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Stassi Schroeder Is Under Fire For “Nazi Chic” Photo

VANDERPUMP RULES -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: Stassi Schroeder -- (Photo by: Nicole Wilder/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

The Queen of controversy is at it again!

Stassi Schroeder has once again put her foot in her mouth after captioning an Instagram story photo, “Nazi Chic.”

To make matters worse, Stassi also sported an SS keychain on her purse that was visible in the photo. If you don’t know the significance, well shame on you, and maybe go back to 9th-grade history.

While SS is Stassi’s initials, it’s also the name of the Nazi paramilitary group that was directly responsible for the mass-murder of millions of Jews, Poles, and other victims of the Holocaust. So chic, right? NOT!

The Vanderpump Rules star quickly took down the photo and replaced it with an “appropriate redo” where she referred to herself as “#Elsa-Indiana Jones chic,” but the damage was already done.

Fans quickly, and rightfully, slammed the reality TV star and called for her to be fired from Vanderpump Rules by using the hashtag #DumpStassi.

Stassi attempted to clear the air by posting a meme to Twitter that read “me trying to make a joke that won’t offend anyone in 2017,” and showed a man trying to maneuver through a laser field.

However, fans weren’t buying her attempt at an apology.

“Girl, no. So sorry to hear you slept through 2017. Your joke wasn’t funny, and if you had attempted to be clever you’d have realized Nazis aren’t either,” one user replied.

“You really need a lesson in humility. We’ll just wait here until backlash/financial repercussions cause you to come out with another phony apology. -a #metoo jew who used to be a fan cc: @Bravotv @Andy @LisaVanderpump,” another tweeted.

This is the second major controversy for Stassi in the last few months. Back in November Stassi made an entire podcast bashing the #metoo movement and claiming that it’s “easy” to avoid being sexually harassed and assaulted. Read the full transcript of the now deleted podcast here. 

No word on if this latest controversy will have any repercussions for the VPR star but at the least, Andy Cohen needs to call Stassi out at the reunion and give her a major scolding. And Stassi, remember that Nazi’s are NEVER chic.

I’ve always been a BIG fan of Stassi – she’s been my girl since day one of Vanderpump Rules, but for me, she just crossed the line big time. If you don’t know, I’m Polish, practically 100%, and I have family members who survived the Holocaust. My family is connected to the atrocities of WWII and the Holocaust in multiple ways so for me; it’s not a joking matter. Nothing relating to Nazi’s or mass extermination of human beings should ever be considered chic or a punchline for a not so funny joke. Maybe Stassi should take some comedy lessons if she wants to honestly be funny cause her latest jokes aren’t hitting the mark at all and make her look like an uneducated, privileged fool.

Thoughts on Stassi’s latest controversy? Was Stassi’s “Nazi Chic” comment out of line? Should Stassi be fired from VPR? Does Stassi need to stop trying to be funny?

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  • Last night, LVP was on WWHL where they talked about both RHBH & VRules. Much time was spent talking about the latest VRules ep. At the end of the show, Stassi deserved to be Andy’s “Jackhole of the Day”. Yet, he didn’t mentioned her latest repugnant stunt.

    • Good morning Medusa

      Thank you for the information – we Canadians don’t have access to WWHL.

      Typical b.s. Ass Andy behavior! I was an idiot to think that Bravo/Ass Andy would do anything about her! She will probably get a spin off in return! wow, such crap..at the very least!

      • Hello, samael ~ You’re welcome. I was disappointed that Stassi’s stunt didn’t even come up, even in the conversation. All calls into the show are carefully screened to have only favorable questions posed to Andy & his guests. To reach Andy, I go to his fb page and leave my 2 cents. He has, on occasion, replied to me. In fairness, he responds to both good & bad posts. If I receive a response to my comment, I’ll let the group know.

        • Thanks Medusa

          He does the same on twitter, when people tweet him what an imbicile he is or they ask questions about rh..he does answer..makes him sounds like an idiot – but he does answer. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

          Can’t wait for his spontaneous Q&A on twitter – usually when his flight/train/subway is late or delayed – he will tweet and say..”kinda bored got any questions” and he will answer almost all of them..his next one I have my question at hand!

    • I guess Andy thinks with his wallet and not his brain with this one, considering he is Jewish, especially, and the whole Nazi thing is as you said, quite repugnant. He must think Stassi is a money maker for the show. Also LVP must think so too..having her plan a party and all. I wonder if Stassi is still friends with Pandora?

  • This is the one thing that actually calls for a Siggy Flicker Anti-Semitic Freak Out! ? Stassi is an IDIOT and the more she opens her mouth the more she proves it. This is what happens when you give a platform the wrong people. Hope they drag her for Filthe as it’s so appropriate.

