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Does Kelly Dodd’s Ex-Michael Want Full Custody Of Their Daughter Jolie?

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 16: TV personality Kelly Dodd (L) and husband Michael Dodd attend the premiere party for Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County" 10 Year Celebration at Boulevard3 on June 16, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Kelly and Michael Dodd’s divorce is getting ugly!

The Real Housewives of Orange County couple decided to end their 11-year marriage over the summer.

Initially, Kelly and Michael’s split seemed extremely amicable, but their divorce has now turned ugly.

“Michael has lawyered up because he wants full custody of their daughter,” a source reveals to Life & Style.

It turns out Michael doesn’t think Kelly is focused enough on raising their 11-year old daughter Jolie; hinting that Kelly is more worried about the limelight and dating than being a mom.

“Michael feels Kelly’s often traveling and busy filming,” the source says. “He is furious.”

For Michael, Jolie is his priority, sources say, explaining that Michael “wants to make sure that she gets all the attention she needs.”

It sounds like these are fighting words. Kelly will not take kindly to these claims at all. I agree that this divorce is about to get very UGLY.

Will Michael and Kelly’s divorce turn ugly? Do you think Michael wants full custody of Jolie? Sound off below!

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  • Michael is an extremely stable, calming presence. A 100% caring, doting father. That man is completely focused on Jolie and her well-being. I would have killed to have a father like that. Instead, I’ll settle for having Michael in my small universe, continue to enjoy our chats and his advice and be proud to call him a friend. That man is amazing. *just one girls perspective*

      • Yup. I’ve tried throwing comments out randomly w/o trying to make it seem like I know everything/am in the thick of things. I don’t, I’m not. But I do keep a place in the Hollywood Hills (just a rental getaway) and I do live in CdM so I see much of what goes down live and in person in both places. Apparently my “tone” on here is taken out of context so I decided to stop trying to engage. But this? Michael is an amazing man and an even more amazing father. I don’t watch the shows but just wondering…was there a scene with Kelly teaching/baking Christmas cookies with Jolie? I guess no. But guess who did?

        • Oh wow that’s amazing ! To be honest I don’t remember seeing you here before so I don’t know what ‘tone’ you’re referring to that has been taken out of context . But you should never refrain from engaging or be discouraged. We all come here and say what we want then leave ? so I look forward to seeing more of you and don’t be afraid to engage me even if you disagree with me ???? deal ?

          I have so many questions about Kelly and Michael but I don’t want to put you in an awakwrd situation and ask intrusive stuff!!! But I’m DYING to ??

          • Unless she is a totrally unfit Mother no matter how much money a man has courts tend to give full custody of girls to their mother.. And if the children are old enough courts take into account what a child wants too.

            • I wish they would try to work something out amicably till their daughter is 18 ! It’s so tragic what they will put her through

          • I’ve been a lurker on this site for years. I’ll continue to lurk. The person who didn’t like my “tone” apologized but meh whatever. Just felt that I needed to comment about Michael. He deserves better than a bunch of unconfirmed speculation. Kelly on the other hand, well now, that’s a whole other story. I don’t know her but I see her around town (as I do almost all the other women) and all accounts of her seem spot on #trainwreck

  • Michael has the right to be concerned but not sure this is the answer . Kelly is immature and impulsive and that’s on a good day

  • He is a very bright guy, the founder and developer of Leap Frog products. She seems to have no career and up until now no way to support herself and family. Reality TV changed that and gave her an exit opp. She does drink too much and becomes chaotic, perhaps Jolie would stabilize her but probably not. Sadly these women want to be famous, not good mom’s. He is a control freak who picks on everything she does.

  • so Kelly likes the fact she is famous and that is a part of the reality show which he signed on for also.ok and she is dating. I would bet money that when her child is with her ,she is not out and about raising hell.
    Michael is bitter that she is done.
    I know abuse very well and I understand her being a brat towards the end. but people do not have any clue what led her to being that way.

  • Both parents are
    – alcoholics
    – violent
    – fight with EVERYONE

    yesterday the up date is – their court date of Jan 5 is pushed back to Feb 24th..I guess about now, both are wiling to
    chew through the chains that they created.

    so I guess – another month of sources said..cuz if anything were happening with this couple..Blood and Guts Kelly is not shy about sharing!

  • Both Kelly and Michael are volatile people and OF COURSE this wasn’t going to be an easy divorce. She said it herself that he wouldn’t divorce her last time ! That poor daughter of theirs ! Sigh ?

      • She mentioned several times how volatile he is and the fights that they get into, unless I’m totally confused . Maybe someone else can shed light ?

