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RHOBH Recap – Diva Las Vegas!

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Happy Holiday Housewives fans!

It may be snowing where I’m at, but it’s heating up for the Beverly Hills ladies in Las Vegas!

We start off with Lisa Rinna arriving much to the delight of no one. Dorit is skeptical to see Lisa as Lisa spread that little coke rumor last season.

Erika Jayne is working the S&M Barbie look with her dream team while Adrienne comes in as a blast from the past. I had to laugh out loud when Kyle stated that group was ‘beginning to look like the Village People.’

The ladies are dining when Dorit drops the bomb that Teddi is the daughter of John Cougar Mellencamp. Lisa R. isn’t having Lisa V. and Dorit gossiping about her but tries to brush it off as she is now ‘nice Lisa Rinna.’ Yeah okay – good luck with that girl! Meanwhile, Teddi tries to convince the ladies that an ‘accountability coach’ is a real job and apparently charges clients to tweet them motivational quotes. Does anyone know how I can get that job?? We also see a throwback pic of Teddi when she was over 200 lbs. Kudos to her for being open and honest about her personal struggles! She seriously looks amazing and is inspirational.

The ladies are off to Tao nightclub and the drinks and dancing start. We see some hot ‘mom moves’ including the infamous ‘Camille dance moves.’ The birthday girls get a shout out on the jumbo-tron and so far everyone seems to be having a good time.

The day after Lisa is face timing with her daughter who is feeling sick from a $280 steak. I mean…I said it last week and I’ll say it again. Rinna and her girls are giving me serious Kardashian vibes. Dorit is speaking with her babies on FaceTime and PK obviously wants the dish on Rinna. PK also gives Dorit a $1 million limit which I can’t tell if it’s a joke or not. I’m thinking a joke but they also own a rose gold Bentley so who knows?

The ladies start off slow with a $5K bet and Teddi is the only one that realizes that $5K is a lot of money. Erika seems to show signs of a gambling problem while Dorit shows signs of a drinking problem. Lifestyles of the rich and I right? By the pool Rinna, Kyle and Camille are soaking up some sun discussing European vacations as Kyle is going to Croatia with her family soon.

Back at the table, Teddi wins $800 while Erika & Dorit lose everything. Dorit and Erika are getting along great as they realize they both have so much money it basically means nothing to them. I think we were all Teddi clutching her chips at that table during that scene.

Lisa V. and Erika discuss working on their friendship and once again we are schooled by Erika. Last week it was ‘DSL’ and ‘polite’ lips and this week it’s texting between queens vs. girls. Were you all taking notes? Speaking of friendships, Dorit and Lisa R. express being nervous about speaking to each other which we know is going to end in either a screaming match or passive aggressive comments. Time will tell fans time will tell…

Another feud is brewing as Kyle is still pissed at Harry Hamlin for getting involved with her sister’s drama. Kyle runs the situation by Erika who warns her to ‘tread lightly.’ Side note: How is Kim Richards still a story line even though she is not on the show?

The ladies decide to go on the ‘high roller’ Ferris wheel which apparently has a bar inside. This works well for Kyle as she apparently is having a panic attack only to find out that it’s more of a grandma ride. The ladies take the time to take jabs at Rinna as nearly everyone has issues with her. Dorit decides to go first which isn’t going well as Rinna no longer has Eileen by her side (and also has a terrible ‘confessional’ look.) What was with that slick backed hair? Maybe she should keep her 20 year old hairstyle. Overall, Rinna feels like Dorit is unloading and not taking any responsibility. All in all this conversation is pretty underwhelming. If this is the best scene that production had I don’t even want to see what is on the cutting room floor.

The ladies shake hands and move forward after Rinna apologizes, saying what she said was wrong. Kyle decides to jump in now that Rinna is fine with Dorit. Rinna is annoyed that Kyle brought this up but the two end up on fine terms as everyone agrees that Kyle shouldn’t have to fight her sister’s battles. Perhaps every Bravo housewife should go on the ‘High Roller’ as it seems to be where to go to admit your wrongs and come to resolutions!

