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Camille Grammer Calls Dorit Kemsley Phony and Delusional

Over the last few seasons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have seen a softer side of Camille Grammer but the season one Camille, we all know and love, is back thanks to Dorit Kemsley‘s tactless outburst during this week’s episode.

In her latest Bravo blog, Camille picks apart Dorit’s phony and delusional behavior at Kyle Richards dinner party.

In fact, Camille is so over Dorit, who she admits she barely knows, that she has no interest in getting to know her any further.

Talk about burning a bridge, Dorit!

See what else Camille had to say below!


It feels good to be back in the fold. I was so happy to join the ladies in Vegas. We had a blast! The best part was catching up with Kyle, Lisa, and Adrienne. So many fond memories from past trips: Vegas, New York, Hawaii, Colorado, and Ojai. The jokes we shared, the dancing, hair flipping, and wordplay. We have had many belly laughs together throughout the years, as well as hardships. At the end of the day, what matters most is that we can cut through the pettiness and drama when it really counts and support each other. Let’s see what happens this year.  

In Vegas, I was delighted to meet Teddi, the new girl in the group. She is down to earth, fun, and easy going. What a great addition. She brings a fresh perspective being a young mother of two and an accountability coach. We’ll see if she has what its takes to hold some of the ladies in our group accountable. I believe she may. She is the real deal, quite opposite to Madame Dorit Kemsley, the Duchess of her own universe who shocked me by her behavior at Kyle’s dinner party. To drink or not to drink, Dorit—that could be your conundrum.  

My first encounter with Dorit was at a luncheon I hosted at my home in Malibu. My first impression was that she was pleasant company until she and Eileen kept going around in circles over an event that happened last year. I have not had the opportunity to get to know Dorit, nor do I want to after Kyle’s dinner party. Since we have had limited interaction, I was shocked when she shouted out, “Camille, you stupid c—!” Really, Dorit?! Are you kidding me?! Who at the table lit the fuse on her tampon? 

David, my boyfriend, had arrived at Kyle’s party after work. I was nervous to introduce him to the ladies because you never know what might happen. He had just finished meeting the group when Dorit starts with the outrageous and inappropriate comments. Why would PK and Dorit ask me to be the godfather if they were to have another child? Bizarre request even if it was a joke. Then she shouted Camille you…blah blah blah. I don’t know why or what prompted her to say this. I barely know her, and I was at a loss for words, so I choose to take the high road and not respond. I also didn’t want to make David feel any more uncomfortable at that very moment. I see that she chose this dinner to humiliate herself in front of my boyfriend. This is the exact reason why I was apprehensive to bring David around this group. Ouch! Was her comment meant to be rude, controversial, or stupid? I enjoy my time with Kyle and Lisa V, but I’m not so sure about their new best friend. So, where do we go from here? We’ll see. 

I want to thank the fans of RHOBH for all of your well wishes and support during my first cancer battle and recent diagnoses. I am doing well and in remission. I will continue to raise awareness for female below the belt cancers. For info, go to I’m the third generation to be inflicted with a GYN cancer. My mother continues to fight her battle today. 

Until next time. Cheers! 


I have liked Dorit more and more this season, but her behavior at Kyle’s party was just way too much. I’m glad Camille called her out, and I think these two will have some intense drama moving forward.

Thoughts on Camille’s blog post? Is Dorit phony and delusional? Did Dorit cross the line during Kyle’s dinner party? Sound off below!

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  • Dorit came to town with Boy George and Humpty Dumpty, but it looks like she’s the one who takes a great fall!
    (Honestly can’t decide if PK looks like an egg or a potato)

  • O/T Bitter Lauren (RHONJ) is so thirsty there is a story in the NY Post of how she is not getting a divorce. Oh puleezze!

  • I really like Camille thought she was a first class B^%$# the 1st season wanted her gone, and off her high horse.. I think she has redeemed herself .
    She may have deserved the attack the first season but not by Dorit the fake.Hard to believe dorit and Pump are friends I read somewhere that Dorit designed for Pump how they got to know eachother. I LOL when she said she is not afraid of Pump. B&^$@! U better be,Pump seems to slither her way outta lots of bad situations like she is charmed or sold her soul to the devil …
    Camille maybe a snob but Dorit will never be a lady,I hate to admit I was happy when Dorit showed herself to be the fake low class wanna be I always thought she was.
    Just cause she knows people doesn’t make her popular.
    Camille handled the situation in the totally opposite way I would of but neva said I was a lady,Dorit would of neva disrespected me again.
    Camille will get her Revenge watch your back Dorit …….

