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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Will Danielle Staub’s Bathroom Romp Be Exposed On RHONJ Reunion?!?! Plus Was Danielle’s Engagement Cut from S8?

Danielle Staub‘s bathroom sex-romp at the Gorga’s restaurant opening was a scene that everyone was looking forward to seeing during season 8.

However, for one reason or another Real Housewives of New Jersey producers decided to cut the scenes; leaving fans disappointed and confused.

Some claim that Danielle threw a fit and demanded that producers cut the footage from season 8, while others say Danielle’s producer friends were protecting her since the scene didn’t fit with Danielle’s new persona on the show.

Either way, RHONJ missed out on ratings gold if you ask me.

It turns out that the shocking incident isn’t entirely dead and will be discussed at the season 8 reunion.

“The ladies confronted Danielle while shooting the reunion recently,” a source told Radar. “The discussion will air on TV.”

Adding,“So many of the women were disgusted by Danielle. They made sure to call her out.”

One part of Radar’s story we can shut down and say is completely false is the drama between Danielle and Dolores Catania.

While Radar sources claim that Dolores [Catania] confronted Danielle, saying she shouldn’t have had sex in the bathroom with Melissa’s children right next to her. Danielle was vile, saying to Dolores: ‘Maybe if you f**ked like I do, you wouldn’t lose every guy.’ It was offensive.”

This whole scene NEVER happened. Yes, it’s true Danielle had sex with Melissa’s kids about 50 to 100 feet away, but Dolores never freaked out on Danielle. Dolores voiced her disgust but never called Danielle names – the ladies all laughed about the incident at the time.

Trust All About the TRUTH since we were there and saw it all go down first hand. Read our version of events here.

Meanwhile, another scene of Danielle’s that got cut was her engagement to Marty Caffrey, which was supposed to air during last night’s season 8 finale.

It turns out that Danielle’s engagement was cut because she forced production to cut her bathroom sex romp, which pissed off production.

“Danielle’s engagement was filmed with almost all of the Housewives, but they cut all of it out from the show,” an insider snitched. “Danielle’s nasty bathroom sex made it impossible to put anything else about her on the show. She fought with the production company to keep the sickening sex scene out of the show. So, they cut her engagement out of the show.”

Adding,“Her sex in the bathroom was so outrageous. Then a few days later they filmed her ‘surprise engagement. But Danielle threatened to sue if the show aired the sex footage so the producers pulled it and they pulled her engagement footage too. She’s way too much trouble. And her drama was X-rated!”

I think season 8 could have been so much better than it was but it seems that producers are intent to cut dramatic scenes that would bring in viewers. The editing of season 8 has been choppy. It’s clear that scenes are being put together to fit the producers narrative and not how they went down.

Do you think Danielle’s bathroom romp will be discussed at the reunion? Why do you think Danielle’s scenes were cut? Are you disappointed scenes were cut from season 8? Sound off below!

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  • If I recall, wasn’t Danielle in a relationship with a woman a few years back?? She is so afraid for her children, I bet they have seen things there mother has done, that would curl your hair….

  • Danielle is a slimy disgusting whore… This relationship between her and Theresa, is soooooo phoney, its also disgusting…

  • My belief is the clips ending up on the cutting room floor as well as Staub’s demotion post-filming to “friend” rather than a full-time housewife had nothing to do with Danielle having sex in the “Gorga’s” restaurant bathroom. In mid-September, news leaked regarding a racist rant by Staub, recorded by her then-boyfriend, which would be embarrassing for not only Bravo but the other housewives having their names associated with Staub. Blaming Staub’s bathroom sex antics is a way for Bravo and the ladies to distance themselves from Staub without revealing the actual reason. Ironic, given Siggy’s claim of Margaret being antisemitic, no?

    • I heard that video yesterday, she is a vile human being, she snivles about Teresa calling her “Prostitution Whore” and her girls being teased, bullied, yet she can rant racial slurs, have sex in a restaurant with a mic on, then get all bent out of shape that it was being shown, get rid of this phoney bitch for good!!

  • Production tryin to clean up Danielle’s image will neva work because Danielle will neva be a classy lady.
    I just want to know if she recorded this so called conversation with Dull bout Tre. Dull calling her a slob . as far as the party Danielle looked far more put together than Dull and I am not a fan of Danielle I felt sorry for her that she has had a dark cloud over her but that is where it ends.

  • I don’t believe Danielle “forced” the producers not to show the footage. She did it with cameras there.

  • If Ms Marco doesn’t care about filming simulated blow j*bs, and having sex in a bathroom while on vacation then no one should be using her children as an excuse to have better manners. I say haha to Danielle getting some in a pizza joint. Heck go to Pizza Love and do it there too. At least they are still open for business! LOL!

  • Thanks for telling us the truth Lara since you were actually there. Maybe Bravo will add it to the Behind-The-Scenes special? I feel like Soggy is trying to use this cutting room floor situation to support her narrative that ‘things are edited’. It isn’t that big of a deal to me.

  • Lara! I remember you telling us when you guys attended! and the scoops!

    I am confused about Danielle’s engagement and the timing (or editing)

    – in the beginning episodes didn’t Teresa tease Danielle about 19/20 engagements at a gathering
    – and in florida – before memorial – while Danielle had leg in air..M screeches..”this is why 19″ (engagements)

    so which engagement was deleted a new one? If she is already engaged I don’t understand the need
    for announcement of engagement at Pizza opening?

    • Danielle got engaged right after the Margaret’s party or the Gorga’s party – one or the other. They filmed her engagement to Marty – the entire cast was there but for some reason they cut it.