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Kyle Richards Reveals Why We Won’t See Kim on Season 8 of RHOBH!

Kim Richards has played an integral role in almost every season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since the franchise’s inception.

From seasons 1-5 Kim was a full-time “Housewife” but was demoted to a friend of the Housewives during seasons 6 and 7.

However, according to her sister, Kyle Richards, fans shouldn’t expect to see Kim, in any capacity, during the upcoming eighth season of RHOBH.

“You know, she’s got a lot of stuff going on in her personal life,” Kyle tells ET. “She, I think, didn’t want to do that … maybe it’s a little too intense, so she’s happy doing what she’s doing right now.”

So, what’s Kim’s doing these days?

Well, she continues to focus on her sobriety. Kim spends her days working with horses and bonding with her 1-year-old grandson, Hucksley. 

“She’s with her grandchild almost every day,” Kyle told PEOPLE. “I see her with him and I’m like, ‘Okay you’re good. You’re so happy.’ ”

Meanwhile, Kim’s absence on RHOBH will be addressed during season 8, and according to Lisa Vanderpump, her void is felt within the group.

“I think [it’s] a shame, really,” LVP tells ET. “Because, always the relationship, when it’s a family member, it really raises the stakes, because you’re so invested in that. And I like Kim … she stepped out at certain times, she’s needed to step out, and it was a shame she didn’t come back this year because apparently, she’s doing, you know, quite well.”

As for Kyle, she admits it was weird filming without Kim but says she respects Kim’s decision to stay away from the cameras.

“It is weird,” Kyle says of filming without Kim this season. “You know, we started it together, and even though we fought, we’re sisters, and I love her. There’s nothing like having your sister there with you, even if you’re fighting — that’s your blood, so it’s like, it was kind of weird at first.”

“There were times I really wanted her to be there this season, but she opted not to,” Kyle adds.

Still, Kyle confesses that she won’t miss fighting with her sister on TV and admits that she considered quitting RHOBH because of the strain the show put on her relationship with Kim.

“That created so much anxiety for me,” she says. “Just a very difficult, emotional time and I just thought, ‘This is not what I thought the show was going to be.’ I thought it was gonna be all fun and games, I don’t want to do this, but you know, you find the good outweighs the bad, and a lot of good has come from doing the Housewives. I’m doing things that I would’ve never been given the opportunity if it wasn’t for the Housewives.”

I think it’s good that Kim is walking away from RHOBH. Kim’s sobriety will always be the only storyline she has on RHOBH, and she doesn’t need that in her life. Kim needs to focus on her family and staying sober.

Are you surprised Kim won’t be apart of season 8? Will you miss Kim on RHOBH? Was it time for Kim to walk away from RHOBH?

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  • OY – The loose lipped blabbermouth, KyleECoyote contradicted herself in this interview. “… even though we fought…. There’s nothing like having your sister with you…” AND: …” That created so much anxiety for me…” Yeah, sure it did, Kryle. When the Blahvo Suits dumped Kimbore, her sister Splits Bitchards fought to keep her on the show. It’s doubtful the haggard, addle-pated DimSumKim refused to rejoin the herd. RHBH was her only source of income. Getting cut off from her 23K monthy alimony from Greg Davis leaves her only to collect spare change by panhandling. Most likely, Blahvo doesn’t want the hassle of keeping Kimsley.

    • Medusa ??????? missed you today my lovley

      Yes I doubt Kim didn’t want to return . But then they all say that , don’t they ?

      • Kryle is pushing that theory to explain away KimiKaze’s absence. Had she said nothing, nobody would have cared or noticed. Petty horses & staring at Huckster doesn’t take up all of Kimz’ time.

        • anybody who watched the shows knows exactly why Kim is no longer on the show . But per usual , these women think they can push whatever narrative and viewers will gobble it up .
          She really should’ve said nothing.

          • I agree. Splits Bitchards is the family’s “Town KRYER”. It’s not necessarily approved or appreciated by them, either. Kryle made press briefings about niece Paris back in the early 2000’s. A few years ago, she divulged personal details about Nicky Hilton’s wedding to Rothschild Heir. Plus, she blurted out Nicky’s pregnancy without permission from the Little Kathy or Nicky. Kryle doesn’t know the meaning of the word, “discretion” because she doesn’t keep secrets. She spills all to attract attention & the paps.

  • You know what, Good for her! I’m so happy she’s stepping away and taking care of herself and she really does look over the moon with her Grandson. She post’s the most loving, adorable pictures of her and him all the time and I can honestly say that this child just may have saved her life. Kim also has never looked better or more at peace since he was born and I couldn’t be any happier for her.

    Listen it’s easy to sit back and judge her for her drinking and crazy behavior but until your a full blown alcoholic and you’ve walked in her shoes then you should just STHU. I can’t believe some of the comments below criticizing someone with a disease! But I guess those are the “PERFECT” people that don’t do anything wrong or have any problems right!

    I truly feel by her being on the show it ruined her life temporarily but she’s been able to turn it around and she should be very proud of that. If I had to deal with someone like Lisa Rinna constantly judging your every move I might have turned into an alcoholic too. Her and Eilleen were down right bullies and still are. I am so happy Eileen won’t be on this Season I just wish she took Rinna with her.