Later that night over drinks, Erika brings out the ice dildo much to the ladies amusement. Kyle is leaving early for a trip to Croatia leaving the other ladies to grill Teddi about her life. Erika reveals that she didn’t meet her dad until she was 25 which turns into a pretty awkward moment. I think we learned a lot from Erika in this scene as she is pretty tough and cold which I’m sure has a lot to do with abandonment issues. Apparently there was a moment between Teddi and ‘Cool Girl’ Erika Jayne that I must have missed. Honestly, I don’t know what Teddi said that made Erika apologize as I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I will hand it to Teddi that she hit the nail on the head, saying Erika thinks she is cooler than everyone else.

Over brunch, Teddi explains to Dorit that she felt she tried to hard with Erika as Erika tends to make those around her feel insecure. So far nothing too crazy on Beverly Hills but you know pretty soon the Hills will be alive with the sound of drama.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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  • I don’t know if it’s just me , but I don’t see what all the fuss was about concerning Rinna in her bathing suit !?! I don’t think her body is so great, I think she needs to gain a few pains! Especially if it’s true what they say about the camera adding 10 lbs

    • Agree! She looks like a Q tip with her big head and skeleton.
      How about Kyle’s hideous sunglasses??

      • The glasses definitely had to go!
        And Rinna confessional look screams Kris Jenner. Does that woman even know how to be herself?

  • I like that LR got roasted to shit last night! and she couldn’t reach out for anyone for help..or deflect!
    Kyle is the best! I could care less how insincere the “apologies” were – that’s not Kyle’s responsibility
    – but due to Kyle – these famewhores were able to squash stuff “hollywood” style!

    LMAO while the douche known as LR lied and said..why live in the past…let go of stuff – I do! ha..this bitch
    slammed Dorit all season!

    So proud of Dorit – she wouldn’t let LR squirm like a rat – outta anything that LR did to Dorit ALL season!
    Sincerety level of Erikunt …she said it herself..”who believes me”?
    cudos to Queen LVP – offering to share cold with liar lips and hugging it out with Erikunt

    I believe working it out

    – between LVP and Erikunt
    – between Dorit and Erikunt

    Don’t believe working it out

    – between Liar lips and Dorit

    Fuck HH for bullying KimR! This is not his show and who the hell cares about what this famewhore says!

    btw…just read that Erikunt gave her hubbby a $5K toilet!

  • 1) True to form, KyleECoyote took a poll with everyone about the HH confrontation before she spoke to GRinna. Also, per her usual, Kryle is using “my sister Kim” as her ongoing SL.
    2) GRinna might be more convincing as a “reformed asshole” if she didn’t punctuate her so-called transformation with loud laughter.
    3) Erotika’s shot at Teddi that she didn’t have a father might be more sympathetic if she wasn’t frozen faced & monotone.
    4) When they went to the black jack tables, Pussy Galore looked like a senior citizen in her bright green leisure suit. Dorit looked like she took the pajamas from Mrs. Roper’s closet.
    5) Adrain’s appearance was rather fleeting. She came to Vegas and was never seen again in the ep.
    6) The entire episode was like a slowly leaky faucet: drip, drip, drip… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • You’re right about Rinna’s laughter , I couldn’t tell if it was nervous laughter or what ?
      I felt this was too much serenity almost like the end of a movie ! Is this the final season ? ??

      • Rain, that was exactly how it felt to me, too: it was like the final episode, rather than the beginning of the season!!!
        I don’t mind mellow conversations replacing bellicose interactions. However, there was nothing to draw viewers in to “stay tuned for our next episode.” The city Las Vegas was far more interesting than the women were.

