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AllAboutTRH Exclusive! What’s Next for Siggy Flicker After RHONJ?

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Although Siggy Flicker may be leaving RHONJ she doesn’t have any bad feelings towards the show. AllAboutTRH spoke exclusively with Siggy about her departure and what’s next for the Jersey girl.

Siggy made it clear that she is leaving on good terms and that her departure had, “nothing to do with Bravo and nothing to do with Andy Cohen.” Furthermore, she wishes the show success stating, “I have nothing but love for Teresa, Melissa and Dolores and I know that they are going to rock next season!”

So what’s next for Siggy? It should come as no surprise that family comes first:

“Michael Campanella comes first – my husband lost a year of me. I spent 4 months filming the show and then another 4 months reliving it. We plan on spending one week a month in Boca at our second home.”

If you think Siggy is just going to spend her days sipping margaritas on the beach – think again! Siggy already has plans to follow her passion by working on her women empowerment speaking engagements along with getting more involved with Jewish organizations:

“I’m planning a trip to Israel to meet with the Prime Minister and of course doing lectures with my adorable father. My passion is educating about the Holocaust. My father has spent his entire life recognizing those that are not Jewish, yet risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews. He is responsible for recognizing over 18,000 righteous gentiles and I want to walk in my fathers footsteps and make a difference.”

As for what she has learned by being on the show?

“I will never put my life in the hands of an editing partner again. I’ve also learned a lot about friendship, and how grateful I am for Dolores Catania. She is a true friend.”

When asked about her costar, and friend, Teresa Giudice Siggy states that, “She is one of the strongest human beings I have ever met. I adore her. I’v’e watched her every single day become braver and braver.”

From her overall experiences, Siggy states that “I’m best unedited, uncut and raw. Like Wendy Williams said, ‘it wasn’t the right fit for me.’ “

You can view Wendy’s comments on her friend Siggy via the video below (around the 17 minute mark:)

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Siggy many times since she began the show and am glad to see that she is following her heart. I feel her next move will suit her and truly reflect her passions. We wish Siggy all the best!

Thoughts on Siggy’s next moves? Do you agree with Wendy?

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  • For Siggy to think she can add to any kind of women’s empowerment is a laugh. Crying and behaving like a baby when someone says something you don’t like is not empowering. She is childish and a brat. She can’t make a decision for herself (hence her husband and her father), so what makes her think that she can advise women to do so for themselves. Her behavior this season has been reprehensible — huge display after cake incident, crying jags for weeks over being called Soggy, hating on Margaret even after Margaret apologizes, making faces and displays of craziness behind Margaret’s back, being completely rude to Marge Sr when refusing to meet her, and being obsequious and self-indulgent when she went to Margaret’s party and then stole Dolores and Teresa. Good riddance, so glad she’ll be gone next season!

  • Someone is trying to save her reputation. I hope she really commits to this endeavor and it makes her a better person.

  • I liked Siggy first year, and Dolores. I still do like Doris I think she’s someone honest and loyal I do I’d friend her in real life. But Siggy. Ugh Siggy. Siggy is a walking billboard for Siggy. See I humble people. I think humble people are overlooked, but they wouldn’t care because … well cause they’re humble. Siggy is the exact opposite of humble. She seems to think that LOUD, self aggrandizement, in your face and bragging are women empowerment traits. No, they’re not Sig. they’re all ego produced fake phony shtick for attention getting. It’s called narcissism. She needs an audience to look at her beauty or what she thinks is beautiful and boy does she think she’s all that and a bag of clip ons. This chickie needs an audience to let her spiel on and on cause she loves the sound of her thick fast talking NY doopid accent. (Sorry NY, love you grew up there no shade). She LOVES herself yes Siggy we KNOW you LOVVVE yourself so much because you KNOW your WORTH and you have slammed that down our throats from here to Teaneck Jersey forever and ever AHMEN.
    You know what I think she needs to calm it down down dowwwnnnn. She needs to quit thinking she’s got an answer for everything relationship wise sorry but I don’t see an expert here. I see a pretty wily self promoter who’s over confident in themselves and you know … there’s something about her that reminds me of the fella with orange hairs in Washington actually. The bravado and arrogance and the never ending need to be the center of the universe. Yeah I’m not a fan of the Flicker. She just has no humility. Did I say I really like humble people? Yeah well I do. Buhbye Soggy?? See ya on Dancing ?? with the D list Starzzzz ??

  • Every topic becomes her passion , so ridiculous . Full of shit Sigalit. And what’s next ? Hopefully lockdown without Internet access .

