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Dorit Kemsley Says She Happy To Not Be the Newbie On RHOBH; Dishes On Bonding With Erika Girardi During Season 8!

Being a newbie on the Real Housewives isn’t easy which is why most are happy to make it to their second season and not be the new kid on the block anymore.

And Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley is no exception. In a new interview with The Daily Mail, Dorit opens up about bonding with Erika Girardi and why she’s happy to be no longer be the newbie on RHOBH.

‘I feel better not being the newbie,’ reveals Dorit. ‘I am stronger and more confident, more aware.’

Another thing Dorit is happy about is her new friendship with Erika Girardi.

‘I have to say we found our way into a great friendship,’ Dorit told

‘We started from scratch this season. And now we both like each other. We have great chats and texts. It’s been really nice to get along,’ added Dorit.

In fact, Dorit explains that most of the fights and arguments on RHOBH are due to poor communication.

‘When you’re in a group of strong women with opinions, it’s a horrible game of telephone. And then it becomes about navigating those waters.’

However, as for now, Dorit says she has ‘no animosity, no negativity’ with anyone during season 8. ‘I love all the ladies.’

‘Kyle is a great friend. She’s so normal and down to earth. And she makes me belly laugh!’ explains Dorit, adding that her BFF LVP is also a great friend. ‘She will always be the one that I am closest to, though this season you do see we get into it a little bit.’

As for season 8 newbie Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Dorit explains how the two met and said that their friendship does take some twists and turns during the season.

‘I met her at a class, and we bonded right away. I invited her to meet Lisa, we all went to Las Vegas. We connected from the very beginning.’

Admitting: ‘We are similar but different, you will see that on the show.’

Meanwhile, as for her marriage to PK, Dorit says they are thriving.

‘We are stronger than ever. I am the Yin to his Yang. We’re like a puzzle that goes together. Where he goes, I go, we are always together. We roll together.’

She wrapped: ‘We are fiercely protective of each other.’


Thoughts on Dorit’s interview? Do you think Dorit and Erika’s friendship will last? How do you like Teddi so far?

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  • I just can’t with Dorit and her grifter husband. She had to move to Miami during the “renovation” of her home and was able to reconnect with her babies? I thought she never left them alone etc. “her” home sold in September 2016 but she’s been living in it before then (I think they filmed the previous season in the summer) so was she renting? leasing? Just doesn’t make sense just like this renovation and her time in Miami.

    Erika is just really unlikeable. She’s a middled age woman relaying drag queen lingo and pretending she’s all hip and shit. She dresses horribly and she’s stiff as! And for being so with it and not shocked by anything, she is incredibly uptight and pompous. So what she had a tough childhood, there are many people who have had a tougher one and they get on with it. What’s her excuse? Is this going to be her storyline AGAIN?

    And Lisa, get the feck off this show, you haven’t had a storyline for seasons!

  • I just find it laughable how these grown women throw around the BFF. First of all , half of you don’t even know how to be a genuine friend let alone a best one lol

    Dorito- do you and PervK take any accountability at all for anything ever ?

  • Does Erotika know about her “friendship” with Dorit??? This friendship breaks Pussy Galore’s record of not having any female friends.

  • Here’s another couple that will be announcing their divorce in a couple of years. Ugh, can’t stand either one of them!

  • Dorit Guurllll! – you are ridiculous! those titties are out of control this year – the titties with the bad fake accent and the baby talk with your kids – you are a hard watch- I hope you start fighting with Erika again so she can take you down. HA HA HA

  • I really liked Dorit last season. Not too sure it’s going to continue this year, especially if she is “bonding” with Cunty.

  • Not surprised she gets into with LVP this season. LVP gets into it with all of her friends at some point. I bet it’s about “loyalty” and “not having her back”

  • poor communication, indeed. last season, she was more into her fake british accent than remembering all the crap that she said.