  • LOL! Camille’s offended?! After the dinner party with her psychic friend lashing out at Kyle and getting it wrong….. hahaha!!!

  • There are folks you never want to meet in the daylight out in LA and Dorit and her hubs are two of them. I have never seen such theatre and pretentious phony crap in my life, and I lived there almost twenty years. Camille has shown some dignity and grace maintaining her ire. I detest Dorit, I feel she should review her intake of all substances, she is bats.

  • My gawd wth. What was she drinking! ? Does she have undiagnosed Tourette’s? Why would someone just blerp out something so incredibly crass AND random. ??

  • I still say, we aren’t seeing the full picture of what really went down at the dinner party. There’s a disconnect between one moment and the next. What do the producers not want us to see that this whole scene had to be butchered so badly?

    Too bad for Camille, the moment she decides she’s safe to bring her boyfriend around and Dimwit ends up calling her a c*nt. Everyone is allowed a drunken moment or 2 but it was so over the top. Coupled with her diva behavior the whole episode, she’s on the outs for me. Don’t think she can do anything to be in my good graces again but we will see.

    I wish Camille wouldn’t be so guarded all of the time, we need to see more of season 1 Camille!!

    • Camille was smart to say nothing at the moment because it made Dorit look worse . I don’t remember anybody in the history of Beverley Hills calling someone that name and this cheapens the show and makes it feel like the OC . Camille showed claws in her blog and it’s going to get interesting. She was minding her business when this faux Brit loon came for her

      • I agree totally bae. I just hope Camille came to play and not do what’s she’s been doing, observing. I do enjoy her coming after Dimwit in her blog but I want to see some fireworks on the show as well!

    • Good observation. The editing of the housewives franchises is crap. Most scenes suffer from curious and funny inconsistencies (i.e. glasses of wine going from half empty to full in seconds; or lunch starts out in daylight, but ends in darkness). However, there times where something significant must have transpired, but wasn’t shown. Only a discordant reaction is seen to signal that something is amiss. The film editors must be from the local high school.

      • Most of the time I don’t really notice it because I’m usually multi-tasking but Duhreet’s comment literally came out of left field, there was no context for it.

    • Only if she brings back the authentic Camille, season 1 Camille. Otherwise, she’s a snooze.

        • The psychic told Andy to fuck off, so I doubt she will be making an appearance. I saw a real interview with her, not a Bravo interview and she said she would never do TV again, in any capacity. You could tell, just by looking at her, it had taken a toll.

          • That’s hilarious. He deserved that. All the more reason to bring her back but sadly, it doesn’t sound like it will happen now. Andy is thin skinned.

  • Camille knocked this one out of the park. Dorit behaved like a rude drunk teenager and should be treated as such ?. I wonder if Madame Dorit will catch on

  • One of the things I love about Camille, is she can deliver a real zinger. All of her WWHL shows are a must watch, because she sure can zing Kelsey on those. Loved Camille’s, “Madame Dorit Kemsley, Duchess of…” and “Who at the table lit the fuse on her tampon?”: hahahahaha

        • dorit prentends she’s a brit,
          she drinks like shit,
          swears like her crotch is lit,
          and yuck, she’s besties with splits.

          • Worst of all: Doorrr-EAT is married to Harvey Weinstein’s look-a-like. Pee-K is a sleazy con man who owes Barclays Bank of London millions of dollars.

            • Does he still owe Barclays millions!? Hope they serve them based on everything shown like, the purchase of those expensive plates/sunglasses/Birkin Bags etc. They are fools to flaunt everything on TV! Boy George has a pretty bad rap sheet in the UK too, birds of a feather…

              • At the time he started on the show (last season), he hadn’t repaid his loans. Since he’s avoided England since moving to BH, it’s most likely that Pee-K hasn’t coughed up the money. I agree with you about Boy George. Due to his crime, he lost me as a fan.

  • I adore Camille, looking forward to seeing more of her on the show.
    Too bad they didn’t demote Dorit to a friend, and bring back Camille full time, she’s a lot more interesting.

  • Dorit deserves the criticism. Her unprovoked random, drunken outburst was uncalled for. As retaliation, Camille delivered her famous “shrug” to Doorrr-eeet within her blog. Get ready for: Blonde vs Blonde. Game on.

  • This blog alone is why Camille should’ve been back FULL TIME over Teddi. She knows how to bring it in the drama department and we are way more invested in every aspect of her life from rooting for her in finding new love as well as following her ongoing battle with Cancer. Bravo made a HUGE MISTAKE using her as a part time castmate for sure.

