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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: The Gorga’s Restaurant Is Closing But Not For Good

Earlier in the week, one of our RHONJ spies reached out to us and spilled some major tea.

Our spy told us that, “The Gorga’s restaurant is closing. They aren’t paying the rent on their restaurant and are getting evicted.”

This was news to us as we have heard nothing but good things about the Gorga’s restaurant.

To bring our loyal readers the truth, we reached out to James J. Leonard, who represents Joe and Melissa Gorga, as well as Teresa Giudice, to see if he could shed some light on this rumor.

And shed some light he did.

James confirmed that the Gorga’s are closing their restaurant but not for the reasons our spies gave.

“They are in the process of closing the restaurant,” James confirmed.

So, why you ask?

“They are seeking a bigger space to reopen the restaurant with different management,” James explained.

Adding, “The current management and the Gorga’s had a different vision for the restaurant.”

As for claims, the Gorga’s restaurant was a faux storyline for RHONJ, James says that’s 100% false.

“The Gorga’s are very interested in owning and operating a restaurant,” James explains. “Their restaurant wasn’t a fake storyline, and they are very passionate about their business.”

“Currently the Gorga’s are looking for partners and a space that are more consistent with their own vision for a restaurant.”

More importantly, fans should expect to see the Gorga’s new restaurant open “sooner rather than later.”

There you have it, folks. I can’t blame the Gorga’s for wanting to find a bigger space for their restaurant because the old place was tiny. I’m excited to see what the Gorga’s bring to their new restaurant.

Are you surprised the Gorga’s are closing their restaurant?

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Lara Sophia

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  • mystroxx

    I do not think all their get rich schemes are fake I just think they are having a hard time grabbing the 1 that makes them rich/wealthy and successful.
    Joe and Teresa tried the Pizza biz already.for the cameras it was always busy.do not remember a tasting but a book signing.

  • justanothermary

    Seriously? You don’t “own” a restaurant and close it down just to look for a larger venue. Joey said he bought the restaurant, that would mean he owns all the ovens and kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, cash registers, etc. He invested in getting menus done and training chefs to know “his mother’s recipes”. He would have started building relationships with vendors and customers. Where did he get his linens, food, etc. You don’t just close something like that down because it’s too small. That is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I’ve been in the restaurant business for over 30 years and this is the most ridiculous thing ever.

  • Amanda

    Well Mel and slo Joe need a storyline for next season… house and restaurant shopping.

  • Betty

    This whole. show is fake now. I guess the only thing ever real was Carolines restaurant and Teresa’s fraud. Everything else is acting

    • September24

      This restaurant was as real as Gretchen proposing to Slade. LOL!

      • Betty

        I think I believed that more.

  • Bethany

    This sounds like “Envy” all over again.


    Ah, no surprise to me. Maybe it will come back next season (wink, wink)??

  • rhfan

    I’m just shocked “their” restaurant is closing, lol. Seriously, who’s surprised? They didn’t even change the phone number from the previous owner. The sign looked temporary and the decor(from the pics) was the same with a few pics slapped up. As I said at the time this was just a naming thing for storyline. Im not buying any other story. As for Jimmy the lawyer and his “different vision” thing, what was it, the “management” actually puts up the cash, does all the work and the Gorgas show up for camera time and expect to be paid? Lol, ok. Yeah I don’t see other people willing to partner with them, but hey lol maybe Bravo will back them. I won’t hold my breath,

    • samael

      rhfan! wow …long long time no see! each episode I thought how you would see/describe the “going’s on”..cuz, we would agree once in awhile, I like the way you communicate! btw I missed you big time!

      I hope your new years was awesome!

      • rhfan

        Hi… between holidays, vacation, and out of town guests, I’m way out of the loop. I’ll be binge watching NJ and BH to catch up. Happy New Year!

        • samael

          thanks rhfan

          can’t wait to hear your take on

          – siggy
          – dull
          – mags

  • Marcy Davis

    Gonna be rooting for Joey for his new location, can’t help myself I’m a Dreamer. You all were saying the same thing when Melissa’s closet Envy Closed it’s doors. Nothing but the rent and utilities left. 3 months later Melissa opened her doors. It’ll be one year very soon.

  • September24

    From the statement it sounds like Fredo doesn’t even own the restaurant. Only that they are interested in owning a restaurant.

  • Yoyo

    An exclusive 2 days after other blogs / news outlets have reported on it? Ok.

