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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Teresa Giudice Meets With Divorce Lawyer – Is She Really Leaving Joe??

Source: Instagram

Another week, another Teresa and Joe divorce rumor.

Fans have been waiting to see if the Jersey couple have what it takes to stay together after Tre expressed her frustration with Joe, both on air and in her book, Standing Strong.

Many fans speculated that Teresa was getting ready to leave Joe, as a recent Instagram post showed that Tre was getting ‘great advice’ from a NJ divorce lawyer:

Source: Instagram – Teresa Giudice

Us Weekly has reported that the woman giving Teresa ‘great advice’ is “Loren La Forge-Kyriakoulis, a New Jersey divorce attorney.”

It was also noted that the RHONJ star, ‘originally captioned the photo “Dinner with a great friend getting great advice” before changing it to “Dinner with a great friend lots of laughs.” ‘

Many speculated that Tre was getting her ducks in a row before filing, so naturally AllAboutTRH reached out to our NJ insider to get the real scoop.

According to our source, the photo showed nothing more than two friends having dinner. Apparently Teresa and Loren are good friends and the meal was “strictly personal, not professional.”

Our source even added that, “Joe and Teresa are not getting divorced. I don’t care how many times it is written or who writes it, the truth is it’s not happening. Period.”

And there you have it!

Teresa has been fighting these rumors both on the show and in publications so I’m sure the gossip must be getting old. It sounds like the whole thing was an honest mistake by Teresa, which is why she changed her caption. Hopefully this puts it to rest once and for all.

Thoughts on Teresa’s post?

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    • JAC AND KATHY? Lmao Really all caps? She’s dumping his ass. She’s not “old school” by the way. She’s old and did very poorly in school. She’s divorcing him and going to kill her other parent by making him watch her overweight brats so she can party.

  • to divorce or not to divorce that is the ? of the day. I really do not think anyone cares .It is her life and the children with Joe away willl ajust one way or another. After the vacay to the vineyard he would of been single ,but that is just me.

  • My two cents what it’s worth, thinking new housewife contender, also at that dinner Joe and Melissa. Teresa was also at Loren Kyriakoulis Christmas party.

    • Good point Marcy, Tre understands the press well enough to know not to post something that could be misconstrued. And Soggy is partnered with a divorce attny for her seminars, does that mean she is divorcing? WWHL should be awesome with Tre and Mel.

  • Teresa was dumb season 1 she didn’t really have common sense and she didn’t realise years later how successful she would be and I don’t think she really knew what her husband was doing she was just putting her name to fraud

    Her husband is the mastermind personally if he gets deported anyway Teresa will on I’ve loved Teresa this season it’s weird everyone is feuding it’s like T is the middle of Danielle Melissa Margaret vs Dolores and siggy Caroline said it wasn’t the Teresa show but clearly it is

    Think jacko is coming back

    • Teresa HERSELF walked into banks with falsified documents in hand, saying that she was employeed and making a very good salary. SHE applied for the loans, SHE lied to the bank officers and SHE got the fraudulent loans. Tre is stupid, but not so stupid that she actually thought she was a realtor making $800,000.00 per year. It was Tre’s greed and materialistic attitude that made it impossible for Joe to keep her happy. Joe is not innocent, but neither is Teresa. We all saw Teresa lie about all her jewelry being costume and she and Joe put false values on their belonging in the bankruptcy fraud. Don’t let the fact that Tre is stupid fool you. If they were smart, they would not have gotten caught.

  • Her original caption on that photo was pretty telling, but Teresa is pretty dingy. Maybe she was just getting parenting advice. Hard to imagine she wouldn’t have realized the implication of her saying advice from a divorce lawyer.

  • Either way, Teresa will be fine. If she stays and makes it work, good for her. If she chooses to leave, good for her too. I can’t imagine being in the spotlight and having everyone constantly in your business and having an opinion about every choice you make, especially when there are kids involved.

    • Teresa does so well off her books and personally she can do whatever she wants and I think their restaurant will be success as well RHONJ has done so well this season I can’t wait for season 9

      • They closed the restaurant. Do you actually believe they will be opening another? It will get tossed to the wayside along with Mel’s singing career and Tre’s wines. Tre could manage to support herself and the girls if she did it in a reasonable fashion. She should get out of that house, find something manageable and drive a damned Ford. As long as she is greedy, it will bite her in the azz.

  • Oh PUHLEESE! Of COURSE Tre is divorcing Joe. This entire season has been orchestrated to make Tre look like the victim in all this when we KNOW that she committed her own crimes as well and she simply cannot take responsibility for them. Tre has been seeing someone else and Joey and Melissa are well aware of it, you can tell. Tre wants to get out of the marriage with her brand in tact, however, she’s a felon, not just an old-school, Catholic, Italian mother who is a great cook. We KNOW she’s a felon, we KNOW she’s not a practicing Catholic, we KNOW she can’t cook and we KNOW she’s going to divorce Joe. She’ll probably be divorced even before we know if Joe is going to be deported or not. I’m amazed at the people who still buy into her crap.

  • Whatever Tre decides to do, good luck, God Bless. That said, I do think dragging her kids along on a vacay with her “friend”, posting pics etc, is in very poor taste. I get being private about your decisions, but don’t post pics and expect people not to talk.

    • I don’t know what friend you mean because the vacation was with audriana’s godfather(with wife and kids) and her girlfriends. It’s the same people she always vacation with, even when juicy was free. As for the lawyer, this is the second one, I think it’s paid advertising because we are sure talking about the lawyer.

      • The male friend of JoeGo who’s she’s often in pics with. As for her dining with lawyers, I don’t know, don’t care. My point is simply that posting pics with “friends” will get people talking esp when you’re post8ng pics with people who happen to Be lawyers.

  • I used my card yesterday…does that mean it’s the “black card”! geez…this will go on until they have great grandchildren, best money grab and easiest way to stab at the Giudice’s.