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Is Shannon Beador Demanding A Massive Raise To Expose Divorce Drama On RHOC?!?!

Shannon Beador is ready to tell all about her divorce from soon-to-be ex-husband David but before she spills Bravo needs to pay up!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star is demanding a big, fat raise to return for season 13 of the franchise.

So, how much is Shannon demanding?

Well, sources say, Shannon “is demanding a considerable raise of at least $500,000!”

And it seems like Bravo may be will to pay Shannon what she wants.

“Producers are desperate for Shannon to allow cameras to film the divorce drama for the upcoming season because they know it will kill in ratings,” a production insider told Radar. “Although Shannon was against it at first, she’s had a change of heart and is going to give fans what they want, ” a source explains.

Shannon is “in a good place now” following her and David’s split and is “not so sensitive” about her failed marriage, which means she’s more willing to spill the dirt.

“She wants to destroy David for what he did to her,” the source explains, adding that NOTHING is off limits.

I think this story is 100% true. I know what you’re thinking, consider the source, but back in November 2016, when season 12 casting rumors were flying, a source very close to the OC Housewives told us that Bravo had no intention of getting rid of Shannon. Why? Because they had a feeling her and David’s marriage would eventually implode and they wanted to cash in on their split because it would be TV ratings gold. I think Bravo will give Shannon anything to get her spill about David and their divorce.

Do you think Shannon is demanding a raise to spill about her divorce? Will Bravo pay Shannon what she wants? Do you believe Shannon intends to destroy David? Sound off below!

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  • Seriously what could be left to tell or show? Shannon is an insecure nutcase. Two totally incompatible people from the getgo. Money kids and insecurity is all that kept them together this long. Cant stand her and cant stand him. Not interested in watching a season of her dragging their family more thru the mud. Get some serious psychological help.

  • I don’t watch that franchise but from all the horrible things I’ve heard about the last season and franchise overall I’d say why shouldn’t she get paid more for bringing the central storyline to the show especially at the expense of her privacy and pain. Everyone has a price so why not raise theirs. Hope LuAnne renegotiated her next season paycheck also as the show has been exploiting her personal life to a higher degree than her co-stars for the last several seasons.

  • I’m not sure why but at first glance I thought this was a picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

  • It’s sad that nobody has thought of her daughters. She airs divorce drama then it’s on film for millions to see. Just think how you would feel watching our parents divorce play out on TV for all your friends to see?? It would suck, trust me! People say kids are resilient but this will disturb them more than their parents know. Just ask my poor daughter.

    • Actually, the kids have witnessed everything first hand. Many have stated this since the announcement of the divorce. Shannon has a rythym as a parent..full disclosure… zero secrets. All Shannons choice. Honesty is the best policy…during a divorce, suddenly the walls have speakers in them. and btw..this is a souces said story – so that = lie.

      So bottom line – the kids have already lived this..and their friends are used to seeing them on tv and Shannon is a hands on parent – so they are surrounded by love.

  • She can’t be in a good place if she wants to destroy David.

    If this is what her goal is, then she remains in a place of hurt, pain and wanting revenge. This is not a good place for anyone to be.

    The story itself, though, reminds me of the old story about the guy who asked a woman if she would sleep with him for $1,000,000. She said she would. Then he asked if she would sleep with him for $100. Aghast, she said “Sir, what sort of woman do you think I am?”

    “We’ve already established what kind of woman you are. Now we are just haggling over the price!”

    Apparently, if the price is right, Shannon has no trouble damaging her children further than the divorce will already will.

  • I say get paid as much as you can ?? not sure she will get paid that much but Andy knows Shannut is a train wreck and delivers on that front

  • good for her hope she does get a raise ..her and Kelly are the only two with anything going on.If Lyin’shrieky comes back I am done anyway

  • Shannon has been humiliated in the biggest way and I believe her drama deserves more cash to expose it further. I don’t think she will be vicious with David because of her daughters, she will gouge him where it really hurts, he better check “wallet light”. My belief is he loved being on TV, now that’s over and will be the best punishment of all.

