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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Eden Sassoon Weighs In On Her Former RHOBH Co-Stars And Shades the Season 8 Cast!

Season 8 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicks off on Tuesday night at 9 pm, so it seems like the perfect time for an exclusive straight out of the 90210.

AllAboutTRH reached out to former RHOBH star Eden Sassoon to get her take on season 8 and her former co-stars; not surprisingly Eden had quite a bit to say – some good, some bad, some shady as f^%k.

As we all know Eden left RHOBH on a sour note and seems like quite the bitter Betty when she talks about her reality TV experience however she does know the ins and out of the 90210 franchise which makes her the perfect source.

We had Eden to play our version of shag, marry, kill; asking her to pick which RHOBH’s closet would she raid, which she would fire, which she would be BFF’s with and her answers are quite shocking.

According to Eden, she would raid her enemy Lisa Rinna‘s closet, which isn’t surprising considering how great LR always looks.

As for who she would fire, Eden says none other than Lisa Vanderpump telling us “let the guppies play.”

Hmmm…now what does that mean exactly? Thoughts? 

However, when it comes to which RHOBH she would be BFF’s with Eden makes it clear none of the Housewives make the cut.

In fact, Eden hints that she thinks the RHOBH are bullies telling us, “I don’t do bullies.”

Eden wrapped things up by saying “I think for now I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

But before she goes Eden takes one more swipe at her former co-stars and makes it clear she doesn’t have high hopes for the upcoming season.

“Although I do wonder when we can change [the] title to Grandmas of BH. Then the nonsense makes more sense & is actually funny,” Eden wrapped.

Damn Eden throw that shade.

Personally, I don’t think the RHOBH are boring, and I do have high hopes for season 8 but I get what Eden is saying.

Thoughts on Eden’s comments? Do you think the current cast of RHOBH is dull? Are the RHOBH bullies? Which RHOBH’s closet would you want to raid? Sound off below!

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  • Gurrrrl – that hates soggy

    bye felicia! Gurrrl Eden you are a poor as joke with terrible timing and fashion sense. You looked ridiculous


    Eden’s delusional ass wasn’t even worth this article post. She’s least relevant than the Psychic Chick From Season 1.

  • Ronnie

    Grandmas? Isn’t she the same age as them? She looks older than some of them.

  • Lisa Adcox

    Lisa Vanderpump is only one that was nice to but Eden is sour.I gave her a chance but she is still talking and hashtagging her stuff with #RHOBH. She still wants it.

    • Rain

      She’s still hashtag crazy ? ??? wow

  • ~Medusa~

    Hmmmm,,,,, hoping LisaV gets fired is an odd choice. My money was on Kryle or LIPSA to get a wishful ax from Eden.
    This story gives more attention to Ms. Sassoon than when she on the show. LOL

    • Rain

      Odd thing to say indeed . She ended the season on good terms with LVP , so what gives ?

      • ~Medusa~

        Rain, I don’t get it, either. It makes no sense.

    • michers

      I think it’s because she is looked at as the “bigger fish” and how would they act onthe show if she wasn’t around ???? Maybe a control thing? Maybe Pumpers pulls strings ?IDK just a guess …

      • ~Medusa~

        Maybe, you’re right. Or Eden is striking back because she feels LVP didn’t stand up for her effectively. Eden was so out of sync with the heap, she continues to flail while off the show.

        • michers


  • Supatall2u

    This thirsty boring THOT needs to take her extra-long awkward hugs in the “Bitch you couldn’t cut it” section of way-ward formerly failed housewives. #byeFelicia

    • Rain

      ??? you cracked me up ! This poor thing had to fly in a hookup sight unseen from Europe ???

      I’m Supashort so I’m jealous ?

  • samael

    Are people supposed to be ashamed of being a Grandma? Sassloon -to this day, she is still hating on KimR. yeah, she sure likes
    LR – cuz – LR clothing line comes from LR’s closet!

    Glad Sassloon is on the trash heap..keep yawnleen and Brandi company.

  • loriann760

    When these women get fired or pissed off, that’s when they go after the age or the body size of the others. Eden was an idiot, she wasnt asked back and since she isnt smart enough to come up with something original she went straight for the “old ladies” insult.

