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Luann de Lesseps’ First Husband Wants Her To Drop His Last Name; Plus Did Tom D’Agostino Having An “Unwedding” Party on NYE?!?!

Luann de Lesseps’ life is one big hot mess.

First, the Countess was arrested on Christmas Eve, and was charged with four felonies including “battery on an officer, disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest with violence and two corruption by threat charges.”

Then, the Real Housewives of New York star announced she would be voluntarily checking herself into rehab. No word on when, or where the Countess will be completing rehab.

And now, Luann’s ex-husband Count Alexandre de Lesseps wants her to drop his last name.

According to Page Six, the Count has been closely monitoring the news coverage of Luann’s arrest and is “mortified and ashamed.”

“He told her she is ruining the family name and should drop it if she’s continuing to act like this . . . He is watching from abroad and is totally embarrassed,” a source reveals to Page Six.

If you remember Luann happily gave up her Countess title last New Year’s Eve when she married Tom D’Agostino.

Luann was so excited about her name switch that she even used it as her tagline during season 9 of RHONY – “The only title I’d give up ‘countess’ for is ‘wife.’ ”

However, Luann continued to be referred to as the Countess for business purposes including her bedding line, dubbed The Countess Collection.

In fact, Luann claimed that her Countess title was more of a way of life, saying “The countess will always be a part of who I am,” yet sources insist that after Luann and Tom’s marriage went sour, she regretted giving up her title.

“Poor Luann. She loved being a countess,” s source told Page Six back in August.

Meanwhile, it’s rumored that Luann’s ex-husband Tom D’Agostino was throwing an “unwedding” party on New Year’s Eve but according to E! News that wasn’t the case.

Sources say that Tom was throwing a New Year’s Eve party but claim it had nothing to do with his ex or their wedding and had everything to do with his birthday which happens to fall on the same day.

Tom, who is apparently very single, celebrated his birthday with a small gathering of 75 and no Bravo stars in attendance.

I’m not surprised Luann is facing more fallout from her arrest. But come on, Luann’s daughter got arrested this year for DUI and the Count wasn’t asking her to give up her last name.

Are you surprised the Count wants Luann to drop his last name? Should Luann drop her ex-husband’s last name? Does Luann regrets giving up her Countess title for Tom? Do you think Tom’s NYE party a dig at Luann?

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  • Let’s see… first Tiny Tom weighed in on Luann’s fall from grace. Then, it was AL-EX to deliver his demand. When will Jacques give his 2 cents? Perhaps, all of Lu’s former paramours will chime in, too.

  • This should have been discussed in divorce settlement ( name drama)
    As for Tom, who cares? If she had a party everyone would blow smoke up her now savage ass lol. Single people party . This doesn’t change her mug shot.
    -And to ALL – Happy New Year ! Hope everyone started it off well so far . God Bless XO!!

  • While I do not hang in socialite circles, I have been witness to a lot of it thru past work.
    Having met a couple of countesses and a princess I can say with surety that none of them made it a point
    to address themselves as such.
    In fact I had to be told by other’s at the event’s.
    I say all of that as testament that all of them were discreet, down to earth and lacking in pretension.
    There is something so unappealing & self aggrandizing about thinking grand titles will validate someone or make them sound superior.
    The very fact that someone NEEDS to feel more important is sad.
    And the fact that they actually believe that others care is silly.
    I assure you that if an actual person of royalty heard someone making it it as known as Luanne always has, they would most likely
    know immediately that they were dealing with someone who is appallingly bourgeoisie; as people who are genuinely tasteful rarely
    are impressed with status because they know how little it really means & that it’s mostly bullshit.
    One of my favorite Housewives moments of all time was when Bethany & Luann got into a car and Bethenny proceeded to introduce her to the driver by her first name…
    The look on Bethenny’s face was priceless! She couldn’t even believe that someone would be so utterly pretentious to think that she is somehow more “important” because of the married title.
    I shouldn’t jab because we all have our insecurities, but this was off the charts!
    I don’t wish recent events on anyone, not even Luann, but the arrest and the scolding from the ex husband in the press might be the best thing that could have happened to Luann in the longrun.
    Through this public arrest it may help her to see the light and find REAL ways of bolstering her self esteem in authentic ways and help her to rely on the actual things about herself that are interesting.
    Hard to imagine that by now she doesn’t have the awareness to see how ridiculous & meaningless the whole charade is and instead exchange it for something internal rather than external.

