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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: What Impact Will Siggy Flicker’s Departure Have On Season 9 of RHONJ?

Source: Bravo

Hey Loves,

Merry Christmas!

Here I am giving you the Real Housewives of New Jersey scoop I promised on Friday.

What a great Christmas present, right?

So let’s get to the good stuff.

On Friday Siggy Flicker announced her departure from the Real Housewives of New Jersey; telling Bravo’s The Daily Dish, “After much reflection and Bravo’s support, I have decided that this will be my last season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I am grateful to the network for allowing me to be part of this successful franchise and wish only the best for Teresa, Melissa, Dolores, Danielle, and Margaret. At this time, I want to focus on my beautiful family, my growing business and some exciting new projects.”

As previously reported, just last week Siggy told AllAboutTRH that season 8 would probably be her last but we’d heard that line a time or two and took it with a grain of salt.

I know many of you wondered why we didn’t break the Siggy scoop when she told us so let me explain.

One of our, very reliable, RHONJ sources told us that behind the scenes several NJ Housewives were working to keep Siggy on the show to prevent a delay in filming for season 9, which is why Siggy’s departure seemed quite unbelievable to us at the time.

However, it turns out that Siggy’s days as a Housewife were going to be short-lived anyway as Bravo was planning on firing her for all of her shenanigans off-screen, a second source revealed.

According to our second source, Bravo had no choice but to let Siggy go, if she didn’t leave the franchise herself, due to her “rogue” behavior and “fuck you approach.”

Apparently, Bravo wasn’t happy that Siggy was doing interviews without consent, which is honestly a whole different story. This topic needs to be talked about at length on an upcoming AllAboutTRH podcast episode.

So what does Siggy’s departure mean for season 9 of RHONJ?

Well, the most significant issues are casting and a delay in production.

The RHONJ want to start filming season 9 sooner rather than later, but Siggy’s departure will most likely delay and push season 9 filming until late spring/early summer.

Our sources reveal that the Housewives don’t want to wait around and have to film in the summer, which is why the cast was hoping Siggy wouldn’t exit the show.

The more significant issue though is the ripple effect that Siggy’s departure could have on the cast.

Without Siggy how can producers make Dolores Catania and Margaret Josephs work on the show?

“Producers have figure out what to do with Dolores and Margret now that Siggy’s gone,” the source explains.

If Margaret and Dolores also leave RHONJ producers will have to scramble to try and fill their spots, which may take several months.

It’s no secret that RHONJ producers have had a tough time casting Housewives over the last few years, so recasting 1-3 Housewives won’t be an easy task and could take several months to complete.

It seems like RHONJ producers are in quite a pickle.

For now, only time will tell if Margaret and Dolores stick around for season 9 but at this point, a major revamp of RHONJ may be in the works, except for Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice, who our sources confirm will be back.

I know everyone is freaking out over the thought of Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo possibly being brought back for season 9 but I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion just yet. Perhaps if producers are unsuccessful in finding new cast members, they will use Jac and Car as last resorts, but I don’t see that happening as of now.

Thoughts on our RHONJ scoop? Do you think Dolores and Margaret will be asked back for season 9? Could Dolores follow in Siggy’s footsteps and quit RHONJ? Do you think filming for season 9 will be pushed? Who would you like to see join the RHONJ cast?

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  • I loved Siggy her first season, however this season not so much. I didn’t like her reaction to the cake tossing. All the insults she said. Then how she tried to school the girls on their behavior at her friends house. Then her reaction at the dinner in Boca she hired a chef for. Then for being upset with Margaret for not telling her ahead of time what she was planning to do on the beach. Siggy chose not to go. Don’t be upset because she did something you could’ve done as Teresa’s friend. Then for embarrassing Melissa at her party. She was laying on the floor ????? Then for going after Margaret so many times. She never forgave her. She looked for reasons to attack her. Some of the words she used. She could dish it but not take it. Not at all. Then for how she apologizes. It’s not sincere. It’s half ass. Also for expecting Teresa and Melissa to choose a side. She walked a fashion show. All around bad season for her. She’s a relationship expert which makes it that much worse. I’m not crazy about Doloros. I feel like she kind of gets enjoyment out of stuff. She’s not on the right side. She’s on whatever side she feels like being on. Going a long with your friend when she’s out of line doesn’t make you loyal. It makes you an enabler.

  • Wacko Jacko and Don Caro are the best people to bring back next season with Danielle Full Time. We know they both want the money and the fame and we can see them duke it out with Danielle for an old messy showdown of epic proportions. Throw in a Battle of the Sister-In-Laws with Dolores forced to pick a side and Marge’s snarky commentary and I’m here for it.

  • While watching the rerun of the season all day I realized that Siggy was like a fire ant running around and biting every chance she got. I also realized that everything, absolutely everything was turned around to be about her. They should have named her Meme instead of Siggy. She is really screwed up and I’m so happy she will be gone. Absolute mean girl, all about herself.

