Bethenny Frankel Let's Discuss: Real Housewives of New York - RHONY

How Much Did Bethenny Frankel Make For Her First Season of RHONY?!

Bethenny Frankel now lives the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but that wasn’t always the case.

If you go back to the first season of the Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny lived a very different life.

Now, the Skinny Girl mogul is opening up about her meager start on reality TV.

“I made $7,250 for the entire season,” she told PeopleStyle. 

Season one of RHONY aired in 2008 and only had seven episodes, plus a reunion.

“I couldn’t afford it,” Bethenny says of designer clothing and reveals that any designer items she had/wore during season one were bought at a “discount.”

However, times have changed for Bethenny as her empire, and bank account continues to grow each year.

In 2016 alone, Bethenny made $8.5 million, but most of her fortune comes from selling her SkinnyGirl Cocktails for a reported $100 million back in 2011.

Currently, Bethenny owns several multi-million dollar properties and is set to star on two reality shows in 2018.

I can’t believe that’s all Bethenny made for season 1 of RHONY – that’s nothing. I’m curious to know what the rest of the cast made – I can’t see Jill, the Countess, or Ramona filming a show for that little of money.

Are you surprised at how small Bethenny’s season 1 salary was?

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  • She made very little, no surprise.That’s how it goes on reality TV, first season, unknown commodity. Now she’s overpaid, not worth one thin dime. At this point I’d rather see Kelly instead of FrankelJaw. It’s a big leap for me, I absolutely abhor Kelly with her non sensical “I’m up here, your down there” garbage. I’m also more that sure she’s clinically insane.

  • Any reality TV star will tell you that you make next to nothing in the first year- the Vanderpump Rules kids have said the same thing- but that the second season sees a big raise. So yes, Jill, Luann and Ramona absolutely made that little. They signed up because they were fame hungry and wanted to see their faces on TV, not to make money (initially).

  • Good for B! I love to see a good come up!

    As far as the actually wealthy ladies still doing the show for little money, – the same applies to many of the other woman (particularly on Beverly Hills) … true wealth can’t buy you fame or popularity. You can be rich as as you want but you can’t pay people to care about you or have a genuine interest in you.

  • I think that Bravo/Andy thought that B was just filler, when she joined the cast. Not expected to last, with the married with children ladies who lunch. Surprise!!

  • Reality tv is not the place to make much moulah in the beginning. So, it’s not news that Blahvo got BF on the cheap. Yet, Barfenny’s first few seasons, gave her the opportunity to push her fledgling business for free. If there was a drinking game held during each episode that consisted of taking a swig of any liquor each time Bitchenny barked: “I’ll have a SkinnyGirl Margarita” – viewers would have been shitfaced every time they watched RHONY!!!!! Blavo created the monster, BFrankelstein.

    Giving that droning harpy another reality show smacks of imperialism. I won’t watch it. BF’s oppressive presence, horn-like intonations, & obnoxious narcissism are NOT must see tv.

      • Same here. Albeit, BF is crashing many shows. Avoiding her oppressive presence is like trying to avoid landmines.

          • Hahaha… BFrankelstein started as a cook, errrr – chef!!! She took a few courses at a culinary school and VOILA – she was a CHEF. She admitted that she never worked in a professional kitchen (like a restaurant or food truck). Yet, because she did home catering for a few people, she called herself, CHEF. The woman doesn’t eat. Yet, she wrote several books about food. Her expertise is in food disorders. I’m surprised her BFF doesn’t push her to open her own restaurant. It could be called, “B’s Eats” –

  • I have read stories before that the newcomers and new shows don’t pay alot. Look at the cast of VPR. They made about the same as Bethanny. So not a shocker. Good for B being a busy businesswoman. Unlike Sonja. Who is still trying to find her “brand”. Gawd!