      • I don’t think they’re friends anymore and I’m guessing it’s due to Camille and unfulfilled Kyle ( lol) being friends now

    • Problem is, Camille is holding back, not on the most current episode or her blog but she’s doesn’t bring it and hasn’t for a long time. She’s too guarded because she doesn’t want the backlash she received after season 1. That’s the real Camille and if she brings that Camille back, hell yeah but I don’t think she wants to be seen as that person.

      • IDK if you check your messages Fiddle but if you do you should come back over to the other place on the same thread. Another commenter has joined in and is slaying!!!

        • Hey girl, I was just getting ready to send you a message. I’m going into the same thread, heads up girl!

            • I’m just leaving you a message right now, the Phaedra thread. I’m going to bookmark it, so I don’t have to go in search of it everytime! LOL

                • TNC – Pardon me for chiming in… I checked out the other site and stumbled upon a thread about Teddi. Is the troubling poster you both are referring to: bem—-? From what I read, I am stunned by the interchange. It seems out of character (from when I last posted there in Sept.). She doesn’t sound like the same person I used to joke around with. Now, there’s vitriolic bating of certain posters. I wonder wtf happened to see a shift from light banter to unfriendly nagging….???

                  • Hey Medusa!!! Yes, it’s Bem and she’s been doing this for awhile. I stopped responding to her about a year ago and she left me alone for awhile but then would start making little digs and I would ignore it. Then one day I snapped and we got into it again and I basically told her to stop. Then about a week later she started again. I had several posters tell me they were shocked at how she was attacking me. Fiddle also stopped talking to her when she saw how she went after me and that pissed Bem off too. She’s been antagonizing us the last few days and now she’s got an audience over there thinking she’s the victim. She’s been really awful and said some horrible stuff but of course those posters haven’t seen all of that and now she’s the victim. Oh well. How are you doing?!? I miss you so much over there.

                    • Hi again, TNC ~ It’s astounding to read of the downward trajectory of her retorts. I noticed a lot of nasty interchanges that dragged on for quite a while. I’m surprised the mod hasn’t intervened. (*I was blocked for much less.*) I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking. I miss commenting “over there” with you, FDD and few other posters. However, after the outward bating I read today, maybe it’s for the best that I’m not there. I would have trouble containing my ire of being constantly goaded.

                    • Hey Medusa!! What happened yesterday was actually MILD compared to what she’s done before. I’ve actually had several posters in the past asking why she was coming after me constantly. Heck one of them even told me one time on a separate thread that they saw the exchange and couldn’t believe how she was attacking me but thought I handled it really well. I thanked her and told her I appreciated it. No names were mentioned and the mods freaking removed those two comments. She hates Lisa with an absolute passion and is pissed off that others don’t hate her like she does. She accuses some of us of “holding court” over there and has said on numerous occasions that she’s “smart enough to see Lisa for who she really is unlike those that drink her koolaide” and other disparaging remarks. She absolutely can’t stand it that she can’t control the narrative over there and isn’t the “Queen Bee” of the boards over there. There were even a few posters over there today that stuck up for us but the mods removed those yet left the ones fawning all over her and telling her how sorry they are that she’s being “attacked.” She loves playing the victim!! Thankfully they removed some of her posts too though. I guess the mods love her or something because they let her get away with murder. I know some other people that got banned at the same time you did and it was just a two week suspension and others have mentioned that they’ve emailed the mods asking to be allowed back and they’ve let them come back. I don’t know if you would be interested in testing to see if you just got a two week ban that’s been lifted or emailing the mods but we miss you soooo much over there and people still ask about you. I know it would be hard to email them after what they did to you but it would be so awesome to have you back. I seriously can’t believe the mods did that to you when they let others get away with murder.

                    • Hi TNC ~ I have no problem if someone has strong opinions about the house hags. However, there’s no way to alter another person’s entrenched opinion. That is the reason I don’t understand why Bem is so dogmatic & insulting to you (& anybody else). When I posted there, Bem & I had a different POV about LVP. We agreed to disagree and that was it. No other issue popped up. I didn’t encounter the acrimony with her that I saw today as she railed at you & a few others. It’s really weird to see such a difference. I wonder if another person took over her moniker; or she really changed…

                      I didn’t realize others were banned at the same time as I was. I could contact the moderator and inquire about being reinstated. I felt too much time passed and I missed the moment. The worse that happens, I get denied and I’m no worse off than I currently am. Since it’s the weekend, I’ll do it next week. xoxo

                    • Yay, I’m soooo happy you’re going to contact them. EVERYONE is going to be so happy that you’re back!! I’m so excited!!! I’m telling you so many people have missed you and even recently were asking about you!!

