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Vicki Gunvalson Opens Up About Reconciling With Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge; Plus Will She Be Returning For Season 13?

Vicki Gunvalson’s reconciliation with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador left most Real Housewives of Orange County fans with their jaws on the floor and the need to know just how real their make up was.

For now, the reconciliation seems real, well as real as something can be in Orange County, and Vicki says she’s happy to have peace.

“It was so nice to make up, it’s so good,” Vicki told Us Weekly. “It’s the holidays and it’s gotten us busy and we’re never going to be the same as we were before, but we are definitely in a better place, a great place. I don’t want to go backwards anymore. They hurt me, I hurt them and nobody benefitted. We just have to move on now.”

In fact, Vicki says that if she could do things differently in regards to her friendships with Tamra and Shannon she says she wouldn’t have dated her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers.

“Well I wouldn’t have dated my ex, that would have been a great step to take back then!” Vicki explained. “That was really a main reason why we were fighting. That was five years. That was an interesting revelation to me that I was sadly, 100 percent trusting of someone and learned from that. Everyone moves on. He’s in a better place. I’m in a better place. I’m glad he’s happy, but I guess we all have to date a bad boy once in our life, right?”

Adding, “At least I didn’t marry him!”

Meanwhile, Vicki says the two friendships she doesn’t have to worry about are with Lydia McLaughlin and Peggy Sulahian. Interesting that Kelly Dodd was left OFF that list.

“It’s good, they’re easy friends. I never have to worry about backstabbing or conflict and they’re good people,” Vicki revealed. “I don’t have to worry about what I say will come back around bite me in the butt. I’m keeping my friend circle very small right now.”

As for season 13, Vicki says she hasn’t been asked back yet but will definitely be signing on if Bravo wants her.

“I would say yes. My life isn’t over yet. I’m having fun!” Vicki wrapped.

I wonder what’s up with Vicki and Kelly’s friendship. It’s very odd she left Kelly out of her comments about friendships she’s not worried about. Could there be trouble in paradise? Sounds like it.

Thoughts on Vicki’s interview? Will Vicki’s reconciliation with Tamra and Shannon last? Is it strange Vicki left Kelly out on the list friendships she’s not worried about? Do you think Vicki will be asked back for season 13?

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  • I have a feeling these three ladies are scrambling to keep their jobs. They are part of the reason this show is tanking.

    • they need to move on from the stupid Brooks stuff…. over and done with. Who cares anymore – old stinkin news. Embabarrassed for the group of ladies- that’s all they have!!?

  • Reconciliation my ass. Bitches know they’re on the chopping block if they didn’t end this stupid feud. About time. Let’s see if they can move the f—k on.

  • Vile is envious of the past…she can’t stop salivating over crooks…who btw is headed to court cuz Vile stoped paying his child support

    • HAH!!!! Seriously? Shrieki has continued to pay Brokes’ child support all this time? LOL – What a sap!

    • Hi Samael!! You always have the goods. WOW! How long has she been doing that, if true? Either she really is that stupid or gullible and compassionate. How old is the kid?

      OT, I’m still having major problems posting here, so can only comment briefly??? So, I just write problems, and get off…is MERRY CHRISTMAS, my friend.

      • my FUCHESS!!

        Have you tried to communicate with Hiral Patel – he looks after the tech part of this site. to contact him

        – page down to the bottom
        – Meet the team – is where you want to select
        – page down on this section and you will see Hiral Patel
        – at the bottom of his “history” is the choices

        if you press the envelope (email) this will give you the email selection – describe what issues you are having and Hiral will check into it very quickly.

        I hope this helps you, I miss posting with you my bud!

        Vile gave crooks child support inadvertently, she gifted him a share of her vodka company, he sold it for child support payment…apparently he never used it for child support cuz in Jan they decide if he is to be arrested …for non payment of child support

        once a thief always a thief!

        Merry christmas my friend!

  • Listen PIgface Gunvalson, no one made up with you. They were forced into giving you what you wanted, ATTENTION. You got it, now move on. I can’t imagine Shannon would ever willingly be friends with the grifter again and I think Tamra is the same. The difference being, Tamra will fake it for the cameras but Shannon won’t, good for her if she sticks to her guns!!

