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Kyle Richards FINALLY Reveals Why She Moved Out Of Her Dream Home!

A big question on every Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan’s mind is – why did Kyle Richards decide to move out of her self-proclaimed “dream home?”

If you don’t know, Kyle and her family moved out of their Bel-Air “dream home” and into a palatial estate in the San Fernando Valley.

So, what prompted the move?

Well, according to Kyle her new home was just too good to pass up.

The home was initially listed by her husband, Mauricio Umansky, but the RHOBH couple quickly scooped it up for themselves.

“We went into this house and I went, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I was completely blown away, because it’s not like anything you would see in Los Angeles, normally. I just fell in love, and my husband did, too,” Kyle told Entertainment Tonight.

During season 8 premiere of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle opened up about Mauricio’s yearning to move but admitted that none of the homes wowed her enough to move house.

Instead, the couple was planning on remodeling their Bel-Air home.

“My husband wanted to buy a new house and being in real estate, he’ll call me and say ‘honey please come and look at this house, I love it, you’ve got to see it.’ But every time I go I say, ‘no, I love my house more,'” Kyle explained during episode 1 of season 8.

But it looks like Mauricio finally found a home Kyle couldn’t resist.

The RHOBH couple dropped a cool $8.2 million on their new home in late October and wasted no time moving in just before the holiday season.

During Thanksgiving weekend, Kyle showed off her new home on social media leaving many fans awestruck.

Congrats to Kyle, Mauricio and their family on their beautiful new home! Enjoy it!

Do you prefer Kyle’s current home or her previous one? Are you surprised Kyle left her “dream home?” Sound off below!

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  • michers

    That green dress and reunion look that year was hideous for her . Put your tits away woman !
    Anyhooo , wherever her breadwinner says they’re going , they are going . #Mauricesworld

  • Mountain Skier

    When your husband cheats, he continues to buy his way into your heart. Kyle is shallow enough to put up with his whoring around as long as she has her cars, new house, her business he pays for, etc.

  • ~Medusa~

    In the photo above, Kryle looks toothless. LOLOL

    • Khipp

      Hahaha, you made me go back and look again.

      • ~Medusa~


  • September24

    Wow! $8 Million! Now that’s money!!

  • Kirby

    Kyle Kyle Kyle ????????She has the best of everything and she deserves it

    • Rain

      ?? should that be her new tagline ?

      • michers

        Gag me . LOL

  • melodie Phillips

    Who cares!!!!!!

  • ????????Ð??Ð????

    IDK about this explanation. Kyle is not known for telling the truth. She lies continually about Kim and her mother. Medusa has the most plausible reason for them moving to the “dreaded” valley. The Agency is invested in the valley and if Mauricio has his family ensconced in Encino, it’s a good selling point for him.

    For those who watched MDLLA last night…..did anyone see the previews for next week? They show a palatial estate, was that the same place Kyle had her Roaring 20’s party last season?

    • Kirby

      I don’t really watch MDLLA but I’ll check it out during my break ??

      • ????????Ð??Ð????

        Thanks my Kirb-man! ?

    • Rain

      After finally watching MDLLA last night , I’m certain I can’t be a real estate agent ? I would’ve strangled that woman that Flagg was showing homes and she was delusional AF ?
      I don’t have a good feeling about Flagg and Bobby and it makes me sad .
      You got to love Heather putting on her makeup and doing her hair before delviery! Slay gurl slay ?????

      Love you cutie ?

      • ????????Ð??Ð????

        Wasn’t she obnoxious? Obvious gold digger and they she wanted God on the Moon for a pittance, and what was with her not being able to convert the studio back into a garage?? It wasn’t like she would have to get building permits, blueprints, hire a contractor, good Lord. Hire a handyman, he’ll have it done it 3 days, tops!! I would never have the patience to be a Real Estate Agent, got to give them props. I was crying watching Josh with his baby girl, so tender.

        Kisses and hugs my very special Fluffykins!!???????

      • Candace Campbell

        Merry Christmas Rain! I have my dinner ready to go and my pavlova just finished baking. Now I can sit around for a bit to whine. I have to laugh because I too, vain diva that I am, was also perfectly made up and coiffed for my four deliveries. Have a wonderful holiday.

        • Rain

          Merry Christmas sweetie ! I hope you have a lonely celebration with all your loved ones ????
          I think it’s fabulous for women to coiffe and look even more beautiful to welcome their newborns ??? I’ve had 3 deliveries, the last one twins. All 3 were very difficult towards the end, I wanted to pull my hair ??
          I wish you a wonderful holiday and an amazing 2018 xoxo

          • Candace Campbell

            Rain, Merry Merry~ Wow twins, I salute you. God knew I would never make the demands of multiple birth. Four one at a time, but three in three years is sort of like triplets, haha. Have a great day, I just had popovers and bacon, good for the soul.

  • Rain

    I don’t love her or hate her but I do think she has a beautiful life and family

    • ????????Ð??Ð????

      I agree about the beautiful family. I think she hit the jackpot when she married Mauricio. He’s provided her a nice life and he’s invested in the family. The one thing I like most about them, their kids are seeking and achieving higher learning as opposed to pushing them as nepotistic models. Portia might prove to be a different story but she’s still young, there’s time for her to change her wanting to be an actress.

    • Kirby

      Yes she does ??

  • VtheFashionista

    Thank goodness people don’t ask me for an explanation when I move.

  • ~Medusa~

    Pfffttt!!! Where ever KyleECoyote lives, she’s still the same simple Beverly Hillbilly.

  • samael

    Go kyle!! No doubt Kyle is my absolute fav!

    – she fights for her relationship with her sister (even though KimR is best buds with Brandi)
    – she makes her boundaries clear – family is her priority and drunk kim is off limits
    – she fights for her children ( they continue their education and stroll into major realty company – their dad’s)
    – she is an uber mom (not once did she use her children as storyline)
    – she fights for friendships even when her frends try to slither between her marriage
    – she calls out bullshit but doesn’t stick her nose in her friends brawls
    – she is not a “hollywood” friend” she is the real deal
    – she is successful on her own with the help of RHBH
    – her family always support charities and helps people in need – using her “voice” to help people
    in need on twitter/facebook and instagram – there is a special RH rhymes withh runt that doese not

    This is why her daughter portia did this – Portia was spposed to dress as her fav sper hero