  • Surely there are some interesting, fun women in New Jersey. Caroline and Jacqueline were bottom feeders, certainly they can find someone better. Margaret is an awesome addition – now find another one! Delores doesn’t need to return either. I don’t want to see anymore saggy boobs!!
    Make Danielle full time for sure!!

  • First of all , I’d be surprised if Dull
    leaves because she needs this gig especially now that her live in ex has troubles .
    We will all of the sudden see her 20 something year ” loyalty ” to Teresa probably haha
    The only impact would be on Dolo honestly , IMO
    Sigalit needs help . Jacaloon rubbed off on her way too much

  • I agree with most others here – no revamp is needed. Margaret is fantastic to watch. Maybe just add a replacement for sigg or upgrade danielle.

  • Dolores was a puppet of Soggy, she wont be able to stand on her own two feet without Soggy.
    I am so glad soggy is going…..yay,…… felicia…. !!!!!

    • I think Dolo can, and will, stand on her own. She may not be as boring as the Dolo we’ve been watching so far.

  • If Jac or Caroline come back I won’t be watching! I don’t see Margaret leaving, especially now that Soggy is gone. Delores is another story since her only story line this year was kissing Siggys boo boos.
    Siggy slams she was edited badly….. She laid on the floor screaming about cake….what did she think editing could do to make that look good, I wanted to say she treated Melissa like a 2 year old at the jewelry party , but I wouldn’t treat a 2 year old that way either.
    Someone should tell Miss. Relationship Expert shaming people is never ok! She said she came on the show to promote herself, I don’t think she did a good job! Who goes into a fancy restaurant screaming HELLO EVERYBODY I’M HERE! Like anyone cared!

  • No matter what and much to the consternation of Siggy, Margaret and Marge Sr. are a lock. Dolores needs the paycheck now that her husband’s problems have cost him his law license so she will fight to the death for that spot. She has no real assets that add quality or interest to the show so she should be replaced, plus, she cannot under any circumstances be trusted.

    • ITA, great post! Remember we were told we would see how hard it was going to be for Frank Jr and Frank Sr living under the same roof? That lasted a couple episodes?

    • she sure didn’t show any loyality to Teresa talking bad about how horrible Joe has been to Teresa ,since the beginning of their relationship.

  • This just makes me think Margaret really was egging Siggy on and what shesaid or did get edited out.why else would Marg not come back. I also wonder if Danielle brought truth about what Deloros said, about Teresa to reunion.. Delorors should get fired just because her livein ex got disbarred.JMO
    So many ?’s with no answers.

    • My take is Margaret has to weigh running a real/sizeable business that includes not only the filming schedule (several days a week), and out-of-town trips as well as the time it takes to promote the show while it airs, doing interviews, making appearances, keeping up on blogs and social media. Siggy did everything she could to harass Margaret during this whole time, like getting PETA supporters after her, bring up a licensing lawsuit and hired someone to act as trolls to harass. That was a lot for anyone their first season. Most people would weigh their options with the work involved. But with Siggy gone, it should be better.

  • Whoa! If the second source is correct then that means Bravo is really enforcing their contract clauses! That’s kinda shocking! Here I thought all her “rogue” behavior was Bravo approved for publicity!

    Siggy is totally narcissistic so she’s probably loving that filming is put on hold!

    • (CONT. from the Disqus site) I said this on the previous thread but Dolores is what Kathy Wakile was to Jaq…..A side kick. IMO, Dolores and Kathy don’t have the charisma or magnetic personalities to carry their own interesting story lines. They’re good for backup only! From what was said about Kathy this season, she wasn’t even offered a contract like Jaq was. So, Dolores backing up Siggy might have left her unemployed, too!

      I hope Caro and Jaq aren’t offered contracts. I can’t believe I am thinking this but Kim D. would be a better addition than Mother Goose and her rotten egg of a SIL!


  • I don’t see any reason at all to have Margaret leave. Or Delores either. Margaret is great and has things going on in her life that are fun and interesting. She is great. Delores is ok, maybe without Siggy she can come into her own. The relationship with her ex husband and boyfriend is kind of interesting and I would like to see what comes of that. Caroline and Jac????? NO NO NO

  • Why would they get rid of Margaret? She’s
    a great addition to the show and from what I’ve seen, fans have really taken to her cute, funny, no bs laid back personality. Just make Danielle f/t and maybe find a couple of new friends of the housewives. Does there really have to be two cliques bashing each other to make the franchise successful? Would it hurt to see them all get along for a change? There’s bound to be some type of drama regardless since a group of women will almost alway organically have some type of issues just like in real life. Let’s face it, women can be pretty catty lol. Let it play out and see.