  • FelonsbyBravo


  • FelonsbyBravo

    Phony Phony Phony please cancel this sh#t show. NO MORE FELONS

  • FelonsbyBravo

    They’re all a bunch of thiefs..phony money. This is the worst franchise..time for the axe. NO MORE FELONS

  • September24

    Sr Gorga has Ms Marco pegged. She announced on camera she did not want to work there. Just another dig at her in-laws.

  • Lea

    Let’s face it, Joey is lucky that Melissa is working on RHONJ for their income.

  • September24

    Closing? Already?! LOL! Ms Marco said on camera she didn’t want to support it and work there. Fredo has no head for business. So I wonder. How’s Love Pizza doing?! LOL!

  • Khipp
    • ~Medusa~

      LOLOLOL I love the Soup Nazi.

      • Khipp

        Medusa, sssshhhh. I don’t think we’re allowed to say Nazi, or Hitler. Soggy Siggy will go ape shit and attempt to destroy this site. If you watch Jersey you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not never mind, lol.


        • ~Medusa~

          LOL – No, I don’t watch RHNJ.
          However, I read a headline on this site about the Hitler reference.
          If this Siggy person wants to take me on – she does so at her own peril (figuratively speaking). LOLOL

          • Khipp

            Hahaha Medusa, get her.

            The back story, Readers Digest version… Margaret made an analogy about Hitler. So psycho Soggy, who calls herself a “super Jew”, went INSANE CRAZY and called Margaret anti-Semitic, ouch. This incident happened months ago, and Sog is still going berserk all over SM. By the by, Soggy quit Jersey(read that as got the heave-ho from Bravo = exit stage left). Sufficiently bored now? LOL.

            Anyway, it wasn’t like The Marge and Super Joe (her husband) were making out during Schindler’s List..


            • ~Medusa~

              LOL – I get your reference to Schindler’s List.
              I am of the Hebrew persuasion, too. There are times where a comparison to Hitler is apt. It sounds if “Siggy” was upset by the mere mention of that notorious name. Would she also flip if the name Adolph was invoked? LOL

            • swizzle

              She’s trashing other Jews on twitter for telling her to simmer down. Siggy has lost her flipping mind.

              • FUCHESS

                I’m so glad she’s leaving! It better be true!

  • Mary Grady

    What a bullshit story that is. what happen to his other job, in fact the only one I see working is Joe’s wife, what does joe do ?
    but want to go and have sex. They are not going to open a bigger restaurant any where. It’s all for the show fake shit, getting tired of the shows now. I think they are all fake. I seen one time where someone was talking and the hair was one way then the next part it change. So that tells me it all put on.

    • Brooke

      Yes, like when Teresa went to “apologize” to Danielle’s daughter, her nail polish was black driving over there and ringing the doorbell, but as soon as she was inside, it was pale! So fake! I used to love this franchise because I thought it was the most real but now I believe it to be the most fake. I 100% believe the Gorgas NEVER owned this restaurant. It was just for story

      • mystroxx

        your comment makes me want to rewatch lol

        • BooBooBaby

          ??Me too!

    • swizzle

      How many fake businesses have the Gorgas had? Seriously, why do the producers allow this crap?

      • Kitty Foyle

        House up for sale, business closing & yet her boutique is still afloat. Doesn’t help that she has a 30 million dollar lawsuit against her. The only one making any money is the lawyer. Yep, real, real tired of all these “businesses” little Joe & Missy have tried. But still have time for expensive vacations.

  • ~Medusa~

    The restaurant is closing due to failure to pay rent!!!!! Being bill skippers runs in the family. It must be genetic.

  • Brooke

    Oh please. This was so fake. Joe, Teresa and Melissa NEVER advertised this restaurant on social media. If this restaurant actually reopens, I’ll do cartwheels naked in the middle of Times Square

    • luvs2ride

      I’ll join ya.

      • Brooke

        Owning a restaurant is hard work! It requires lots of hours, especially the first year or so. When you legitimately open a restaurant, there’s no time for multiple Mexican and Jamaican vacations, not the first year at least!

        • September24

          It also requires experience. Fredo and his shore wh*re wife want to go straight to the top without ever learning the business. So transparent.

      • Khipp

        HAHAHA. Not me, Too cold. But I’ll be there in spirit.

        • luvs2ride

          Haha! You’re right about that! Maybe, just maybe, if they reopen in May/June, you can fly out here and do it with us (after a few drinks, that is!).

    • BAPS C

      Right! Fake restaurant for a storyline.

  • anonymous82

    Is Teresa a part owner or is it just Joey and Melissa business? I’ll believe it will reopen when I see it cause everything Joey and Melissa does is for a storyline.

