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Luann de Lesseps Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to All Charges in Palm Beach Case!

Another day, another new Luann story…

Yesterday we reported that Lu was planning on moving forward with her ‘Cabaret’ act (for original story click here) and now the former Countess is making headlines again.

It was reported that Luann has pleaded ‘not guilty’ to her recent charges of battery/public intoxication. Not only is this shocking but she has apparently pleaded ‘not guilty’ to all fives charges in her Palm Beach felony case. Her charges include:

“battery on a law enforcement officer, two counts for threatening, resisting an officer with violence and disorderly intoxication.”

I’m no legal guru so I’m wondering why she decided to plead ‘not guilty’ but it looks like she is being advised by the best. TMZ is reporting that Lu has hired Tiger Woods’ attorney Doug Duncan to represent her. In documents obtained by Radar Online, her Duncan states:

“The defendant hereby waives arraignment, enters a plea of not guilty, and demands trial with jury.”

Once again, not a legal expert, but I’m shocked they are going to trial with jury.

After her embarrassing arrest, Luann announced she would be entering a treatment center for alcohol and released a formal apology. It was also reported that her ex husband wanted her to drop the ‘de Lesseps’ name as she was embarrassing the prestigious family. I’m sure her mugshot didn’t help either:

I’m sure we will keep hearing more to this story so stay tuned to AllAboutTRH for updates

Thoughts on Luann’s plea?

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  • ????????Ð??Ð????

    Don’t care, next…..

  • Kiddle

    Wonder if the cops had a body cam on?? If so she’s screwed….

    P.S. Who ever told Lou she could sing?

    • michers

      Bravo . LOL

  • Lea

    How could she not plead guilty to disorderly conduct at the very least? Plus she immediately went to rehab? I hate how life has turned into ‘deny the truth and maybe someone will believe you!’

    • Theresa

      Did she immediately go in. All I heard was that she said she was going to go?!?
      Secondly she started out strong by making this big apology , and I think it worked & she got a lot of people on her side, but now she pleads not guilty & all those people are turning against her. To use Rinna’s words OWN IT Lou.
      And last but certainly not least….How do you make a public apology & then plead Not Guilty?!?

      • Lea

        Great question Theresa, I just Googled if Luann had gone to rehab, USA Today said she ‘was checking into rehab for alcohol treatment,’ Pagesix said she ‘made the decision to go’ and Foxnews said she ‘has checked herself in’ to treatment. Hmmm…I have no idea! ha Yes, excellent point, how do you make a public apology and not plead guilty?

  • ~Medusa~

    1) How can Luann plead “not guilty” AFTER making a public apology which implied GUILT?
    2) A “trial by JURY” sounds like “trial by FIRE” to me.
    3) Famous lawyers suffer famous losses, too.
    4) Has Lu popped her cork? She doesn’t seem rational.

    • Theresa

      I should have read down to your post before posting. Tee here. I guess great minds think a like!

      • ~Medusa~

        Right you are!! I really don’t understand what Luann thinks she’s doing by suddenly claiming to be not guilty.

    • michers

      Medusa for the win !

      • ~Medusa~

        Thanks, michers!!!

  • Khipp
    • samael


      missed you! I am conflicted – I do like Lu – but I don’t feel she has been accountable for threatening a peace officer.

      EDIT: I forgot to add – Mags did this killer interview about tonites episode! she is a warrior for sure
      check out her interview

      There are so many podcasts that I want to listen to that Mags has been on …btw thanks Lea for uploading them!

      • Khipp

        Sammy!!! Of course I completely agree with you about Lu. She has to be held accountable. Don’t ever touch/threaten the police – never.

        This won’t go to jury trial. Just an attorney ploy. She’ll plead out, and get a fine and community service, IMO. She’s already checked into rehab, so that’s in her favor with the judge. Well, we shall see.

        Haven’t read The Marge interview yet. Thanks for the link.

        Edit – Errorka in pig tails avatar HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The latest fashion trend it seems.

      • michers

        Sammy !!! Khipp !!! Hugs and happy new tear guys . Hope it brings health and happiness 🙂

        • samael


          missed you to my bud! oh I hope your new years was awesome!!!

          • michers

            It was great Sammy thanks 🙂

  • September24

    Did she sing “Not Guilty” to the Money Can’t By You Class theme song….LOL!

  • September24

    Her mugshot looks good. But still not as good as Porsha. Too bad on the ex-husband request. Will never happen. Get over it. Be more concerned about your daughter shaming the name. Not surprised at all by Lu’s not guilty plea. Sounds like her attorney is trying to get a plea deal offer. Stay tuned…LOL!

    • Boo

      They’re definitely looking for a plea deal, which she’ll probably get.

      • luvmyfrenchie

        Totally not surprised to hear this.