                      I used to not have a problem with Bem either until she got insulting in what she was saying, then I just stopped responding to her and she left me alone for the most part except for the occasional digs. One of the times I snapped back at her she accused me of telling other posters to attack her and bad mouth her all the time which is something I would absolutely never do and is against the rules but is just not who I am. I ended up catching her in a lie but didn’t realize it at the time. One person told her to block me if I was bothering her so much and she said she had had me blocked but unblocked me to try and “work it out.” Well if she had me blocked then how would she have known I was supposedly saying all these horrible things about her. It was ironic because the person that was talking to her told her she wasn’t trying to make up with me but was trying to start something and Bem just said “okay.” Well she ended up attacking this very person last night even though they would still chat even after this person stood up for me. I just don’t understand why she’s behaving like this but she does absolutely love it when some people don’t know the history or how the boards work with comments sometimes showing up out of order and thinking she’s the victim. She just loves that victim card!

                      But anyway I’m just so excited that you’re going to try and come back over. Soooooo many people are going to be sooooo happy to see you back!!

                    • TNC ~ Thanks for the welcome mat… BUT, first, I have to be accepted by the moderator… So, I’m cautiously hopeful about re-entry to the group.

                      As for your description as to how things have devolved with Bem, it’s UN-believable. I really can’t believe this!!! It sounds as if she flipped her lid. Although, it’s rather ironic that she would do the very thing she accuses LVP of doing: “using the victim card” 😉

                    • You may be able to come back without even talking to them since some people only got a two week ban but I don’t know if they had to work that out with the mods or not. I’m really sure they would let you come back and I’m just astounded they banned you in the first place. They let some people get away with murder over there.

                      As for Bem you just don’t even know the half of it and the things she’s said and done to me. I was perfectly content just ignoring her but then that one day I snapped back at her after her continual digs. I really thought she would leave me alone after that until she did it the next week. I responded to that again and once again thought it was over. She stopped for a little bit again but started up again slowly with Fiddle and me and then just lost it yesterday with us. It’s so frustrating that the people sticking up for her don’t know what’s happened especially in the past and we look like the bad guys. The mods removed posts sticking up for us but left up the ones defending her which is just so frustrating. It would shock you the way she’s behaved and the things she’s said to me in the past. It would’ve shocked me too if someone told me she would start doing this to me while I was still getting along with her. Hopefully she’ll stop now though, fingers crossed!

                      I’m just so glad you’re willing to talk to the mods even after the way they treated you. I’m really sorry that happened to you but soooooo many people are going to be so happy to have you back!!!

                    • To this day, I can’t post there. This is way past 2 weeks. It’s over 4 months. Obviously, I am still blocked.
                      The moderator / powers-that-be can do as they please. It’s ‘their house, their rules’. I accept it.
                      FYI: I must add that I am not against the mod at all. She/they have a tough job trying to discern who is a troll & causing problems. There was a time when she/they did something extraordinary on my behalf. For that reason alone, I am forever grateful.

                      You’re right that I am very surprised as to what has occurred with Bem. I guess I didn’t really know her very well.

                    • I know several people mentioned getting in contact with the moderator and being allowed back. I’m sure they would let you back. You have absolutely no idea how many people have missed you and still ask about you. What did they do for you, if you don’t mind me asking. You completely don’t have to tell me, I was just wondering. I still can’t believe they ever blocked you in the first place. There are some people they let get away with murder over there.

                      I was just as shocked with Bem as you were. Fiddle and I think she wants to be seen as the “queen bee” or something over there and accuses us of “holding court.” It’s like she can’t stand it that she can’t control the narrative. You have never treated anyone the way she’s treated some of us yet they haven’t banned her. I really think if you talk with the mods they’ll let you come back and I’m just so happy you’re willing to do it. Everyone will be soooo excited!!!

                    • It’s nice to hear that the “regulars” still remember me, let alone would like my return. However, bear in mind, popularity within the posters holds no sway over the moderator(s). None. Zero. Zilch.
                      I must have “done something” to deserve being banished. I’m not completely sure what it was.
                      Since the blocking isn’t equitably applied, it makes posting there a challenge. One has to watch what one posts.

