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Kim D. Opens Up About Facing Off With Teresa Giudice at RHONJ Reunion; Calls Their Showdown “Explosive”

You’d think Teresa Giudice and Kim DePaola‘s feud would have peaked at this point but it turns out their feud just getting started.

In a new interview with Page Six, Kim tells her side of the story; opening up about the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 8 reunion and her infamous showdown with Teresa Giudice at the Posche Fashion show.

Kim hints that the season 8 reunion is “very explosive” and claims that Bravo really wanted her there. I’m sure they did, Kim.

“They asked me to do the reunion,” Kim recently told Page Six. “It’s gonna be very explosive. My ass didn’t hit the seat and we were already going at it!”

However, Kim won’t reveal why she and Teresa are feuding only saying, “Teresa did me dirty. Look at all the friends she went through! Her cousin Kathy [Wakile]. Caroline [Manzo]. Jacqueline [Laurita]. She’s ruthless. She doesn’t care about anybody.”

As for Kim and Teresa’s recent showdown on RHONJ at the Posche Fashion Show, Kim says “I speak the truth and I pushed Teresa’s buttons. If it was a lie [that she cheated on her husband] she should’ve been like, ‘Who cares?’ She can’t handle that.”

If you don’t recall Teresa confronted Kim at the fashion show and called her out for spreading rumors that she was cheating on her husband Joe Giudice.

“Nobody’s going to talk about my husband or me,” Teresa yelled at Kim before calling her “white trash.”

“You’re white trash!” Kim yelled back before running away like a scared child and not someone who runs with the big boys. “You were the one who was in f–king jail, not me! If you throw something at me, you’re leaving in handcuffs and going back where you were.”

Yet Kim has an explanation for running walking away from Teresa.

“The reason I walked away from her was that she had a glass in her hand,” Kim added. “The three times she went for that glass, it looked like she was gonna throw it at me. I’m not gonna let someone throw a glass at me. She can’t control herself.”

Oh, Kim always dying for attention and willing to talk to anyone who will listen but I have to give Kim credit for going straight to Page Six!

Thoughts on Kim’s claims? Do you think the season 8 reunion will be “very explosive?”  What do you think Teresa did to Kim? Does Teresa burn through friends/family? Is Tre ruthless? Sound off below!

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  • Teresa is the classiest, smartest, prettiest — ok, no, I’m not brainwashed by Bravo. Teresa Guidice is a tired, classless, talentless, flounder-faced wretch who has somehow made a living off of bad behavior — who says crime doesn’t pay. She’s over $16 MILLION in debt, and look at how she lives, like she’s some kind of socialite. Give me a break! If that’s true, then maybe I should reconsider my (Good) life choices and do it the Teresa way. How she has any “fans” is beyond me. She can’t cook — yet has a best selling cookbook ?? Can she even boil pasta? I doubt it. She is an ex-con and she pretends that she lives like royalty, yet is still millions in debt ?? And she is such a great parent that we see her teenage daughter offering her parenting advice this season ???? Yet no one (especially her sister-in-law) can give her any much needed help lest they be accused of “criticizing” her great parenting skills ??? The woman seriously needs help and sympathy, not “fans.”

    • How do you know she can’t cook? Also she paid off her debt & she never said what happened was right & she did her time & paid off her debt.

  • I have to say, I really don’t mind Kim D on the show. It makes for some old-RHNJ-style confrontations. Always get the feeling Kim D has her tongue in her cheek just a bit. I also liked during the recent confrontation at the Posche fashion show when Kim D tries really hard to adopt this super-wily expression and it looks like one set of her false eyelashes is falling off. Plus she made me laugh how she pointed out where and when she last saw Danielle, it was funny. She brings a bit of mischief and there is very minimal chance she can actually affect T’s marriage. Melissa carries on about it like Kim D has forced them to sign the divorce certificate or something!

      • Agree. I don’t watch RHONJ anymore…caught a few parts of the season but I just can’t watch it. This is the worst cast and the worst of the RHW shows in my opinion.

  • What I find funny is the so called rumor that T is hooking up with old flames!!!!! What old flames? She’s been with Joe and ONLY Joe since she was a young girl. I actually think Joe is the only person T has ever slept with in her entire life so this PIG, POS is really reaching with this garbage. I also cannot for the life of me figure out WHY they keep giving this Bitch air time. Year after year we have to see her ratchet face on our screens and I honestly don’t think there’s one person besides her tribe that is begging Bravo or Andy to have her appear in any part of a season. All she does is obsess about T instead of focusing on her little overpriced crappy clothing business. They need to cut ties with her once and for all and keep her off the show because NOBODY cares!

  • If I were Teresa I would refuse to film another season If Kim D is a part of it in ANY way . I mean Teresa IS rhonj , without her the show would tank .

    • I agree 100%. And that’s KimD’s problem….she wants to be Teresa so bad ! She is so jealous. And that’s what happened to Kathy, Caroline & most of all Jacqueline, they all got jealous when Tree became the breakout star of Jersey!

  • I actually have alot of respect for Teresa for cutting off Kathy, Caroline, Jacqueline, etc. because when someone is toxic and brings nothing but drama to your life, the mature solution is to no longer engage with them. And Its not like she never tried to make it work, the amount of attempted reconciliations was crazy, imo. Kim D is a whole other level though, with the lengths that she is willing to go to in order to get herself some t.v/internet/interview time…it must be exhausting to be that wrapped up in everyone else’s life.

  • Watching this rat skitter away from Teresa – confronting the Rat…was hilarious!

    This is the POS who salivates over speading lies about Teresa/Joe cheating on each other, knowing that what she
    feeds Dull and Soggy….goes directly back to Teresa…and the rat knows that Teresa will confront you to your many faces.

    The only reason this POS was even a guest on #TJNJ was due to her involvement in the murder of two men in HER son’s vehicle! That is gutter trash and POS behavior https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3741fb6751c0782bf6ee6679677eaf304bd616dffa9960180888ecdbfae74df8.gif

  • How exactly did Teresa do her dirty? I stopped watching this season halfway through. I couldn’t take another episode of Siggy and Dolores being extra for the paycheck.

    • Part of the bonding with Teresa and Melissa, they made promises to each other to have each others back no matter what. Teresa made a call to Kim respectfully saying she has to end her friendship with Kim . Later Kim would tweet Melissa is using emotional blackmail for the reason their friendship ended.

      • I think Kim D should grow up! And after the tragedy that happened to her sons friends you would think she would have better things to do!