        • The name of the episode should’ve been ‘closure ‘ or something! All the feuds seem to have been resolved in one big ‘’sisterhood’ moment after another .
          I felt most of them have already checked out and were phoning it in

    • I was so annoyed with Kyle. Can’t she just make her own executive decisions like a grown adult? And FFS, leave Rambles out of the convo for once. She’s no longer a cast member, why talk about her. Pretty sure HH and Rinner discussed it, they didn’t need Kyle’s input and I’m damn sure they don’t care. Rambles is boring, let her go as a storyline already!!

      • FDD ~ You’ve nailed it!!!!! KyleECoyote is incapable of making any executive decisions. She relies on others’ prevailing opinions. As I’ve stated before, Kryle relies on her sister KimiKaze for a Story Line. She wants to chew the scenery with her “Poor pitiful worried ME” persona.

        As for the HH issue. I am not a HH fan. However, whatever transpired between Harry & Kryle, was OFF camera. For her to blurt it out, to use as an episodic mini story arc, was kind of a violation of his privacy. Kryle will have to go back to chalkboard to think up a new grievance to have. I think she’ll be using the old tired one: “blame LVP for everything”.

  • Okay, let me break down part of this episode. I’ll call it “The Makeup”. Bravo had a sit down with Rin Tin Tin and told her to stop her lying lips, or she’s out, like her butt buddy Dulleen. HARRY HAMLIN HARRY HAMLIN needs to shut his pie hole about Kim. After all his wifey told Kim, “I’ll fuck you up.” Go take care of your super noodle kids HARRY HAMLIN HARRY HAMLIN. $250.00 for a steak? Come on, probably puked up right after dinner. It was extremely satisfying to see Rinny brought to her knees, for now. And, what with the new do Rin Tin Tin? Bad groomer?

    The rest was pretty tame. Everyone air kissed everyone, and ACTED nice. Played with ice dido’s. Lost $$ gambling (‘cept Teddi, smart). Danced and wished BD greetings to the BD girls. Went swimming. Blah blah blah.

    Oh right, one more thing. Errorka never met her father till she was 25. So she married a father, scratch that, a grandpa, I say. I have a feeling this is going to be her story line. The abandoned baby/victim. Eh. She did the same damn thing to her own kid.

    That’s all I got, for now.

  • I was watching Season 2 RHOBH marathon yesterday, what a difference!! First thing, there’s no Cunty. The show is much better without her and her monotone, helium robot voice. Cunty really has no clue how to communicate with people does she? She’s always shouting, annoys the fuck outta me. Shush, use your inside voice bitch. She was literally screaming at the top of her lungs when her, LVP and Dorit were at the mall having “their moment”. What’s up with the costumes, can’t Cunty just show up in clothes for once? She looked like a damn fool in her green track suit, I don’t care who made it, it was tacky, especially with her Gucci backpack and stilettos.

    Rinner, good luck with being nice. I have a feeling it won’t last for long but go ahead and believe your own hype. I’m just glad we had minimal time with her stupid kids. The Wagyu steak thing felt like a lie, just did it to be cute, I’m over the Rinner’s.

    Christ on a cracker Kyle, it was a Ferris Wheel, not the GD Space Shuttle. Calm your tits!! Was it really necessary for Kyle to bring up the hiking incident with Harry? I felt like it was done just to get some attention since Dorit and Rinner were the main attraction on the Ferris Wheel. No one cares about Rambles, keep it off the show. Why the hell is Kyle running her issues past EG before she says something, is she the oracle now?

    Teddi, still liking her. She’s the most real, most relatable and she’s seeing EG for who she is. Why did EG have to say, “or whatever your budget is, $10 bucks”, pretty rude of her imo.

    Still don’t understand why Camille is there, they give her about 4 minutes of airtime. Either include her in the show or don’t. I think I’m the only one who thinks Camille is a crappy dancer. Since when is doing the chicken dance/bee’s knees considered smooth dance moves?

    Adrienne has officially crossed the line with plastic surgery, she looks like Joyce Wildenstein, yikers!

