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Kyle Richards’ Home Burglarized While Family Vacations in Aspen

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky‘s new $8.2M home was burglarized.

Thankfully the reality TV family was not home during the break-in as they are currently vacationing in Aspen, according to social media.

So happy to be back in beautiful Aspen with loved ones ??????

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E! News confirmed that on Thursday police were called to the family’s Encino, California home after a burglary was reported.

So, what was stolen?

Well, quite a lot.

TMZ reported that more than a million dollars’ worth of jewelry, including $150,000 worth of watches owned by Mauricio, were stolen.

The thieves apparently broke a window and entered the home. The Umansky’s housekeeper is the one who discovered the break-in. TMZ also reported that the home security system was not armed during the burglary and that a closet sensor was triggered just after 1 a.m.

Kyle and Mauricio just moved into their new 7-bedroom home in November.

Hmmm…this sounds like an inside job if you ask me. I can bet that Kyle and Mauricio would definitely set their alarm before leaving for vacation. It seems that whoever was taking care of the house for them could be involved in the break-in.

Are you shocked Kyle’s house was burglarized? Can you believe the thieves made off with more than a million dollars worth of jewelry?

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  • Ironically, the dumb-ass Kryle posted that she’s hitting the shops of Aspen. Way to go – tell the world that you’re refilling your coffers with expensive baubles & still away on vacay!!!!

    • Good morning Medusa

      I know how much I like Kyle – so I thought maybe I have my blinders on…so I do what I usually do. …I investigated as to Kyle’s flaunting ways…

      – she rarely purchases (being cheap)
      – Umansky purchased kim a purse when they went to paris
      – Umansky bought her a diamond ring for their anniversary – someone else mentioned that on WWHL
      – TmZ and RHBH have pics of her holding shopping bags
      – on her social media ( I follow her on twitter and instagram) she does not boast/mention any purchases
      she only mentioned her childhood home burning in the florida fires) she only promotes charities and go funds
      that her followers ask her to highlight. She has pics of her girls and vacays (both personal and from RHBH)..
      This is information from September/17

      I get that people don’t like Kyle, but her and her girls don’t deserve to have those feelings of not being safe.. thugs do what they want to because they want to.

      I am kind of surprised that in all the collection of kyle’s jewellry – it only totalled $1M. Yes I’ve been robbed
      as well, takes alot of nights under the belt to feel safe again and to convince family they are safe. And of course I blame myself
      for “letting” them find a way to rob us.

      • Hello Samael ~ I won’t bash you for liking someone I intensely dislike. I see KyleECoyote quite differently, based solely on her behavior & what she’s posted on her fb page (which I followed until I couldn’t take it anymore.) Many of her posts consisted of her pitching products ala Vickileaks GonefullofSh*t. It was pathetic.
        1) She purchases her EXPENSIVE purses which include CC & the hideous Birkins. She bragged on camera that she had a few Birkins.
        2) Her philanthropy is limited. Plus, she makes sure to highlight it on camera, for attention & kudos.
        3) She has horrible taste in her personal style & purchases clunky jewelry or clothing way too young & tight for her shape.
        4) On her fb page, she informed everyone about HER vacations. Posting photos while one is away is an invitation to burglars. BTW: the Dumb-ass posted a picture of herself going in through an open window, because she forgot her key.
        She laughed, “I always keep a window unlocked in case I get locked out. HAHAHA” Really!!!
        And: Many pix of little Portiaaaa posted were somewhat risque. As a result, even her blindly loyal fans warned her to stop it.
        If she now feels a bit unsafe, maybe that’s a good thing. However, I wouldn’t count on that. Kryle repeats her mistakes because she rarely learns from them.

        Have a Happy New Year!!!

        • Hey Medusa!

          I wouldn’t expect you to bashme – exchanging thoughts and beliefs is cool and that’s exactly what we are doing. I don’t do facebook. btw Khipp and I mentioned a looooong time ago how she looks toothless and people here proceeded to drag me all day..just wanna say, the descriptives I read about Kyle..I do laugh at the image described.

          ok about Kyle

          – she has her dumbass moments
          – she never praises herself
          – and as you said before, the “climbing” through the window…in old home …but dumbass move and she got shredded for it on twitter
          – about portia, that’s wierd, cuz usually RH blogs will copy/paste and run a story about inapporpriate pics, Pue?ortia is 9, how can she be risque?
          – Kyle absolutely learns from her huge mistakes

          She no longer trusts RH 100%
          She no longer allows Kim and Kathy to rule her decisions
          Her home did have an alarm systyem and it was an employee that put the home at risk
          She is not bringing her children up-the way she was brought up

          So a thug decided to victimize strangers and now the family is forced to “get over” fears …I don;t understand that at all.

          Thank you for discussing this with me and Happy new year!

          • Let’s see how the investigation plays out. It may not be a random “thug” who burglarized Hacienda Umanski.