  • Khipp

    I will admit that Rin Tin Tin does dress well, usually. That’s because she’s not wearing the shmata’s she’s selling on QVC.

  • Rain

    Is that really her or a wax figure of her ?

  • Khipp
  • Rain

    I don’t understand why Eden would say all that . I thought she moved on. Maybe she needs a looooong hug ????

    • ????????Ð??Ð????

      I don’t understand why she would say it either. She’s clearly spiteful and resentful about her season last year, even though she insist’s she’s moved on. Those ^^^^ are not the words of someone who has moved on with things!

      • Rain

        I don’t know what she came into this thinking she would accomplish. I didn’t see her as malicious but just horribly miscast . Ain’t no chill pill big enough for this

        • ????????Ð??Ð????

          She was so strange and the way she latched onto Rambles and her addictions was bizarre.

          • Rain

            Rinna got to her first I guess ??. Remember that weird scene where she held Rinna’s hand and gave her a ring or something? ????

            • ????????Ð??Ð????

              Where were they when this happened?

              • Rain

                It was in the very beginning and the 2 of them went to a bar or something.. my bad, she gave her a crystal not a ring

                • ????????Ð??Ð????

                  Ok, just the 2 of them, I remember now.

                  • Rain


    • lipppo jaqqq

      she’s right though, the show could be “the grannies of BH” or more likely the housewives of beaver hills.

      • Rain

        Some of those grannies have been known to not wear panties ???

  • Cori

    I’m glad Eden is gone. She was not my cup of tea. Sounding more bitter then zin over there, aren’t you, Eden?? Either way….buh bye!

  • Pookiebear986

    Oh please, she said nothing original or even remotely funny or shady. Every time they interview a housewife or FOH after they’ve been fired or not asked to return they always say the exact same thing : “They’re so mean” “They’re all old” “They aren’t relevant” “They’re bullies”

    Its all bullshit. They all know exactly what they are signing up for and that newbies are always chum in the water for the existing cast. Get over it Eden (and all you other ding dongs who get fired and play the same, sad violin of how much you were bullied or supposedly misrepresented on the show)

    Oh and happy holidays to everyone here!

  • bella

    That’s not very zen of you, Eden.
    Go twist yourself into a pretzel…

  • SilverGlambert

    Eden’s problem is she believes her own hype that she is a free spirited, authentic empath, when she is immature, unstable and disconnected.

  • Betty

    LVP does look ridiculous and pathetic. #Old #MoveOn

  • Kissme

    Eden was a big disappointment.

  • Laurie

    None of them are grandmas Eden, you loser! Her whole storyline was Kim and her bitching to Rinna. Bye girl… your 15 minutes expired months ago.

    • ????????Ð??Ð????

      Kim is a grandma but thank goodness she is no more!!

      • Pookiebear986

        Didn’t brandi call them all “menopausal mamas” or something like that? Funnier than grandmas when none of them are!

        • ????????Ð??Ð????

          Probably, I think a few of the newer HG’s have used the line. I know Meghan called them menopausal. I wish the younger ones would think that line through before taunting others with it. It will hit them soon enough and then they will have an some sympathy, maybe. LOL

          • Rain

            You’re so adorbale kitten ??????. Age shaming is so ridiculous especially that it will happen to eveybody . Unless maybe Eden thinks she’s immune to aging ?. Most people aren’t even lucky enough to live that long .

            • ????????Ð??Ð????

              I hate it Rainy!! We all get old, it’s part of life, you have to embrace all ages. I have to say I have a real affinity for the older set. You can learn so much from them, obviously, LOL!!

              • Rain

                It’s more of a western culture phenomenon than eastern cultutres , where they seem to have more repect and appreciation for the elderly . We are hippy so we love our old folks ?? my grandmother lived with me till she passed , amongst her family and loved ones . That’s how my kids were raised too and I hope they pass that on ?????

                You’re right , I’m better now (older) in every way than I’ve ever been . As long as we all have something to give and contribute, we are never obsolete or irrelevant xoxxo