  • Stassi is a twit and can be a biatch but fired over this ? No
    There are still others on tv who have done and still do worse .
    I don’t think Marge is bad for her Hitler analogy on NJ either. Just my take 🙂

  • I stopped watching VPR after the Stassi was brought back ! I never liked her!
    But this is what happens when air headed people get paid lots of money & become famous for NOTHING !

  • She really doesn’t get it. At all. Ever. You’re a fucking idiot, Stassi. And you’re not funny.

  • Stassi is a symptom of what’s happening in our culture and country at large . Racists and bigots are out of hiding and they found shelter in our current system to spew their ugliness with no filter . It allows POS like Stassi to regurgitate whatever ugliness is crawling in her tiny brain without one moment of reflection or consideration . In addition , she draws out all the bigot audience who suddenly feels justified and vindicated

    • Breitbart, really?

      Thank GOD for BREITBART! & others like them. No, telling the TRUTH is NOT RACIST!

      • Calm down. Breitbarf IS a racist rag. It’s strongly supports the Alt Right movement, which is comprised of White Nationalists who are RACISTS!!!

        • Precisely ?????. This self named ‘baby’ is looking for a rise . I don’t beleive I’ve ever even seen them here before . Ignore and move on .

          Love you xoxxo happy Wednesday ??

          • Good Wednesday Morning to you, Rain!!!! Everyone is entitle to his/her opinion. However, I couldn’t leave that comment alone. It was insane & soooo very wrong, on many levels.

    • I believe she has led a sheltered life…not exactly sheltered either, but a life of wealth and placed in perhaps small private schools of a certain religion and not worldly enough or concerned to know what the real world is really like. She was probablyl raised in a prejudiced household or community that judged others harshly.
      I make no excuses for her, since I would think maybe she did attend college, and she is not young, having been living in LA for a while. She is just so full of herself, she is sickening. She thinks the world revolves around Stassi and that she has fans who will support her antics. It is a shame that it has come to this, but I don’t think she will be fired or anything.
      On what the world is becoming, I was horrified that Tanya Harding sat in the audience at the Golden Globes (I saw the video..did not watch) and they announced, Tanya Harding is here..and the audience applauded, as if she is some person do admire. What she is is a person who was so envious of her compeition in figure skating and the hopes to attend the olympics that she had her husband hire a thug to take out Nancy Kerrigan and break her legs if he could..though he did fail, thank goodness. Tanya is a common criminal, and she is no one to cheer for…What is the world coming to when people admire the worst of the worst?

  • Hey Lara

    to be honest – only viewers and mags and twitter/facebook/insagram and people that post on RH blogs are disgusted by this POS. her boss’s Bravo/Ass Andy = cricket..they will probably give her a spin off.

    And the RH that crowned herself “super jew” Siggy flicker…only had this as a response:

    @siggyflicker are you triggered by this? pic.twitter.com/iqyE87EyK0

    Siggy Flicker

    people have posted name and phone number of where people can call – to have stassi fired.

    • Samael , I was comments on another site and some posters were defending her and saying nonsense like ‘there is more important things in the world to worry about ‘ and to leave her alone ??. Problem is , actions and words like her ARE on of the bigger problems of this world

      Oh sigh ! I don’t know if such posters actually believe that or trying to get a rise. Hope you’re having a good day ??

      • Good afternoon Rain

        those brainwaves are the ones Stassi depends on – what bothers me, Stassi (seriously I never knew her until she comfortably defended dragging #metoo surviors) is old enough to know better and she counts on her bosses to do zip all so there are zero consequences.

        I sometimes believe that these supporters want an arguement, I ignore the one that is supporting Stassi on this.

        Have an awesome day

        • Hey bud, I looked at those twitter “supporters” and the only have double Didgit followers with some under 20. Paid trolls. Even those she retweeted had 18 followers. She is toast big time even so fox news picked it up. Their fued with CNN and pussy Andy did Nye special. Stassi is sloppy as fuck stupid brat. If they don’t fire her or make a statement soon they are condoning this behavior

          • my bud!!

            yeah, she’s not above purchasing followers to condone her POS moves! Well it has been said, their silence is deafening and will be interpreted as approval..in this specific situation …that is how I roll!

            She should be accountable, but every POS knows..everything they can get away with..they will do!

            Ass Andy sux

  • Lara Sophia – Thank you for this sobering story of Stassi’s derogatory insult to the human race. She had to know it crossed a line. If not, she is too stupid to walk among us. I’m glad she came under fire for that instagram. Now, she should be fired, outright.

