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Lisa Vanderpump Dishes On her Friendship With Kyle Richards & Watching the Other ‘Wives Evolve!

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Beverly Hills fans have waited for the season 8 premiere and I think out of all the cities, this has the best cast.

Despite not all of the ladies getting along, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards have remained on and off friends for 8 seasons. So how have they managed to do this?

Taking to her Bravo Blog Lisa states that the two have really grown during their time on the show stating:

“What has withstood the test of time would be the intricate friendship between Kyle and myself. It blossomed and flourished as we bonded over many hilarious situations, clung to each other, supportively chastised our differences, and at times floundered as third parties often intervened. Both of our lives have matured as we have cultivated our passions, raised our children, and immersed ourselves in projects we could only have dreamt of.”

As for the other ladies and what is to come this season?

“One of the joys of riding this train has been to observe the growth of our friends, to see Erika fulfilling her ambitions, to witness the children mature with Jagger talking and Lisa’s beautiful girls developing their modeling careers. It’s all documented and a wonderful story to cherish.

So as we venture forward, all is well, and we are introduced to Miss Teddi, whom I believe to be a genuine, down-to-earth young woman who is refreshingly honest and that holds steadfast in her resolve as she encounters various situations. But, as often happens when a new cog is entered into the complex machinations of a group of women, things can rapidly change…”

Hm…sounds like things are bound to get messy!

Thoughts on the friendship between LVP and Kyle? Thoughts on the season 8 premiere?

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  • ????????Ð??Ð????
    • Rain

      Stick for you girl ! Life is good ????

    • ~Medusa~

      I, too, remain on Team LVP…. However, it’s baffling that Lisa sugarcoats KyleECoyote’s duplicity: “…we supportively chastised our differences….” When has Vyle ever “supported” Lisa? When??? If it does occur, it must be only off camera and never recorded.

      • ????????Ð??Ð????

        Right?? I revert back to my theory, this is a job for her and at the end of the day, she knows who her REAL friends are and they aren’t the HW’s.

        • ~Medusa~

          It must be that. Otherwise, LisaV is blind & deaf to deception being hurled her way from the ridiculous runt.

  • Niki

    Shut the f**k up, LVC.?

    What I find funny is that Kyle and LVC both think they’re funny, they “bring in the fun”, “hilarious moments…”. – etc. Clearly I’ve been watching a different show.

  • michers

    Did anyone notice they all have the sand fake feathery eyelashes? Saw that in the pics with tag lines

    • ~Medusa~

      Yes, you’re right. I call those things, “spider webs”.

  • Khipp
  • ~Medusa~

    It’s official: Lisa Vanderfabulous wears rose colored glasses. The poor thang must be near sighted.
    She paints a picture that is as sharp as a Monet.

    • Khipp

      HAHAHAHAHA “sharp as a Monet”.

      • ~Medusa~


  • Kirby

    There is no LVP without Kyle

    • ????????Ð??Ð????

      There is no Kyle without LVP bae. ??

      • ~Medusa~


  • lipppo jaqqq

    a friendship between two stuck up individuals can not evolve.

  • samael

    Queen LVP is right, a real friendship does get blindsided at times…..The most awesome part of Kyle and LVP – when dealing with life issues – going for mammogram – or working out relationship with sister – both are there for each other.

    So instead of dragging LVP for the season – like Yawnleen did – Teddi just answered the questions, they weren’t rude, and it helped LVP get to know Teddi, and Teddi didn’t even care….AWESOME!

    I like that Kyle isn’t going to get invoved with Erikunt/LisaR/Dorit situation – each are of adult age and are capable of working a situation if they wanted to…and none of them wanted to …apparently!