  • Why would they get rid of Margaret? Keep cast as is with Danielle full time. If they find someone else fine… but they could get rid of Dull…

  • Thanks for the scoop Lara before your little vacation from us. I don’t see that big of a deal about ‘can Margaret and Dolores work together for a season’, it might be more about if Danielle and Dolores can be around each other. Danielle deserves to come back and be allowed as much time as that bore. I am still not clear what giant beef Dolores has against Danielle and feel it must be gossip from ex cast members. If Tre & Mel can let it go, then why can’t Dolores?!
    Secondly, Margaret should come back, people have really taken to her. Can’t stand the idea that Siggy might feel she ‘won’ in ‘destroying’ her! And Marge Sr is like another cast member, Bravo should pay her as a ‘friend of the cast’ at the very least! Love her. I feel Margaret could bring in another funny or successful lady from the area and it would seem organic.
    It was clear Siggy had gone “rogue”, she gave interviews to People and The Daily Mail. Those are really big sites and you don’t just ‘do them’ especially touting the lie that Margaret meant to be anti-Semitic. I mean wow. Those were huge no nos.
    Still think Jacqueline was telling Siggy to go rogue and she blew it. Siggy should have hired a real PR firm to help launch her book, self-help persona for the year. That would have truly helped her and make the season better. Instead she chose some hack who believes in lies and retaliation. In the words of Nene, “You never win when you play dirty.”

    • I don’t know, but if she really never said that Tre only cares about money and Danielle told Tre she DID say that, that would be a pretty good reason to be pissed. I would be. That’s a terrible thing to say about anyone, even if it is true, as in the case of Teresa.

      • Hey Mary – ITA, that is a really terrible thing to say, especially a friend you have known for a couple decades. I find it hard to believe that Danielle would lie when she has so longed to be friends again with T, plus rehabilitate her name/character, be back on the show? This would guarantee only 1 season if she lied, so why shoot herself in the foot? Plus Margaret has been tweeting since that episode that Danielle doesn’t lie…

        • I don’t know. I tend to think that a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Danielle is really adept at twisting things to a point where they are no longer what they started out to be. Maybe Dolores said something like, Tre needs to think about money right now since she has to support the family. I don’t think Danielle is up to anything good and she is severely twisted. I guess we’ll see.

    • Dolores is friends with Jacqueline and the Manzos.
      Her problems with Danielle are not her own. They are hear say.
      What makes it redic is that she is friends with Kim D.
      Her logic isn’t justified. She’s just being mean.

  • Put Kim DePaola on the case, Hire her as a Casting Agent. She’ll have a bevy of thirsty, plastic, blonds, red heads, whatever color they want hay even pink, big tatas, and $$ will do anything for reality fame.

  • No viewer sees an issue in filming S9 without zig-zag. So reading the producers are concerned is bs. Hysterical if Dull breaks out of her shell proving zig-zag held her back. LOL!

  • I doubt that Margaret would leave but not so sure about Delores. Delores lived in Siggys shadow the whole season, so lets see how far her loyalty goes now. Will she stand by her friend or choose to stay in the limelight ? Margaret on the other hand is a great addition to the show & is well liked by the fans so I just don’t see her leaving. There is no reason to not start filming

  • They need to bring back Jac and Caroline because they will put the everyone in check. Danielle the convicted kidnapper and racist needs to be fired! Teresa needs be put In her place and Caroline will do it because she doesn’t fall for her crap. Why Melissa again no storyline… nothing is there.

  • I was hoping Messy was gonna be gone too. She is residual of take down crew. This franchise is too damaged. Teresa is the only one I like. Miss the original cast first 2 seasons cast. Remember the fun cast before the envy? Yes take down of Teresa backfired bad. Take down of ranchise didn’t tho.

    If there is gonna be a delay maybe this is a good time to give Teresa her own show. Like a short few episodes series. Would be awesome Bravo ?? I

    • I love Teresa. Melissa came in ready to take her down & all she did was ruin it for everyone! Caroline & Jacqueline claimed they were Teresa friends yet turned on her in a hot minute. No one realized Teresa made the show! Proof of that was the show waiting for Tree to get out of jail. The Producers knew the show would fail with out Tree.

      • Tre and her greasy husband are felons and I think it’s a disgrace that their lives are glorified in this manner. Tre has never taken responsibility for anything she has done and is now throwing her husband under the bus while he is unable to defend himself. She’s just setting herself up to look good when she divorces him and starts showing off the guy she is dating. She is disgusting.

  • Why would Margaret leave? Delores maybe. But Margaret, no. Add Danielle full time. Bring back Jacqueline. Then they are fine. Z

  • This makes zero sense. Dolores is already tied with Teresa and Melissa. Margaret is friends with Danielle and Melissa as well as Teresa. I see zero reason they would get rid of them. They kept Jac, who had no relevance, when Danielle left. Melissa barely has any relevance anymore as well. I think they will keep the cast the same.

      • Luvs, I’m so with you.

        As I said somewhere (brain fade), for drama they have Dull and Dan next season. Unless Dull gets her panties in a twist and “quits” too. I have this terrible feeling Bravo will bring that Bloated Booze Bag back.

    • Melissa is riding on Teresa coattails like sha has been from day one. Although it is nice to see Joe Gorga helping his sister now.