        • Yes, Kelly has complained about Michael. However, his onscreen behavior doesn’t match it at all. Ex. Kelly & Michael were at dinner. He was looking at her adoringly as she whined about the food, Michael’s age, etc. In her talking head, she stated that he was annoying her (while at that dinner). Yet, nothing was shown to back that up.

          • I’ve never seen him act out or misbehave on screen , unlike David or other atrocious husbands . Maybe that’s her perception of him or maybe he is smart enough to not be a jerk on camera ?.

            • That’s my point. Michael’s actions don’t match up with Kelly’s charges. I assumed she didn’t like him and everything he did or said would be criticized by her. I’m not sure that’s a viable legal strategy.

              • I hope this doesn’t turn super ugly and that they remember to put their daughter first ! I have to say though , Kelly randomly getting into the car with David Foster doesn’t speak well for her sanity or sound judgment ??

          • When he was painting the inside of the garage and she got on his case about the way he was doing it…hell, if some one wants to do my laundry and they do not sort it like I criticism..just a “Thank you…I will be taking a nap if you need me.”

            • There ya go. I can’t fully defend Michael because I didn’t watch their first season. Maybe, he behaved badly then? idk

              • No, he never acted out. I remember one scene, I think they were at an art gallery and he seemed to be very tipsy, but that’s all and then they show Kelly and she’s screaming at him because he’s had too much to drink and is embarrassing her. Other way around bitch! I think he’s a good looking guy, he can do much better than Kelly.

                • Thanks for clarifying… I agree that he’s nice looking. Pix of him several years ago – he was handsome!!!
                  From what I’ve seen, Michael seems reasonable and enamored with Kelly. She seemed pissed at him because he was quiet & low key. *That’s the type of man I find most alluring. “Still waters run deep.”

              • That first season she did paint an unflattering picture of him and made him out to be a jealous unreasonable man

                • Kirby, Your input establishes a pattern set by Kelly. SHE described her husband a certain way. Yet, he didn’t show it on camera. With “My Kink”, David Foster, it was clear that he didn’t give a damn about fawning over YoDull. He was barely in CA for her years on the show. David Buh-Dorrrr was obviously disinterested in Shannon from their first ep on RHOC. Both wives tried to make their men seem “better” than they were. However, the husbands showed their true colors, in spite of the accolades their Hausfraus delivered. Here, it’s the opposite. Kelly has bad-mouthed her husband Michael in both seasons. He hasn’t exemplified what she has said.

                  • I see your logic and it makes sense and it’s not as if Kelly is reliable in terms of her points of view ?

        • Kelly had a habit of cutting MIchael down. I think it’s something she truly enjoyed. Not once did we see Michael misbehave, not once, but Kelly? Plenty of evidence of her out of control behavior. I think she’s not only exaggerating she’s projecting. She likes to antagonize people and I’m sure she isn’t above doing it with her own daughter, regularly, most likely about her weight, if I had to take a guess.

          • Thanks for reminding me , I guess I went by what she was saying and the story that he ‘refused to divorce her ‘ ! She is quite something isn’t she ? ?

            I have a lunch meeting but be back soon kitten ?????

          • That was fu**ing mean!! You can’t say that about her, you don’t know her as mother!! God, the people in this website are so bitter and mean, get a life!! You’re actually worse than the person you’re criticizing!!

      • That’s where I’m at as well. We saw Kelly cut down MIchael every chance she got and the more she drank the nastier she became, Not so with Michael, he was always amiable, compared to Kelly who was consistently yelling, bitching at every opportunity, even while he was driving!! I hate backseat drivers, LOL I’m surprised he wanted to stay with her as long as he did. Whether he has a drinking problem like Kelly, I don’t know but he seems the more level headed parent imo and that’s where the daughter should be, with him. Kelly only seems interested in going out, drinking, travelling, having fun. Raising a child doesn’t really fit into all of her mothers wants and needs.

      • I’m starting to think she’s the instigator of issues and demise for second time in this marriage . I think he was an ass because if her attitude , wanting to be u set others lol and so on. Hello , we’ve seen her drunk .

      • Alcoholics like Kelly create their kwn version of events and she has the platform so we hear only her side of the story

        • Hiya Kirby ~ Is Kelly an alcoholic? I can’t tell. I don’t assume somebody who likes to drink (even to excess) is necessarily an alcoholic.

          • Her pattern of getting drunk /arguing /crying and apologizing the best day is typical of people who have an alcohol problem ??. She needs to know her limit and not always make a scene

  • I follow Kelly on IG, and it appears she parties hard….when she doesn’t have her daughter. But, when she has Jolie, she is not out and I see Jolie popping up on her Instastory. I can see Michael’s concern. But, from what I see Kelly knows when she can party and when she can’t.

  • So Kelly is working and dating. Except Michael calls it “limelight”. He’s going to have to do better than that to win custody.