    • Good morning gorgeous ?! I expect next she will make fun of slavery or have maybe mock domestic abuse . Sky is the limit when you have an empty brian

      • Good Tuesday Afternoon, Rain. Right you are!!! She lives by the coda: “All publicity is good publicity”. She’s a pathetic POS.

        • I know it’s childish but I muted the TV everytime she came on last night ??

          Ok VP Rules time!! YAWWWWWNN!! I do NOT know who this zen unreacitve Katie is but I call bullshit . Her ‘acting’ was so bad or she was ok some kind of medication ?

          Schwartzy continues to look sweaty and gross ! Why why why
          Seems Sandoval has a new man crush , Scheana’s boyfriend ??? That was something wasn’t it ?

          I felt bad for Ariana ! That certainly explains their lack of a sex life ! I hope she gets helps and addresses these issues ?

          LaLa thanking her p***y for taking the D like a champ made me splutter

          • I missed parts of the show due to being interrupted by phone calls. From what I did see; LaLa was right: Arianna is perfect. I am so surprised she was maltreated. She seemed very self confident until she told that story. Wow.

            Schwartz is a selfish dickwad. He wants to be left alone to party with his friends? WTH. No normal newlywed wife would be so complacent with his childish demand. Katie was a ninny. For LVP to continue her partnership, it is totally unrealistic. Her prophetic scenario that Schwarz could black out and give away the day’s receipts, is a strong possibility. Where is Lisa’s business sense? Not there.

            • I feel for Ariana . I don’t know at what point she shared all that with Sandoval but I hope that he will stand by her side and be supportive of her until she gets all the help she needs.

              I’m not sure what downward spiral is in store for Schwartz but LVP better be cautious . Non of this crew has proven to be reliable or responsible so far

              Scheana dissing Shay and their life was so low. Just move on with your wealthy new bf and leave the guy alone

              At final scene at the housewarming party , they were all DRUNK out of their minds , omg

            • This has all got to be for the show only. No way an actual business-savvy person, like what LVP seems to be IRL with many successful businesses, would want to partner with a man-child like Tom Schwartz.

              • I think the combined IQ of Tom and Tom…Tom-Toms, is maybe 100.
                It is not just the immaturity of both of them, but they really don’t seem able to even have an intelligent conversation. They stumble for words.
                I remember Tom Sandoval trying to remember one line for some commercial and it took many takes. Then there was the time he visited LVP at her home to try to get into sales for her sangria or something, and he did not come prepared with anything to say to her at all and looked beyond stupid.
                Why would LVP ever want them to be business partners? I guess she wants more of her alcohol consumed by her employees or something..
                It makes no sense. You’re right. Also 5% each won’t be so much that it makes a big difference.

          • Do you ever think that maybe Ariana keeps dating guys who aren’t really straight? It is no excuse for what her ex did to her in the least, but the lack of sex life for her might be that she is attracted to guys who are maybe more into guys, though Sandoval seems to want sex with her, on camera anyway,
            I want to believe that both Toms are straight…but I am not so sure. Then they paint pictures of each other to hang in their homes…and are so into other guys. It does make you wonder.
            It is like Will and Grace sorta kinda. ?

            • Sandy ?????? lovley to ‘see’ you here !!!
              Hmm you bring up an excellent point , so basically you’re saying Ariana finds it safer to date men that won’t be asking her for too much initially ? That is such a great angle Sandy and it could be her internal defense coping mechanism.. she’s a beautiful and young woman and she should be enjoying life and her sexuality !! I hope she find peace of mind

              Omg I forgot about paining each other !! ?????? COME ON!!!! Well it seems Sandoval has a new crush , scheana’s boyfriend !! Then James kisses Tom on the mouth ?? Smh

              • I know! Scheana’s bf was really attractive to him.
                I was wondering if James and Jax would kiss next too. ? Jamax!

              • Happy New Year Kirby! How are you! Great to see you! Sorry I saw this so late tonight.
                Yes, I am in and out and must have missed you here, Kirby.
                I hope all is well with you.
                ???? Happy 2018! ?

              • Hi Kirby,
                I left a reply to your comment so many days ago when I saw it, but I see now that it never posted! That really is upsetting to me. This has happened before, but usually it is delayed then posts late.
                So here goes…belated:
                Hi Kirby! It is so nice to see you again. How is everything with you?
                I know it has been a while. I have been in and out and I did not comment much for many months this past year due to a situation in my family which I would rather not go into, but suffice it to say, it has been very, very trying and emotional, and only recently am I more into commenting, though still not back to my old self, though I do miss my friends here on the HW sites, and am so happy to see you.
                Happy New Year to you too Kirby! I hope you have an awesome year!
                Take care Kirby.


  • I want this site to get an exclusive on Siggy’s comment. No shade. Stassi really blew it. Making casual conversation out of a very serious issue.