    • I was with you until your brought up BF’s issue with “driver-gate”. You got the incident wrong. Luann didn’t demand to be addressed as “Countess” to the unknown driver. She asked to be introduced as, “Mrs. de Lesseps”. For her, it was uncomfortable to be called by her first name by someone she didn’t know. (She said as much.) I am the same way when it comes to strangers such as sales people, limo drivers or other service providers. I was raised to address others similarly, “Hello, Mrs. ——“, “Nice to meet you, Mr. —–” etc. And I am not of nobility. Maybe, the social distance is a “New England” expectation… However, the way BFrankelstein flipped out and kept attacking Luann over it, was far more rude.

  • I don’t think he means it . They asked him a question and he said what he thought he should say

  • hmm…two whores judging …????

    well..this is sources said..so..

    – the first marriage Lu finally confessed that “this is an open marriage” – and she only confessed after RH outted both of them
    – the second marriage – whore cheated before the “I do’s” and after

    yeah – both have room to judge

    • I think Luann’s forced confessional that it was “open” – was not by her choice. Count Cad played to her weakness of being dumped if she didn’t allow him his fun. In the end, he dropped her like a hot rock when he found a newer playmate.

      • Good afternoon Medusa!

        The only thing I remember about the count ( I never paid attention to him – he was perfect ..never seen and never spoke) is him finally spending time with his family when they went to visit the statue of liberty together.

        I do remember Bitchenny and (I think ) Ramonacoaster – calling out her “catting” around. They both openly slammed Lu about her “different” sexual partners while married – I thought they were lying…until Lu finally confessed!

        I can’t remember why they (the count) divorced her…wow he dumped her!

        • Alex was away for long periods of time, working in Europe. I don’t recall Luann admitting that she had multiple affairs while married. From the way Luann responded to the Spanish Inquisition by the women, it seemed as if she admitted to knowing her husband cheated on her. Frankly, it wasn’t anyone’s business what went on in her marriage, unless she freely divulged it. I didn’t see that. I saw Luann pestered to the point of breaking down her resistance by a few harpies who clearly hated her. If they could have, they would have put Luann in the village square to be pilloried.

          The reason Alex dumped Luann (via an email) was that he had fallen for another woman and planned to marry her. After the divorce, his relationship with the other woman went sour. She dumped him!!! Just desserts were served to Count Cad.

          • thanks for that info Medusa

            I thought that at the reunion Lu finally admitted – it was an open marriage. I thought Lu also “vaguely” acknowledged both had various partners. My deal was – even if it is an open marriage – she needs to explain it to Bitchenny “why”? If that is what both agreed to..and Lu was not complaining about it..so be it.

            Wow being dumped via email..

            • I remember Lu being grilled and made “admissions” of infidelity. I wasn’t sure if she meant herself, too. I agree with you that she was under no obligation to tell BF anything!!! Barfenny didn’t allow anyone to ask her how she was doing, FFS!!!! Yes, the email divorce notice was a cowardly, creepy way to detach himself.

  • Happy New Year!!! Count Chocula needs to shut his gob. He wasn’t exactly the picture of high moral values while he was married to Lu, carrying on with other women, while STILL married. I don’t think they went into their marriage saying it was open, I feel it happened much later on, after both children had been born and the Count became bored. Lu went along with it to keep her position as his wife and the title, which she obviously loved. Clearly it came to a point where it wasn’t a sustainable position for her and they split. I find it ridiculous he would ask her to drop the last name because it’s been her last name for some time and it’s how she identifies herself and her children have the same last name. The Count needs to worry about himself and his Eurotrash friends. Let Lu try and get herself together before everyone starts demanding they do this and that. It would be one thing if Lu was being thrown in the drunk tank every other weekend. She obviously has a problem, she’s said she’s entering rehab.

    Since when is inviting 75 people to a party considered small? Small gathering, give me a break. Sounds like he invited everyone he knows and had a “let’s celebrate me being single” party. Tom is such a little, bitch, emphasis on little. Can’t wait until this story goes away.

    • Happy Jan 1st kitten ?????
      Since I’ve new to this franchise , I didnt know all that background so thank you for that xoxox

      Was it me or did you think Andy Cohen was kinda boring last night ? I watched for a few minutes then turned it off ?

      • Kiss Kiss Fluffy!!????

        I can’t believe I even spent my time watching those 2. I was bored and flipping channels and it was what I landed on for about 5 minutes. Andy is absolutely awful. I feel like I’m watching an 8 year when he talks. I don’t see how Anderson can stand to be around him.

