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Margaret Josephs Wants To Gift Siggy Flicker With A Therapy Session This Holiday Season!

Margaret Josephs has the perfect gift in mind for Siggy Flicker this holiday season.

“I would like to give Siggy maybe a therapy session, you know all expenses paid, but a nice one, and maybe in a group,” Margaret told Page Six.

Throughout season 8 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Margaret and Siggy have gone toe to toe over various dramas so this gift shouldn’t come as a shock to fans.

As for the rest of her RHONJ co-stars, the self-proclaimed “powerhouse in pigtails” would give them much more luxurious, and friendly gifts.

According to Margaret, she would give Danielle Staub “something fabulous” for her new home, while gifting  Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice with dreamy getaways.

“I’d like to give Teresa a relaxing vacation on her own. Even without her children, just to relax, no cell phones. Everybody away from social media,” Margaret said. “Melissa is just so unbelievable, I’d like to give her and Joe a trip to go away with me and [my husband] Joe, because I love being with them.”

Meanwhile, Margaret isn’t at all worried about what will be under her tree Christmas morning; insisting that her husband “Super Joe” won’t disappoint.

“He’s gotten me so many great gifts; he is the best jewelry giver, I will say,” Josephs gushed. “The man has bought me the best jewelry ever, he always buys me beautiful jewelry, he planned a beautiful trip to Italy, which was amazing. Every gift he gives me always tops the other one.”

Talk about a Jersey style Christmas! The AllAboutTRH team wishes the entire RHONJ cast a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!

Thoughts on Margaret’s gift ideas? Do you think Siggy needs to the gift of therapy? Are you surprised Margaret left Dolores out? Sound off below!

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  • Gurrrrl – that hates soggy

    Margaret you beat her fair and square!! You look like a champ she looks like a plastic surgery addicted fool. I don’t like to pick on the handicapped but with Soggy you just can’t help it.

  • Theresa

    I wonder if Siggy is going keep to her promise of giving Mags a percentage of the soggy shirts!

    • Gurrrrl – that hates soggy

      Guuurrrl you need to relax yourself? Defending Siggy? Gurrrl?

      • Theresa

        I am in No way defending Siggy !
        I want to know if she’s going to keep to her word , because She said she would give Margeret a percentage of the ‘ SOGGY-Flicker T-shirts ! Knowing Soggy she’s going to cry that it wasn’t Edited right like she always does!

  • September24

    To quote Brandi STFU! What a stupid and mean thing to say. Not cool.

  • Marcy Davis

    Quoting @RealityAnne Merry Christmas

    On the 11th day of christmas my Housewife gave to me:
    11 Shoppers Shopping
    10 Rumours Spreading
    9 Ladies Drinking
    8 Tables Flipping
    7 Wives Divorcing
    6 Glasses Smashing
    5 Prostitution Whores
    4 Pulled Weaves
    3 Tossed Legs
    2 Fakes Breasts
    And a Vaginal R e j u v e n a t i o n


  • Laurie

    I predict that either Dolores follows Siggy out or she’s the target for the next bad edit.

  • Marcy Davis

    First time EVER a HW has quit before the current season finished airing.

  • jtman24

    So Siggy announced that she is quitting RHONJ. What a coward! She’s supposed to be a motivational speaker and cannot handle conflict? She’s proven she’s not who she says she is, and I hope no one pays her a cent for her advice. She’s an emotional wreck and has no business giving advice to anyone else. I wonder if Dolores will even have a voice next season, since her puppeteer won’t be there any longer.

    • Marcy Davis

      Wonder if even Dolores will be back especially with her close friendships with Jackie Beard Robinson and Kim DePaola.

  • samael

    Siggy is the POS that outted herself as having #MentalHealth issues – that she has this does not give her free reign to

    – lie
    – hate
    – want to physically beat Mags
    – play victim 24/7

    Sogass is held to the same level of accountability as all RH…she failed the second she made everything about her a priority and proceeded to shit on RHNJ and Mags.

    Good for Mags, seriously, Mags is not hate tweeting Sogass at all, she still wonders how all of this hate from Soggass exists if the person consistently says “I don’t care”..yet Sogg ass -wow her twitter account is filled with hate and encourages her followers to tweet hate about and to Mags.

    how is this mentally health? it’s not – so again, Mags hits the nail on the head…Sogass does need help and there is Mags offering to pay for the best!

    meanwhile…four months after filming suddenly Sogass has the delayed feelings of being attacked by mags? and this is her feeling about mags now
    Dec 20
    Production has been working overtime trying to make a thief with multiple lawsuits look like a victim. Only on Jersey! They forgot she can’t help herself & neither could all the fake accounts.

    on a happier note

    Merry Christmas to everyone!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9ddb9c83098b1635b223dba258ca028c35f17d5384e138fd23424f86caeddbf2.gif

    • Khipp

      Sammy, how did I miss this one till now? A Teresa ornament. Cool.

      • samael


        once I found Lisa’s …I hunted for Teresa’s

  • Marcy Davis

    Siggy just announced and confirms this is her last season..Siggy wants to focus on her beautiful family, my growing business and some exciting new projects. my guess Boca TV

  • K’man

    So nasty, so rude. But Yet everyone will still take Margaret’s side instead of saying that’s wrong to say. Siggy might be going through things but it’s not laughing joke or anything to make fun of.

    • luvs2ride

      What Siggy is going through is well-deserved backlash.

      Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Sosa

      I don’t think it’s nasty to suggest therapy at all. People do it all the time. It’s quite kind and caring to be honest.

    • Jill Cookson Campbell

      Not me….CANNOT STAND Margaret! Think I am done watching NJ …………..

    • michers

      Sog is a contradicting drama queen who can’t deal with not being in control . What kind of lady says ” I’m an expert” , wants to empower women , do retreats ,only to humiliate other women , insult them , call them anti semantic among other disrespectful things? There is NO excuse for Sigalit’s’ unbecoming behavior esoecially at her age . None .
      Also her lies are unbecoming . Margaret was ” her” friend that she introduced as walking to beat of her own drum . Now she says never liked her and never will , accuses her of nasty things that just didn’t happen . It’s just beyond at this point . It’s not nasty and rude to hold someone accountable for despicable acting out .