  • I’m a shameless team Shannon so yes most things I say are biased ???

    Why shouldn’t she ask for more ?? If that pig can be paid that much for all the UGLINESS she brought into the show , why shouldn’t Shannon ? She is EPIC REALNESS and I realize that makes it uncomfortable sometimes even for me but that’s the premise of the show ???

    Love you shannon ( as if she’s reading this , right?) ?

    • That’s true. What’s good for Shrieki, the stupidest sow in the sty; is good for the rest of the heap. I would like to see the rest of the cast to be paid at least one dollar more than VG – to show her as being devalued.

      • Hiya Medusa ?? Shrieki and her scam with Crooks forever changed the face of housewives and took it to the gutter and I’m not sure there is any coming back for OC from that. They need to fire them all, shut OC for few years then recast

        • Good Evening, Kirby ~ Since Shrieki has never taken full accountability for her scam and she’s been given a free pass to continue on the show, you’re right that it’s beyond viable. Either the OC players are recast or fold it. Send that horse to the glue factory.

            • LOL – Yes, she is. The comparison between Shrieki & Trumpenstein is striking. They both are narcissistic, bombastic, bullying con people. They both have a series of vanity projects – selfish businesses bearing their names that flopped. They both are disloyal to their sycophants. They both think they are better looking than they actually are. They both think they are God.

    • Hey Rain- how are you ?? I am not a big Shannon fan- but yes she deserves more $$ if she is going to expose her divorce- I am surprised David hasn’t stepped in and tried to put a gag on her – LOL

      • Dindi ??????Happy new year sweetie, I hope all is well with you xoxo . Long time no see ?
        David is a donkey ! He’s waiting for her to make more money so he can pay less alimony ?

        • I gotta feeling David is long gone- , as I hope Shannon moves on..No Man is worth your sanity, pride– ,
          Happy New Year also– I have been reading, kinda burnt out on the hate / love ya know–

  • Shannon will be shannon – whatever has been wronged with Shannon and daughters – she will of course share it with us..this makes her honest/forthcoming and trustworthy.

    I do know that her and david were in family court yesterday and could not agree.

  • Shannon can ask for any amount of money she wants. Of course, Blahvo will pony up for her to dish the divorce dirt. However, that just means Shanny will not take the HIGH road. She’ll tear David apart, limb by limb. What kind of example is that for her girls?

    • That’s a good point Medusa and there is that risk !! But I would like to think that she will keep it in check because so far their divorce hasn’t gotten ugly

        • Oh drats!! I REALLY hope she is not going to be clingy and pining for that asshole now that she let him go . I’ll take any other drama just not that . He’s humiliated her enough and I don’t want to see it anymore

    • Which is why I have a hard time believing this story. She’s putting herself through family dinners with the man for the good of her daughters. I doubt she’d blast him on national TV. I can see her going on TV and moving through the divorce honestly, but I don’t see her trying to destroy David.

    • I would like to see her happy for like 2 episodes in a row LOL she’s simply incapable of it and you’re right she will not take the high road

        • She really needs to dial it down 8 notches ? I wonder if she has any good girl friends in real life and not just Tamra . She strikes me as very lonely

          • Kirby, you’re very perceptive!!! I agree. When she started on the show, Shannon’s fractured marriage was her focus. Every season, it was portrayed as a see-saw of ups & downs. However, the basic problems weren’t solved or even tolerated by either one spouse. I think she had to know it all along. That means airing her dirty laundry was calculated by Shannon. There were 2 eps which featured Shannon’s “friends” outside of RHOC. Who knows if they stood by her? Who knows if they were real friends? Maybe, they are only “OC” friends (i.e. cheaper versions of ‘Hollywood Friends’). All that being said, I am curious to see if Shannon is strong & controlled next season; or if she’s back to down a fifth of vodka and screaming her head off…