        • I so agree with you . While Andrew may be able to deliver with a script , he just ain’t good off the cuff! Also the energy of 2 men just wasn’t working for me, it’s so much more fun with a man and a woman

          The one bit I watched , they totally STOLE Kathy’s material about making fun of Ryan Seacrest and joking about ‘he makes Seacrest money ‘ ??? COME ON!!!!
          I was hoping he would invite one or 2 HWs to show up or something

          • They are very awkward together, right, or is it just me who feels this way? I can’t believe they do a tour of their schtick, whatever the schtick is. It seems like Andy likes embarrassing Anderson and people find it endearing? I find it cringe worthy, strange and sophmoric. Still can’t believe Gloria Vanderbilt likes Andy Cohen, she has to be lying, lol!!

            • It was ‘original’ when Kathy started embarrassing Anderson because he was this serious news figure , but that doesn’t mean it can be duplicated or that we want to see it repeated over and over ?. I found them awkward too so it wasn’t just you fluffy ??

              • I never liked the Kathy/Anderson dynamic either. She was there just to embarrass him and really at no cost. I’m not easily embarrassed but lawdy, some of the stuff she would say to him, ugh!! That’s another friendship I never understood and it didn’t translate well for me.

                • Well andy and Kathy’s friendship collapsed as soon as they had their first public disagreement. I liked her fine until the jokes started becoming repetitive and tedious . She’s a one note comic , at least the stuff I’ve seen . I haven’t been to her shows or anything like that .
                  I’m not sure how I feel about Anderson but I don’t think he’s a serious journalist anymore , he’s simply a talk show host . Maybe that’s why he suddenly identifies with Cohen

                  • This minute I saw her holding that bloody head, done. You know how I feel about Combover Caligula, but that crossed a line for me.

                    • For me, too. Albeit, I was never a Kathy fan, prior to the bloody head prank. I have never laughed at anything Kathy ever said (or joked). For me, she isn’t funny.

                    • I liked her stand up. What I didn’t like was her real personality, I found her annoying.

                    • I agree with you and I don’t know how she expected Anderson to react . Defending her would’ve been nonsensical and ludicrous. She was severely misguided with that stunt

                    • IKR He’s the lead anchor on CNN, she really expected him to stand beside her on that one?

            • I saw their “show” when they started the Andy & Anderson Tour. It was very good, based mostly on Anderson Cooper’s efforts. He was humble, natural and approachable. Whereas, Andy was a annoyingly immature, shallow & drunkish. Last night was embarrassing. Andy was redundant (i.e.: “I’m going to be so cold”. “I am cold.” “I’m afraid to go to the bathroom because it’s cold.”) Last night, their banter was as stale as a 4 day old, left out, French baquette.

              • Wow, where did you see the show and how long ago was that? I like Anderson, he gets the raw end of the deal being friends with Andy if you ask me. Andy benefits being with Anderson but I don’t see it being reciprocated.
                It’s why I changed the channel, the constant, I’m cold, I’m cold. Of course you’re cold, it’s the end of December in NEW YORK for God’s sake, what did you expect palm trees and sunny beaches??

                • I saw it in Boston 3 or 4 years ago. Here’s the skinny: While discussing their live stories, Andy admitted that he had a big crush on Anderson. However, Anderson stated that he always considered Andy only as a friend. Translation: Anderson wasn’t attracted to Andy as a love interest. He told Andy that, too. As a result, Andy resigned himself to the “friend” status. They go on vacations together & hang out. But, they have their own “mates”.

                  Their banter was cute because Anderson was grounded & serious versus the fluff Cohen spewed. I preferred Anderson’s life story much more than Cohen’s. Anderson really was more fascinating & more “real”. Ex. His life goal was to earn his own money (even though he came from immense Vanderbilt $$$) and to help people that were less fortunate than he was. Hence, he became a reporter & traveled the globe to report on the horrible events that affected people of horrific circumstances. By contrast, Andy said his main life goal was to become a celebrity and have many celeb friends. (That is Kryle’s main aim, too.) They both achieved what they wanted. However, clearly, Anderson is more secure than Andy is.

                  • Thanks for the deets Miss Medusa, very interesting!! I think Anderson always wanted to prove himself and not rest on his laurels as a Vanderbilt. Impressive in this day and age of nepotism, although Anderson isn’t of the Millennial generation but he could have certainly milked the Vanderbilt name if he wanted to. Most people don’t realize his connection to the Vanderbilt’s.
                    I’ve always been interested in “old American money”. Used to real a lot of biographies, autobiographies about the Vanderbilts, Fords, DuPonts, Rockefeller’s etc… Have you read Gloria’s autobiography? Very good, I highly recommend it!