    How in the hell does making up with friends have anything to do with Bubba? She’s such a bad liar. VG is known to make bad choices, period. She was friends with Tamra at the time she started seeing Bubba, what the hell is she talking about? Further confirmation VG is in contact with her tank filler, “he’s happy, we all have a bad boy in our life once, right?”. No asshole, we all don’t have a bad boy in our life, some of us can make mature adult decisions when it comes to relationships. I absolutely loathe this POS cancer scammer!!!

  • She’s still playing the victim! You weren’t deceived, you were part of the deception, a willing participant who made money off the lies. Take responsibility instead of saying you all hurt each other you fat pig faced con woman!

  • VG is the least honest bullsh*tter ever!!!! The porcine LIAR Face had the nerve to continue her “Even-Steven” M.O. “They hurt me. I hurt them.” NO!!! She HURT the public with her cancer juice scam. AND she hurt the women by LYING about their mates!!! All they did was not believe HER LIES!!! Since they were right about their conclusions, the entire premise Vickileaks concocted doesn’t pass the smell test. #FIREVICKIGUNVALSON #STFUSHRIEKI

    • Medusa ???? Hiya .. nobody shreds Shrieki like you do ?
      ‘At lease I didn’t marry him’ WTF! Are we supposed to be grateful for that or something.
      Is she going out to bat for Petty and Lydiot , seems like it

      so gut, dich zu sehen, mein Freund??

      • Hallllllloooooooo, Kirby, Mein Freund!!!! I’ve missed your charming self here!!!
        It’s my duty to take that stupid sow to task!!! I can “NEVER FORGET”. With VG’s joke that she didn’t marry the man, she expects kudos & more sympathy. I wish she did marry her toothless gigolo. THEN, Brokes would have taken her money, had women on the side and made a bigger fool of the 55 year old mattress than she already was. In fact, he probably would have hurt her so deeply, she would have felt it!!!!

        • You need to go read the latest VG thread over there>>>>>> People actually had the nerve to tell people to stop commenting on the cancer con, I was pissed!!!

          • Whaaaaattttt???? How is it possible that my former compadres are now Shrieki sympathizers? I’ll probably get frustrated if I read it and be unable to “debate” that notion.

            • They are newer posters, at least I’m not very familiar with them. I’m not sure if you’ve interacted with these particular drips.

                  • I just took a look. The most recent posts (including yours: “eVICKtion time!”) were anti-Vickileaks. There was one new person (OC Freedom) who liked her. Most of the others (who are the regulars) piled on him/her.

                    • Go way down into he post, you will see more of it. My first comment is just the starting point. TNC handled her very nicely and you will see the other one who demands everyone stops talking about the cancer scam.

                    • I found a few pro- Vicki posters. But, not too many. I don’t want to delve any further because it gets my hackles up. Add to that, I am unable to respond.

        • Shrieki believes her own lies and thinks audience will blindly follow her into that crazy territory . I don’t think she and Crooks are done for good

    • It’s worse than that, first they thought she was being deceived so they tried to open her eyes to protect her. But they found out she knew all along. That’s why she went after them. Vicki is a nasty con woman. I still can’t believe people trust her with their money

      • iarlaith – YES, I agree with your point. However, I was referring to these 2 seasons since the original lies, because that was what bothered Tamra & Shannon the most. VG lives in the moment, without any circumspection to the recent past.
        Shrieki cannot stop being offensive, can she? I can’t believe she has any clientele for her crappy insurance scam, errrrrr business, either.

    • She will never understand or comprehend what she has done, not only to the people around her but to the public at large. The people who were suffering and thought there was hope from her in fake cancer juice. Makes me sick and then to push a story because you want sympathy and casseroles from people?? There is something serious wrong with this line of thinking, pathologically wrong. It still makes me reel in disgust VG can’t grasp this and then she tries to bring us cancer insurance last year? It’s a serious fuck you, fuck off and get fucked from me!