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Did Jax Taylor Betray Brittany Cartwright Again?!

The fact that Jax Taylor is cheating toolbag doesn’t surprise any Vanderpump Rules fan as we’ve seen him reck many relationships over six seasons with his lying and cheating ways.

For a split second, it seemed that Jax had changed thanks to his saint of a girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright.

However, it turns out even Brittany couldn’t tame Jax’s self-destructive ways.

Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules kicked off with the revelation that Jax cheated on Brittany, multiple times, with Faith Stowers but it doesn’t end there.

Despite the fact that Brittany and Jax are “working on things” a new revelation could change everything for the VPR couple.

“There’s an audio tape that will prove Jax is far worse than Brittany realizes,” a source tells Life & Style.

Faith apparently recorded a conversation with Jax that has been passed around the VPR cast.

During next week’s episode, the recording finally makes its way to Brittany.

“Faith recorded Jax saying ‘I’m not sexually attracted to Brittany anymore and I can never see myself marrying her,” the source reveals. “When Brittany hears the audio tapes, she’ll have no choice but to call it quits. She’ll be heartbroken and humiliated.”

Currently, Jax and Brittany still seem very much together, but I’ve heard rumblings that producers are forcing them to stay together. Hmm…

Are you shocked that Faith recorded her conversations with Jax? Do you think Jax really loves Brittany? Should Brittany dump Jax?

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  • I can’t believe Brittany fell for the cad after she watched his antics on VPR but with that said she felt she could change him with her Angelness. See how that worked out. He could have sex whenever he wanted with someone that adored him and he still had to find someone low down and dirty he works with. Why? Because Jax knows in his dark little heart that he isn’t worthy of someone a wonderful as Britt. She is wholesome, fun, beautiful, loyal and downright wonderful. He is right, he isn’t worthy and insists on proving it constantly. Get a clue Britt! He can’t help himself.

    • Just one question. Do you know Brittany personally?
      I like Brittany, and I do think Jax is not a good guy for a lot of reasons, but I don’t think Brittany is a saint either, just because she looks nice on TV. I don’t know her, but from what I have seen of her…showing up in a negligee for an interview, and Jax did meet her in Las Vegas where she worked at Hooters, and I don’t say that all girls who work at Hooters are not decent girls, but the more wholeseome types might refrain from such employment in how sexist it seems to be, focusing on the Hooters…. She also had her breasts enlarged a lot. Even her own mother said to go big or go home…more or less to her, and I am not saying her mom is not a wholesome type, but honestly, I think Brittany is okay, but I don’t think she is pure as snow either. She seems nice enough, and she likes Jax for some reason. She did get to be on reality TV, and she is winning in that department too. Jax is much older and probably a walking STD factory, but she likes him. Is she too good for him? Maybe anyone is too good for Jax, but I don’t know either of them, really.

      This was not to be argumentative. I just don’t see it the way you do. That is all.
      As for Brittany moving on and finding another guy, I say, why not? I agree with you in that respect, for sure. But she is no angel with a halo on, most likely, in my opinion, really.

  • A lot changes though from time of filming to present , so even IF he was an ass that did that , it was probably several months ago and thu gd appear different today .

  • At what point do the

    Men: start respecting women
    Women: start respecting themselves

    this show has more drama than AHS: Hotel did. It’s like these dickheads (all the cast) have a check feel like accomplished adults

    – no longer virgn
    – have girlfriend/boyfriend
    – have many sexual partners while with girl/boy friend
    – have sex with girl/boy friends best friend
    – get engaged so we can drink even more
    – get married so we can drink even more than that

    the guys on this show are pure douche material – all the cast should be tested for STD’s…ewee…I wouldn’t share the air space with these dolts.

    • Hey Sam! I got the scoop on Brianna and Ryans new home in NC.
      4407 Kimesville Rd, Burlington, NC 27215
      Paid $225k. 4748 sq. feet, 24.38 acres, 5 bedrooms 3 1/2 baths.

      • Vita40!! Happy new year bud!

        holy smokes you are all sorts of awesome! What a huge deal that is! Here $225K will get you – maybe – a 1 bedroom apartment 800 – 1K sq feet! wow! I remember Ryans instagram showing the home and land! wow..can’t stop saying that. So technically, they could pay all cash for this – cuz, if I recall correctly, they sold their home for $1M? Of course this is after paying Vile back for her help with the home. are amazing! thank you for this info. have you noticed (if you’re on twitter) bravo and Ass Andy are asking vague questions about “which state would you want in the RH franchise”…Andy tweeted this twice since the reunion aired…I’m wondering if they are thinking Brianna doing a “young” version of RH?

        WOO HOO!

  • I believe they are still together since he mentioned her very kindly and very recently since he just lost his father to cancer.

  • I’m curious how Jax has an infinite supply of gals lined up to bed him? He isn’t attractive, clever or kind. He’s a greasy, sleazy, dumb clunk, who maltreats all women as underlings. To him, the women he meets are disposable. When he gets bored and discards one girl, he believes that he can replace her within minutes. How is that a turn on to any single girl?

      • It’s awful and unfortunately, these young women will bring their awful habits with them into full adulthood and most likely pass them on to the next generation. I hope I’m wrong.

        • We took a few steps forward a few decades ago , and now we took 3 steps back . The insecurities and lack of self worth are mind boggling !

          • It depresses me when I think about it. I can’t imagine raising a young girl in the current atmosphere.

    • Sadly, young women today have a different frame of mind when it comes to coupling up with someone. No self respect it would seem.

  • Yeah I like Brittany, she seems sweet but I don’t have any sympathy for her. She knew exactly what kind of “man” (more like boy) that Jax was when they got together and he never holds back on showing his true colors for the kind of lying, cheating, drama-loving jerk he is. If that suits her, then so be it.

  • That photo is either way photoshopped or way old! If Brit is still with Jax I have zero sympathy for her. He is a pig and getting to old now to change his ways.

  • They’ve already made up and moved on so this article makes no sense other then to drum up interest in the next episode

    Brittany will never leave ! She will take her punishment till he finally dumps her

    • Kentucky Fried needs to wake up and smell something if not the coffee already. All of the girls are telling her what a scum Jax is and she just sits there with this stupid look on her face….”I know, isn’t he cute”???

        • Hahaha, Jax was a little ninny, throwing a fit because “women” were in his space. Grow the fuck up Jax, it’s called having friends over. I’m more than certain Brittany has had to put up with his friends coming over, doing lines, drinking all night long.

  • Who is the girl in the photo above???

    The 38 year old ‘tween, Jax can’t keep it in his pants. If Brittany hasn’t figured that out by now, she’s a lost cause.