  • I find Siggy to be the worst type of woman – she uses and kisses up to only those women she thinks can help her whether it is Teresa, a rich and connected Boca Housewife, or connected blogger or media types for example. Siggy felt Margaret was a threat to her popularity on the show, and her pecking order with Teresa and the other ladies so she set out to destroy Margaret from the outset for a very Minor slight (Margaret dared plan a beautiful memorial ceremony the beast). For those paying attention Siggy even told Margaret it isn’t I just don’t like you, I want to destroy you. Even after Siggy knew Margaret was not Anti- Semtic, she told Margaret that to her face in Italy in apology, her Dad said she was not, Siggy in an act of libel and slander told the NY Daily News, and NY Post that Margaret was in fact an Anti Semite and wrote on twitter Margaret was AntiSemtic. Those accusations can destroy somebody’s life and career and can follow them around in print for decades. The only reason I believe Siggy does not have a 20 million dollar defamation lawsuit filed against her by Margaret is because of the contract they sign where they can’t sue other housewives because legally Margaret would win millions against Siggy slam dunk. Siggy knows this too and that is why she slandered Margaret in the press a second time because she knew the Bravo contract protected her outrageous actions. But this is also why Bravo had to immediately fire Siggy after the NY Post and NY Daily News Anti Semitic stories ran. It was during the same timing as the reunion when the purchasing of twitter trolls came forward. Bravo had no choice but to fire Siggy immediately because Bravo can not let a Housewife use the Bravo Housewife contract as a shield to slander another Housewife with false racist, legal or antisemtic claims that could destroy someone’s reputation. False legal claims made about Kandi on the Atlanta series also brought a firing — there is a line, even for Bravo.

    Siggy played very, very dirty and lost. She is going to have a very hard time rebuilding her reputation and her thinking that politicians and the press in Israel will embrace her after all her bad press and false claims of Anti Semitism is so incredibly deluded. Siggy really needs a mental evaluation if she thinks her actions have been interpreted as upstanding and heroic in the Jewish community. Making false claims of AntI Semtism is not applauded, and in fact hurts believability and credibility to the horrible, actual evil acts of Anti Semtism in society today that need to be called out and reported in the media.

    • WOW…jshappday

      so cool to see your posts!

      I agree, I am flumoxed by her behavior! No matter what age the woman is, why would she choose to show her ass in this manner? I mean I don’t understand, at some point this season, each cast have refused to flip on Mag’s – including her own dad. Respecting diversity is a paramount and equating that person to a hate group is at the very least – irresponsible and at very most she was bullying Mags.

      To fall down the stairs she usually clomps down, preparing to go out with hubby ..etc..no falling..this ONE time..she concentrated a little to hard on how she will hate on Mags. Glad Mags threw her out https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6fd9179c9b99a48e924b6cce9ac6a3898e5fbcffc6af46352d1fd112bf4a9a1a.gif

    • If housewives can’t sue housewives then how is that smelly bitch from Miami Housewives suing Brandy??

      • The contract is within the same city (show) I should clarify – Brandi was with BH and JoAnna was with Miami. I know they still have the no lawsuit clause within each city but I do not know if they expanded it to include every Housewife of every show – they probably can’t do that because the scope would be too wide and cover too many years.

    • EXACTLY!. Everything you said. She really is the worst type of woman. Her poor dad. He seems nice. How did he get such a self deluded, self righteous daughter. She deserves Mr. bankruptcy used car salesman “Michael Campanella”.

      • Now Siggy is using him for his reputation. First on the show and now going to Israel. Doubt she will get anywhere with this, she’s pretty transparent on her intentions and personality.

        • Nobody cares about her here so she goes to Israel. They will figure out this narcissist American with nose job right quick.

      • I agree that her dad seems incredibly smart, classy, fair and intelligent especially considering he only had one side of the story presented to him and he still presented a balanced assessment. Her father is very aware of what real Anti Semitism is with intent because it stands out in the light and it’s hatefulness intent cannot be denied. He knows the truth.

        • He probably knows all about his daughters issues also, which is why he politely cut her off. He has had to hear her whine all his life, and now she wants to carry-on his “legacy”. She will ruin his legacy because she is a phony whiner

  • From tonight’s finale episode:

    1) Good for Dull calling out Danielle about Siggy looking for attention
    2) Ms Marco and Fredo are just stupid to believe that Siggy would throw herself down the stairs
    3) Good for Tre calling out Siggy
    4) Bad for Tre leaving with Siggy
    5) Shame on Siggy. Douche move going to the party to tell off the hostess
    6) Margaret extends the olive branch and Siggy bites her like a snake. Team Margaret.

  • Siggy’s next move should be to a nut hut. Somewhere very quiet with some very good shrinks who can teach her how the Earth evolves around the sun, not a cake or Boca and certainly not around Siggy Flicker.

  • So does this mean Dolores is definitely on the next season? A lot of viewers haven’t liked her, or felt she brought that much to the show.

  • Is she going to now claim that they edited her father stopping her in her “let’s hate Marg” tour?

    She will milk this for decades…she will probably strain all her muscles due to leaping on her self made cross (made with her own tears). She is not taking ownership in her hate tour against Marg. Not once did I hear her say. “I crossed the line at times and I will address that”..nope..she claims she is 100% victim – a la producers.

    I did read a “sources said”

    – talks with E channel
    – will start her own podcast
    – has asked andy to be on his sirrus show

    but this is all sources said, she has misread #RHNJ viewers and disrespected us to the degree that – she believes that we believe everything she says.


        • I read on I think its Us Weekly that Soggy Siggy wasn’t going to asked back and some of the ladies were tired of her so they didn’t want to film with her anymore.

          But you might be right, she probably wants her own show, please at this point who would watch an adult woman behave like an 8yr old. And even 8yr olds don’t behave like Soggy Siggy. Andy isn’t stupid he isn’t going to give her a show knowing she’s not liked

  • I’ve never really cared for See ya!
    I’m really commenting to announce Bravo is showing Season 2 of NJ right now. It’s amazing how fast 8 years went by! It’s also amazing to see how much work the women have had done, too.