                    • I’m just glad that you’re willing to talk to the mods about the possibility of coming back. I still just can’t believe they ever banned you in the first place but I really do think they’ll let you come back. I know some of the others that were banned at the same time talked to them and they were allowed back. We miss you so much over there and we especially need you while BH is on so you can remind everyone of how vile Kyle is. I just remember you always had her number from day one and initially I liked her but then she did something (I don’t remember what it was exactly) but I was like, “now I see exactly what Medusa has been talking about this whole time!!! Hopefully you’re able to talk to the mods soon and come back (I really think they’ll let you come back) and everyone will be sooooo excited to see you! BH isn’t the same over there without you!!

                    • Hiya TNC ~ Today (1/18), I sent a message to the mod asking if I may return… I’ll let you know the result. (fingers crossed)

                    • I had to change user name and such from being harassed just cause a difference of opinion some fans are Fanatical to each their own.

                    • Really? Was that your only option to post in peace??? That’s terrible.

                      A few years ago, I was forced to change my moniker 4 times due to a troll who stole mine & ran amok through many gossip sites, annoying other posters.

                    • I am not a fighter and will not attack people for their opinion . I did finally figure out how to just to block .I am computer self taught and still learning . I never knew I could report someone back when I first started posting on blogs.

                    • That is very much appreciated thanks for that me2 lol but I keep learning more like Stubborn as my fam says

              • Hey Fiddle, if you check your messages you should go check out last night’s thread. It’s like the twilight zone over there.

                • I saw it. Looks like people are coming to her defense, why I don’t know. If they read all of her responses, it’s clears she’s harassing people. I’m leaving it alone, I don’t want people turning the tables on me or you.

                  • Yea, I was going to respond to one of them but decided against it and maybe this will embolden her and she’ll keep doing it so they see how she is. I just can’t believe what’s going on and she’s loving every bit of playing the victim card.i just hope other people that aren’t new and that we enjoy talking to don’t turn on us because of this.

                  • Hey Fiddle, I was back over on the other thread and there are some people sticking up for us!! It’s kind of awesome and her responses to you and me were deleted!!!

                    • Ugh!! It looks like they deleted the people who were sticking up for us. I got screenshots. The poor victim Bem comments are still up but I’m hoping they’ll remove those although probably not. They deleted several of our comments too. I can’t believe they removed the ones sticking up for us. The poster Maria did a wonderful job setting Sadie straight without naming names and that was removed. She did such a good job. There was also another poster that responded to SmartAss when Smart Ass said, “it’s a sad cry for attention and poster Teresae responded, “it’s constant and annoying. Ugh!! Maria did such a good job explaining things to Sadie and they removed it, ugh! I’ve got screenshots though so at least other posters are aware of her.

                    • See, this is what I wanted to happen, the bitch getting her ass slapped by the mods, not us. It worked out perfectly!!

                    • IDK because our comments got deleted too but why the eff are the poor Bem comments still up from her sympathizers?? I can’t even begin to tell you how good Maria’s response was and it was deleted. She said, “That is terrible when they take it too far. Unfortunately there are people that are trying to be provocative and try to get a ride out of people. They persist until it becomes name calling. Then they whine they are being bullied. We all ha babe different points of view and we can have spirited debates but some take it too far. 99% of commenters are just out to have fun but once in awhile you run into a troll who just wants to ruin things and should be ignored.”

                      SAP responded. “Exactly when someone comments on every single one of your posts negatively, and then when you react they start making it personal, it gets annoying.”

                      Maria then said, “yes very much so. For the most part I ignore them, but there are times where I say my peace because I get tired of the constant spin and woe is me.”

                      Sorry for the novel but the freaking mods deleted those comments but not the poor Bem ones. WTF?!? Ugh, it’s so frustrating!!

                    • I did see both of those posts. If you respond to anything that has been flagged, responses generally get deleted as well. I’m just glad there was some action. It should give her some warning she’s not right to come after people without provocation, it isn’t right.

                    • I’m glad you saw them because I can’t see them anymore. It’s just not right for them to delete the ones sticking up for us and not her sympathizers because none of those posts were flagged. She’s had posts deleted before and it hasn’t stopped her but I kinda hope that since she has sympathizers that she’ll keep doing it because she LOVES the victim card. She’s going to drone on and on and on on Monday nights episode when the lawsuits are brought up but I’m not going to let her run me off from there. We should be over the top in our LVP love on that night. Lol

                    • I don’t use facebook either, but I do have an account, like you. I don’t want to pass information along on this thread, too busy. I’m out for a few hours but I’ll come up with a way we can exchange information. I don’t want to keep using this site as our go to, they are a refuge for me and I don’t want to make anyone mad for misusing the site for our own purposes. Later babe! ??