    Dorit, not too sure about her after this episode. She’s kind of getting on my nerves and her outfit was almost as bad as Cunty’s, not quite but she was giving her a run for her money. How were people not laughing hysterically getting these 2 dressed?

  • Too much harmony and serenity???? ! I really like teddi but she seems too normal for this crowd ! Her husband is gorgeous, oh lets keep him shirtless please ??

  • I’m not feeling the whole accountability coach title bs.
    Dorit is just weird I think and she now has yet again, HW amnesia. Your hubby sucks and he fired shots first with YOU . That says , I’m reminded of tweets I saw last night that I agre with and no it does not mean I like Rinna ; Ken PervK and who ever else get praise for defending their wives and their bs so why can’t Harry Hamlin say to Kyle’s face what EVERYONE else does behind backs ? Please . Kim was wrong . Done. No storyline need for that Kyle. Also I think all things and other gossip considered , Lippy did well solo without Eileen dealing with everyone’s one sided shit thrown . Still don’t card for her lol.
    All of that crap aside, was nice that everyone get on so well 🙂 I’m not seeing relevance of Camille and Maloof Hoof tagging along . At all. Like ya Camille ,but no

  • Lisa Rinna laughing at her own comments I find annoying..matter of fact I find her annoying AF all around. However, I think we are going to see a different Rinna without Eileen telling her when to react and get offended. I always had the impression Eileen stirred up Rinna…it might interesting to see who Rinna really is!

    I think this puppeteering usually back fires….which explains why Eileen is no longer on the show. Kind of reminiscent of NJ where Dolores seemed to puppet Siggy, but unlike Rinna, Siggy folded…..I don’t see Bravo keeping Dolores…I would be surprised if she is on next season as a full timer.

    Harry Hamlin needs to censor his wife and stop trying to direct the cast members of the show. He is really full of himself approaching Kyle regarding Kim. Rinna seemed almost proud /vindicated at the fact the he addressed Kyle on the issue. She should have approached Kyle to discuss it…whether she agreed or disagreed.

    • She always does that creepy fake hysterical laugh at herself in her talking heads and it is still awkward lol To add about douche lord- in his defense , they have known Kyle for over 20 years and he did what others do when their wives are hurt so while I dont like the men getting involved in the show , I’ll let him have that one moment because like Rinna or not, that was really shitty of Kim ( and I was in minority of defending Kim over the seasons!)

      • I’m just over all the husbands ….one thing is to have an opinion while having a discussion with your spouse another is to actively engage on the direction of the show. Husbands should be seen and not heard…but it fuels me for him to say that Kim shouldn’t be around these women ever (although it may or may not be true). Who is he? Come to think of it maybe Michers is right and it stems from the years of having a long term relationship with Kyle….which makes me wonder if Kyle is so adamant to keep her sisters issues of camera..,she probably should have dealt with this in private.

        Thanks for that Michers….I see your point! But Rinna annoys me still…lol!

        • Harry Hamlin was NOT seen or heard. He spoke to KyleECoyote off camera, in private. SHE decided to air that – which perpetuates her tired story line of “My sister Kim….”

          • Yep, were it not for Kyle bringing it to everyone’s attention, guess what?? No one would know about it!! Funny how that works, LOL!!

            • Exactly so. Frankly, how do we know if Kryle’s rendition was accurate? She is economical with the truth.

              • That’s it exactly!! I don’t believe anything Kyle says unless we have evidence or she has at least 3 other people backing her version up. I mean, she blamed the champagne glass falling on LVP last week and LVP was nowhere near the glass.

                • Right you are!!!

                  Last week’s spilled wine into her ridiculous Birkin was by her own hand, which was caught on camera. She expects viewers to not believe our own lying eyes!!!!

            • Yet, for some reason; KyleECoyote has held GRinna above reproach regarding KimiKaze. Even after it being outed that LIPSA threatened Kimsley; Kryle didn’t take up for her meal ticket, errrr sister. It goes to show that her “sibling loyalty” is only for ‘show’, when it suits her.