  • It’s cause Kim is homeless since Kyle stole her goddamn house! (sorry, couldn’t help myself) ?

    Happy to hear that Kim is doing well! ?

    • I can’t be as kind about Rambles as you are Rainy. She made watching the show more than insufferable and she delighted in others discomfort, discontent and miseries.

              • Almost time for VP Rules ???…
                we can discuss MDLLA more tomorow but I don’t get why Tracy cried because she couldn’t remember what grade her daughter was in ! ??? CALM DOWN ! It happens , I still sometimes forget how old my kids are ! This pressure to be perfect is exhausting. Then she thought her husband was judging her and went into this ‘well when a man forgets he’s ……’, I don’t think he meant anything bad or judgmental at all . She need to calm that hair bun of hers and continue what she’s doing ?

                • I think Tracy’s reaction was due to the look her husband gave her. He did give a “judgy expression”. As an aside, he is handsome!!!
                  I was impressed how Tracy fleeced the male realtors in Homewood house deal. She kept her cool and put them on the defensive. That was brilliant.

                  • I didn’t notice the judgment but DID notice his cuteness . Oh yes please ??. I wish women would take it easy on themselves. She brings home a lot of bacon, she’s entitled to forget or miss a thing or 2 ????. Yes those 2 got fleeced ! When he mentioned her hair, I just ??? sns was thinking ‘really dude ?’

                    That assistant of hers sure has it easy , she wouldn’t last a day with Fredrik or Ryan ??

                    • My late mother worked full time from the time I was 6 years old. I resented her. Other kids had their mothers waiting for them to give them lunch (when we walked home from elementary school). I was a latch key kid. Subsequently, my mother should very little interest in my brothers & my school work because he had too much work on her mind. When I turned 12 or 13, she quit to be home for me. By then, I was over it. I told her it wasn’t necessary for her to be home. Within the year, she back to work. My point is for working mothers, damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

                      Tracy’s assistant would be chewed out by Barfenny or Vickileaks.

                    • I’m sorry Medusa that you experienced that and that those are your memories of your childhood . You’re right , women are damned if they do or if they don’t xoxox

                    • Oh, I’m not looking for sympathy. It was a fact of life. My mother was a successful businesswoman (in a man’s world). She was not “Suzy Homemaker”. As a small child, it greatly bothered me. Once I hit adolescence, it didn’t anymore. That was my original point (that didn’t come through to you). I know she loved all of us.. She simply wasn’t demonstrative. Most likely, “Tracy’s” girls will appreciate their mother’s success when they look back (if they don’t already).

                    • I knew you weren’t looking for sympathy ???? Parenting isn’t easy and you never know how your children will feel about you . You hope that they look back and at least feel that you were doing your best . At least that’s my fantasy with my children xoxo .

                      All my love to you and a good morning ??????

                    • Good Morning, Sweet Rain!!! Parenting IS tough. Only in hindsight do we see our mistakes. I was a helicopter parent, very involved in my boys’ lives. I volunteered for everything! I also cooked & baked as if it was my profession. I look back at my behavior and smh at how obsessive I was to “be there” for them.

                      {{{hugs to you}}}

                    • I have had to work and stay working because my job provides excellent health insurance for all of us , and we had 4 kids !! Don’t get me wrong , I love my job

                      I was fortunate that my grandmother lived with me and I couldn’t have done it without her . Also my work has always been close to my home ( just luck) so I would rush home at lunch time to cook or do laundry or whatever !! I’m exhausted just remembering all that ???

                      Muahhhhhhh ????

                    • Thank you but not really . I had a lot of help . We all need help sometimes ?????. Compared to most women in this country , I’ve had an easy life and I’m always grateful and try to be a glass half full kinda woman

  • I’m glad Kim has chosen to stay away for her own health and happiness. I agree with that. And please……please! No Brandi ever again!!

  • Kim’s sobriety needs to be respected and protected by Kim. She is the only one in control of her sobriety. Not signing the contract – let’s be real, Ass Andy couldn’t give a shit about Kim’s sobriety – Good for Kim for not signing.

    LisaV – yes she has snark and knows how to deal with rh BITCHES…the real part of LVP…she actually cares for and makes time for the Richards on and off camera. LVP is the one who told Brandi to STFU at the reunion, when Kyle and Kim were talking openly about their relationship.

    Brandi eagerly, stood literally as well as verbally, between Kyle and Kim..Brandi kept selling stories about Kyle that were lies, and KimR even asked Brandi on National TV to not talk about it….nope skank from skanksville, slithered between Kim and Kyle.

    Eden did the same – she used Kim’s addiction to drag Kyle and Kim all season. Yawnleen and LR kept jumping KimR sobriety/addiction even up until the reunion!

    I remain a KimR fan – I truly hope Kim is sober. Who needs this kind of crap?

  • Kim was one of the many reason why Beverly Hills was so good. Ever since season 5 and people they have brought in have not worked. I would hope she comeback fulltime at some point. And please bring Brandi.