                    • Okay, that sounds good and we can maybe exchange our info on the original post we used the first time over here since it’s such an old post. I don’t want to misuse this site either!! I’ll see you whenever you get back!! ?

                    • I think the best way is to go through twitter, if you are game. Would you be up to having your son help you set up an account?

                    • That sounds good and I will see about having him help me set up an account with twitter!! I hope you’re having a lovely evening!!!

                    • I have a twitter name now, yay!! I’ll give it to you when we’re both on here so then I can delete it right after. Hope you had a terrific weekend Fiddle!! ?

                    • Here I am….
                      Why don’t you tell me your name, don’t add @ and then I’ll tell you when I’ve rcvd and you delete msg. Then I’ll DM you on twitter, sound good?

                • TNC, first of all you need to go back to the thread and flag every one of her remarks to you. She’s taking this too far. Unfucking believable!! She’s now harassing people and that’s not cool.

                  • Have you flagged any of hers??? There’s actually someone over there sympathizing with her because apparently they don’t understand how the board works and didn’t read down to see all of her remarks. Of course she’s playing up the victim card.

                    • Yep, all of the ones to you, me and SmartAss. Those comments are definitely targeted harassment.

                    • Okay, I’ll flag too. She’s freaking out of control. I loved all the things SmartAss was saying to her?? I was rolling with laughter!

                    • She’s really going over the edge and having a serious meltdown. I hope she keeps it up and everyone will see what a loon she is. I almost want to set her up, making outrageous pro LVP comments that will surely make her lose her mind! LOL

                    • OMG we should do that!!! The thread is open over there right now and she’s all wound up so now would be a good time!! I flagged her comments.

                    • I’m not sure what to say, I don’t want to overplay it. It needs to be very sneaky so she doesn’t understand the true nature of the comments.

                    • I get what you’re saying. I just want to take advantage of how wound up she is right now but like you, I’m not sure what to say either. We could start a conversation about how charitable she is. I was reading up about one of her lawsuits earlier and there was a source that said she wasn’t even aware it had been filed because she was over giving 1200 vaccinations to dogs that had been rescued from Yulin and the suit was filed over an oral agreement that they had. We could just start off with how charitable she is and stuff like that. Ooh, we could talk about how she’s the most charitable housewife ever and how admirable it is.

                    • Ooh we could say that we wished the show would focus more on Lisa’s charities and all the good she does an go from there. She hates it when people talk about Lisa’s charities.

                    • Ooh, I haven’t seen that. I think we should definitely go with the charity thing. You’re awesome at starting convos but I’ll do it if you want. We just need to post it up at the top!

                    • One big problem discussing LVP unprompted, I have a feeling bitch will come back with your always talking about LVP, even on a Teddi thread. I’m inclined to leave well enough for now and save for a LVP blog. She’s doing a pretty good job of showing her agenda.

                    • We can definitely leave it alone if you want, I just wanted to seize the opportunity with her being all wound up right now. I don’t think she would say anything about always bringing Lisa up because that’s all she’s done today. I thought she was finally exposing herself but she’s got sympathizer. Ugh!!

                    • She’s keeping a spreadsheet. I don’t want to giver her anything to hold against us. I just saw a comment where she’s moaning about people using her own words against her.

                    • YES!! She always goes and ruins everything. Her sympathizer is too stupid to see that even while she’s doing her victim act she’s putting other commenters down. Ugh!!!

                    • She’s over there literally waiting for anyone to say anything. Pathetic!!
                      I hate to snark/bitch and run but my kids need my attention. Loved the chat, have a great evening!!??

      • Thank You ! I find Teddi boring too. Umm does she have a sense of humor? Lord , crack a smile once in a while, How about laugh?!
        Oh and Camille.. She needs to let her Jersey Italian out of that freakin idiot Dorit !! Flip a table on that bitch. Knock her into next week!!??

        • HAHAHAHA. So over Dorit and her diva fakeness?. I thought I was the only one who doesn’t like Teddi she’s boring and I’m tired of hearing about how frugal she is LMAO . What else she got ?

        • So far, Teddi hasn’t had anything to laugh about. She was introduced by Door-eeet, who has saturated Teddi with spiteful remarks about GRinna. Erotika has tried to marginalize Teddi to be an underling. Overall, there’s been nothing to smile about, yet.