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Margaret Josephs Speaks Out About the Anti-Semitic Comment!

Source: Bravo

We all know that Milan was disastrous and don’t think that things are slowing down!

Margaret Josephs had a very ugly accusation made against her during dinner in Milan, Italy. Marge was brought to tears and was even shaking so it was only a matter of time before she spoke out.

Going on to the Jenny McCarthy Show, Margaret finally addressed the accusations along with how she’s feeling about her first ‘go’ as a housewife.

We all know that it was Siggy who introduced Margaret to the ladies on the show; however Marge is saying that the two were never very close shocking to no one:

“Our mutual friend, Jodie Goldberg, had introduced me to Siggy. And we were really just friendly acquaintances. So her idea of rolling out the red carpet for me and introducing me to her friends? We never braided each other’s hair – we never cuddled up!”

Margaret states that the turning point in Siggy and Margaret’s relationship was Margaret having the beach ceremony without Siggy at the FL resort. When Jenny asked why Siggy had problems with her relationships, Marge took a jab at Siggy (and her business) stating:

“It’s like going to a dentist with bad teeth. She can’t even fix her own relationships!”

As for the Hitler/anti-Semitic comments that have made the ladies go from plain bad to ugly, Margaret states:

“I made an extreme analogy. She could have said it was in poor taste. I mean, how do you describe someone being evil if you cannot reference an evil person?” 

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m Jewish. I raised a Jewish family, I belong to a temple, I celebrate Jewish holidays and Christian holidays. So I was very taken aback.”

All in all, Margaret sums it up as:

“character assassination and a slanderous thing to say. It’s disgusting, and even Dolores had to say that this has gone too far. I can see why she is friends with Kim D. That’s all I can say.”

Well I’m going to throw my two cents in and say that the two will NEVER be friends. In the words of Teresa, the two are like oil and vinegar water.

Thoughts on Margaret’s interview?

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  • Khipp

    Speak up Margaret. Make the whole world aware, what most of us already know, what an asshole Sobby Soggy really is = vile, vicious, evil POS.

    • samael

      100% Khhipp!

      and Mags doe it with finesse and dignity…where as POS goes to actual business/awareness groups to ensure that they shame Mags!

  • samael

    It’s been awhile since I’ve actually felt “hate” permeate through a TV screen. Siggy flicker has held onto her “indignation” of having to tape with an supposed anti semitic woman. This happened during taping of this season, Siggy is not the type to STFU about her feelings – especially if the feelings are about her heritage.

    I think it was Khipp that mentioned before that the “relationship” between POS and Mags, was acquaintance only and their boys went to the same school…and for this – apparently Siggy expects lips attached to her Pellet Butt – to keep Dull company.

    My respect for Mags – can’t measure – immense. She has been

    – threatened
    – made fun of
    – told she should be medicated
    – called an anti semite
    – been swarmed on twitter with hate from Siggy and her gang

    And Mags reaction – honesty and more honesty! Good for Mags – keep doing interviews and talk about yourself and it is clear that everything Siggy is doing is based on hate and baseless lies.

    on the evening of this episode Mags tweeted out:

    Dec 13
    She basically just said that I hated my own children, their father and my beloved ex-husband and wonderful in-laws — what is wrong with her?? #RHONJ #RHONJinMilan #typicalSiggy #sadlySiggy


    Dec 13

    WOW. Now she’s delegitimizing my experience and my family’s #Jewish #heritage. Talk about honorable! #RHONJ #RHONJinMilan #typicalSiggy

    • Khipp

      Hi Sammy. I think what I posted was that The Marge and Sobby Soggy weren’t actually friends. Bravo has to have someone new introduced by a regular. That’s how Bravo rolls, which is stupid in my opinion, when these people hardly know each other. Bravo does it on all the franchise.

      I think Sob Sogs thought she was going to be Margaret’s mentor, so to speak, and control Mags. Hah, didn’t happen when Marge showed her independence right from the get. Also the straw that broke humpy’s back was the impromptu beach memorial for T’s mom, which was a lovely thoughtful thing to do by Marge. AND, Marge didn’t exclude anyone. Sog and Dull excluded themselves by not answering, or ignoring their messages.

      • samael

        Good morning khipp!

        thanks for clarifying for me. Pure crap for those two to be hateful due to the compassion of Mags!
        btw Radar just released the story – that mich told us about last week!

        • luvs2ride

          That’s disgusting. Seriously disgusting.

          • samael

            Isn’t that disgusting! holy crap, this is real hate being dealt with and Siggy is still continuing the hate tweeting to Mags, and mags responds once in awhile.

          • Khipp

            Beyond Luvs.

      • luvs2ride

        I heard they went to one of Sicky’s friend’s juice bar to do a promotion!!!
        That’s why they didn’t go to the beach club. They had what they thought were better plans.

      • Srl83

        Margaret isn’t innocent either… she was Twitter recently stalking a a bloggers’ timeline so she could retweet’s negative things about Siggy. The blogger called her out on it. And she’s not honest. She stole another companies ideas and they sued her and won the case. And in order to not pay them back their millions, she declared bankruptcy.

        • samael

          I follow Mags and she calls out bull shit…if bitch ass POS sobby was honest..she would admit, she does not know Mags at all..and would know that Mags has family members that are Jewish.

          and about Faux being called out for the bitch she is..she can eat shit…

          btw..Mags was honest about everything..she never hid it in a closet …she speaks about it openly..AND then POS that is a bitch 24/7 …slams Mags with it…

          Recognize that POS BITCH wearing fur? hmmmm…shall I call Peta?..hmm…k

          • Srl83

            Ok and??? She calls out everyone’s bullshit but her own….They slam each other.. and neither of them are innocent. The whole damn thing is petty and i could give a fuck if u call PETA what the fuck does that have to do with me

            • michers

              She’s never once claimed to be perfect . She put her own issues front and center from jump , and never called herself an ” expert” while degrading women . She has tried multiple times to move forward after the other squashed things with her only to turn around and get crazy and humiliate her . Sigs is a crazy hypocrite .

          • Khipp

            Sammy. Soggy’s furs, AND leather jackets, shoes, handbags, etc. Eats meat. Shall I go on? Phony bull shit. Perhaps Sob Sog should make a PETA call about Erika Jayne, who is always dripping in fur.

            I’m an animal lover, as you know. But I’m not a PETA person, tho PETA is a wonderful organization, it is entirely too extreme for me.

          • bonniewillnyc

            Relax. What’s with the all the bitch ass POS nonsense? Margaret is that you? You’re about to go into cardiac arrest over two people who could care less.

            • samael

              thanks for the concern for my heart..less contrrol freak

        • Khipp
        • michers

          The stalker is the one claiming Mags stalked them and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I won’t call her dishonest based on hate from another who is obsessed with Sog. To add, if she had such terrible biz infractions , dealings , issues why is her biz still going strong ? Many a biz owner face potential hiccups here and there . She seems fine to me.