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Siggy Flicker Says Bravo Isn’t Airing Her Side of Things; Claims She’s Being Attacked on Social Media!

Season 8 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has been like the never-ending story of Siggy Flicker and Margaret Josephs’ drama – it just goes on and on my friend.

We’ve heard all the dirty details about Siggy and Margaret’s drama all season long, so it doesn’t bear repeating – right?

Thought so.

However, one idea that has been glazed over this season is the notion that Bravo isn’t airing Siggy’s side of things and is using creative editing to make her look…well crazy.

Siggy tackled this issue in a new interview with The Daily Mail – read the full interview here.

“It’s so unfair,” Siggy told DailyMail.com. “Because the show does not air my side. All they show is me losing my temper. They don’t show the interactions I have with people, just the reactions.”

In fact, Siggy claims that during her blowout with Margaret at dinner in Milan, she asked Margaret for an apology which she says Bravo edited out.

Instead, all fans saw was Siggy tell Margaret “Tell the b**** to sit down.”

However, Siggy says, “I told Margaret I wanted an apology and she said no. No one saw that.”

Siggy insists that she only signed on to RHONJ for one reason and it wasn’t for the drama; claiming that she is constantly being harassed on social media for the drama on the show.

“I only went on this show to help sell my book. I didn’t sign up to be tortured,” Siggy explained.“I am being attacked on Twitter and Instagram. I feel like an idiot for doing this show.”

I love Siggy, but I just don’t think she’s cut out for reality TV – it is affecting her too much, and perhaps for good reason if claims she’s being attacked are true. RHONJ fans can be ruthless. I’m not sure Siggy’s done with RHONJ for good but only time will tell.

Thoughts on Siggy’s interview? Do you think Bravo is using creative editing to make Siggy look bad and create drama? Will Siggy be back for another season of RHONJ or is she done for good? Sound off below!

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  • The girl is a fame hungry monger princess I’ve decided….I used to like her. But how she behaves towards Margaret who she clearly is competing against, is so freaking petty. She demands attention and needs recognition and if someone bests her she flips out. The whole antisemetic thing is just deflection, and to accuse someone who is NOT to retaliate is the lowest of lows. It’s what makes our crazy effing world more effed up and it’s effed up too much already. She makes me nuts this chick she needs to go. She’s an unhinged spoilt little b****!

  • Can Margaret sue Siggy for defamation/slander? I think she should. Calling someone an anti-semite so callously and without reason is wrong and hurtful.

  • & What is her side exactly? More blaming her “menopause” for her chronic, deplorable behavior & hateful mouth? This woman is a complete SHAM! Her trite, fortune cookie relationship advise stinks to high heaven & is nullified bythe fact that can’t even handle making a relationship between another woman and cast member work! She 100% a FRAUD!

  • Siggy is dilusional to the highest level… the things people have said to her this season do not warrant the type of response she’s given. Pre-season I felt sorry for her, she was telling anyone that would listen that she was bullied and victimised, and I, like many others, fell for it. Now it’s plain as the light of day that she’s highly-strung, confrontational, believes her truth is the only truth and is an all around snowflake. Margaret signed up for this shit-show willingly, can hold her own and isn’t entirely innocent in all of this, so my sympathy is limited. I do however feel incredibly sorry for the naive people that believe Siggys crap and hand over their hard earned money in the hopes that this fraud will have the answer to their personal struggles. Fuck Siggy, I hope she’s fired and fades straight back into obscurity where she belongs.

  • Swig is a spoiled, stunned woman right now. Her life has provided the white hot light on her at all times and now she is NOT the center of attention, which she cannot abide. Any behavior from her is fine in her mind because she is smarter and better than the rest. Her exhausting antics show she wants to be someone with her own talk show instead of a HW. Her children shun her and there are no fans. Leaving the show would be a boon for us, she never stops yelling and waving her hands.

  • Their contracts specifically allow Bravo to use what they film any way the producers want to. The HWs sign away any right to fairness or accuracy in the way they’re presented. The loathsome, horrible Andy Cohen always has a terrible reaction when HWs criticize the edit, and he usually gets rid of them fast when they do. I feel sorry for Siggy, who obviously didn’t expect the slashing she’s getting. She should quit the show. It’s an awful place to be. I don’t watch RHONJ because of the Giudices’ many crimes. From what I’ve read, Siggy Flicker sounds like an honest person.

      • You’re right and I’m wrong. I changed the post and deleted most of it. Several people made the same point you did and I told them, as I’m telling you, that I’m sorry I posted that. Happy Holidays, glimmer!