    • luvs2ride

      I don’t believe Teresa has any financial stake in the place.
      Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to reopen, either.
      Why doesn’t his big pal Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss) open a place with him? He’s got the $$ and the actual experience in the industry.

      • Khipp

        I’m still confused if T is involved in the business somehow.

        • luvs2ride

          I think it’s Joe’s, and T and Giacinto provide the “la famiglia” vibe he’s trying to promote.

        • Karma

          I am also kipp i thought she was they keep saying it’s a family business and Joey went ti Tre with the idea 1st so is she a partner or not I’m so confused ???

          • swizzle

            I think it’s an existing restaurant and they made a deal with the owner to brand it Gorga and film there.

            • Karma

              Thats sounds abo ut right even though Joey claims its his and his families highly doubt it why is he asking for investors hmm

  • samael

    Good afternoon Lara! Good for you for checking out the “tea” which was 100% wrong. I do note that you used the word “spy” instead of “our inside source” – I presume that is deliberate.

    Two things I take from this

    – Joe is the worst business person in NJ – but he is now proving that this project of a restaurant as a tribute
    to his mom – is important to him via going bigger and hopefully connecting with business owners with experience
    in running a successful business.

    – I wonder if anyone that went to the opening (both of them) got sick. Filming started Feb 2016 and this story
    (which is not a sources said, Page six has the health inspection) and according to his – they failed their inspection
    in July 2017


    This is another hint that Joe Gorga is taking this business seriously, I presume he has passed another inspection since then
    and is now making changes so he can succeed.

    • luvs2ride

      Oh, come on sammy!
      Something is fishy here, and it ain’t the scungilli. While opening the restaurant as a tribute to his mother is endearing, that guy is just not smart or dedicated enough to run the place. Notice the lawyer mentions they want partners? Yeah, to finance, manage, cook & grease the health inspector’s palm while Ken & Barbie frolic on their umpteenth vacation.

      Kim D is gonna have a field day with this.

      • samael

        Good afternoon luvs!!!

        It is true, Joe ruins all his business’s – I believe the lawyer. . But – you opened my eyes to what will happen, Gorga will be – in name only and everyone will do the work..that does smell of Gorga!

        • luvs2ride

          Hiya, sam. The lawyer is saying what Melissa told him to say. Spin, spin, spin.

          Anyone with a line of credit and half a brain cell should not walk, but run like their pants are on fire from this steaming pile of bullshit.

          It’s time for Tarzan to take some civil service exams and call it a day.

          • samael

            holy crap Luvs!

            I got suckered for sure!

            – I didn’t connect the dot that these are M’s words

            how long do they expect to live this lie out? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d77a3672bdc18451a9bf31727d2ab0b71bb2fd11ec1fc266b3f5ce2d441d12ad.gif

            • Karma

              Hi ya Sammy you’re not the only one that got sucked in hun i believed it to be a real business run mainly by little Joey and Mr Gorga to be there helping out when he can but mainly to ge5 him outta tge house and keep him occupied so he’s not so lonely without Mrs Antonia Gorga, and Tre & Mel occasionally help out, but I’m a sucker i tend to believe everything lol????

              • samael


                Happy new year bud! sheesh..I always get it wrong! think I owned the brooklyn bridge a couple of times!

                • Karma

                  LMAO happy New Year sweet hope 2018 brings you everything your heart desires you crack me up ???? ah i get sucked into believing everything i always think well maybe this time its true, I’m such a door mat i ALWAYS give people the benefit of the doubt but i think i should stop giving Joey Marco opps i mean Gorga ??anymore chances the guy is just a F@&ing idiot lazy loser

                  • samael

                    I’m pretty happy Karma ?

                    uggh…me too..geez they couldn’t even succeed at “taking down Teresa”…damned loser’s!

                    • Karma

                      Yep they tried everything didn’t they to bring her down & they couldn’t instead they looked like jelly assholes and yet she came outta jail stronger and more determined

          • samael


            you know I’m investigating this…so far JoeG …12 business and NOW I can match judgements to his business names…holy crap

            GORGA BUILDING LLC 0450019023 WESTWOOD LLC
            GORGA DEI MONACI, INC.

            What kind of dumbass financial institution keeps giving him $$

      • Lea

        Very good catch Luvs! I missed the lawyer saying they were looking for partners. 😉

  • Boo

    Hmm, we shall see.

  • Marcy Davis

    Thank You Lara. This what I believe to be true, that place was very small, hell it wouldn’t even fit to have Giudice or Gorga family gathering.