. It does sound very convenient from a SL perspective. YoDULL “used” maRITZio, as her “realtor” on the show, even though in real life, she had somebody else. Marisa Zanuck “used” maRITZio for her FIL’s house when he passed (on the show), even though SHE was a realtor with a different agency. Adrain, Paul & LVP all used maRITZio as their realtor. The only one who never requested his “services” is Blabbi. Look how he treated HER when she faced a C & D letter from Adrain. LOLOL

  • Actually surprised she’d date Pepperoni tits, says what she did about Harry Hamlin ( friends for over 20 years ? But he told a truth about Kim so he’s off list lol) but I do respect what she says about Teresa and how she reached out to her off camera and in private .