              • Exactly ! I said that since she did the big outing of Kim season 1 . Or how she allowed certain people to yell at Kim or spread accusations but others she gets pissed at ? WTF is that ?

                • I have an idea why Kryle flip flops in her defense of her sister.
                  KyleECoyote uses Kimsley as her “go-to” story line. She sides with certain cast mates who will seem less popular than she is. Conversely, she’ll go after the cast members who she feels have more fans than she does.

                  • Oh yeah ! Her flip flopping turned me off from her along with her nasty side /down and dirty cussing at other women and violent . She may be ” pretty” but she’s bitter soul . I don’t understand how that skin was shed like it never existed for some who have watched since season 1? Now she’s the charming little peacekeeping uniter of friends lol????? Whatever . I am trying to overlook all that now and poke fun .

                    • In the first part of S1, Kyle was my favorite cast member. She seemed sweet, funny & cute. Then, within a few episodes, I noticed her need to mock “her sister Kim”. In Kyle’s talking head interviews, she said, “My sister doesn’t have any friends. I have all the friends.” Clearly, Kryle was a duplicitous little worm. It was obvious that KimiKaze was a fish out of water. She didn’t relate to any of the other women. She didn’t want to participate in most of the activities, either. She simply wanted her name on the roster and receive a paycheck for her “name”. Frankly, until RHBH, I never heard of either Bitchards Sista. This show has highlighted what that is. They both are bad actresses. DimSumKim has a fried brain. KyleECoyote is a low I.Q., FAKE-Phony.

                    • KimiKaze.. LOL!!!
                      Yeah over the years , quite a few years, I think a lot of people forgot about them as actresses ! And great point about her and her digs – that’s what I mean with Kyle; ” no friends”,, my friends, “she’s an alcoholic”, you can’t talk about my sister … So draining !!!! She has literally fought with just about everyone every season on every cast but for some reason other women were ( and some still are )harshly targeted !

                    • michers, the best contradiction that KyleECoyote perpetuates is: “You can’t talk about my sister….” Yet, SHE brings up Kimsley all the time. When anyone (especially LVP) responds to whatever the comment or complaint is, Kryle gets back on her high horse to beat her whip on the person for saying anything. Kryle wants to have it both ways. “Don’t pay attention to my sister.” AND “I worry about my sister.”

                    • OH yes lol ! Memory lane is fun – let’s keep going 🙂
                      Pump got off easy for Kim antics ( Main alliance for show) Taylor/ Shana threatened to go Oklohoma on her ass but all good … Anyone with lips not intended for Kyles ass – bashed , attacked whatever .

        • 🙂 she annoys most of us lol!!! I agree about the husbands and in his defense , Kyle brought that to tv / it wasn’t on camera . I hate when the boys start interjecting and some get bitchy !

      • Sorry, Michers, but gotta really disagree with you on this one. In fact, I felt that Kim really came into her own when she handed that bunny back to Rinna . She was right about the bad ju-ju it came with ’cause it came from Rinna who’s as phony as a three-dollar bill. Some of the best acting Rinna ever did was at the reunion show when she managed to squeeze out a tear after Kim gave her back her bunny.

        • Sorry I completely disagree. That was one of the worst things I’ve seen that Whack Asshat Kim Richards ever do. Awful !!

        • OMG ! I giggle so hard when yuh drop the F bomb lol!! Hey it’s fine … At one time I would have lived her doing that but waiting several months ? That shows zero progression or growth on a recovering addict ‘s part IMO. I think had she fine something atvthectinr of original gifting , it would have been more authentic . That was a bitch move to hold onto that for so long but , I respect your take . I defended her too much on here and after that I was done and disappointed . I can’t stand Harry but I stand by my original opinion in that, as a spouse , he did what others have when a wife was hurt .