            As to my concerns about Portiaaaaa – She is being brought up similarly to the way K & K were. Kryle has pushed the kid into “the business”. Kryle wants Portiaaa to be either a child model or another “Little Kim” (her words). That wasn’t the risque part. I was referring to when Portiaaaa was age 8, she was in bathing suits and posed on a bear skin rug or on the deck of her yacht in mature poses. I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. Some of KR’s loyal fans (who love her) posted their concerns of creeps who may communicate with Portiaaa on her own fb page!!! Portiaaaa will be 10 in March.

      • LOL – Bitchenny & Bobblehead Bitchards love to flash their cash. Erotika must be busy with her glam squad.

  • Isn’t the rumor that Paris got the oldest daughter hooked on coke? Maybe she owes someone money? Hope not true, that girl seemed to have a good head on her shoulders.

  • It disgusts me how much money these people spend on junk. Thousands for diamonds – a horrible industry (Blood Diamond anyone?). It’s non stop buying: overpriced cars, Birkin purses (how utterly stupid to pay that kind of money for an over-sized ugly bright blue purse), watches, shoes, etc. Why the need to spend so much on all this crap? God forbid they donate the money – how about helping out Puerto Rico for crying out loud? Oh no, Kyle is desperate to flash her money – makes her feel important, like a big shot. Makes her look like a greedy pig. Money doesn’t buy you class Kyle.

    • actually Mountain Skier

      Kyle is one of the most frugal (cheap) RH…just because she is part of a power couple, why would that mean she wouldnt’ want a better life for her children. cuz..both parents work their butts of so their children can further their education and have better and emotionally healthier choices. Why would it bother anyone if a realtor finds a good deal for their family? remember the saying for power realtors ABC ….Always be closing!

      because Kyle tweets something about her life, does not immediately make her “deserve” what she gets. She was violated by a stranger, or, worse, an employee…are the Umansky and Richards of this universe not allowed feeling about what happens to them? Kyle and her family give year round..that is on social media as well…

      some ass wipe decides…empty house..take ..that shit head has managed to scare the shit out of 5 females and for all the time they live in that house..they have to wonder..when will we get robbed again…so they deserve this?


  • Did they steal one of the purses she was bragging about on RHOB??? She’d better be careful….remember what happened to Kimmie in Paris!!!

  • This is terrible and it is a good thing the family was not home. However, when these ladies go on TV and show all their belongings and flaunt their wealth, it gives bad people ideas (IMO).

  • LOL – It couldn’t happen to a dimmer bulb. On her social media, Kryle let the world know that she always left a particular window open in case she got locked out. Granted, it was in her former house. However, since she’s dumb as dirt, one could believe that she’d continue that practice when she moved. In addition, she always posts her vacation plans & pix while she’s away. What a mental midget, which matches her height.

  • Was this a live in housekeeper who had the security system off? The closet had a separate alarm that went off?
    This is a massive home. The system should have been armed at all times while they were away…and someone should be in charge of the household….
    Thankfully no one was hurt. I guess they don’t own a very secure safe for those items. Maybe it would be a good investment..a hidden safe for those valuables.

  • I can’t feel too sorry for them. Kyle wanted to brag so she told all 1) where their house was, 2) how rich they are and 3) that they would be gone and the house unattended. Then they fail to set the alarm and do not have all the expensive jewelry and all in a safe. This is simply stupid thinking.

    Let’s hope they saved receipts and/or have pictures of all that was stolen. But my guess is that neither Kyle nor Mauricio would do that — they would assume everyone would believe them about the supposed worth of their stuff. After all, they are D-List celebrities.

    I suppose it’s also possible they set this up for themselves to get the publicity and also the tax write-off for the loss. Timing it right before the new tax year.

  • So glad they were not home at the time. Hope the housekeeper didn’t walk in on the robbery but noticed after the fact. Very scary!

  • Where was Rambles Richards, imo she’s numero uno suspect, LOL! In all seriousness, it sounds like an inside job and why don’t people put their jewels in a safety deposit box or at the very least why don’t they have a safe in their home, surely they can afford it.
    Do they go anywhere without the “morally corrupt Faye Resnick”? She is one of the most despicable people next to PMK.

  • Good thing is nobody was home or got hurt . Stuff can be replaced it’s just stuff. All these celebs share a lot on SM and crooks take advantage . Be careful Kyle ??

  • OMD

    I feel so bad for the family, there they are having fun being together and some ass hole decides this is their opportunity
    to take everything that is not the thieves.

    I could care less who gets much is in their bank account – someone violates your space and continues to
    violate by stealing things given as gifts or bought with money earrned.

    Homeowners leave someone they trust in charge and BOOM! another violation!

    some ass wipe was making fun of the girls and the parents on twitter – making fun of being robbbed! shit head. What
    the hell is funny about being robbed?

  • If you want to call advertising all over social media your new $8 million home and then that you’re not going to be home for several days an, “inside job,” then, yes, it was an “inside job.”