                    • You’re welcome. Anderson pointed out that he wanted to earn his own way based on his own merits. That was the reason he used his father’s last name only & didn’t mention his mother’s name until he was established. It really was interesting that Anderson showed more of himself than Andy would do.

                      I read the autobiography that Anderson & his mother wrote together. It was so engaging, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one afternoon. What a life Gloria has had!!! Her bond with Anderson is incredible.

                    • Thanks, Rain. I have to say that I had no idea how the evening would work out. A friend of mine got the tix & invited me to join her. After the show, I became a bigger fan of Anderson, while feeling less excited about Andy. I expected the opposite. LOL

                    • It’s first accounts like yours that matter. We can read about it all we want but to hear it from somebody who’s been there , that’s what matters ?

              • Totally agree Medusa, saw their show in Portland, Oregon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And Andy was the sidekick to Anderson who has more class in his little toe than Andy has in his whole body.

                • LOL – well stated. Andy was Anderson’s sloppy sidekick. I guess Andy didn’t improve his half. He thinks he’s cute, but he comes across as shallow.

    • Good points!!! The deLesseps marriage was no longer sustainable because Count Cad wanted OUT. He divorced Lu; not the other way around. He did it most cruelly & publicly. His recent request for Lu to change her last name, gives HIM the “The Chutzpah Award”. The runner up for that award is Tiny Tom for his public flaunting his love life & frat boy partying ways.

        • Happy New Year to you, too – michers. She said it without conviction. It sounded as if Alex was open to other women; not necessarily with Lu being involved with men. It seemed as though she acquiesced to Alex’s behavior. I may have read too much into her wavering answer to the women.

          • Hmm.. I got impression she was open also ( no pun intended lol) and that , she only acted defensive when certain people reminded her of it . I guess it really doesn’t matter at this point but I just can’t with her flip flopping at times !

  • Happy New Year Everyone!!! As for Luann, she is a de Lesseps by marriage not blood and they are divorced so I can see why he is embarrassed. Once you marry and have kids with someone, you really have no say about the ex keeping your last name unless that was agreed on in the divorce.

    The count and his daughter have also embarrassed the family so he really shouldn’t be saying anything but I can understand why he wants his name back. They are blood de Lesseps and Luann is not plain and simple.

  • When it rains, it pours. Alex’s request is really kicking Luann when she’s down. He cheated on HER and publicly humiliated her by dumping her via email. That makes Count Cad a person of ill repute. He’s a disgrace by any name. I hope Luann ignores his callous request and calls herself whatever she wants with her last name.

    • Bingo!!! He was running around on her, the mother of his children. I find that pretty disturbing. I don’t buy that Lu was willing to be in an open relationship right out of the gate. My feeling is she accepted it because she wanted to keep the name/title/benefits of being married to the Count. It’s not something I would put up with. Obviously she couldn’t take it either and at some point they divorced. Pretty low of him to ask her to drop her name when she it at a precarious point in her life.

      • Happy New YEAR, FDD!!!! Luann enjoyed the perks of her title. However, I think Luann stayed with Alex because she genuinely loved him. She thought he was Prince Charming. Unfortunately, he proved to be a toad.

        • Happy New Year Mein Freund!!!!

          I agree, I think she genuinely loved him and was willing to put up with shenanigans.

          • Luann is a knock out. She’s fun and clever. She should be able to attract men of substance. However, her choices so far, have much to be desired. Obviously, she can’t pick a winner in a one horse race.

            • Watching her on the show, I get the feeling she’s one of those women who always needs a man to feel complete, which makes me very sad. I thought she was more independent and forward thinking than that.

              • I didn’t think that about her, until she accepted that creepy Tom. She had to be desperate to think he was the greatest man alive.

                • I didn’t think it either until she was hell bent on marrying someone who was clearly cheating on her. I was absolutely stunned and shocked when FrankelJaw showed her those pictures and she was still gungho to go forward with Tiny Tom.

                  • I probably would have to, just to defy Frankelstein. LOL Luann wasn’t going to take advice from her mortal enemy. However, she should have awakened from her love coma when she realized he was a sleaze.

                    Plus, I think that she thought that lightning struck twice. She married Alex on a whim (after knowing him for a short period of time).

    • Right? Count Chocula needs to step off his “mighty perch” and stop judging, he has no room to do so.