    • From what you’ve read? Maybe read her tweets or blogs? I think you’d change your mind pretty quickly. As a matter of fact, I think the show puts her in a much better light than her own words do. Also, if you don’t watch the show, why do you think she’s an honest person? That’s so random.

      • You’re right, Sosa, and I’m wrong. I shouldn’t have posted the above when I really don’t know the issues. You do, that’s for sure. I’m going to try to take down the post. Thanks for the correction!

    • First let me say I LOVE your avi pic 🙂
      Second : while I feel for all HWs in some small aspect at one time or another , I disagree with you this in re to Sig . I really had hope for her when she was new and I thought she’d practice what she preaches and stand strong in individuality/ conviction . Boy was I wrong! From the minute this season started, she’s been unhinged .

      • Thanks for loving the pic. He’s an angel walking the Earth and a therapy dog– who brings joy to the lives of Alzheimer patients at an adult day care center where we volunteer. He’s so popular that people applaud when he walks in! I’m sure you’re right and I’m wrong about the Sig drama. I don’t watch the show, I just read the blogs, so your opinion is the one that counts.

        • Aww, that is the greatest about the dog!!! Love it !!! Is it a golden ret or Lab? I miss mine ; my lab was slightly over 100 pounds and when on hind legs he was looking over my head lol. Big block head – miss him terribly .
          You don’t need to go by my opinion but thank you for being kind 🙂 I really did think last year Sig would have been a good game changer but she is way different now , and not in a good way . She is obsessed with hurting and trashing Margaret

          • I’m so sorry you lost your beloved lab. We know labs. They’re a lot like goldens. Same sweetness, goodness, playfulness. We’ve had dogs for 30 years and we’ve found that the only thing that eases the pain of losing them is getting another one. A puppy or a rescue. The one in the picture is a golden. We also have a rescue who’s here to teach us every day of our lives that no favor goes unpunished! She drives us nuts. She’s the most stubborn dog we’ve ever known. For instance, she won’t stay in the back seat and if you hook her leash to the back, she screams the whole time. Spoiled monster. She knows we won’t do anything bad to her, so she feels in control. She’s very cute and affectionate, though. Kind of looks like a beagle, but has blue eyes! Her looks protect her. What’s Margaret like? I can’t bring myself to watch NJ because of the criminal Giudices. What’s she like and what’s Sig like?

            • Margaret is a great addition and I think she’s a hoot . Very upfront , seems to have genuine feelings . Sig is obnoxious , hypersensitive , embarrassing , loud , accusatory , drama .
              Thanks for sharing your dog story 🙂

              • When I read your post, I flipped on NJ, which they’re running today. Turns out it’s an old season–with Carolyn Manzo, Dina Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Danielle. It reminded me of when the series used to be good.

              • I’m watching NJ tonight–for you. So far, Margaret has said she understands why “jail” is a trigger word for Teresa, because she spent time in jail, but she doesn’t understand why “Hitler” is a trigger word for Jews, since he only killed six million of them. It was ungracious of Siggy not to accept her apology. But so far, I’m no thrilled with Margaret.

  • She’s a control freak, and seeing how things have escaped her control she’s… well, freaking.


  • Good-bye—see ya–adios–later— Jeeezus–be gone–big loud mouth–and the WORST “Life Coach ” on the planet–FGS—-be gone already

  • Siggy fell for the Bravo formula that has been played out over and over on the Housewives franchise shows! Bravo is the devil….you know, the wolf in sheep’s clothing! Siggy seems to be trying to shift viewers opinion of her but it isn’t working. Playing victim after making victims is a pathetic move!

  • GOOD! No one wants this HAG back on TV anywhere or anytime. Expert at nothing. Mean & a total WHINER! Soggy take your butt pellets and menopause & facelift & Good bye Felicia to YA! You will NOT be missed.
    You just totally invalidated yourslef to the American public, From me she gets the big boot to the tuchus, AKA The Big Shalom!

  • It’s a gray Saturday at dusk here in NJ and I got to thinking why an egomaniac (the old word for narcissist) like Soggy Flicker would give up the chance to exploit her second marriage to, MICHAEL CAMPANELLA! It’s got to be because that’s the way he wants it at this point. There’s been no upside for either one of them business-wise and, given the scrutiny she has brought them, I would think there’s been, um, arguments.

    She, like Rinna, always makes sure to use her husband’s surname when speaking his name in an circumstance. You might say it’s their ‘thing.’

    Now it works for Rinna because, HARRY HAMLIN, her husband was, without question, a television A-Lister with his LA Law gig.

    MICHAEL CAMPANELLA, on the other hand is the owner of a car dealership. According to the BBB website, MICHAEL CAMPANELLA’s car dealership is rated, “Not Accredited” by the BBB. A fact Soggy’s husband likely doesn’t want being drawn to people’s attention yet her continually screeching his name on television by this perceived, nay, adjudged (in the court of public opinion), mad woman guarantees it will be. So there’s that.

    I would say that given he has an “F” rating with NY’s Better Business Bureau due to, among things, : (according to their website)

    “Factors that affect the rating for Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge include:

    Failure to respond to 3 complaint(s) filed against business
    1 complaint(s) filed against business that were not resolved,” hubs could hardly appreciate the closer look this Harpie brings to his business dealings every time she shrieks his name.

    • Clutch my pearls…I wonder why Siggy didn’t mention this when she wrote about Margaret’s legal indiscretions. That too must have been editing! ?

        • To quote Siggy again this time about her husband…”trashy, trashy, trashy!” As I clap ? loudly…Ouch I hurt my hands! Lol

        • Thank you! Dull’s husband being disbarred is a really big deal, and she acts like she and Swig are perfect and have perfect lives. Maybe her son can get into Little Sister’s of the Poor College in Hackensack.

      • Actually, Vi, I only brought it to public attention because Soggy so blithely threw out that Margaret had suits brought against her business given that according to all the other info disclosed on that BBB site, an unresolved complaint exists against the dealership that was filed in the very early nineties.

        I take no pleasure in this as such. It’s just that Soggy pushed my SJW button (something I think all committed journalists are no matter which side of the cultural war they’re on) when she so carelessly held up someone else’s ‘X-Rays.’ Made the investigator in me wonder what, if any, her skeletons might be is all I’m saying. It’s more a what’s-good-for-the-goose thing with me than a schadenfreude thing.

        • If my reading was
          accurate , she had a marriage before Flicker; ‘ 94 . Flicker was ’97 . I was going to type the name but I won’t out of respect if true since he ( allegedly ) isn’t part of her present mess. Miss ” Expert” leaves a lot of real out ( if correct lol)

          • I cannot tell you how much that raises my respect for you. Good for you! You are so right. Unlike, MICHAEL CAMPANELLA, he didn’t choose to live in front of a ‘reality’ camera.

            Good on ya, girl.

    • She also stood steadfastly by Jac & Chris with their multi-million dollar lawsuit with Signature Apparel. Helen, I have noticed she has the really bad habit of constantly saying her husband’s first and last name too.

    • The biggest difference is that rinna and harry hamlin ARE real celebs before housewives….at least they have a right to an ego

  • As Khipp, luvs and many people have pointed out..how did they edit her format to resolve issues?

    – throwing herself on the floor to shame M
    – shaming Mags in front of paying participants for her torture..oops ..expertise
    – wanting to physically attack Mags on more than one occasion
    – jiggling her saggy boobs behind Mags back and sticking her tongue out

    Her contract is not never ending or 10 years..so perhaps we can arrange this peice of shit to leave. Yet another POS with zero accountability


  • Well, Andy told her to get off twitter for her health. Her husband told her to follow her own advice. For someone who thinks she can be a therapist… I mean, they are supposed to listen, right? She hears nothing.

  • Bad edit? Welcome to a reality show! How funny was it when Milania imitated her Aunt signing!! LOL! Did Bravo show Tre & Juicy scolding her – no they didn’t. Ms Marco was about to cry that Bravo even showed that scene. LOL!

  • I am currently going through major medical issues, went to the er 4 times in the last month and admitted for several days (including thanksgiving so i couldn’t travel home and be with my family). My issues are unresolved and have appointments and such to figure out what’s going on and may miss christmas too. I know many people have gone through similar or worse in their lives. To say you’d rather be in a hospital than be in a dumb argument with people is disgustinf and thoughtless. I would do anything to figure out what’s wrong withe me and get better. What Siggy doesn’t get is that she’s not misrepresented, she’s just delusional about herself.

  • Siggy is just jealous of Margaret. Totally. Margaret is interesting and much funnier. Siggy is a yawn fest. No one cares about “Michael Campanella” or Joshua for that matter. The Jewish angle has already. been played by Jill Zarin. No one cares about your nationality, just be interesting. She is not.

    • One can only hope Helen. Sobby Soggy seems to be burning all bridges. Here’s a thought. What will the “correctional officer” do without her? Hopefully leave too.

  • Is this true, she is done with the show? In the infamous words of Siggy Flicker herself “thank you, that’s all I wanted” I am shouting while on the hardwood floor making snow angels.

  • Of course she only signed up for the show to promote a product. That seems to be most of the newer wives angles. I feel like that’s why most of these shows feel more scripted than ever before. I know they’ve always been that way to a degree, but it just seems more obvious now.